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Things I Didn’t Do and The Better STUFT Nut Butter Ball

Things I Didn’t Do and The Better STUFT Nut Butter Ball


Friday Workout:

Took a 45 minute spin class (fun to take one for a change rather than teach)

Stair mill 30 minutes (random setting)

Elliptical 45 minutes (random setting)


Got a good sweat in. Tossed around the idea of trying to jog on the treadmill, but my leg just isn’t ready yet.


I really should stop taking post workout pictures. They never come out well. That one from yesterday, seriously? I can’t get that off the front page of the blog fast enough.

But, I should tell you that I wore my Halo Headband yesterday and there are only 2 days left to use the code FBSHIP from the Halo Headband Facebook Page to get FREE shipping on any of their products! The code expires Monday.


There is also a little time to enter the buffalo jerky giveaway (ends tonight). I snacked on some on the road yesterday.


I should have mailed a couple packs of jerky to my friend. I didn’t.

I like eating away our profits instead. Ha.

The 1 oz. size is the perfect little snack size though. Just saying. It’s under 100 calories and has 15 grams of protein.



Well shoot, Andrew and I should be on our way to Boston right now. We are not.

I should be telling you all about the amazing LEGOLAND Hotel. I am not.

I should’ve written a really great post yesterday for Mom since it was her birthday. I did not. Dang it, I better make it up to her big time with a belated birthday surprise. Last year it was all about the fudgy STUFT protein cookie dough (also a day late).

This year, the day before her birthday she bought me flowers.


That’s just silly. Aren’t they pretty though?


I should have made a really great dinner for Andrew last night since he’s been spoiling me and giving me lots of time to get things done around the house. I did not.

We did have some really great cheap wine though from Trader Joe’s and opened up a brand new bottle of Scotty B’s Arch Nemesis hot sauce.


We had BBQ chicken quesadillas in case you’re wondering.


The other day the boys and I went to make Jenn’s Peanut Butter Balls and I should’ve checked to make sure we had enough of all the ingredients first. I didn’t and we did not.

But, in subbing some shredded coconut for the nonfat milk powder we came up with what might be our favorite balls yet. A little coconut, SunButter and chocolate chips. You just can’t go wrong, right?


Here you go. You need to try these. Even STUFT Daddy approves and that’s a pretty big deal around here.



Here’s the Barbara’s Multigrain Shredded Spoonfuls cereal I used.



Um….. yum.


Seriously. The best ball yet.


I want to experiment a bit with subbing in protein powder and sugar free maple syrup, but these were a huge hit.


Who needs Boston when you have these balls around?

(I’m going to just keep telling myself that the next few days. Bare with me.)


Hope your weekend is off to a great start!

Do you have some favorite balls?


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  1. 1

    I really don’t have much to say except the immature side of this almost 34 year old can’t stop laughing about your question regarding our favorite balls. Carry on…

  2. 2
    Samantha says:

    Beautiful flowers and the nut butter balls look like something I NEED. Once I stop laughing at the above comment. Should I admit I am even older than 34?

    Sorry about Boston! It is crazy to me just how quickly that time came up. Keep healing and keeping your sights on future races but you are fully entitled to be bummed about Boston.

  3. 3
    Susan Lynch says:

    Haha…. Hmmm favorite balls ( mind out of the gutter) lol. I love making balls , one of my favorite one has almond butter, a little raw honey, chia seeds, coconut, cocoa nibs, hemp seeds, maca powder, Lucuma powder, …. I think that’s it and then my other fav is dates, walnuts, ginger and vanilla , I normally have at least 4 kinds of balls at all times …. Perfect in the go snack!

  4. 4
    Kim says:

    I hope that you and your family have an amazing weekend! Sorry you aren’t in Boston.
    So very sweet of your mom to send you flowers!!!

  5. 5

    Those look absolutely amazing.
    And good for you for giving your body a little more time to heal before you run again – you’ll be so thankful down the road that you did!

  6. 6
    lindsay says:

    fill that boston time with family instead. You are blessed friend. I know some day Boston will be your race, just not this year. Grow strong in HIM! <3

  7. 7
    Apryle says:

    Balls? Yes, I do indeed have some favorite balls. Who doesn’t? One package of oreo cookies pulverized in the food processor. Combine with one 8 oz package of cream cheese. Roll into balls and cover with melted chocolate. My friends and I call them “Fat Pills”. They. Are. So. Good.
    Sorry you are not back east this weekend. You are being smart and doing what is best for you which will pay off in the long run. Make these balls. They will help.

  8. 8

    Too amazing for words! I might be making these TONIGHT! Doing sugar free for april, but need something fun as a treat….and Peanut Butter is a sweet treat to me!

  9. 9
    Annie says:

    I am going to try making your butter balls (I’m new to food). You’re being incredibly brave about not being in Boston…in between tears, remember that missing it this year means you will be even stronger next year.

    I’m glad you’re family is giving you extra love! You need/deserve it 🙂

  10. 10
    Joy says:

    I am so very sorry you’re not on your way to Boston. I can’t imagine your sadness at not being able to do that race.

    I had to pull out of two marathons because of injuries and it was a major disappointment both times, and continues to be. Of course there is more to life than running, but it’s still incredibly sad to not be able to attempt to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

    I do hope you are beginning to heal!

  11. 11
    kimberlee says:

    you never fail to make my face smile in the morning. God speed recovery and enjoy today. the best thing in life, is life. smiles and sunshine to you!

  12. 12
    Kristin says:

    LOVE that your mom gave you flowers. Moms are the best, aren’t they??

    A few years ago, Dunkin Donuts made sausage balls covered in pancake batter. So disgusting, but so good. (I didn’t eat as well before I started running….I don’t eat sausage balls anymore. Promise.)

  13. 13

    I wished I looked that good after a workout! 🙂 Love the flowers your mom gave you too – I am sure her bday was wonderful no matter what!

    LOVE that recipe but looking forward to the protein powder one! 🙂

  14. 14

    I know not being in Boston is hard! Hug your kiddos a little tighter this weekend and keep healing. Now I want some balls and that hot sauce… although not together!

  15. 15
    elizabeth says:

    um, can’t really respond on the kinda balls i like. haha 🙂 i kid, i kid.


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