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The Snooze Button

The Snooze Button


Tuesday Workout:

Ran 6 miles on the treadmill at about an 8:00 pace

Taught a 45 minute BOSU class



So, um, yeah, last night I had a brilliant idea that I was going to start waking up even earlier to possibly get a run in before anyone wakes up around here so I would have more time in the day to do “mama things” instead of doing my workouts then. I was thinking 4:30 am sounded doable.

Well, I set my alarm for 5:10 am instead. Then I’m pretty sure I pressed the snooze button a good 10 times or so.


I was still in bed when my early morning riser got up. Dang it.

I’ll blame the time change. Again.


So, I had a great post planned with a new recipe, but that’ll have to wait.

I just have three little things before we’re on our way today. (I was just about the write “three things for Tuesday, but it is in fact Wednesday, no? Dang, what is happening?)


The biggest breakfast ever was consumed yesterday morning- the ultimate pear breakfast salad with just a few slices of Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Tuscan Pane bread with all sorts of fun stuff (PB2, NuttZo, coconut oil, Stevia, cinnamon, sugar free jam, etc.). I used that new bag of greens from Trader Joe’s in the salad and I really liked it.



I also made the easiest toddler friendly “milkshake” ever yesterday- a frozen banana and vanilla soymilk. Yep, two ingredients. That’s it and it was a hit.



We all did some serious damage at Souplantation last night and I’m still feeling it so I’m going back to basics this morning with a pretty plain café americano. I brewed my Starbucks espresso in my stovetop espresso maker, poured it in a mug with some Stevia, coconut oil and cinnamon and then added some more hot water.



I’m also ridiculously excited to open my new huge jug of egg whites.


I LOVE these!!!!


Okay, we’re off to teach a little spin this morning.

My new favorite song to use in class is this one.

The perfect spinning song.


So much to do with it- climbing, sprinting, etc.

Love it!


Have a good day!


The snooze button- do you use it?

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  1. 1
    Linda says:

    I am completely obsessed with Mumford and Sons right now!!! Love, love, love them! Doing a stair run in April, 50 stories, 1194 steps and Little Lion Man is my motivation song!

  2. 2
    Mary Ann says:

    Getting up before early AM risers is definitely a good thing for me! I too have very early “twin” risers… and for a few years now, I have been getting up at 3AM to get my runs in before I head to work!! I am up, did my run, showered, and out the door before any one wakes up! If you can get your mind and body to cooperate, it is so so so worth it!!!! Even on weekends, I get up before the twinnies so I can have some “me” time on the roads and come back ready to tackle my day.. with the kids! And, love that song!!! Great workout song!

  3. 3

    I NEVER press the snooze button…
    only because I would in high school and college and I’d end up falling back asleep and sleeping through various things (you know, like school/classes) 🙂

  4. 4
    Tiffany K says:

    No snooze button, I just set 6 alarms within an hour – depending on how tired I am determines which one I get up at. Hahaha.

  5. 5
    katie says:

    So i have been debating this option as well. So with waking up at 430, what time do you go to sleep?

  6. 6
    Annie Quinn says:

    It’s funny you wrote about this today-I snoozed WAY too much this morning too. On my way to work, I had a chat with myself that I will no longer be using the snooze function and if I want to sleep more, I should go to bed earlier. We’ll see if I listened.

  7. 7

    I loathe the snooze button. I’ve dated 2 guys that obsessively hit the snooze button. I used to snooze for an hour before I woke up, but realized I could actually BE sleeping instead, so I don’t do that anymore. I have a built-in snooze alarm now. The boyfriend gets up before I do (15-20 mins) and wakes me up when he gets out of the shower.

    If I get up early for something and decide to sleep in, I sleep in. No snoozing. I skip whatever it is that I get up for (if it’s not required, if it’s required, I hop up right away).

    Although, it’s much easier to get up when the sun is up. This week I’ve just wanted to stay in bed. Stupid time change.

  8. 8
    Jennifer says:

    I have been easing back in to life this week with the time change since I’ve been home with sick toddler. It has been nice to sleep in, nap, etc. However tomorrow morning when I am back at work it is going to be brutal! By the way, I don’t know how you get anything done staying at home! I had big plans to get house cleaned and organized during my time off and I have nothing to show for it! You must be one motivated woman!

  9. 9

    I am so with you on snooze, rely on it way to much! I have to put my phone/alarm away from me so I have to actually get up to turn it off. I need to start making smoothies for the girls so I can sneak in some good stuff for them, calling them milkshakes is genius!

  10. 10
    Dena says:

    “I Will Wait” is on my running playlist and it rocks. Love it. Spring forward has worked exceedingly well for my 17th month old (Fall back was DISASTROUS and took almost 2 months to recover from…very early mornings…very rough); we skipped naptime on Sunday and that put us right on track. Randomness: Do you drink a lot of coconut water? I do and it’s pricey so I’m wondering whether you’ve seen it cheap somewhere. Cheapest I have found is on Amazon (VitaCoco for $19 a 12 pack).

    • 10.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      I’m really not a big fan of coconut water. I always want to like it, but then just don’t. Glad the time change is working out well for your 17th month old!

  11. 11
    meredith says:

    I have always been a morning person who has never used an alarm. Weird, right? Yet when my son was little, I had so much trouble getting up at 5:00 am. Go figure. Nowadays I get up bright and early to get stuff done in the quiet. I feel like it is “found” time when one gets up at 5:00 am (usually I am out of bed 5:15 – 5:30 am). Time change this week definitely had me more tired though!

  12. 12
    Kim says:

    I used to be a chronic snooze button user!
    Then when I was working full time the only way to guarantee my workouts happened was getting up early (4:30 am for 5 years)! I never hit the snooze then because I didn’t want to sacrifice workout time!

  13. 13

    Haha! Sorry, couldn’t help but laugh out loud at this, but only because I can relate! I was never a snooze-pusher until I met my ex…he used to PLAN to hit snooze so he would actually set his alarm accordingly! WHO does that?! Even though it’s been years since we’ve been together, I still usually end up hitting snooze most days at LEAST twice before rolling out of bed…and it never fails, if I ever “say” I’m going to change up my routine and get up early, I will hit snooze like 15 times! Lol

    Ahhh, that song is one of my FAVORITES right now! And now I really want some egg whites…and jam! 😉

  14. 14
    Amanda says:

    I’ve never been a snooze button person. Even when I use it I can never get into a good sleep again and end up just tossing and turning which I swear makes me more tired then if I had just gotten up

  15. 15
    Erin says:

    Love me some MUMFORD!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 16
    Kathy says:

    NO Snooze for me….I have to jump up the second I hear the radio….I think the snooze would just bug me. 😉

  17. 17

    Just say NO to the snooze button! I loathe that thing. I had a roommate in college who hit it at least 30 times every single morning. Don’t ask me why she signed up for morning classes when clearly she was not a morning person. I’m one of those ridiculously early morning people who doesn’t even need an alarm. Sickening, huh?

  18. 18
    RunEatRepeat says:

    Hello!!!! Can’t wait to hang out 🙂

  19. 19

    I don’t ever press the snooze button. I sleep on a bunk bed, so to get to my alarm clock I have to climb down a ladder. Even tired I never want to climb back up that ladder. Lol.

  20. 20

    Love that song! It definitely gets me moving. Coconut oil in your coffee? Very interesting! Why? Just because it’s good for you, or does it add good flavor? I’m curious now . . . .

  21. 21
    Aime Snazel says:

    So cool! I love that song too, and have it in my spin class repertoire for teaching as well! And snooze buttons…I’ve been living on the edge this week, and praying I wake up in time with no alarm at all, lol! I have a tiny little 3 year old alarm clock that just lovvves to wake me up every morning with seemingly lots of time to prepare for my day! Sigh…maybe I should start setting my alarm, and maybe I’ll try to get more done in the ams too. 🙂

  22. 22

    Me & the snooze button are not friends! I try most mornings to be up & ready to workout by 4:30am before my guys wake up too — otherwise my day gets too hectic 🙂

  23. 23
    Stephanie says:

    I will sometimes hit the snooze button on the weekends if I don’t have anywhere to be super early (I set my alarm for the same time every day of the week, even weekends). But mostly I try to avoid hitting snooze because I wake up much earlier than my husband, and I am trying to be respectful of his sleep. It doesn’t always work that way though.

    Mostly, if I’m not going to get up when my early alarm goes off during the week, I shut the thing off and just wake up when my husband’s alarm goes off. Those are the days I feel like a flake and then have to scramble to figure out when AFTER work I’ll get my exercise in.

  24. 24

    Time change is the WORST! My kids have been difficult the past few days due to their altered sleep!

  25. 25

    I can’t do the snooze button. I need to set the alarm and just go for it. HA! I also set my coffee timer at the same time as my alarm, so the smell of flavored coffee gives me that extra motivation to get after it. HA! And I’m blaming my sluggish week on the time change…It seems appropriate. Right? 😉

  26. 26

    Food looks delish as always & your son is adorable!

    I never have used a snooze button in my life – really! 🙂 Even when I worked 60+++ hours a week & worked out… I think I was afraid if I started I would not stop! 😉

  27. 27
    Laura says:

    I use the snooze button every day and multiple times.I am NOT good about getting up in the morning (I’m a little better about it in the summer when its hot out)

    That is one of my favorite mumford and sons songs, and i have it in almost all of my workout playlists, you really can use it for just about everything.

  28. 28
    Marti says:

    when i read this i could def relate to you today!! i worked at 7 am today and really wanted to get a run in…so i got up at 4:40 to hit the tread at 4:45.. uff its soooo hard to get moving that early! and i usually only have enough oomph for a half hour tops! haha tough to get the miles in that way, but by the time i’m home at 8 pm i’m waaay to pooped for any running! (ok i’m done ranting 🙂 ) i resisted the snooze today, but it def doesn’t always happen! also when i was reading this today at work on a quick “break” i was sipping an iced americano too!! yummm…

  29. 29
    Jennifer says:

    I’m curious…do you ever take a rest day? Like with NO exercising at all? I’ve tried to go without them but my body gets very angry with me. I.e. I taught 3 classes Monday (2 were weightlifting- ouch) and had no choice but to take Tues off. I had run 10 mi Sunday and taught 2 classes Saturday, so maybe it was the combination of days taking their toll. But you do a whole lot more than I do and never seem to take a break. How do you do it? I generally take 2 rest days a week.

  30. 30
    Leslie says:

    WOWZERS! You are amazing…no seriously like super amazing super mom.

    I am a noob at running but I am slowly improving, you truly inspire : )

  31. 31

    I NEVER let myself use the snooze button (I actually never have before in my life), because I just know that once I started it would easily get really carried away!

  32. 32

    i literally JUST posted about how I love this Mumford song!!! so romantic, isn’t it!?!?


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