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Weekend Snapshots and Pizza

Weekend Snapshots and Pizza


Yesterday’s Workout:

Taught boot camp

Taught Y40X and abs class

20 easy minutes on the elliptical at home



Happy Sunday everyone! How’s the weekend treating you?

I’m trying to settle into my new promotion over here. I’ve got to say, it’s one thing to say you’re really going to make the changes, but it’s a whole different story to really do them. I need to hold myself accountable. I didn’t mean to start any confusion here. Not that much is really changing on the home/career front, except that I’m taking a step back to prioritize and make more time for the things in life that are important NOW and that will make me a better person, wife, mama, etc. It’s juts time to REALLY live in the moment, you know?



Here’s a few snapshots from my work weekend. Yeah, what the heck right? My new job has weekend hours and hours that randomly happen in the middle of the night. That’s not fun.


Um….. this never ends I guess.

2012-11-23 16.04.31

Yep. All clean. They were probably sitting in the dryer for at least 2 days. Oops.

Since our new house rule is to not let the boys in our bed, when Judah gets up at 6:00 am and let’s me know it’s light outside, my only choice is to get up with him. Yesterday to pass the time we made a coffee cake with Trader Joe’s pancake mix.

2012-11-24 06.18.05

I followed the directions on the box, but subbed in coconut oil for the regular oil and made my own buttermilk substitution with lemon juice and unsweetened almond milk.

2012-11-24 07.35.02

It turned out pretty well if I do say so myself.

Yesterday after my classes were taught the boys and I had a little play time. Sometimes I forget to take the time to just “play” with the boys.

2012-11-24 11.55.082012-11-24 11.55.20

Darn precious moments.

We also made a trip to Smart and Final and bought about 9 kabocha squashes. They must have just gotten a new shipment or something because those squash were looking so great. I just kept piling them in the cart. I actually am a little embarrassed to show you how many I got, so I won’t.


I will tell you I’m baking an egg in one right now.

2012-11-19 10.14.53

(Sorry, recycled picture. I’m lazy this morning.)


Okay, so since I have limited time right now and I’ve been promising to tell Tracey how I make homemade pizza, I figure I better get that recipe to you. You know, Sunday football and pizza. That goes together, yes?


My favorite crust is the wheat crust from Trader Joe’s. They have it in the refrigerated section in a bag.


(Sorry, another old picture. This freezes well though and I usually have at least one in the freezer.)

I follow the directions on the bag. I let the crust sit out for 20 minutes while I cut up the veggies and get everything else all together.

Classico makes my favorite pizza sauce. They have it at most grocery stores right by the spaghetti sauce.

My favorite toppings:

red onion, green peppers, mushrooms, olives, fresh tomatoes, jalapeños, chicken breast, fresh basil

I always add garlic, garlic salt, Italian seasoning and dried oregano after all the veggies are piled on. I also use nutritional yeast and lots of crushed red pepper to make up for the fact that I don’t have cheese on mine.

The boys just get plain cheese and STUFT Daddy usually gets all the veggies plus some mozzarella cheese.


The Trader Joe’s dough is easy to form and I usually just put it on a cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil and sprayed with nonstick spray. I load everything on and cook it in the oven for 8-10 minutes at 450 (just like the directions on the dough).

It comes out darn fabulous every single time.


My go to toppings.


My complete pizza. Mmmm….


STUFT Daddy’s pizza.


I make quick pizzas for the boys a lot too on Trader Joe’s wheat flat breads.



I have to tell you I love pizza. LOVE it. I could really eat it everyday, so I experiment a lot. You can pretty much make pizzas out of anything.

Eggplant pizzas.


Portabella mushroom pizzas.



Um, yeah, anything.


I just change the bottom and use the same toppings. I always like to roast some veggies on the side too like some roasted cauliflower or roasted broccoli slaw or roasted brussel sprouts.

Oh, that reminds me, the cauliflower pizza crust is another option although a little more labor intensive.


well great, now I want pizza.


Do we dare brave Trader Joe’s on a Sunday? Baby carts at Trader Joe’s on a Sunday doesn’t sound like a very good idea.



you know what goes great with pizza?

2012-11-23 17.46.59

Cute husbands and beer.


You know what does not go well with pizza?

A grumpy Kitty that desperately need a bath.

2012-11-23 07.48.52

Yeah, that’s on my to do list today too. Awesome.


Okay, gotta run. We’ve got a busy day on the job.


Have a wonderful Sunday!


Any pizza lovers out there?

What’s your favorite way to make it or eat it?

Any new ideas I need to try?

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  1. 1
    Kathy says:

    pizza is looking DEEEE Lish-e-O-so!! (yep, just made that spelling right up!)

    You already look more relaxed with your cute hubby and beer! 😉

  2. 2
    Carli says:

    It has been soooo long since we made pizza at home. I’m going to have to put it on the list. We make don-dairy due to allergies. I think people think that’s weird but yours looks so good and there’s no cheese on it.

    Do you know how long nutritional yeast lasts? I found some in my cabinet and it may be a few years (or more) old. Got burried in the back.

  3. 3

    Love pizza! Try butternut squash or any squash on your pizza, it’s so good…adds a little sweetness. I’ve been wanting to try the eggplant pizza. Here’s another idea…cauliflower crust pizza. Haha…I just noticed you’re actually mentioned in this post!

  4. 4
    Kerri says:

    My go to pizza sauce is made with 1 cup tomato sauce and 2-3 tsp pizza seasoning from Penzys Spices. It is amazing! I use Bobs Red Mill GF pizza crust. All of Penzys spices are incredible. If you don’t have a store near, you can order online.

  5. 5
    Jen says:

    pizza is and always will be my fav food! ive honestly never made one at home on real dough and i really need to. living in nyc we have fabulous pizza of course, but my fav pizza ever is when we order Dominos! ha but you would love it. I order a cheeseless one with extra jalapenos! it tastes like garlic jalapeno bread. amazing. question about Nutritional yeast- i have some, but expected it to have a cheese-like taste since you use it in place of cheese on your pizza, but mine tastes not exactly like cheese… are there different types?

    • 5.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      I order pizza the same way- cheese less with extra jalapenos. 🙂 Well, there is brewer’s yeast that is sometimes mistaken for nutritional yeast and definitely has a different taste that is NOT cheese like. Maybe you have that?

  6. 6

    I LOVE pizza and I pretty much throw everything and anything on mine! I’m a big fan of making BBQ chicken pizza with chicken, pineapple, garlic, red onion, and BBQ sauce instead of red sauce. Any kind of cheese can do with this bad boy or you can have it naked. 🙂 I need to try this crust. I was just at TJ’s this morning to pick up my flowers. Darn it…

  7. 7

    I make homemade pizzas a lot like you do–that TJ’s pizza dough is awesome.
    Something you should seriously try….throw a couple of garlic cloves, a few slices of red pepper, and a little onion into a food processor, then mix it into the sauce you top your pizza with. It adds a ton of flavor and adds in even more veggies–it’s SO good.

  8. 8
    Wendy says:

    I tried a new recipe using butternut squash as the pizza base – its amazing!! BTW- your not the only kabocha obsessed person.. I usually have 9 or 10 in my cart at my local grocery store- the strange looks I get- but I don’t care- LOL – its my favorite by far. I still have to try your egg idea inside the kabocha!

  9. 9
    Jessica Jones says:

    Not a lover I’m obsessed with pizza!!!! Lol papa Murphy’s pizza with light cheese and a crazy amount mushrooms! Yum my fav!

  10. 10
    Lisa says:

    I always prefer making my own pizzas rather than buying them. My favorite topping are always crushed red pepper, nutritional yeast, ground turkey or chicken, and I love using homemade marinara sauce instead of the normal pizza sauce. Yum. I’m jealous of your 9 kabochas!!! I need to go grab some more today!

  11. 11
    Tracey says:

    This post made me soo happy!!!! Thank you for taking the time to post the recipe. Oh and also for the shout out… I feel like a celebrity:) xoxo

  12. 12

    It’s pizza night in our house tonight! I make my own dough and always make two different kinds: one veggie and one with meat. We love olives on ours 🙂 Ham and pineapple is my favourite but tomato and fresh basil is a close second.

    Also, you’re not the only one who “forgets” about laundry in the dryer 🙂 Guilty as charged.

  13. 13

    You know I love making pizza here! My favorite family meal! I had the same job today…mountain of laundry after a weekend of house guests. I conquered it though! 😉

    Hopefully that will lead to a good week!

  14. 14
    Linda says:

    Perfect timing about pizza! Your pizzas look great. I’ve been thinking about trying TJ’s dough.
    We had the most amazing pizza the other night. Our friends were here for Thanksgiving and the night before they made pizza. They make their own dough and then do different toppings. My absolute favorite was eggplant, shrimp, roasted peppers and pesto. Yum!!! What I do from time to time is pita pizzas. I just toast pita bread and then put some of Trader Joes bruschetta on it, fresh frozen veggies and a little ricotta or goat cheese. Satisfies the craving while staying healthy!

  15. 15

    What a great idea with the TJ’s pancake mix!. I have some of their pumpkin pancake mix and I’m totally gonna try to make it into coffe cake like this.

  16. 16

    Pizza is one of my weaknesses! Recently, my husband and I have been making almond flour and cauliflower crust pizzas that are really good (though, the cauliflower pizza is not something you can eat with your hands!)! Either way, both types of pizzas are delicious and I no longer feel so guilty eating a half of a pizza! 🙂

  17. 17
    Beth says:

    don’t you eat dairy? If not, what is the reason? I guess you don’t eat gluten free? It helps to know when looking for recipes to try! Thanks. Oh, do you just sprinkle the nutritional yeast on top or do you somehow make it into a saucier “cheese”. Thanks much!

    • 17.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      I used to eat gluten free for a bit. I limit dairy A LOT. Gives me tummy troubles. A lot of my newer recipes are gluten free though. Yes, sprinkle nutritional yeast just like parmesan cheese.


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