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The Muffin Has Evolved Again- It Became a Pizza Crust

The Muffin Has Evolved Again- It Became a Pizza Crust


Hi! This will be quick. I have a million things to do this morning. Why does that always happen on Mondays? Eeek….

But I have four important things to tell you.


Thing One

Yesterday was a rest day. It was hard to make myself rest, but I knew my body and mind needed it. My coach has said to me more than once that the recovery is just as important as the training. I need to listen to him. Oh, and his offer for 20% off any of his customized training plans is still good for this month. Check out this post for all the information. Smile

I did manage to try out one of these Tara Styles DVDs that were sent to me awhile back though yesterday.


I need to incorporate more stretching and yoga. I tell myself that every single day. These videos are produced by Watch It Now Entertainment, the same company that produces the BobHarper.com videos I’ve taped with my best friend Bob. He he.

We (the boys and I) went for this DVD Beginners Yoga for Everyone.


Since the boys were with me we did the quick 15 minute workout.


The Relaxed Easygoing Flow to be exact.


I loved that it was short. Tara has a very relaxing quality about her and explains things clearly. I can’t wait to try out the other workouts in the complete set that can be found here. Hopefully I can find some time to fit them in. Ha. I’ll make sure to post a full review once I get a chance to do more of them.


Thing Two

We’ve finally got Hot Oats in the house!


Weeee…… I can’t wait to try them!

And stay tuned because later this week there’s going to be one heck of a Love Grown Foods giveaway so you too can get your hands on these cute little cups.

My wonderful friends also sent me a package of my favorite granola ever.


It’s just sitting there taunting me. Since I have no moderation control once the bag is open, I’m going to test myself to see if I can keep it closed until after my marathon that’s just three short weeks away. We’ll see if I can tough it out. Ha.


Thing Three

That grain free microwave English muffin that became a grain free garlicky microwave muffin turned into a grain free pizza crust last night.

Yep. It did.

I’m not sure what I’ll turn it into next, but I’m pretty proud of this one.



I used the same recipe, just microwaved it on a plate instead of a bowl. Then baked it.

Brilliant, I know.

Here you go.


Yep. Good stuff. I’m going to try it out again tonight to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. Ha ha.


I made mine BBQ chicken style just like my BBQ chicken pizza. Here’s some pictures of the process.

After the microwave.


Before the oven.

A word of warning- it was not easy to transfer from the plate to the cookie sheet. It feel apart a bit.


After the oven.


With the huge amount of broccoli slaw BBQ bake on the side.


How it was consumed on the couch at 10:00 pm watching the premiere of The Biggest Loser.


It was followed my a huge bowl of creamy dreamy ice cream on top of a Vitatop (or two).


Dang, I eat a lot while watching that show. I’m blaming the fact that it’s two freaking hours long. Ha ha.


Oops. Almost forgot.

Thing Four.

The GNC Total Lean Challenge starts today. It’s free (and fun). You can get all the information here.

TotalLeanBanner2 (2)

I’m super excited about it!


Okay, gotta run. Have a wonderful day!


Do you do yoga?

Did you watch the Biggest Loser? I was teary-eyed 9 minutes into the show. You?

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  1. 1

    I can’t watch anything that has your boyfriend without thinking of you! I saw he had some fashionable socks and wondered if those were the pro compressions you brought him??

  2. 2

    I feel like you are me talking. I NEED to stretch more and want to get back into yoga…but I end up running until paul has to leave for work…so the other parts of working out never seem to happen :/
    Looking forward to your giveaway!! YAY! =)

  3. 3
    Holly says:

    I don’t do yoga, but I’d kind of like to try it. Yoga-er’s seem to be pretty die hard, so it must be good! I always watch BL while eating…something a little wrong about that – haha. And, I’ve never NOT gotten teary watching an episode…some of these people carry a lot of pain and you just really feel for them.

    On a lighter note, I was totally trying to scope out Bob’s socks!

  4. 4

    Arg…I need to do more yoga too! I even bought a new membership to yogadownload.com in November to make myself yoga…but haven’t! Such a great way to focus on recovery and flexibility!

  5. 5
    Kori says:

    Of course I watched it!! I was really trying to be mad at Bob because all the stuff on bobharper.com is repeats….that is how I found you!! My husband is always asking me if I would leave him for Bob….hmmm!!??? lol The second he came on stage I could no longer be mad at him!!! I just love him!!! Is he as pretty in real life??

    • 5.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Have they really been showing repeat stuff?????? Weird, but that explains why I haven’t been up there for awhile. I thought they were taping without me. 🙂 Yes, he’s as pretty in real life.

  6. 6

    I really need to do more yoga! I loved The Biggest Loser last night! Totally thought of you when I saw Bob wearing the pro compression socks!!!

  7. 7
    Bonnie says:

    Good for you for resting! So important. I’ve was sick all weekend so I was forced to rest! Finally on the mend but only feeling so-so today – not many clients and cancelled my morning ones so it’s not much for me to handle today. 😉 Watched BL this morning (don’t have TV, have to wait until it’s shown and watch online) and was teary RIGHT AWAY – I think maybe it was Bingo who made me tear up? So cute! I think it’s going to be a good season.

    Have a great day, Mama K! 😀

  8. 8
    sherry says:

    Genius on the pizza crust !! I must try that soon. All runners (and other athletes) should incorporate yoga into their weekly routines. I’m a 200 hour certified yoga teacher and practicing yoga has helped my body (and mind!) in all other things that I do. I highly recommend keeping it up. Also, I have this awesome granola recipe –if you would like to try. Not only does it taste fantastic, it gives off the best scent in your house for hours. Let me know if you want it.

    • 8.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Heck yeah I’ll take that granola recipe.

      • sherry says:

        Here it is — this makes a huge batch. I usually cut all ingredients in half.

        4 cups rolled oats (not instant)
        2 cups unsweetened coconut
        2 cups almonds (chopped)
        1 cup cashews
        ¾ cup coconut oil (melted
        ½ cup agave (or grade b maple syrup or honey)
        2 tsp cinnamon
        1 tsp Himalayan, kosher or sea salt

        Toss together to coat. Bake on sheet tray at 350 for 30 minutes or until golden. Let cool completely in pan. Add 2 cups of dates and dried cherries (or any other dried fruit — including superfood goji berries) and serve or store in airtight container and add dried fruit to order.

        Enjoy — adapted from Lizzie Symon (Iron Chef Michael Symon’s wife). This stuff is to die for!

  9. 9

    I’ve seen those yoga videos around… I would love to give them a go! And yes, Love Grown truly does have the best granola, don’t they?! Yum! Puhhlease girlfriend, I would hardly say that’s a lot of food, especially for as active as you are. 😉

  10. 10

    I definitely watched the Biggest Loser last night and am excited to again tonight!!
    So i don’t have the ‘right’ kind of mixer (or same as you do at least, vitamix i think?) to make the homemade ice cream…do you have any other suggestions? Do you think a food processor would work?

  11. 11
    elizabeth says:

    i love doing yoga at least once a week-i think it helps with my flexibility and posture with running-the 15 minute one sounds perfect 🙂 i’m supposed to be starting the challenge but i am sick, so no working out today.

  12. 12

    One word: YUM. I pinned this one and can’t wait to give it a try. Thanks for your constant creativity.

  13. 13

    I can’t wait to try your pizza crust recipe! It looks so good and is such a great idea. My husband and I have just started our own Paleo challenge as an experiment and he LOVES bread, so I need to make this and your English muffin recipe for him!

  14. 14

    Very ironic you made this a pizza crust because that’s totally what I was going to do with the muffin idea! Great minds think alike!

    And I’m so jealous of the love grown oats, I’m seeing people posting them everywhere and want to try them so bad!! Enjoy!

  15. 15
    Natalie T. says:

    I go to yoga twice a week. It has helped tremendously. I found that I have to go somewhere to do it because I won’t do a yoga DVD at home.

  16. 16

    Is it weird that I still haven’t tried Love Grown yet? I cannot find it anywhere in NJ. How is that possible? Maybe I should shoot them an email so they can let me know the dealio…Hope you enjoyed your rest day! I’m enjoying mind today and both mind and body needed it! xoxo

  17. 17

    I really want to try that yoga!! I can’t wait to make this pizza crust. I have been dying to find a GF crust!

  18. 18

    Just made this, and put hummus as the sauce with black beans, corn, and jalapenos! It is delicious! I just started reading your blog and am loving all the recipes! Thanks!

  19. 19

    OMG you did it again! I’ll definitely be trying this soon!


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