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Carlsbad Marathon 2013- Let’s Recap Shall We?

Carlsbad Marathon 2013- Let’s Recap Shall We?


Hey hey!

How is your Sunday?

I’m home from the race and have a ginormous headache, but I’m showered, I’ve finally warmed up,


I have a clean pair of Pro Compression socks on,


I’m eating squash (with some leftover Starbucks coffee cake the boys didn’t eat topped with peanut butter of course)



and am ready to recap. Let’s do it, yes?


Last night’s dinner was my standard pre race dinner as of late.

Homemade vegetarian pizza, roasted broccoli slaw and roasted brussel sprouts.


I also had a salad on the side.


Now that I’m looking at these pictures I guess the tummy troubles I had during the race around mile 18 are probably my own fault. Hmm…..


Yesterday, when I should have been resting up, I was busy taking care of a sick household. I won’t give you details, but scrubbing carpets and doing loads of laundry was not what I had in mind for resting.

Getting up six times with a grumpy, sick toddler throughout the night was not what I had in mind for a good night’s sleep either.

Oh the joys of motherhood.



4:30 am came around way too quickly this morning. I was running a little late to get out the door as usual, but it didn’t stop me from asking Mom to take a couple pictures of me and my race outfit.


Yep, even after waking up six times throughout the night, Judah was still up and ready to go at 5:00 am.

I had my standard pre race breakfast- Coach’s Oats with a little chia, PB2, GNC vanilla egg protein powder and a dab of peanut butter along with a banana and a very strong black coffee I choked down.

STUFT Daddy had to work today so I drove my clown face to the race all by my lonesome.


If you must know, yes I had a Pull-Up with me just in case of an emergency. It’s my little secret.

I got to the start late because I was busy in the car putting on sunscreen. Seriously. It was dark and rainy and I was putting on sunscreen. Weirdo.


So the race started and I wasn’t ready. I don’t like that. I didn’t get to stretch or start out with a pace group or anything and was pretty much playing catch up the first 5 miles or so. I tried to take a picture of how quiet and dark it was, but that didn’t go so well either.


My dang Ziploc baggie for my phone is not the best.


So I was supposed to be oozing carbs at the beginning of the race like coach Jason recommended. After all my eats yesterday, I definitely was. I was also oozing garlic (thanks Elizabeth), jalapeños and red pepper. Lovely.


I didn’t take any pictures along the course. It was cold and I didn’t want to be messing around with my phone too much.

I don’t have a Garmin so I’m not sure of my exact pace per mile, my Nike+ app tells me my average pace on every mile though so I just go by that. It was off today though which was pretty annoying.

I ran the first mile slow since I was fiddling with phone, Mizuno gloves, headphones, etc. It was darn chilly and I was really glad I remembered my throw away jacket and gloves. I actually ran the entire race with my gloves on and kept the ugly jacket on until mile 21.

I managed to keep a 7:34 pace though for the first 7 miles or so I think. My legs felt tight, but if I was smart and would’ve listened to my coach, they probably would’ve felt a lot better. Oh well. Besides that, I actually felt pretty good for the first 15 miles or so.

I had a vanilla GU at mile 11. By mile 18, things got a little hairy. My stomach starting hurting and my head started feeling a little weird. We were back on the coast by that time too and the wind picked up a bit. It wasn’t ideal. I had a packet of Power Bar Gels Chews (from my friend Michele) around mile 18 also. They had been tucked in my shirt (along with my Handful bra pads) so I was ready to unstuff. Ha.

I was just feeling off from then on. I thought for a little while that I was going to have to make an emergency pit stop to get me through the race, but I managed to survive without one.

I did my best to keep up my pace, but gradually slowed down a little each mile. The 21 and 24 mile markers could not come fast enough. Luckily the course is pretty flat, so I could just keep putting one foot in front of the other for the last little bit.

The last mile I said a few choice words in my head and kept repeating to myself “how bad do you want this?” I also told myself if I was going to pass out or need medical attention I could do it at the finish line, not on the course. Ha.


The course was pretty quiet most of the time when the marathoners were by ourselves. Honestly, I can’t remember much of what I thought about out on the course at the moment. Here are a few random things along the course I do remember:

I met the nicest STUFT reader, Janine around mile 8. Thanks for saying hi!

I got a little excited when people were saying my name as I ran by. I thought they must be blog readers until I remembered my name was on my racing bib. Ha ha.

Best sign ever read- WORST PARADE EVER. Pretty darn funny.



that darn 26 mile sign showed up. Finally the finish line showed up as well.


It was not my favorite finish. It took me awhile to catch my breath and I didn’t feel too hot. But, I had to get my picture taken you know.

And then take my own.


My Mizuno shoes and Pro Compression socks pulled through for me once again. I really owe them a lot. I’m a little upset that my new Elixir 8s are dirty from the race, but I’ll get over it.

I got a new PR. My finish time was 3:23:15 and I got 3rd place in my age group.


I’ll take it.


After I was done bothering strangers to take my picture I met up with the Grandma, Papap and the boys and made them join in the photo fun.


Don’t they all look thrilled?


Oh and hey, check out my new fashion statement.


I paired my new Halo visor with a BIC Bands headband.

This is so going to be my new thing. Seriously.


I told myself if I got a PR I could get some new headbands. So we made a quick stop to see Sandy again and get a couple accessories.


Actually, I conveniently forgot my money, so Mom bought me a few new headbands. Thanks Mom! Now I need just a few other colors of Halo visors for my new head fashion. Ha ha.

We didn’t stay for awards. Everyone wanted to get the heck out of there and Judah wouldn’t use a port a potty so we headed inside the mall for a bathroom stop


(pretty cool skirt huh?)

and then out to breakfast to The Broken Yolk Cafe.


I got a Mom’s egg white omelet or something like that.


They did not have any crushed red pepper for me, but they did have some hot sauce.


He he.


Phew. Recap done.

Marathon number six in the books.


Hopefully many more to come.



The winners of

You Pick Your Pro Product Giveaway


#9 Tess


#152 Shaunna

Congrats ladies. Email me (kristin@stuftfitness.com) your mailing information, item and color of choice.

*Winners have 7 days to claim prizes before a replacement winner is chosen.


If you didn’t win, the discount code FIT2013 is still good for 40% off and free shipping on Pro Compression marathon socks.


And you can still enter to win a cool Halo Visor (like the one I wore today) here. Yay!

Halo Visor Giveaway


And Dr. Jason Karp is still offering his 20% discount on training programs. You can check out this post or contact him by email (jason@runcoachjason.com) for more information.

He said he was proud of me today. First time I’ve really been told that specifically about a race performance before. It meant a lot. He also told me to eat chocolate to celebrate. Um…… okay.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. 1
    Kim Hodges says:

    Congratulations! I LOVE reading your race recaps! With my first half still two months away, they give me so much to think about and I learn a lot! Thank you!

  2. 2
    Kim says:

    Dang!!!! Up half the night and still a PR???!!! Way to go!!
    And, I already said this, but I have serious shoe envy!!!!

  3. 3

    Congratulations on your big PR. How exciting! I love that you weren’t even feeling your best and yet you managed to pull of your best 🙂 Great job. When’s the next race? Haha.

  4. 4

    Kristin, I am so proud of you for your amazing PR…!!!!

    You are an INCREDIBLE racer, I just keep having flash backs to when we raced together this fall and you just KILLED that half like it was nobody’s business. You are so tough and you really pushed it through a very difficult race where a lot of things were just not on your side….I can’t even imagine racing a marathon after getting pretty much no sleep, rain, tummy troubles, and having a non-functional watch!!

    Pushing through a tough race like that and toughing it out is so much more of an accomplishment than breezing through your smooth planned race. Congrats!!

  5. 5
    jennifer says:

    Way to go! 3rd place! You medaled! Woohoo! Hope you rest up and take it easy!

  6. 6

    PR and Third place- Congrats! I love reading marathon blog posts- 26.2 miles of inspiration! Can’t wait to tell my 26.2 story this fall!

  7. 7
    Liz Anglin says:

    Hello Mrs. PR! You are amazing, thanks for the race recap! Hope you get some good rest! 🙂

  8. 8
    Sasha says:

    Dang girl, congrats! 3rd place is awesome!!

  9. 9
    Alina says:

    You are seriously wonder mom! And good job on your race and PR, so inspiring! Congrats!

  10. 10
    TriGirl says:

    I’m impressed that despite completely unideal pre-race conditions you not only completed the race, but PRed AND got an AG prize! Congrats!!

  11. 11
    Megan S. says:

    Congrats! Even though you felt like poo, you PR’d!

  12. 12
    Kathy says:

    Well, I am proud of you too!!!

    Much better to run an “off race” than eat too much like I did over the weekend. ;-(

  13. 13
    Courtney says:

    congratulations!!!!! you did awesome!! hope everyone at your house is healthy!

  14. 14
    Kori says:

    wow! congrats!!! After being up all night w/ sicks toddlers, I barely have the energy to go to the grocery store!

  15. 15

    Congrats on 3rd place, that’s awesome! Haha I try to avoid spicy food and veggies the night before a race, although my stomach isn’t used to them like yours is!

  16. 16
    Pam says:

    Congrats on a new PR & 3rd in your AG!!!! That’s so awesome! When I saw you at the start, you looked so calm & chill, even though you were just a tad late crossing the start line! 🙂

    I respect marathon mommies that have to juggle households, training, sleep, etc. It takes great commitment & dedication!! Great job!! Hope that “runner’s high” lingers around a little while for you!

  17. 17
    lindsay says:

    you must have a stomach of steel like my husband! haha. i would have died with all that spice and veggies in my tummy. But you rocked it, well minus mile 18, haha

  18. 18

    You seriously amaze me! Way to rock that race.

  19. 19
    Miz says:

    I MISSS YOU!!!

  20. 20

    I swear your positive attitude is contagious! Made me smile reading this post . . . because as you’re describing all that led up to the race, every picture you show is of you brightly beaming! Love it. 🙂 Congrats on the new PR and placing 3rd! Wow!!

  21. 21
    Lindsay says:

    Wow you are super mom!! Congrats on the PR – that is so, so exciting! What a way to end the weekend.

  22. 22

    Congrats on a PR!!! Amazing.
    Sorry you didn’t feel your best, but you did it! Now seriously, girl–REST! And yes, eat some chocolate. 🙂

  23. 23
    Michele @ NYC Running Mama says:

    You did amazing!!! I know it wasn’t the time you wanted and you feel worse b/c the last few miles didn’t go as planned but I’m really so impressed. You taught spin class the day before for goodness sake and still ran a sub-3:25. You are incredible!! I hope the boys are feeling better – it stinks you were up so many times the night before :/
    Make sure you take a few days? Hours? Off before you start teaching class again!!!! Xoxoxox

  24. 24
    Carri Arrieta says:

    A Garmin would have been useless yesterday….mine was! I ran the entire race by “perceived effort” not by knowing my actual pace. I asked a couple other runners, their Garmins were on the fritz too. Congrats on PR!

  25. 25
    Samantha says:

    Well shoot! All that drama and still a PR. WELL done. Don’t you sort of “learn” from each race too? The constant cold in the race would be hard on me. I don’t want to overheat, but you do want to warm up. If you are fighting a cold maybe your inner temp is off too. Nicely done and very inspiring to read. 🙂

  26. 26
    MILF Runner says:

    Nice job! Way to handle a lot of curveballs and pull off a nice PR :). Congrats on placing too!

  27. 27
    Susi says:

    Congrats Kristen….way to go with a new PR, and visors by mom. You are to be commended on racing after your night long drama—oh the joys of being a mom!!

  28. 28

    CONGRATS! Great race despite not feeling so well. You are truly a strong, badass mother runner! 😉

  29. 29

    Oh goodness I REAKED of garlic on Sunday as well, but I wasn’t running a marathon. My Mom told me I stunk and I couldn’t even smell it. Guess those roasted garlic cloves on top of that pizza were the culprit. Whoops! CONGRATS on a killer PR and for 3rd place in your age group. You ROCK! Have a great start to the new week!

  30. 30

    Amazing, Kristin!! What is it with race nights and sick kids who won’t sleep?? So sorry you had a rough start… but wow, you held an incredible pace, and came away with a shiny new pr– so excited for you!!

  31. 31
    debbie says:

    You did so awesome & are so inspirational!

  32. 32

    Congrats on the PR. That is amazing, and you still looked great after!!!!

    Love the Broken Yolk, great choice post race! XOXOXOX

  33. 33
    Sara Grambusch says:

    Whoa, still an amazing time after all that nonsense in the beginning. My cousin and his girlfriend ran so I saw all the pictures you didn’t take 🙂

  34. 34
    skinnyrunner says:

    CONGRATULATIONS on a PR! that is a tough course.

  35. 35
    Teresa says:

    Wow! I love your blog for the humor, realness and total inspiration that you bring to it! Congrats on the race!

  36. 36

    congrats on an amazing race!!!

  37. 37
    Sarah says:


  38. 38

    6 marathons, wow good job!

  39. 39

    Amazing 6 marathons and twin boys! I don’t know how you find the time to do it all!! Seriously!!

  40. 40

    I got excited when the full marathon runners started to make their way back and hoped I would see you before the course split. Maybe I just missed you because of that jacket you were rocking. HA.
    At least I would have been yelling your name on purpose. 😉

    Congrat’s on the PR! I had stomach issues, too and as soon as we started those first couple of miles, I thought of you and was convinced you lied to me and there were going to be some hills. Then it got better. Whew!

    • 40.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Oh shoot- I forgot about the first few hills. Oops. How did your calf do? It was chilly wasn’t it?

      • Hehe, the comments here are sometimes as funny as your posts! I felt like poo, too! Calf held up surprisingly well, I taped & rocked the compression sleeves under my socks & just like that, magic-I took almost four minutes off my time last weekend for a new PR!
        I’m thinking I want to have Coach Jason work out an actual training plan because this PR streak can’t last forever. How hard will he laugh when I tell him I have at least 11 more halfs this year? 😉

  41. 41

    your pumpkin bowls always fascinate me O.o i’ve never had pumpkin chunks sweet but i really wanna try! also congratz on placing i the marathon so well! your smilw always warms me up ahah and i love reading this blog! stuft mama i think you should do a post for people who want to begin marathon training andd running.. itd be a real help to me!

  42. 42
    Bonnie says:

    WHOA. Just read your race recap and from the way it sounded reading it, I didn’t think your time would be so hot (up all night, not feeling great, ready to be done, thinking about medics etc!)…but you PR’ed! Amazing work – just completing the race to start, but then PR’ing? – my running inspiration! You’re amazing, Kristin – I hope you know that. 😀

    • 42.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      You are way too nice Bonnie. And your advice you gave me last year for this exact same race is always in my head “leave it all on the road”. 🙂 HUGS!!!

  43. 43
    Leigh S. says:

    What a time, Kristin … and after being up all night with kids and laundry! You’re an amazing well of boundless energy! Speaking of energy–and I think someone else commented on this above–I think that little kids kind of sense the excitement of race week and they find it as hard to sleep as some of us do. Anyway, congratulations on the great PR and AG win. Happy running/racing! : )

  44. 44
    Mona says:

    Wow – Kristin – Congratulations on your pr! I loved reading your race recap!

  45. 45

    You continue to amaze me – killing those PRs with your crazy, busy life. You are the queen of #noexcuses! Nice job girl!!

  46. 46
    elizabeth says:

    congrats on a PR and an AG award!! even with a not so hot race. superwoman!!


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