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GNC Total Lean Challenge- A Workout,Lifestyle Changes and a Protein Muffin Recipe

GNC Total Lean Challenge- A Workout,Lifestyle Changes and a Protein Muffin Recipe


Happy Saturday!

I have another GNC Total Lean Challenge post today. It’s week 8, but you can still join at any time.


I like to think of the Total Lean Challenge as a lifestyle change anyway. A chance to make some healthy changes that will last a lifetime, rather than just 12 weeks, so feel free to jump on board, join the free challenge and win some of the weekly giveaways and prizes.


To kick things off I get to share the secret Saturday workout.


You can check out this week’s entire workout plan here.

Today’s workout is this little gem.

GNC Total Lean Workout Week 8

I had to test it out for myself the other day and friends, it’s a good one. All you need is a set of medium to heavy weights. I did it at home so I subbed in a little jog for the warm up.


So, it’s week 8. By now most of you are in the groove of the whole challenge and have made some changes. I don’t know about you, but I don’t do well with “diets”. When people restrict too much or try to follow too rigid of a plan, the desire to cheat gets more intense. For me it helps to look at the bigger picture.

Sure, there’s going to be days when you eat great and exercise and feel like you’re totally on track, but there are also going to be those days where you feel like you’ve fallen a couple steps back and you’ve made some not that great choices. I’ve actually had quite a few of those lately. That’s all part of the journey though. It’s part of the process in learning how to respect yourself and your body.


I’m a huge eater. I love food. I can’t help it. Back in the day I would polish off an entire pizza or huge plate of nachos. Now I still sometimes crave foods like that, but I try my best to make lighter options at home. That way I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself and I’m in control of exactly what goes into my meals and my body.

Some of my favorite indulgent meals at home are healthy chicken nachos and of course homemade vegetarian pizza.


This is the manly pizza I make for STUFT Daddy. Isn’t he lucky?

He he.


I’m also a sucker for sweets and dessert. Yep, every single day I have to have at least one sweet treat. Sometimes when the time is right and I really crave something particular, I let myself have it.

Other times I find easy healthy options or I create a tasty version of some kind of chocolaty goodness at home.

GNC has a ton of Total Lean Products. I really like their GNC Total Lean™ Lean Shake™ – Vanilla Bean and use it in my protein vanilla latte and my cake batter protein shake.

I also have been enjoying these Total Lean Breakfast Squares lately.


They’re not too big, but are just the perfect size to have in between meals or for a quick snack. Not to mention these are packed with fiber. I love my fiber. My favorite ones are the Strawberries and Cream ones.


They totally remind my of a softer, chewier strawberry Pop-Tart.


Mmmmm hmmmm.


I’m sure it’s no shock that I also created a protein chocolate muffin with some Total Lean Protein Powder.

My powder of choice was this one.

My protein muffin of choice was this one.


Yep. Good stuff.

Good enough to eat the whole thing and feel good about it.

Good enough that I must give you the recipe.




Total lean protein packed goodness.


Hope your weekend is off to a great start. Remember, every little change counts and there are always going to be a few bumps in the road.


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  1. 1
    Jamie says:

    Can oat flour be used in place of coconut flour?

  2. 2

    Got to try those breakfast squares!!!!

  3. 3

    Love your protein muffins! I’m addicted. I have used whole wheat, white and coconut flours. I find if I don’t change the liquid amounts the coconut flour muffins are more “crumbly” and a bit drier. Everything is good though!


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