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Three Minutes, Three Cheers

Three Minutes, Three Cheers



Taught a spin class.


Totally random, but would you ever want to see my song list and what I do with each song? I was thinking I should post that sometime on here since I have a few favorite songs and routines.


Elliptical for 60 minutes. Level 13- cross country program.


And why, yes I was reading a March 2012 Fitness Magazine. I’m only 13 months behind.


So I have about 3 minutes to get a quick post up (If that) because we’re currently having a little fight over this “baby”.




Three minutes is just enough time to tell you three things that I’m really happy about at the moment.


Coffee. That’s a given, but I’ve really been loving my nutty Americano these days.



We have kabocha squash back in the house. It’s been so long. My sister-in-law hooked me up and I’ve got a little sweet roasted kabocha squash experiment going on.


You better believe I’m going to fill that bad boy with something amazing after I roast it.

Oh, and really, kabocha just makes me happy. Maybe my injury is a result of going too long without consuming kabocha squash. I better fix that.

Oh which reminds me, my acupuncture friend told me to eat jicama to help my hip dysplasia. It’s supposed to help with bone health or something. Anyone heard of that?



STUFT Daddy planted some awesome plants for me.


Basil, jalapeños, serrano chilies and ghost peppers. They have since been eaten a bit by who knows what. So my men built a net over them (which is a sight for sore eyes from the kitchen window I might add).


And, well, the plants were still under attack so they have been moved down below. I haven’t checked on them come to think of it. Maybe I should.

But, it’s the thought that counts AND Andrew even planted a ton of veggies at Tutu’s house. I can’t wait for the zucchini. I’ve been craving roasted zucchini noodles


Oh man, I really have so much fun food stuff I’ve been eating (and taking pictures of), but just haven’t been in the mood to post the silly food pictures with everything else that’s been going on. I’ll just save them for one big food photo dump. Watch out. I’ll try to give you an advance warning.



Okay, gotta run. I promised these guys I’d push them on the swings and we’ve lost a squirt bottle somewhere. If we don’t find it it’s going to be a very long afternoon.




Have a good rest of the day!


Hey, did I ever tell you we have tortoises?



Do you have a garden or are you planting anything this spring?

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  1. 1
    Chels R. says:

    I have been wanting to plant some herbs! Esp fresh basil and rosemary. The squash looks yummy too!!

    Oh and of course you know I want to see your spin playlist 🙂

  2. 2
    Kori says:

    Do you live at a zoo?

  3. 3
    morgan says:

    I second on sharing the spin list 🙂
    jealous of the plants- I still have snow! I did start seeds in the house last weekend though in hopes of it warming up fast

  4. 4
    Rhonda says:

    I did NOT know you had tortoises! How neat is that? And I’m totally jealous of your plants. Since I live in PA, it will be several more weeks before I can’t get my garden going. There’s just nothing like homegrown veggies & herbs! 🙂

  5. 5
    Jessica Tan says:

    Same thoughts here, I m thinking you must be some secret zoo keeper, and I can’t wait for the next pet you will reveal to us in due time hehe. I totally love all your workout tops, cannot find them in Singapore although we have lotsa of the big sports brand here, they are mostly swim, basketball and football (English football) stuff and boring plain tanks for ladies. I m positively drooling over your tops!

  6. 6
    lorie says:

    Please, please share your spin list and please share some of the things you are doing in spin. I teach as well and am always trying to find some great ideas. Praying for your healing.

  7. 7

    I haven’t heard pf eating jicama for bone health, very cool though! Totally random, but I did hear that eating manzanita blossoms can help prevent a poison oak rash after exposure 🙂 Your kabocha squash looks soooo good!

  8. 8
    Beth Hecker says:

    Glad to hear you are back eating kabocha! My husband and kids refer to you as Squashed Mama! The kids liked the pictures of the turtles.

  9. 9
    Chelsea says:

    I love your garden photos – that basil looks amazing! And I’d LOVE to hear some of your spin routines! I can’t always make it to class at my gym but love having some guidance when I spin on my own 🙂

  10. 10
    Leslie says:

    You have a Tortoise??? You never cease to surprise me ahahahaha!!! What’s the Tortoises name?

  11. 11
    Coco says:

    Wow you have quite the little habitat over there! I don’t have a garden yet- it’s still too early to plant here in RI, But I’m planning on some tomato, cucumbers, peppers and herbs.. Jicama is awesome- I’ve never had it cooked though- It can be kind of hard to find.

  12. 12
    Kim says:

    Love the tortoises!! I don’t have any plants – I’m the worst about growing stuff (the keeping it alive never works out well!).

  13. 13

    You have tortoises, as in pets in your backyard?! haha
    And yes, I’d love to see what songs you use for spin classes and what you do with each one!

  14. 14
    debbie says:

    I love that you have 2 salcatas. WE have 2 russian tortoises. Would love to have Salcata’s, but don’t have that yard in Chicago, nor the weather & they just wouldn’t have enough room to roam in my home.
    YOur boys must love them.
    And, your aviary. Really?!?!? You’ve got a garden, animals, everything!
    So much fun!

  15. 15

    So you have birds and tortoises? Sounds like a child’s dream.


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