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The Nike Expotique and My New Best Friends

The Nike Expotique and My New Best Friends


Yesterday’s workout:

I taught a few classes.

spin at noon


Yes, I am aware I just ran a marathon Sunday, but when some of your income comes from teaching classes all day, well, you do what you have to do and you do it fashionably with Pro Compression sleeves that you may or may not have slept in the previous night.


I also taught a bunch of classes last night: kid’s aerobics, Y40X (HIIT type class), back to abs, step aerobics (yes, we still do it and it’s awesome). however I did not sport any sleeves.


When I got home I shoveled in dinner so fast I didn’t take a picture. But, I did take a picture of dessert.


Yep, I decided I’m eating creamy dreamy ice cream for the next couple nights until I leave town again for the Runner’s World Half Marathon and Festival. I need to pack it in while I can.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the squash of the day yesterday was butternut. I roasted it in the morning.


Topped it with an egg and egg whites with some spicy sauce, Bagel Spice and ghost pepper sea salt for breakfast.


Then for lunch ate the other half of it cold with Barney’s almond butter, coconut oil, cinnamon, sugar free maple syrup and some ice cream dream protein frosting.


What an appetizing picture. It tasted a lot better than it looked and yes, I did in fact eat the entire butternut squash by myself. That’s just what I do.

Oh and just in case you’ve been missing Kitty, here’s a picture right after he coughed up an air ball.


I tried to catch him in action with his tongue sticking out, but I failed.


So I’m back tracking a bit, but I met some of the coolest people this past weekend during my short stay in San Francisco for the Nike Marathon that I have to share.

Saturday after checking into the hotel and writing a quick post, I scarfed down a SunButter and jelly sandwich I had packed for the flight.


Then I took a long, expensive cab ride to Union Square where all the Nike festivities were going down. I made an emergency stop at Starbucks for an Americano and some instant coffee for race morning.


What can I say? Sometimes hotel coffee just doesn’t cut it, and I was not about to take any chances. Kristin, Christine, whatever. I’ll take that Americano with light soy.

The packet pick up line at the expotique (yeah, expotique instead of expo- fancy shmancy) was long.


I mean LONG. At least I had my Starbucks.


Oh lovely. My eyes were already half shut.

The darn line wrapped around the block twice. It was not fun.


I saw Nike Town from a distance, but was not about to go deal with the crowds to find my name on the wall with all the other racers.


Luckily, earlier in the week Pavement Runner had posted this picture on instagram.

pavement runner photo

See my little name in there?

After almost an hour waiting in line, I made it in the tent to get my racing bib.


I was surprised that the expo really wasn’t that big. Crowded, yes.


Exciting with a lot of free stuff to stock up on, no.

I did get a fun little bag of trail mix from Safeway


and the chance to hop on this human hamster wheel.


Who can pass that up?

Other than that the only other highlight was running into Skinny Runner at the YurBuds booth while we picked up our racing shirts.


Outside the expotique I ran into Alexandra Fun Fit.


We took pictures for each other. That’s what we do.


I picked up some free fans an bracelets for the boys as their “gifts” from “mommy’s race”. Aren’t they lucky?

While waiting to meet up with some FitFluential Ambassadors for my first dinner, I made myself comfortable in a fancy hotel bathroom.


Yep, the same bathroom as the race morning. Pretty much I just pretended like I was staying at the Westin in Union Square.

While getting lost on my way to dinner I passed by this cool Christmas store.


Totally don’t remember the name, but it reminded my of the movie Elf (best movie Christmas movie ever).

I finally got to dinner at Restaurant Umbria and found the fun group of FitFluential Ambassadors.


Everyone was so so nice. I tried not to fly my freak flag too high, but I’m not sure I succeeded. I can’t help it, I’m just a mess everywhere I go, but I did keep my Cholula bottle in my purse. I just don’t think they were ready for that.

In the picture (clockwise from left): Alexandra, Tiffany, Meg, Linz, Gia, me, Brian, Kelly, Melissa, Janene, Rachel

It was really great finally meeting Brian in person. He’s pretty much the reason I was able to get a free entry into the San Francisco Marathon back in July. I owe this guy.


I made my way from dinner number one to dinner number two where I met up with these fine ladies.


Sarah (Skinny Runner) and Janae (Hungry Runner Girl)

We had a whole little group together at this cute restaurant, Sauce on Belden Place.

This is not my picture, it’s Janae’s. I have the same one, but it’s just not as good so I borrowed hers again.

Janae’s hubby Billy took the picture. Um, how cute is baby Brooke by the way? I’m pretty sure if STUFT Daddy was there he would have been all about taking pictures of everyone for me. Ha ha ha. Also at our fun dinner was Maria, Jaqueline and her hubby Mike.

It was so fun meeting new people and doing a little blog talking. It’s so funny how sometimes you don’t really know someone, you just read their blog, and then you hang out in person and feel like long lost friends. That’s totally how this was and I’m pretty sure we’re best friends now. I’m just going to assume the feeling is mutual.


When I finally made it back to the hotel I was actually a little hungry. I had a salad at the first dinner and wasn’t hungry for the second dinner so I passed up on ordering.

So…. I decided to order a whole wheat, cheese less veggie pizza for myself at about 9:30 pm. I also had to order 4 bottles of water and a diet coke so I met the $20 delivery fee.


I topped that bad boy with the Cholula I had hiding in my purse and one of the jalapeño peppers and the nutritional yeast I brought with me.

Yes, yes I did.



Well, that’s all. We’ve got one heck of a busy day before I leave tomorrow night for Pennsylvania for the Runner’s World event. Holy cow. I’m already nervous.

Is it going to be cold there?

I have no idea what kind of clothes to pack. Help.

Or if you don’t want to help, you can answer these.

Do you have a pre race meal?

Obviously mine lately has been an entire whole wheat veggie pizza. Nice.

Have you ever met someone in person for the first time and felt like you were already great friends?

The other time this happened was when I met Mama Pea last year. She is one amazing woman.

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  1. 1
    Andrea says:

    I love this post. It looks like the best weekend ever! I am so jealous you got to see so many great people! I am new to the blogging community but I already dream about hanging out with bloggers I read every day… I’m super cool I know 😉 Oh- and you are AMAZING to get back to teaching all those classes after your weekend! You go girl! P.S. I’m obsessed with all your recipes- who isn’t?

  2. 2
    Rhonda says:

    Pennsylvania weather in October can be anything. It might feel like summer, it might snow. I suggest bringing a selection of clothing. 🙂

  3. 3
    Kathy says:

    I think I would stand in a corner and stare in unbelief if I really met you in person…ha!

    Yea, whatever, that would last a couple of seconds and then I would be jumping up and down in your face with excitement and probably never want to leave your side…hahahhaha! Kind of like your at home with your boys…I could even bring a squirt bottle if you like…hahaha!

    Way to run …. to have fun…and to keep motivating me even after I inhaled 8 chocolate chip cookies yesterday…yep, its THAT time of the month…TMI? sorry. 😉

  4. 4

    Mmmm, pizzaaaaa. Good call. haha I love all the pics you took – even the one of the Christmas store and the one of the fancy hotel bathroom, which is indeed quite fancy. Thanks for sharing. I wish I could have been there too!

  5. 5

    I have met a few bloggers now in person that I did feel like I knew already. I would feel the same if I met you! It’s very comforting! I used to be scared to meet bloggers, but after the last few meetings I’ve had, I realized that we did already know each other so we just picked up and conversation never lagged.

  6. 6

    Looks like an awesome weekend! I would love to hang out with Janae and you, of course. 😉 That pizza looks really good for hotel room pizza. Before my marathon, I made a big pot of goulash.

  7. 7

    I love it – so many fantastic people to meet! I bet Brian was wonderful to mee. And I met Tiffany when I was in San Diego. She’s a doll. And YES definitely have met people and connected instantly. I think if you follow each other via blogs/twitter/facebook you start to get to know each other. So it’s not awkward. You already pretty much know if you’d be friends with that person 😉

  8. 8
    Jenny says:

    I am SOOOO EXCITED that you are running the runner’s world half-marathon too! I love your blog! Your posts are always so down-to-earth and I really enjoy your sense of humor… and now im gushing.. haha. Anyways, It will only be my third half-marathon and I haven’t had alot of time to train as hard for this one, but I am a senior at Moravian College in Bethlehem so it is literally right down the street. I also love runner’s world so of course I couldn’t pass it up! The weather is usually only in the upper 40’s and mid 50’s this time of year so you will def. want to have some warmer clothes. If you need any help with anything or show you around just let me know!! 🙂

  9. 9
    Janae@hungryrunnergirl says:

    THE FEELING IS MUTUAL!!! I absolutely loved spending time with you eating and running… my two favorite things! I had no idea that the line for the expo was so long! That is crazy! You are seriously the cutest thing in the world and that pizza picture has me drooling!

  10. 10
    Lisa says:

    So many bloggers in one place! Jealous of all your meet-ups!I always bring my own little items as well, bringing nutritional yeast is a pretty smart idea! I love the idea of that butternut squash breakfast! Holy scrumptious!

  11. 11
    Janet says:

    What an awesome experience!! Thank you for sharing- I have to admit I especially loved the picture of Kitty, do you think Yoda was his father? 🙂 Have a wonderful time, with travel mercies, good health and FUN, FUN, FUN! Prayers for your sweet family, too! Kick it, girl!!!

  12. 12
    Aubrie says:

    I grew up in Pa, and have been living in SC for 3 years. Although I remember trick-or-treating several years in the snow, my Yankee blood has adapted to the SC warmth, and when I go home now to Pa, even in August, I find myself cold a lot!! Especially near the holidays, I can’t pack enough sweaters! I would say pack for winter, because I know in Ca you are used to much much warmer (hotter) than I in SC am accustomed to now. It will likely be in the 50 when you are there, and they have been having upper 30s at night as well!

  13. 13

    Oh I hear ya. The crux of the fitness profession is you must work to get paid! No paid vacation! Ha ha–freak flag!

  14. 14

    Traveling again? You’re so busy! I still need those calf sleeves. I’m going to tell Santa.

  15. 15

    Pennsylvania is starting to get pretty chilly! I’m from outside of Philly, and the weather has been absolutely fall perfect. High 50’s and Low 60’s with bright sunshine and a bit of wind. It looks like a gorgeous weekend too!! Just bring lots of layers, and be sure to take in all the gorgeous fall foliage 🙂

  16. 16

    The last two days in PA have been beautiful, today I went for a walk and had a long sleeve shirt and shorts on, it’s kinda windy I should have had pants on, but the weather has been totally bipolar, by this weekend it could be freezing cold, it’s really annoying.

  17. 17

    great recap! man what a line, not sure I would wait in that haha, but with coffee I am sure I would 🙂

    looked like great dinner dates!

  18. 18

    You are one busy lady!! Sounds like you had a great time (and a great race) in SF. Congrats!! Congrats!! Have a great time at the RW events. So much Fitfluential/Blogging goodness going on!

  19. 19
    Miz says:

    I so jealous you met BRIAN!!!!

  20. 20

    Yay! It was SO nice to finally meet you! You did great on your run !! 🙂 My Nike+ was a bit off too and she was not my friend also 😉 But I guess it could have been worse. I remember reading that the weekend before the athletes who ran the Urban Cow in Sacramento (the weekend before) ran .6 miles beyond the regulation distance. Yuck. 😉

    Good luck next weekend! You are a machine! 🙂

  21. 21

    I just love you and your crazy exciting life! Theee end.

  22. 22
    Jacqueline says:

    Thanks for posting that pic of pizza, now I’m starving. 😉
    Your day before the marathon has me exhausted for you. Ha! But then again you keep up the your boys all day.
    That line was huge, how did you ever make it through!?
    Looking forward to reading your race recap.
    P.S thanks for the link love

  23. 23

    So great meeting you… so very nice.

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