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Do Over Partial Success

Do Over Partial Success


Yesterday’s do over went pretty well. However it was pretty darn late when I sat down with my low calorie ice cream in a Flatout cinnamon crisp bowl.


Doesn’t my ice cream look creamier than normal? I tried a new little trick that just might have made it that much better.

I wanted to get to bed at a decent hour, so while the actual day might have been a success, I’m not making any promises with blog post. Ha.

I tried my hardest yesterday though to do exactly what I said I would. Thank goodness I had STUFT Daddy’s help. He is the best husband in the world. The best. I’m a lucky gal.


So let’s see. Yesterday morning I had to take advantage of the fact that my favorite GNC egg protein powder is back in the house. It had been way too long. I have just a little to use over the next month or so.


Seriously, I’m giddy about this egg protein goodness.

I hadn’t tried the chocolate supreme egg protein flavor yet, so I made a pumpkin protein mocha smoothie and subbed it in instead of the whey protein.


It was awesome. Better than awesome. I forgot how much I love this stuff. I only had to use one tablespoon of cocoa powder because the protein powder already had chocolate. Oh it was the perfect start to my day. (So was my SunButter sandwich that accompanied it. Yes, we all got SunButter sandwiches on my favorite bread for our morning out and about.)

I plan on this smoothie making an appearance sometime today as well.

After teaching a spin class and sweating for 6 miles on the treadmill, the boys and I had a playground date.


We got side tracked and took a little detour on the way back to the car. It wasn’t my idea.


It was, however, a pretty tight squeeze with the BOB.

It was also well worth it.


My Starbuck’s drink of choice for the day.


My Mizuno running shoes choice for the day (Inspires).


After a long morning I felt the need to make that almond walnut no grain microwave cookie again just so I could post a pretty picture on Instagram.


It was even better the second time and was the perfect compliment to the ultimate pear breakfast salad sprinkled with chia which, in yesterday’s case, was actually a lunch salad.


Too bad this happened in the making.


Bye bye walnut butter.

But….. um….

hello amazing sample delivery of Artisana fabulousness.


Yep. I got these the other week, but have been keeping them safe and sound in the box until I was ready to open them. I can only have so many open jars of nut butter around without wanting to finish them all off at the same time. Especially Artisana Foods products.

Hmmm…… the ones I can not wait to get into are these.

Cacao Bliss (I already have an open jar that consume on a daily basis, sometimes on my sweet potato snack)


macadamia butter (I’ve never had it before)


and the cashew butter.


I love Artisana butters for so many reasons. They’re organic, raw, and a good source of healthy fats and protein.

The only bad thing about all their butters is that I want to eat them all at once. I must pace myself. I must pace myself.


I’ve also been trying to incorporate more coconut oil into my diet lately like drizzling it on my salad or adding in my café Americano. I also use it in my original Oh Fudge recipe. Artisana has this good little description of the difference between coconut butter and coconut oil I thought was pretty nifty.



I found a couple of articles on the benefits of coconut oil and some different ways to use it and since I’m too lazy to write them all out for you I just thought I’d share the links.

Coconut Oil – Here’s what you need to know about this amazing rejuvenation and healing oil

6 Healthy Uses for Coconut Oil

There’s some interesting information there. Rather than just eating it for benefits, I’m going to try coconut oil as a conditioner and for a scalp massage.


The boys got a little package of their own yesterday too from our friends over a Chobani Champions.


What? You don’t hang out at home without your pants on?

Or out in the front yard where your neighbors can see (and hear) how excited you are about special packages left at the door?


I thought everyone did that.

You just might, actually, if you got cool little packs like these from the nice people over at Chobani.


That should be a fun little activity for the day. Let’s hope it lasts longer than 5 minutes and that those markers are used only to color the lunch totes.

Okay, well, that’s not that exciting, but hey, I’m still giving myself a do over okay? This is it for now.

One more day to enter the Find Your Mezamashii giveaway. There will be 10 winners announced Friday morning! Woo hoo! Exciting stuff!


Do you do the coconut oil thing?


Favorite nut butter of all time. Go.

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  1. 1
    Ren says:

    It does look creamier! I hope you’ll share the new trick with us!

  2. 2

    I love coconut oil (so versatile) and would like to try coconut butter sometime. The oil makes getting healthy fats that easier … My favorite nut butter is definitely peanut, but there are at least 3 different kinds (open and) in our pantry at all times 🙂

  3. 3

    I LOVE coconut oil! Especially on roasted fall/winter squashes. YUM! I NEED to know what you did to that ice cream. I’m thinking I NEED to make some NOW! I hope you have a great day my friend!

    • 3.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Well, I have a kabocha that is in the oven so I may just have to put some coconut oil on that sucker. I cna’t stop thinking about how AWESOME Tony is by the way. LOVE the picture!!!

  4. 4
    Linda says:

    Have you tried Jem Nut Butters? They are raw as well. Amazing, but not available anywhere near me and expensive to order. http://jemrawchocolate.com/organico/chocolates. I will have to check out Artisana as they sound similar. Also, forgot to post this the other day but thanks to your various espresso drinks I have a new at home favorite! Expresso, a teaspoon of cocoa powder, cinnamon, truvia and unsweetened vanilla almond milk. So good!!!

  5. 5

    I absolutely do the coconut oil thing 😉 I’m about to take my mizuno’s on a little run this morning. And I do mean little.

  6. 6
    Renee says:

    I love fresh ground chocolate chip & peanuts. I allowed myself to be fooled once into thinking cookie butter was just as nutritious as nutbutters. I had to throw it away because I ate half the jar in one day. Now, I just crumble a small thin cookie and mix with peanutbutter and I fill less guilty. I love coconut oil, my two favorite uses are baking and I use it as a lubricant, I only tell you this because this is not facebook.

  7. 7
    morgan says:

    I think am obsessed with your blog! Its the first thing I read every morning with my cup of caffeine and it has inspired my kitchen creative-ness! Also your food photos makes me drool (a lot!) and up here in Alaska where its already snowed, the sunshine & greenery down there make me smile. We only have almond butter at our local store but I have been experimenting with the vitamix and making hazelnut butter (ok I add special dark cocoa powder so its like nutella!)

    • 7.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Morgan- oh my, you are so nice for saying that. You make your own hazelnut butter? Oh my. I may have to come up there. Ha. We love Alaska. I think Andrew secretly wants to move there. You just made my day by the way.

      • morgan says:

        whenever you want to try a marathon in the land of the midnight sun or just relax & send the boys out fishing with my hubs, hop on a plane and its a done deal! alaska could benefit from a STUFT visit! BTW I love your “breakfast salads!” they are my weekend brunch favorite. with a few modifications- getting seasonal produce is a pain when everything is shipped in. fresh & ripe is not really in the vocabulary at the local store. I just started with making my own nut butters but have been adding cocoa powder frequently as I also have a serious chocolate addiction 🙂

  8. 8

    I use coconut oil a lot for cooking – and I love it! I’m also a nut butter freak. I love Barney’s Almond Butter! oh and Justin’s Honey Almond Butter. Yum. I have half a shelf in the pantry devoted to just nut butters. #sorryimnotsorry

    • 8.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      I have yet to try Barney’s, but I have an unopened jar in the pantry. It’s a crime to have any less than 3 open nut butter at your house, right? 🙂 Ha ha.

  9. 9
    Kanoe says:

    I Love me some coconut oil! I use it for everything here lately and just tried coconut butter and can I say YUM! I added that to a sweet potato & some PB2… NOM NOM NOM!! Oh & hanging around w/out pants??!! Awesomeness HAHA!! 😀

  10. 10
    Bonnie says:

    StuftMama! 😀 Just a little note to say I appreciate you! Been reading lots but finally commenting because… I LOVE nut butter. It’s kinda scary how much I go through on my own, but at any rate, my favorite is almond butter, hands down. Can’t get enough!

    And I love coconut oil for so many reasons. I recently started oil pulling a la MizFit and also use it (or olive oil, actually) for moisturizer. So many good uses! Also, no pants rule – way to go, boys. 😉

  11. 11
    Stephanie C says:

    I love coconut oil in my baking, heck even for my stir fries or omelettes. My fave nut butter is cashew, but I also love the artisana almond butter. Their individual packs of nut butters and coconut oil are great to take on the go. Can’t wait to see what the new ice cream ingredient is!
    X Steph

    • 11.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Hmm… haven’t tried it yet for stir fries. Will add it to my list. Ha ha. I’ve tried just about every other Artisana Butter except for the almond one. Go figure. I better get my hands on some.

  12. 12
    Diane says:

    I definitely have a nut butter problem, and right now I have 4 open in my pantry along with some cookie butter from TJ’s….I need a guard to stand watch. I love Barney, Justin’s, Maranatha Maple Almond, TJ’S almond with flax, PB Crave…but my absolute favorite is Earth Balance crunchy coconut and peanut spread. I love all of your recipes and am still awaiting the protein coconut cookie crumble and now the ice cream add in….I have been adding a little gnc refeed vanilla casein and a few frozen banana and its so…good. My dessert each night is always one of your creations and always includes the coconut crumble so thank you!!!!! I already ran today and now have to go to bootcamp all because of you and your yummy recipes!!

  13. 13
    Catherine says:

    Only pick 1? How about 1 healthy – Justin’s Almond Butter (my first experience and my favorite so far) and 1 decadent – Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter. I have both in my cabinet, plus an open jar of PB&Co’s White Chocolate Wonderfull, open jar of PB&Co’s Dark Chocolate Dreams, open jar of Sunbutter, and an open jar of Coconut Butter. Gah!!!!

    • 13.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Oh… white chocolate is dangerous. I won’t let myself buy it for awhile because I ate a little too much on one sitting. LOL. You’ve got some good choices over there. 🙂

  14. 14

    Artisana is great! Coconut butter is my favorite. It’s pretty much good with anything. Chobani is pretty awesome too!

  15. 15

    You have inspired me to try the egg protein powder. You smoothie looks yummy! I currently use whey protein, but I’ve been so curious about egg protein. Anyhow, my favorite nut butter is Smart Balance roasted chunky peanut butter! I can’t enough of it! 🙂

  16. 16

    I have been thinking lately about trying egg white protein, do you like it better than having egg whites?

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