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Kabocha Experiment

Kabocha Experiment


Well, this is going to be short. Lucky you.

I told myself I will not be on the computer late tonight trying to get a post done. I will not.

I’ll be trying out my new low calorie ice cream trick again to make sure it wasn’t just a fluke before I post it. Oh it was so creamy…….


Sorry, I just had to look at it again.


I won’t even bore you with my workouts because all I’ve done so far is suck wind for almost three hilly miles jogging slower than slow with the stroller. I’m off to teach a few classes at the gym later, but hoping to get this post up first.

So kabocha.

I bought my first one the other week because of Sara. It sat in fridge for almost 2 week until this morning. We decided to play.


I just cut it up and roasted it on a pan sprayed with nonstick spray at 375 convection for about 30 minutes or so. I didn’t even season it or anything. I sprayed a little cooking spray on it, but I don’t think it needed it.


Actually, I also put a little cinnamon on some of the pieces.

Then I made one heck of a ginormous breakfast salad. It was the same thing as my sweet potato breakfast salad, but bigger and with kabocha.


How awesome is that thing?

Spinach, egg whites, roasted kabocha, cinnamon, chia, low calorie peanut butter frosting (made with PB2) and a scoop of SunButter.

Yeah. Ultimate breakfast salads are no joke around here.

The boys didn’t really like the squash because of the “crust”. I’m going to peel it off next time and try it again. Today though I just ate their servings too. Is it okay to eat an entire kabocha by yourself?

Don’t answer that.


Okay, that’s it.


Because this is just a quick view of nap time today.

Big boy beds may not have been a good idea.


I’m leaving you with this amazing picture of Kitty from Sarena’s awesome hubby Tony Shasteen.

Click the picture to see the full size version on his actual website.

Tony Kitty picture

Seriously, best picture EVER! I want to blow it up as a poster and hang it in our bedroom.

Even Kitty’s impressed.


You like that eye booger?


Okay, gotta run and teach a few classes. See you soon! There’s still a little time to enter the find your mezamashii giveaway! Winners will be announced tomorrow.


Kabocha- have you had it? If so, favorite way to eat it! I need ideas since I’m going to be eating it again really soon.

Have a great night!

(I’m hoping to finally watch either Dancing with the Stars from last week, or an episode of The Bachelor Pad that I’m pretty sure already ended the other week. We’ll see if it happens.)

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  1. 1

    Love kabocha – perfect use for breakfast! I love using it on salads, in soups, quesadillas, you name it. It’s not as sweet as butternut, but still just enough.

  2. 2

    That video is ridiculously funny. Haha probably not funny to you since sleeping boys > fighting boys, but they are just too cute.

  3. 3
    Katelyn says:

    Hahahhaha I love you. First of all I love your little monsters. Second of all that cat cracks me up every time. WHY DOES IT ALWAYS LOOK SO ANGRY. Hahaha I love it though. Also KABOCHA. After you finally get the dang thing open it’s SO GOOD. And totally fine to eat a whole one… girl I need to get some freaking sunbutter I miss that stuff! XO LADY LOVELY

    • 3.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Hey, how funny, I just finished off a jar of SunButter a minute ago. LOL. Addicting. Hope the CrossFit workout went well. Can’t wait to hear about it!

  4. 4

    Oh my gosh – you gotta get Kitty framed!!! love it!

  5. 5

    I have not had Kobacha but your breakfast salad looks delicious. I’m going to have to give it a try!

  6. 6

    That kitty sketch is amazing – so talented!!

  7. 7

    Is the trick to add a little vodka? It makes it super creamy!

  8. 8
    Kathy says:

    I have never tried that but I think I need to google it to find out more…so its like squash? But even better for you?

    That picture is REALLY good…I am sure Kitty would approve of the covering of the man boobs too. ha!

    • 8.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      I’m not sure if it’s better for you, it’s a Japanese squash. I think it compares to butternut squash, but slightly less calories. Kathy, yes, you should find one pronto!!!! 🙂

  9. 9

    KITTY! I love that cat!

    I need to know the trick to the ice cream! This needs to happen and be in my belly!

  10. 10

    Following you closely and just must comment on THIS creation! Of course I love the SunButter inclusion, but NOW I know what to try with the kabocha sitting here staring at me. As always, thanks for the inspiration!

    • 10.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Elizabeth- oh man, I just finished off my last jar of SunButter a couple of minutes ago (with a spoon, straight from the jar). The boys and I eat it every single day. 🙂 It’s the only nut butter they eat. And yes, you have to roast that kabocha. It was so great, skin and all. Let me know if you try it!!!

  11. 11
    Catherine says:

    My ex-mother in law would add it to her chicken soup…so instead of noodles you have squash as your starch. So yum on a cool evening.

  12. 12
    Laura says:

    That nap time video is hilarious… we just moved L to a big girl bed too. I don’t think she would be getting any sleep at all if there was another toddler in her room! 🙂

  13. 13
    Lisa says:

    That kitty picture may be the coolest thing I’ve seen all day! Isn’t kabocha just the greatest thing ever?! Its my latest obsession. With coconut butter it is seriously AMAZING! I’m dying to know your new trick to the ice cream.

  14. 14

    My boys thought that video was so funny! I can definitely relate! I need to start making some low calorie ice cream more, I’ve been craving some so bad but am too lazy to make the cubes up, ug! Like right now, I could really go for some, sigh.

    • 14.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Ha ha. yeah, if I don’t make the cubes in the morning I get so mad at myself at night. LOL. It is kind of a hassle though. Frozen bananas are my back up.

  15. 15
    Tracy says:

    I love kabocha with almond butter. It also makes a super thick creamy smoothie!

  16. 16

    Kitty and kabocha? Best post ever? I see people make fun recipes with kabocha like pancakes or curries but all I want are those little wedges.

    • 16.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Yeah, those little wedges are just perfect all by themselves. 🙂 I almost did the pancake thing today, but was too lazy. Now i need another one. Ha.

  17. 17

    You have inspired me to try Kabocha! I always see it at the store or our farmer’s market, but I’m intimidated by it. I guess I just don’t know how to cook with it, but now, I’ll give it a try! Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. 18
    Jill Morris says:

    Ah! You’re killing me with that ice cream tease! I keep checking back to see if you’ve posted the trick yet 🙂

  19. 19
    ashley says:

    im not going to lie, i have been checking frequently to see what the ice cream trick is!! (maybe im a little obsessed? ice cream fiend? oh bother.) i feel like i must know! i too have put together some mightly stuft delicious desserts (layers and all) that would make you proud. cant wait to see your trick! 😀

    • 19.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Hope you saw it! Posted it earlier this morning for you! 🙂

      • ashley says:

        I DID! now all i have to do is get some guar gum. i ordered some xantham gum off amazon (along with some pb2 & nutzzo 😀 ) but i havent found guar gum in any stores yet, so i might have to order that too :/ i honestly CANT WAIT to try it out. that ice cream accompanies me every night.

  20. 20
    tiggy says:

    for some reason in japan, kabocha is listed as 91 calories per 100g raw.. but over here it’s less than half that! i’m always so confused every time i eat it now :S

    • 20.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      I know, I’m confused too. Everything says something different. If you figure out what’s up, let me know. 🙂

      • tiggy says:

        i will for sure! .. it’s strange, they refer to kabocha (which means squash in japanese) as “western pumpkin” and list it as 91cal/100g raw.. but then, they call the same looking kabocha pumpkin “japanese pumpkin” and list that one as just 49cal/100g.. i cannot tell the difference between the two of them! lol

  21. 21

    I had to see what this Kabocha squash was all about since you’ve been raving about it lately! I have to buy some ASAP. It looks delicious. You and those breakfast salads… I could never eat that in the morning. It cracks me up.

    And kitty looks pissed off. Too funny.

  22. 22
    Nm says:

    Hi, new to your blog and loving it!! Thank you!! I am dying to try kaboocha squash, and cannot locate it anywhere:( any suggestions for when to locate?? Also, loved the video! Do you eat the skin on all your roasted squash?

  23. 23
    nicole says:

    can someone please help me locate acurate nutrition for kabocha? i cannot seem to find a consistent nutritional count for this amazing food – please help!!

    • 23.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Nicole- it’s all over the place. Some people say one thing, others say something else. I have no idea who’s right or not. Wish I could help. If you find out let me know. I gave up.


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