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Day 4- GNC’s Santa’s Slim Legs Workout and Probiotics

Day 4- GNC’s Santa’s Slim Legs Workout and Probiotics


Thursday’s Workout:

Morning- Quick 3 mile run on the treadmill

Night- Taught 40 minute HIIT class at gym

Taught Group Strength Training (full body workout with weights and resistance bands)

I wore my silly STUFT Mama shirt yesterday. Classy.

2012-12-06 19.31.37

Oh and hey, what do you know, the mirror was dirty and the writing on my shirt was backwards. Ha ha. Oh well.


I feel like it’s been way too long since I’ve showed a picture of a breakfast salad so here’s mine from yesterday.

2012-12-06 09.44.41

(In the salad- an egg and egg whites, spinach, chicken apple sausage and roasted kabocha squash.)

Oh, and here’s some roasted broccoli slaw and roasted brussel sprouts (along with mushrooms, chicken, marinara, fresh basil and just a tad of crushed red pepper) because it’s been way too long since you’ve seen that too.

2012-12-06 22.03.57

You’re welcome. He he.


And here’s what Joaquin’s been up to the last 24 hours.

2012-12-06 09.58.342012-12-06 11.16.43

Yeah, this guy is nonstop friends. I wonder why I’m tired all the time. Ha.



This will be quick. Things are crazy here (obviously). I can’t focus at the moment and I think I might need another sugar free dark chocolate peppermint mocha.

I have a million things to do. I’m guessing there’s a lot of you that are in the same boat.


this is DAY 4 of STUFT Mama’s favorite things holiday giveaways.

kitty holiday giveaway


I’ll save us all a little time.

I’ve got a little workout video for you to do. You know, since working out is one of my favorite things. It’s especially important this time of year to make sure we take time (even if it’s only a couple minutes) to move. Here’s a simple little legs workout for you.

All you need is a set of 5-10 pound dumbbells.

Here’s the workout.

Santa's Slim Leg's Workout

Here’s the video so we can do the workout together. It’s quick. It’ll get your legs burning and you’ll feel that much better after you do it.


The video quality needs a little help. Dang I hope Santa brings me a new camera. Wouldn’t that be awesome? I guess miracles can happen. Ha.

Workout those legs with these three easy moves.#livewellnow




since it’s really important this time of year to stay on top of your health, I think you might need some GNC probiotics.


I’ve got STUFT Daddy taking them and I’ve been taking them for over a couple months now. I love them.

They’re a part of my daily GNC supplements.

2012-12-04 15.16.43

I have some I want to give you.

GNC Probiotics Ultra 5 Probiotic Complex with Fiber – Mixed Berry


Yep. These are for you. They retail for $24.99.


Leave me a comment here tell me if you take probiotics or something you’re doing to find time to take care of yourself this weekend. We all need a little “me time” don’t we?


Tweet the following for an additional entry:

Win @GNClivewell probiotics from DAY 4 of @stuftmama’s Favorite Things 12 Days of Holiday Giveaways. http://ow.ly/fUZUz #livewellnow



Giveaway will be open until 11:00pm Sunday, December 9th. Winner will be announced Monday morning. Open to US residents only.


There’s still time to enter the DAY 3 giveaway to win a Handful sports bra or Handful Tank.


Winner of the DAY 2 and the signed copy of Running a Marathon for Dummies by coach Jason is

#121 Joanne De Luca.

Email me your mailing address and I’ll get your book, your light and your Flat Kitty to you!


*FitFluential compensated me for this campaign. All opinions are my own.

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  1. 1

    I do take probiotics and they have changed my life!

  2. 2

    sadly, i’m currently sick and will taking time to rest up and let my body heal, first and foremost!

  3. 3

    I have been taking probiotics daily for a few years now. I used to have stomach issues and I found that probiotics really helped me with that. I swear by them!

  4. 4
    Rachel says:

    LOVE probiotics. Take them daily.

  5. 5
    Erin says:

    Probiotics are fantastic. If I miss a day or two, I can really tell a difference. These fruit flavored chews look interesting….love to try ’em!

  6. 6
    marie says:

    I”m going to make time for an epsom salt bath this weekend. My legs need it!!!

  7. 7
    Tricia says:

    I don’t take probiotics. Haven’t read up on them as much as I should.

  8. 8
    Marcia says:

    Hi Kristen – me time this weekend is ……. Sleeping in tomorrow (Sat) morning. It’s been a long time since I didn’t have to set my alarm for a time earlier than 6AM. I can’t wait! Have a super weekend.

  9. 9
  10. 10
    elizabeth says:

    Wow! That’s a lot of red pepper flakes. You like intense flavors, I noticed you have a bit of a sweet tooth as well 😉

  11. 11
    Linda says:

    I used to take Probiotics but somehow stopped…hmm, I think I need to work that back in. And those chews look appealing. I’ve got a deep tissue massage scheduled on Sunday and lunch with the girls!

  12. 12
    Abby J says:

    I don’t currently take probiotics, but I’d love too! Just a little costly at the moment. I do take supplements though! Vitamin C, Biotin, B12, Iron, Echinacea and Goldenseal, and Glucosamine!

  13. 13
    Stacey says:

    A friend recently talked me into starting probiotics, I was planning to purchase them this weekend!

  14. 14
    Beth says:

    I take probiotics but have never tried the GNC kind!

  15. 15
    Kathy says:

    I don’t take any probiotics ( but I may need to start since it took me 3 times to get the spelling right on the word…ha!)

    “Me” time this weekend = Family time b/c my parents are driving 4 hours down to take in the childrens Christmas program at our church and we are celebrating Christmas with them too…early gifts, lots to eat, and a perfect reason to be together…after all Jesus is the Reason for the Season!

    Now, maybe I will get those skinny Santa legs come Sunday night once all is said and done. 😉

  16. 16
    Jess says:

    I have not taken probiotics but want to try them!!! I am going shopping this weekend, I guess I’ll get some Xmas presents for my fam since I am going!

  17. 17
    Tracy says:

    Sunday afternoon while my son naps I told my husband he better not have plans to golf because I am getting a pedicure ( :

  18. 18
    Brandie says:

    I’m bad. I don’t take anything. I need to start so hopefully I win and this can jump start the habit!

  19. 19
    Jessica says:

    I have been wanting to start taking probiotics and this would be the perfect opportunity to do so. This weekend – half marathon training continues over here in Boston!

  20. 20
    Tiffany A. says:

    I take them when I remember.

  21. 21
    Britt says:

    I’ve never taken them. I hope to get in a good, long workout after my final tomorrow

  22. 22
    Kaitlin L. says:

    I have not taken probiotics before, and this weekend I am hoping to not have to rush out of my house for one full day! I want to get housework done and finish my final project for grad school! and running about 10 miles to start off my morning…

  23. 23
    sherry says:

    I have been wanting to try probiotics and have been researching which is best for me. Would love to win some!! Me time this weekend: highlights and haircut — sitting in salon chair and gabbing for a couple of hours — maybe a facial, too! Great “me” time … !

  24. 24
    Gretchen says:

    I have never tried probiotics, but would love to give them a whirl! This weekend, I am planning on carving out some good quality running time in the brisk Minnesota weather in between studying for finals. I also plan on making a trip to Trader Joe’s; there is no better stress relief 🙂

  25. 25
    sherry says:

    Oh, I tweeted, too!

  26. 26
    stephanie**s says:

    I have not taken probiotics but I have been wanting to try them! Something I am doing for myself this weekend is committing to work outs! i have gained 20lbs since getting married last yr and lately Ive decided its time to get healthy again!

  27. 27
    Tiffany says:

    Love probiotics!

  28. 28
    Tess says:

    My son has been diagnosed with lactose intolerence so I’m currently looking for things to help him combat the symptoms. This looks like the perfect match.

  29. 29
    Sharyn S says:

    Probiotics daily!! Definitely help. Also digestive enzymes.

  30. 30
    Allie says:

    ahhhh I’ve been dying to get my hands on GNC’s probiotics! I’ve been experimenting with different brands but can’t quite find one that works well. Would love to win this 🙂

  31. 31
    Allie says:

    tweeted too! 🙂

    alewis19: NEED! Win @GNClivewell probiotics from DAY 4 of @stuftmama’s Favorite Things 12 Days of Holiday Giveaways. http://ow.ly/fUZUz #livewellnow

  32. 32
  33. 33

    This weekend I am going to sleep in. This week it has been hard to get outta bed so this weekend I am going to let myself stay in bed as long as I want!

  34. 34
    Casey says:

    i take a really good mulit-vitamin daily that has really changed my health.

  35. 35

    I am laying low this weekend and thinking about why I don’t take any supplements.

  36. 36
    Apryle says:

    I have only had probiotics in the form of a yogurt drink. Lifeways Probiotic Yogurt drink to be specific and it is very tasty, even my kids like it :). I plan on trying to spend the weekend catching up on sleep and spending time with my family doing lots of fun Christmassy stuff.

  37. 37
    Nikki says:

    My belly needs some probiotics!

  38. 38
    Breanna says:

    This weekend I am going to Spin Class on Saturday morning – it’s more of a winter activity for me and I missed it over the summer. It will be some good ME time. 🙂

  39. 39

    I don’t take probiotics but think I need to start….not doing too much this weekend, probably relaxing and getting out for some nice walks would be nice!

  40. 40

    I tweeted about the giveaway!

  41. 41
    Sherry says:

    I don’t take probiotics but I need to start! I am doing yoga this weekend to take care of myself.

  42. 42
    Cass says:

    I have read so much about the benefits of probiotics and have always wanted to try them out but have not gotten into them yet. Hopefully after my pregnancy I can reap the benefits!

  43. 43
    Pam says:

    I’ve never taken probiotics, but these look yummy. Also, I’m running a 5k this weekend and relaxing by taking a few days off of work. 🙂

  44. 44

    probiotics is something i really want to take more of, but poor girls excuse of i take them when i can afford them. i wish i could take them more often, because i did notice a change in my “mobility” when i was taking them and loved it.

    i’ll be working this weekend, but will definitely take advantage of my nights to relax with a nice glass of wine!

  45. 45
  46. 46
    Jillian says:

    This weekend I am doing absolutely nothing. I have been so busy teaching this past week that I just need to do NOTHING! 🙂

  47. 47
    Elizabeth G. says:

    I am trying to take a probiotic daily to help with bloating. Would love to try these! This weekend we are going to see Santa!

  48. 48

    I used but I stopped a whole back, I’ve actually been looking for a new kind!

  49. 49
    Lindsay says:

    I don’t take probiotics, but I’ve seen a lot of my favorite bloggers post about them and have always wanted to try!

  50. 50
    Lindsay says:

    I tweeted the probiotic love, too! 😀

  51. 51
    EriGates says:

    I will take care of myself with 2 runs this weekend.

  52. 52
    Christine says:

    I currently dont use probiotics but i want to try it

  53. 53
    Becca says:

    I use to take a multi-vitamin with probiotics but when I ran out I forgot to refill, oops!

    Also, I wish I could take one of your classes! The instructors at my gym are great, but not always challenging enough. Have a great weekend!

  54. 54
    virginia says:

    I do want to try probiotics someday. this weekend im using the opportunity to get in some workouts and trying out some new recipies

  55. 55
    Anna Akin says:

    I have not taken probiotics in a while but should probably start again 🙂
    This weekend I am teaching classes at the gym to keep my workouts going. When it gets cold my motivation falls.

  56. 56

    I love that these are chews! I have a little issue sometimes with swallowing pills. Yes, I’m a baby haha
    Tonight my husband and I are having a date night! So I guess that’s “we time” instead? It’s been a long time since we had our last one and it’s definitely needed. We’re both excited for it!

  57. 57
  58. 58
    Brittany says:

    I don’t take probiotics; but I would love to give them a try!

  59. 59
    Keren I. says:

    After reading your post i realized i don’t have anything for “me” planned this weekend! I will hopefully get to the gym!

  60. 60
    Christine says:

    I have been wanting to start taking probiotics but didn’t know which kind to use…these look tasty! I make sure to take a multivitamin daily!

  61. 61
    Christine says:

    I tweeted also 🙂

  62. 62
    Sara says:

    I would love to try out probiotics. No me time this weekend! Everyone in my house has strep throat 🙁

  63. 63
    Dana says:

    Love probiotics but only seem to remember to take them when I’m feeling under the weather. Like right now, with this sore throat. 🙁

  64. 64
    Sarah C. says:

    I have been meaning to try probiotics, so it would be so great to win this! This weekend I canceled my plans and I’m looking forward to just resting at home and spending quality time with my husband 🙂

  65. 65
    Mona says:

    I was taking probiotics earlier this year and my stomach was so happy. I need to start taking them again.

  66. 66
    Bobbi says:

    Probiotics have changed my life

  67. 67
    Christy Diller says:

    Activia yogurt and Vitamin D are my go toos…happy belly and illness free…the way to be…of course, running helps that out too huh?

  68. 68
    Rina Teel says:

    I used to take it but I forget to purchase more so I have been off for awhile. I hope to go get my haircut and enjoy my buddy Isaac.

  69. 69
    Rina Teel says:

    Having trouble tweeting hopefully go soon.

  70. 70

    I do take Probiotics, and I also got a little me time today! I locked myself in the bathroom to color my hair and then take a HOT bath. It was awesome!!!

  71. 71
  72. 72
    SarahRuth says:

    I take digestive enzymes, but would love to try probiotics. I can’t do dairy, so yogurt is out for me. Something like this would be perfect!

  73. 73
    Jennifer says:

    I do not take probiotics, but have been looking into it and hopefully with start adding that to my regime. I am taking come me time this weekend to begin a new book and actually finish it

  74. 74
    Sarah M says:

    I have probiotics at home, I’m just not good at taking them. I have been trying hard to remember my multi-vitamin.

  75. 75

    I do NOT currently take probiotics…. but I am very interested in trying. 🙂

  76. 76
  77. 77
    Holly says:

    I take probiotics everyday and just ran out so I need to win!

  78. 78
    Tiffany says:

    Ever since you’ve talked about probiotics, I’ve been looking for some good deals on them!
    Can’t wait to try them!

  79. 79
    cindy says:

    I want to try the probiotics but have never taken the time yet. I need me time!

  80. 80
    Suzy says:

    Workout without any little kids in tow! Go by my own schedule not the gym daycare schedule!

  81. 81
    Caitlin D says:

    My dad’s been looking around for probiotics and I didnt’ know which kind to get him….So now I know because these look amazing!

  82. 82
    Heather Winchell says:

    I don’t take probiotics but should! To take care of myself this weekend I am going to head to the farmers market and load up on fresh, local veggies (especially kabocha squash!) while wearing my pink argyle pro compression socks to maximum recovery 😉

  83. 83
    Jessica Rodriguez says:

    Unfortunately I am not taking any probiotics at the moment! Not because I don’t want to but because i am currently a 20 year old college student in my junior year of a nursing program. With this being said I do not have time to work and I feel guilty asking my parents for more money because they already do so much for me. It would be so nice to have probiotics at the moment because finals week is bringing upon lots of stress and little sleep. My immunity is shot 🙁 This weekend I think it is so important to take an hour out of my studying to go to the gym and sweat out some toxins! I love working out and challenging myself. After a good workout i feel so refreshed and ready to go. This along with taking some time out of my day to spend some quality mother daughter bonding time is what helps me relax and not have a full blown anxiety attack from these stacks of notecards i must memorize!! I would love to add probiotics into my diet and If i won It would be so appreciated 🙂 Thank you!!

  84. 84
    Debbie E. says:

    I take probiotics and gathering the ingredients to make water keifer so I can save some money. Pretty expensive for most brands. Thanks for the giveaway and workout today! Have a great weekend.

  85. 85
  86. 86
    Amanda says:

    Wow, what an awesome workout!! I don’t take probiotics but am doing a 15min December fitness challenge (i will be trying your GNC’s Santa’s Slim Leg workout).. Thanks for the chance to win..

  87. 87
    Amanda says:

    ‘Taking care’ of my marriage this weekend celebrating our 12 year anniversary today by spending the day together!!!!!

  88. 88
    Rachel says:

    I used to take probiotics and fell out of habit and have started to have tummy trouble again…I need to get back into taking them and take care of my belly!

  89. 89
    Anna Banana says:

    I take an acidophilus supplement every day, and I’ve tried Good Belly shots in the past (but didn’t really notice a difference in digestion)….I would love to try this supplement you’re giving away!

  90. 90

    We are taking some “me time” by catching up and having a lazy weekend. Not doing much, but I still have to fit my run in.

  91. 91
    Lauren F. says:

    I either take a probiotic supplement or eat probiotic foods daily! My favorites are kombucha, kefir, and kimchi.

  92. 92
  93. 93
    Karen says:

    I’ve had digestive issues ever since my gall bladder surgery 3 years ago. I started taking probiotics regularly for the past six months and I’ve noticed a big difference. I feel so much better! I truly believe taking probiotics are a great addition to a healthy lifestyle.

  94. 94
    Suzanne says:

    I take acidophilus everyday and I think it boosts my immune system!

  95. 95
    Alexandra says:

    I take probiotics! I think they help with tummy troubles. I double up on them when if I ever have to take antibiotics as well.

  96. 96
    Susi Hansen says:

    I I always take prObitics.! I have tummy issues too and they help so much! Take a moment to breathe and relax!

  97. 97

    I havent taken probiotics. I know that I should, one of my old coworkers is a RD and she years ago, gave me all the benefits of probiotics and especially if taking an antibiotic, yet I still never have.

  98. 98
    Amy says:

    Your roasted Kabocha always looks phenomenal… I’ve never roasted a Kabocha but I’m thinking it’s about time I tried!
    How much do you make at a time…?

  99. 99
    Leah says:

    I don’t take probiotics, but I want to start! As for taking care of myself, I’m sipping on some tea and running at an easy pace in a Jingle Bell 5K this weekend to slow down and take some time for myself 🙂

  100. 100
    Christina says:

    My favorite probiotics!!! The GNC chews are the ones I like and I sure could use more to stock up. I had some me time already on Friday … my weekend is back to kiddo time 🙂

  101. 101
  102. 102
    Laurel C says:

    Probiotics are like the one thing I don’t take, so I’d love to win these and incorporate it into my supplement regimen!

  103. 103
    Emily says:

    Probiotics are a must for me everyday before breakfast and dinner! I’ve never tried the GNC brand though!

  104. 104
    Emily says:

    I tweeted the giveaway!! Thanks!! 🙂

  105. 105

    Yup, on the probiotic train and it helps when I’m consistent. My take care of myself weekend meant sleeping and pushing my long run later into the day. 🙂

  106. 106
  107. 107
    Jennifer says:

    Haven’t tried the probiotics but would love to! Had a facial this wkend for my me time 🙂

  108. 108
    Stephanie says:

    I used to take the GNC probiotic chews! I loved that they tasted like candy! I ran out and never replenished. I take care of myself by always making sure that I have time to do something just for me over the weekend too in addition to all the laundry, cleaning, and child herding.

  109. 109
    Melissa Witte says:

    I ran thing this weekend…I have never used probiotic but have been thinking about starting along with several other healthy habits……started many healthy habits this year….just adding on

  110. 110
    Amee Sandhu says:

    I don’t take probiotics…yet, but i do take a good multi, calcium, and b complex to help me stay healthy.

  111. 111
    debbie says:

    I just started taking probiotics. Would love to try these.
    I’m off for a run…..

  112. 112
    Carri Arrieta says:

    would really love to try probiotics….

  113. 113
    Nicole P says:

    Im taking care of myself by making sure I eat a lot of nutritious food to help me study for finals!!

  114. 114
    Crystal says:

    I’ve never taken probiotics, but probably should because my dad has ulcerative colitis and I have always had an iffy tummy.

  115. 115
    Danielle says:

    I have never taken probiotics but am looking to try them out!

  116. 116
    Danielle says:

    I also tweeted! @trufflesntread

  117. 117

    I’ve never taken probiotics before but have always had stomach issues. This is the reason I decided to give up meat…it’s easier on my belly!

  118. 118
    hillary young says:

    I used to take probiotics and then stopped the last time I ran out. No good excuse for not starting back up again. Really I’ve just been too lazy to go to the store and buy more : )

  119. 119

    I’ve been taking probiotics and digestive enzymes, but really want to try GNC’s brand since mine aren’t the best. This weekend I’m cooking a week’s work of lunches for my wife and me to bring to work. No going out to eat for us!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  120. 120
  121. 121

    I don’t take Probiotics, but I really want to start!

  122. 122
    Lynn says:

    I’ve taken probiotics in the past, but never managed to make it part of my routine. Maybe it’s time to change that up!

  123. 123
    Tracy says:

    I don’t take probiotics, but would like to start!

    Yoga after my gym workout is the best thing I’ve done for myself this weekend! Oh and the margarita I had with my husband last night!! 😉

  124. 124

    I don’t take probiotics but it’s something I’ve been wanting to try. I get awful stomach aches!

  125. 125
    Amie says:

    I dont take probiotics, but I should!

  126. 126
    Jenny says:

    I take a prebiotic everyday but have never tried GNC’s brand. Would love to give them a shot!

  127. 127
    andrea says:

    I am taking a few rest days in hopes my knee recovers on its own and that there is nothing really bad wrond with it. Results Thursday from mri will let Me know for sure.

  128. 128
    Allison V says:

    I’m taking an evening to get a massage and get some of that tension out of my body!

  129. 129
    Angie says:

    Me time this weekend was boot camp and getting a minute to take off my chipping nail polish!

  130. 130
    Chaeley Barber says:

    I did a cycling & weights class on Friday, Yoga & the elliptical on Saturday, and then ran the Dallas Marathon Relay yesterday after not being able to run for an entire 3 months due to a tight IT Band. I was so happy I made it without any problems! I’m a sucker for spin classes & running as I see you are too! Living a healthy and balanced life is what keeps me going. (: I take the TriFlex pack from GNC for my joints & I do love probiotics!! So, I tweeted @ChaeleyBarber . Have a wonderful day!!

    • 130.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      I haven’t heard the wrinkle thing before. I have heard it improves athletic performance though. I’m going to say that the wrinkle thing must be true. It’s a good excuse, isn’t it? 🙂

  131. 131
    Justin says:

    I take my probiotics first thing every morning

  132. 132
    Bridget says:

    I do not take probiotics, but would like to start! I drink vitamin water zero and take zinc


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