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A Sunday Photo Dump, a Video and a Great Idea

A Sunday Photo Dump, a Video and a Great Idea


That’s right. Just a quickie while the boys nap. I still haven’t started my Christmas cards or shopping, so I’m seeing how fast I can write this. Ha ha.

I DID get to play a mean game of balloon volleyball with the boys just awhile ago and show them the first little bit of one of my favorite Christmas movies.

2012-12-16 13.59.41

He he.



Friday- 9 easy miles on the treadmill at the gym


Saturday- Taught boot camp class in the morning

Ran 16 miles. The last 3 were supposed to be at AT pace, but I was quite a bit slower than that.


Today- Ran 5 slow miles on the treadmill

Elliptical for 40 minutes while reading a January 2012 issue of Self Magazine. (I’m only a year behind.)



I haven’t felt like blogging since Friday. News of the CT tragedy just made me want to tune out, spend some time by myself and with the family, hug my boys, rest and not be by the computer at all.

So on Friday I read the first chapter in this book: One Thousand Gifts.

2012-12-14 15.22.50

I’m not very far along, but I’ve heard from a number of people it’s a life changer. I love it so far.


I also gave my boys all of my attention. I slaved in the kitchen over some lunch while they, um, well, entertained Kitty.

2012-12-14 13.41.472012-12-14 13.31.302012-12-14 10.53.44

Then we all made a train.

2012-12-14 18.12.432012-12-14 18.30.32

It did not take long for our masterpiece to look like this.


Oops. Kind of like the picture on the box.


Ha ha.


I’ve been using my new BOSE headphones pretty much everyday.  I hadn’t used the armband until yesterday though for my long run.


Dang, it’s even cooler than I thought so I just have to show you.


A little special place to put the cord so it doesn’t get tangled. Awesome.


Volume control on the actual earphones. Double awesome.


Special key pocket in the back behind where your iPhone goes. Triple awesome.

I’ve never used anything so snazzy in my life. I totally felt like the coolest runner on the block. Ha ha.

Here’s the link where you can buy them.

Reebok BOSE Sport Headphones


My pre long run fuel yesterday was my standard cinnamon sugar breakfast STUFTwich (with coconut oil and without the sugar substitute).

2012-12-15 10.04.06

My post long run hydration drink of choice lately has been this.


1/2 Nuun tablet (lemon lime or orange), 1 tablespoon ACV, 5 drops liquid stevia and a couple drops lemon juice in water


Hmm….. I may have to have one right now actually even though I didn’t just finish a long run. It sounds good.


One of these days I will need to break up with kabocha squash, but not yet. My squash bowls keep getting bigger and better. The past few days I’ve added some roasted butternut squash too.

2012-12-15 15.18.27

Oh man. There’s that peanutty chia pumpkin dip in the center of that bad boy.

Which reminds me, there’s still time to enter to win some chia.

Click here to enter the giveaway for some chia shots.


That also reminds me we made this video the other week. It’s unedited and we just got back from the gym, but you can see just how easy this delicious dip is to make.

Watch us in action.

(Warning- I desperately need a better video camera. The lighting is not good, but that may be better since I’m a sweaty mess. Ha.)

This dip is good! So good I don’t even care that we’re not looking to hot in the video. Ha ha.


Oh, the winner for the Smart Peanut Butter Crispdough Balls is

#59 Tiff @ Love Sweat and Beers

Woo hoo!

Tiff, email your mailing information to me (kristin@stuftfitness.com) and I’ll get those balls out to you!

Time to get baking!


Oh, before I go. I had this crazy idea that we should do a Flat Kitty holiday round up.

Wouldn’t that be fun? You send me some fun holiday pictures of Flat Kitty and I put them together in a holiday themed post.

Here’s just a few examples.


So fun, right? Are you in?


I’ll be back soon with the next giveaway for STUFT Mama’s favorite things 12 Days of giveaways. It’s a big one friends. BIG!


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  1. 1
    elizabeth says:

    What is ACV? Nuun is a little salty for me, but I like Ultima Replenisher, grape and orange flavors, have you tried it? ://ultimareplenisher.com/category/28/Ultima-Replenisher.html.

  2. 2

    Dare I say, prettiest train ever? I think yes. 😉

    That sandwich looks soooooo yummy!

  3. 3
    Sara Grambusch says:

    Oh I will totally have to get a Flat Kitty pic to you. We haven’t done that in a long time. IT NEVER GETS OLD, lol, to me anyway. 🙂 That train is pretty awesome. Maybe they will be engineers. 😉

  4. 4
    Stephanie says:

    I suspect Flat Kitty thinks he could do much better on the gingerbread train. He sits in judgement! Ha!

  5. 5
    Katie says:

    I agree w/Elizabeth above – Ultima rocks! I love the lemonade flavor!

  6. 6
    Leianna says:

    Any brand with lots of support and room for my broken toe, which I’ve had for 4 years!
    It’s sore but I won’t stop running:)

  7. 7
    Lisa says:

    That Christmas movie is an old favourite of mine from childhood! The good ol’ days! I think I’ll have to take a flat kitty photo for you! I can’t see the day where I’ll break up with kabocha…I’m hoping it never has to happen;)

  8. 8
    Janet says:

    thanks for all the photos of Flat Kitty- needed the smile this weekend 🙁

  9. 9

    That squash bowl looks amazing!! Yum!!
    Kitty makes me laugh EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.


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