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Yoga Fail, Granola Experiment and Buffalo Jerky Giveaway

Yoga Fail, Granola Experiment and Buffalo Jerky Giveaway


Wednesday Workout:

Elliptical 60 minutes at home while catching up with my friends Kelly and Michael


So, um, yeah, I’m so darn anxious to get back into running. I’m not letting myself run for a couple more days though. I think Sunday might be the day where I experiment with running a couple slow miles. We shall see.

Yesterday we attempted a little pre dinner yoga/stretching session, but that didn’t turn out so well.


Yeah, either did our picture taking.


You know what did work out well though? Some kitchen experiments.

My coffee creation of the morning is this today.


A new little “STUFT” twist on the café Americano. I posted it on instagram, but here’s what I did: I brewed my Starbucks espresso with my stovetop espresso maker added a little coconut oil (1/2 teaspoon), cinnamon and 1 tablespoon sugar free hazelnut syrup and then more hot water.

Pretty good. Even better in that mug. He he. I think it might be my new thing if I’m not in the mood for my usual mocha.

Okay, so I’ve admitted in the past I have a little moderation problem when it comes to Love Grown Foods granola. Particularly the Cocoa Goodness.

Come to think of it I really have a problem with all cereals. Who the heck can have just one serving? It’s too easy to fill up your bowl again, isn’t it?


I attempted to make a single serving of my own little granola type clusters. They didn’t come out too shabby so I thought I’d share.


It’s kind of a mix between coconut cookie dough crumble, protein cookie dough crumble, and the healthy oatmeal cookie. Pretty much just all sorts of goodness in one and I even added a little of that psyllium husk in there just for fun.


Here you go.


Here’s some shots of the process.


Look at this cute little protein cluster.


Don’t you just want to pop it in your mouth?

Or make a big mess and add some to protein cake batter ice cream?




And……. since I promised a giveaway, I have a little something for you.


Things have been quite over here because I’ve been busting my bootie with taxes and working on getting things set up so we can sell our buffalo jerky here on the blog.

Yeah, that’s right, we have our own buffalo jerky. Who knew?


Not only is it delicious, but it’s good for you too.

You know, high in protein, 99% fat free, no preservatives, etc..


Good stuff.

I want to give some to you.


Two winners will get 3 of our 1 oz. packs of buffalo jerky.



Just leave me a comment here telling me your favorite type or flavor of jerky. Just because I’m curious.

Or you can tell me if you too have a moderation problem with granola or cereal. Then I won’t feel as bad. Ha.


*Giveaway open to US residents only.

I’ll choose a winner Saturday night at 8 pm PST and announce in Sunday morning’s post.

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  1. 1
    Kim Perry says:

    This looks Ah-mazing! Can’t wait to try!

  2. 2
    Caitlin F. says:

    Costco sells a Korean BBQ flavor Pork Jerky, and it is tooo good. I’d love to try some Buffalo Jerky!

  3. 3
    fionasbella says:

    My son makes a fabulous venison jerky, but I can’t wait to try the Buffalo jerky!

  4. 4
    Laura says:

    I LOVE jerky, I grew up eating Venison Jerky that my dad would make. But otherwise I lover Teriyaki flavored and bbq flavored! It’s my favorite road trip snack!

  5. 5
    Linda says:

    my butcher makes amazing turkey jerky. Moderation… hmmm isn’t that for us to teach the toddlers.

  6. 6
    lindsey b says:

    I like SPICY flavors — like buffalo. something along a chipotle lime flavor would be DELISH 🙂

  7. 7
    Cassie B says:

    I like the terayki flavored jerky. I don’t do spicy foods at all.

    And YES I have a moderation problem. If I’m snacking on something at work I have to GIVE it to my coworker or I will eat them ALL.

  8. 8
    Teresa M. says:

    I can’t have any kind of cereal that I like in the house. I would eat the whole box in a day or 2. It’s a real problem. I feel like cereal just doesn’t fill me, and I always want more.

  9. 9

    My favorites are black pepper or teryaki! I’m part Japanese so the teryaki flavor should come as no surprise.

    Congrats on the business venture with the buffalo jerky!

  10. 10
    Anna says:

    I would LOVE to try some of the jerky! Jerky is a favorite in our house and buffalo would make it more lean. I have a huge cereal problem as in I can finish a whole box in a day. I can just zone out and stuff my face. Its a problem.

  11. 11
    Jackie says:

    Dying to try some buffalo jerky! My personal favorite is sweet & Hot beef jerky! It’s a perfect combination!

  12. 12
    Jillian says:

    I love buffalo jerky and turkey jerky….although I’m recently discovering salmon jerky. Always go for the black pepper or teriyaki flavors. Maybe we should find a way to combine them both 😉

  13. 13
    Stacey says:

    I’m a vegetarian, but my boyfriend likes the classic hickory smoked jerky!

  14. 14

    I like jerky that has a chipotle flavor to it . . . and a little bite! 🙂 Buffalo jerky sounds awesome!

  15. 15
    Elena says:

    I love beef jerky! My favorite is the sweet and hot flavor. I would love to try the buffalo jerky!

  16. 16
    Marcia says:

    Oh, I wish the Love Grown Granola was at a store near me, it sounds and looks awesome! I do love to eat jerky, too, usually some spicy stuff, it’s a great “on-the-go” snack. I’d love to try the buffalo jerky.

  17. 17
    Genevieve says:

    Any jerky…as long as its spicy!!

  18. 18
    Mandy says:

    I have a problem with moderation if I’m cooking! When I Cook I always have a few bites here and a few bites there exapecially with granola ill eat it while its baking! Granola bars are something I can’t keep in the house because ill eat the whole box just opening one and Munching on part of it until its all gone. Hope I win buffalo jerky 🙂

  19. 19
    Sandy says:

    I love spicy beef jerky and I would love to try this one too!

  20. 20
    Becky says:

    That granola looks so good! I will have to try to make it, but I will have to get coconut flour first!

  21. 21
    bethp262 says:

    Our local farmers market has a poultry guy who makes delicious turkey jerky. I also love spicy jerkys!
    I rarely buy cereal because I have no self-control! 🙂

  22. 22
    Bella says:

    I love love love anything spicy… especially habañero flavored.

  23. 23
    Adrienne says:

    I am definately one who fills her cereal bowl at least three times! I have never tried jerky though. Very interested for the protein punch!

  24. 24
    alex says:

    Any kind of spicy jerky is my favorite

  25. 25
    Paulina says:

    Any and all kinds of jerky. Perfect salty snack after working out!

  26. 26

    I have only ever had beef jerky, so trying venison would be awesome! I’d have to go with the regular black pepper flavor as my fave.
    Cereal moderation is unheard of in my household… I mean, who eats 3/4 cup of anything? Let alone crunchy goodness?!
    Good luck on your trial run on Sunday!

  27. 27
    Lindsay says:

    I’ve honestly never had jerky, but I’d love to try it!

  28. 28
    jill says:

    Haven’t had buffalo jerky, but I love beef and turkey jerkey!!

  29. 29
    Victoria Morgan says:

    I love the Franks Red Hot Jerky yummy! and my hubby tried a new thing Bacon Jerky He is in love with it!

  30. 30
    Lexa T says:

    Love spicy jerky. I have never tried buffalo. I have moderation issues with certain foods and of course sugary stuff. Great job on taking a few days off even though it is hard.

  31. 31
    Kathy says:

    Sad to say I don’t eat that much jerky….but I am soooo willing to give this stuff a try!!! And yes, HUGE moderation problem with any thing ice cream/yogurt like and toppings…which your crumble goodness would be delicious on top of I can tell.

  32. 32
    Nicole C. says:

    My favorite jerky is Maple and Brown Sugar Ham Jerky! I have never had Buffalo Jerky though, and would love to try some!!!

  33. 33
    sofi says:

    We love all types of jerky! never tried buffalo jerky tho…would love to get a sample 🙂

    Thanks! And I’m with you on the single serving of cereal, no one can stop at just one… hahaha

  34. 34

    I have a huge problem with granola moderation! I make a batch of it every week and its all I can do to not eat more than 2 or 3 servings a day. I recently tried the buffalo jerky from TJ’s and was surprised how tasty it was.

  35. 35
    Emily says:

    I love pretty much any jerky, though I haven’t tried buffalo yet. I’m sure its probably great.

  36. 36
    Amy says:

    I just like plain old original jerky 🙂 My kids love it, but I really have a hard time getting it for them since most of them are filled with so many additives…would love to try this one! Is it for sale online? Oh…yes I do have a major problem with good granola and cereal it just calls my name 🙂

  37. 37
    Pam says:

    I’d like to sweet something tangy.. Or like a hot n sweet variety

  38. 38
    marie says:

    My favorite jerky is teriyaki.

    I have a huge ice cream problem. Seriously, I had to quit buying it bc I have no self-control with it. 🙁

  39. 39
    Jennifer says:

    I’m a spicy girl all the way!!

  40. 40
    Breanna says:

    We like all kinds of jerky but especiallyteriyaki. We love that the calories are nice and low and the protein is high too.

  41. 41
    Jennifer Murphy says:

    Why have I never tried your jerky? That is just wrong! I want some teriyaki!

  42. 42
    Traci says:

    Love teriyaki or anything spicy/peppered – never tried buffalo though!

  43. 43
    Christine says:

    Love spicy jerky! And I do not think there is such thing as one serving of cereal…

  44. 44
    Allison says:

    I buy jerkey at Whole Foods. It is turkey jerky and pretty good.

  45. 45
    Hillary Coffey says:

    Turkey jerky is REALLY good! Definitely a favorite.

  46. 46
    Lisa fournier says:

    I have a moderation problem with granola. Im obsessed. I make my own granola bars!

  47. 47
  48. 48
    Abby says:

    I love Jerky!! I have never tried Buffalo, but have had venison, turkey, and beef. I think my favorite is Teriyaki Turkey Jerky!

  49. 49
    Wendi says:

    I have a serious moderation problem with cereal, granola, etc. So I’ve stopped letting myself buy it. I used to grab a handful here and there and ahh it sure adds up! Would love to try the jerky!

  50. 50
    Sarah says:

    I love the venison jerky my Dad makes, but I’ve never tried Buffalo. Sounds good!

    I also have a granola problem. I always say “just one more handful…” which turns into at least an extra serving. Oops!

  51. 51
    Rachel says:

    I love turkey jerky! It’s one of my favorite go-to snacks 🙂 Yes, I have a horrible moderation problem haha I can eat more than any guy I know!

  52. 52
    Stephanie says:

    I love buffalo jerky! I was so close to buying some at trader joes today! I definitely have a cereal and granola problem. I just can’t keep granola in the house

  53. 53
    holly says:

    I love cereal. Who can make the whole box last 11 servings?

  54. 54
    meredith says:

    i love jerky! (and love grown granola for that matter). bison burgers are my jam but i don’t think i’ve tried buffalo jerky. i’d love to try yours. that’s so awesome that you’re making your own. congrats!!

  55. 55
    Jessica Jones says:

    I definitely have a cereal problem it’s not allowed in our house! No lie my 5’3 125 pound self could eat a whole box in one sitting its very freaky to watch lol

  56. 56
    kolya says:

    Any kind of bbq or chipotle flavored jerky…is a go in my book. Great stuff (:

    Oh and I have a serious cereal fetish and must mix a bunch together to make it perfect!

  57. 57
    Elizabeth says:

    I like my jerky spicy!!

  58. 58
    Tianna says:

    I really like sweet & spicy jerky!

  59. 59
    suzie says:

    If there is milk left in the bowl, that means add more cereal!

  60. 60
    Emily says:

    I love your blog! I just started following and this is my first post 🙂
    I love love love teriyaki flavored and putting hot sauce on top. Everything is better with hot sauce!
    I recently saw this recipe for mushroom jerky (http://www.choosingraw.com/portobello-mushroom-jerky/) which sounds delicious. Also, the granola looks incredible.

  61. 61
    Blair says:

    Buffalo Jerky!

  62. 62
    Danielle says:

    oh man, I CANNOT keep a box of cereal in the house. even if i buy the ‘healthy/tastes like sawdust’ cereal. *hand to bag to mouth to bag to mouth to…* mmmm

  63. 63
    Emily says:

    I love the trader joe’s buffalo jerky, but that is only because I’ve yet to try yours!

  64. 64

    Yum! I’d love to try it! I like peppered jerkey. It always reminds me of road trips.

  65. 65

    Oh the HUBS would love some jerky! It would be nice of me to win something of him! Pinned your granola recipe and going to make some

  66. 66
    LK says:

    I have never had jerky but why not buffalo?!?!? Also, do you plan for “rest days”? I have a really hard time letting myself actually take a day off without doing something! (ie long walk, pure barre, etc) without feeling anxious.

  67. 67
    Chelsea says:

    Ugh, cereal obsessed sister right here! I have to eat it and think of it as dessert, otherwise I feel like I could easily down at entire box, especially if it’s chocolate or has marshmallows in it 🙂 I’m all about the black pepper jerky, the spicier the better 🙂

  68. 68
    Deb E. says:

    Buffalo jerky was pretty popular around the house when I lived in Colorado. Now I just add the smoke flavoring to my soups and pretend!! Love your oats recipe. I use a protein powder/coconut four/ instant oat mix too. I just don’t bother to bake it. I know, ugh.. Coffee washes it right down though! Good luck with the jerky venture.

  69. 69
    Abbi says:


    I can definitely relate to your cereal addiction!! I ate an entire box of cereal in one day (not proud of it). My excuse? Your last semester of college is more stressful than anyone can imagine!!!! Maybe if I win your giveaway it will distract me from the cereal for a while 😉
    Your jerky looks amazing! Would love to try it! My favorite kind is teriyaki, but really, any jerky is so tasty!

  70. 70
    Lesa says:

    I am in love with Turkey Purkey Jerky!!! mmmmmm sooo good!!

  71. 71
    Jessie says:

    Teriyaki flavor for this girll!!!

  72. 72
    Morgan says:

    We love the Ostim Jerky in terryakki flavor for store bought & home made caribou or moose when we have time to make our own but yours looks way better (we don’t have cool packaging- it’s a ziplock Baggie around here) 🙂

  73. 73
    erin says:

    I have to say my husband’s homemade jerky is the best-he uses a black pepper seasoning.

  74. 74
    Tess says:

    Moderation and cereal SHOULD NOT be in the same sentence!!! 😉 It just doesn’t happen…….

  75. 75

    I’ve recently tried and started liking Turkey Jerky after reading a post by SR. I always ate beef jerky before that.

  76. 76
    Autumn says:

    I like spicy flavors the best. I will def eat any flavor of jerky though, why is it so delicious?!

  77. 77
    EPRAM5 says:

    Buffalo jerky sounds intriguing! I’d love to try it!!

  78. 78
    Ashley Laliberte says:

    Generally in our house we eat Cattaneo Brothers peppered jerky. However, I must share that the best jerky I have ever eaten was Marlin jerky! During two trips to Hawaii (Maui & Kauaii) we had Marlin jerky and it is absolutely amazing! If your ever in Hawaii you must pick some up!
    Jerky is our families favorite snack, and we would love to try your buffalo jerky too!

  79. 79
    maggie says:

    OH MY GOSH, I am so excited about your buffalo jerky! 1. I am obsessed with buffalo (both eating them, and I just think they’re so adorable) 2. I am obsessed with jerky, but it’s so expensive! I keep buying new kinds that just aren’t worth the money, and then I’m stuck with the whole bag – I’d love to try yours first! my favorite flavor is anything peppery, soy-saucey, teriyaki-y. yum 🙂

  80. 80
    Christy says:

    I am a weirdo and like any non spicy jerky. In the summer I really crave it. Looooove jerky.

  81. 81
    Char says:

    Love to try new jerky flavors!! Turkey jerky is pretty tasty but I do like sweet and spicy flavors. Excited for this giveaway!

  82. 82
  83. 83
    Emily says:

    Teriyaki is my favorite! I haven’t had it in so long! I’ve never had buffalo before!

  84. 84

    Sweet & spicy, but probably more spicy. Then I’m less likely to have to share with the fam bam. No shame in my game, I love my jerky. 😉

  85. 85
    Krissi Vanderpool says:

    I love sweet and hot jerky! I love your blog!

  86. 86
    Jill says:

    I have a moderation problem with cereal. Love it so much. I only allow myself to eat it on weekends because it is too easy to go overboard. Would love to try the Buffalo Jerky. Thank you.

  87. 87
    Susan Nutter says:

    I kind of favor spicy jerky if I can find it. And I am a cereal addict, so don’t feel bad. I hope I never have a gluten issue. I’d be very sad…ds

  88. 88
    Dawn H says:

    Teriyaki! Or Pepper is good too. I like any kind of jerky, actually. I’d love to try a spicy jerky sometime too.

  89. 89
    Wendy M says:

    I love spicy. I also love Trader Joes turkey jerky!

  90. 90
    Sarah says:

    Funny you mention Buffalo jerky. It is my favorite. I had it in Arizona and fell in love. Can’t find it here in Connecticut. 🙁

  91. 91
    Lauren says:

    I’ve never had buffalo jerky! It sounds great though. I do love a buffalo burger. I enjoy regular old “original” or “plain” jerky and teriyaki the most.

  92. 92

    My favorite is teriyaki, mainly ’cause I’m a total baby about hot stuff and teriyaki is always safe.

  93. 93
    Carolyn says:

    I love jerky! My husband is a big hunter so we often have lots of deer and elk jerky, so yummy. I usually like mine spicy:). Yum!


  94. 94
    Robin says:

    Never met a jerky I didn’t like! I’ve never had buffalo jerky, though, and would love to try it!

  95. 95
    Stephanie says:

    We always have some type of spicy beef jerky while traveling.

  96. 96
    Keri says:

    my favorite jerky is homemade venison jerky! so delicious!

  97. 97
    Burnwood67 says:

    I love chipotle flavor or anything spicy.

  98. 98
    April says:

    Ok. So funny… So I have a moderation problem with JERKY. I have always said, if I could only have one food for the rest of my life, it would be jerky( take out of the equation the unhealthiness of that and just factor in yumminess- oh and the fact that my jaw would be 10x bigger). Hmm… Ya. My favorite flavor is teriyaki. Hands down, although if I could only eat jerky I would need some variety. 🙂

  99. 99
    Jessica Thicksten says:

    I personally am not a fan of jerky, but my husband loves it. His favorite is teriyaki flavored- usually turkey jerky.

  100. 100
    Jordan D. says:

    I haven’t actually tried real meat jerky…I’ve only ever had this vegan brand my friend had made from seitan. I really liked the teriyaki flavor. I’ve had buffalo meat before and loved it, so I’m pumped about this giveaway!

  101. 101
    kerry says:

    teriyaki is the best flavor!

  102. 102
    Missy says:

    I definitely have a cereal moderation problem. My only consolation is the fact that they have shrunk the boxes by about 8-10 ounces over the years! 9 ounce box of cereal? That’s pushing to get 2 bowls out of it!!

    I like peppered jerky! Any is fine just not real sweet

  103. 103
    Susan Lynch says:

    I love jerky it’s one of my favorite go to / on the go snacks. I like all flavors normally but prefer spicy ones! Can’t wait to try some buffalo jerky, it sounds awesome!

  104. 104
    CoMo says:

    Pepper is my fave Jerky flavor….is that a flavor or a seasoning?! Haha

  105. 105

    I LOVE beef jerky! My favorite flavors are teriyaki and black pepper. Yum!

  106. 106
    Katie says:

    SO awesome yall make this! I LOVE buffalo jerky!!

  107. 107
  108. 108
    Kristen says:

    I will admit that I’ve never had Buffalo Jerky, but I hear it is awesome! My fave flavor is usually a spicy/sweet mix! Mmmmm…now I’m hungry!

  109. 109
    Katie says:

    Just made these oat clusters but subbed in peanut flour for the protein powder and TVP for the oats! SO GOOD!!!!

  110. 110
    Tara says:

    OMG I have the same problem with any cereal or granola! It is just so good! For jerky I like anything spicy!

  111. 111
    Ellyn says:

    Just made your cereal and it was fantastic!!!!!

  112. 112
    Michalla says:

    Oh how I wold love some beautifully made good for you beef jerky , haven’t had some since my grandpa had to stop farming becausee of old age


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