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In the land of Legos…….. there is now a legendary LEGOLAND Hotel.

Hey, try to say that five times fast. Ha ha.


*Edit- This post was started yesterday morning. I am currently working on it yet again approximately 26 hours later. Lovely. I do not have the gift of writing quick posts (or short ones for that matter).

I’m starting this post early on a Saturday morning.

Judah and I have been up since 4:45 am and by 5 he was begging for hot cocoa and Pirate Booty. Lovely.

I let him help me make a very strong almond coconut mocha instead.


Aren’t I nice?


I can’t believe I haven’t written about our amazing overnight stay at the LEGOLAND Hotel yet. The boys still talk about it every single day and keep asking when we’ll be going back.


So hey, here we go.

Hmm… funny that our trip to the hotel started with a little coffee too.


I guess all great things start with coffee actually, right?

The brand spanking new LEGOLAND Hotel is in Carlsbad.


It’s just a short drive for us and the boys and I got there later in the afternoon.


Heck yes they were wearing their LEGO-looking shirts on purpose.


We had intended to go into the LEGOLAND park itself while we waited for STUFT Daddy, but the hotel had so many amazing things that we entertained ourselves for quite awhile just while waiting for our room. It was like a mini amusement park all in itself.


There is a huge LEGO playing area just in the lobby and close by there is a big interactive pirate ship. The boys were in heaven.


As a parent I was very appreciative of how close everything was together. I felt like I could keep an eye on the boys while waiting in the reception area


and chatting it up with some important radio folks.


(Instagram pic)

Um, yeah, I met up with my friend Little Tommy from the Jeff and Jer Showgram. We go way back even though I had to explain how he knew me. Ha.

And yes, we were at the hotel before the actual grand opening so we were there with all the important media and news crews.


We thought we were so cool.

Oh, and Joaquin thought he’d test out everyone’s patience and get into anything and everything he could in the shortest amount of time possible.


Keeping up with that guy is no joke.

Our favorite discoveries were these. We loved them so much we had to make videos for you. Enjoy.


Who Stinks?


Want to dance?


STUFT Daddy finally showed up and we had to show him all.


STUFT Daddy was fast to discover the outside patio area that was right up at the LEGOLAND entrance.


We followed him outside of course.


See that cool dragon taking a bath? Well, someone decided to kick her a bit and you know what?


She totally talked and said “Please stop kicking me.” It was awesome. Andrew had to show me that there was a lady sitting at a table with a microphone and a control who was doing the talking. She also made the dragon squirt water at different times. Pretty funny stuff.


Obviously we had to show STUFT Daddy our favorite guy


and make him dance with us in the disco elevator. No video this time though.


We made our way to our room. They have three different themed floors and rooms (Kingdom, Adventure or Pirate).


We chose a pirate one of course. The entire hallway is even decorated.


The room.

Oh the room.

So awesome.

There are separate sides. One side for the parents.


The other side for the kiddos.


Each one with it’s own flat screen TV. This was the boys’ TV.


The bathroom was so clean and cute too. (I’m a hotel bathroom snob.)


My only complaint was that I found a spider on the wall.


But, they had Bath and Body Works lotion, soap and hair supplies so that made up for it.



Thumbs up for the cool ice container and the Honest Tea apple juice too.


We got a special VIP bag and badges for the boys when we checked in.


Complete with drink tickets


and a cool claw pen.


So with the pirate room you get to go on a special treasure hunt to figure out the code to open the treasure box.


We were all about that. I actually may have been a little more excited than the boys.



There was some simple counting around the hotel room involved to figure out the code. Luckily we could handle it.


Luckily Joaquin didn’t figure out that the coins were chocolate.


Hmm… wait, come to think of it I have no idea where those coins are now.

Since we had drink tickets and all we headed downstairs to put them to good use at the Skyline Café.


There was an indoor and outdoor patio area. We sat outside by the fire so we could check out the pool.


Obviously we picked out the most expensive glass of wine we could find to redeem our tickets.


Ahhh…….. the good life.



After our drinks we headed to Bricks Family Restaurant for dinner. It was conveniently just across the hall.


It was the perfect restaurant for families. There were tables you could draw on.


They have all kinds of yummy food choices (both kid and adult friendly).


Although they didn’t have any hot sauce that I noticed, they did have some low calorie dressing.


I went with some salad and tried both types of the roasted chicken.


I was saving room for dessert. It was hard to choose since they had so many good ones.


I had to try a little of everything of course. My favorite was the frozen yogurt.


Oh and those cookies. They were out when I went up for dessert so this guy saved the day and brought out a new tray. How nice.


We also taste tested the cheesecake


and the apple pie.


As cool as the rooms were, I knew it might be a little tough to get the boys to sleep in their bunk bed.


They were in there for approximately 20 minutes before STUFT Daddy snuck out and they both crawled into bed with me.

I didn’t sleep very well, but it was fun to snuggle.

Wouldn’t you know though they were all about getting back in their beds to watch cartoons in the morning.


They even requested hot cocoa in bed.


Oh, yes, there is a trundle bed under the bottom bunk so three kids could comfortably sleep  in that room. Pretty cool.

Before we left we hit up Bricks Family Restaurant for breakfast.

It was just the boys and I so I couldn’t snap as many pictures. Trying to take two toddlers to a buffet by yourself is not the easiest things friends.

They did have kid friendly breakfast food- scrambled eggs, French toast sticks, pancakes, fruit, yogurt, cereal, etc.


They also had good coffee and an omelet station for mama.


They totally took care of my high maintenance order and did egg whites only with no oil.


I took care of spicing it up with some hot sauce and crushed red pepper I just happen to have in my purse.


And the boys and I took care of sampling pretty much every single muffin and pastry they had to choose from (they had a lot). The scones were our favorites though.


And, well, our trip came to an end way too quickly.

We had to leave the magical land of LEGOS. It was a little sad to leave and head back home to real life.

Luckily, we all got to go back to the LEGOLAND amusement park the next day with our park hopper passes.


Oh goodness. So there you have it.

The LEGOLAND Hotel totally exceeded my expectations. It really is the perfect little family trip and you’re steps away from LEGOLAND, the Sea Life Aquarium and the Water Park.

We went to the aquarium too. It was awesome. Let me know if you want to hear more about the park itself or the aquarium and I’ll write a review on those too.


If you come into town for a visit, let me know. They boys and I could always use an excuse to come meet you at the park or just meet you to do some damage at the buffet. He he.

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend. Sorry this post is so lengthy, I just didn’t want to leave anything out.


A HUGE thank you to LEGOLAND for letting us come visit, stay the night and act like VIPs for a bit.


Have you ever been to LEGOLAND?

Has anyone been to the Water Park there? We want to go there next.

What’s your favorite family trip you’ve ever been on?

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  1. 1
    Brandy says:

    My friend is taking her two kids to Legoland in June and lucky me…I got invited to go with them! Thanks for the great review, I am going to send it to her as soon as I am done writing this. Looks like so much fun, and I am now even more excited to go to the hotel and park(s)! If you and the boys are up for it maybe you can come “play” with us while we are there!

  2. 2
    Meredith says:

    Looks so awesome! I would love to take my son for a trip. He would love it as well as love a trip to California. He is always asking to trek west. We frequent Disney world and hershey park, and I am all about the desserts at both! It’s only fair I get to Lego land hotel to sample their desserts as well. A good trip to me is based on the food, especially the dessert.

  3. 3
    Heather says:

    That looks like so much fun! I am a sucker for themed rooms. Thanks for sharing.

  4. 4
    elena says:

    Hi STUFT MAMA- when you ask for an omelette cooked without oil, do they use no-stick spray then instead?

  5. 5

    Ah that looks like SO much fun! That looks like the perfect place for a fun family vacation. I’m glad the stuft boys were nice enough to keep you company in your bed.

  6. 6
    Kim Perry says:

    Your boys dancing in the elevator = TOO CUTE!
    And I love that you just happened to have hot sauce & crushed red pepper in your purse!

  7. 7
    Kathy says:

    Seriously looks amazing….my boy would love it (and the girls too they can roll with lego things even thought they are teenagers 😉

  8. 8
    Kim says:

    I’m pretty sure my boys (12 & 14) would have fun at that hotel – they still like lego stuff!

  9. 9

    Holy smokes! This is awesome. My son looked at the whole post with me and was like, “We have to go there!” He is Lego obsessed.

    We did go see a Lego interactive display at the children’s museum before which was super cool, but nothing like that hotel.


  10. 10
    Hayley says:

    This looks like such a fun place!! How awesome!! I have a question…when you order the omelet with no oil do they use anything else? Or is it just dry ….thanks!

  11. 11
    Holly says:

    We took our kids to Lego,and 2 years ago and did the two day pass. We did the park and rides one day and the water park the second day. My kids had a blast. I think this is a great park and really ideal for kids about ages 3-10 or so….and the bigger the Lego fan, the better. The new hotel looks so fun!

  12. 12

    I wish I had been there!!!! 🙂

  13. 13
    Denise says:

    Hey Kristin we are going to Lego Land Saturday from 1-8 pm…got a great 20 buck per person deal! Would love to hear more. Hope to see you soon! We were using the last days of our Disney passes today! Awe…..

  14. 14
    Laura says:

    Oh my word am I jealous right now. When I was a kid, I was a lego-kid….mom’s nickname for me (one of the many was laura–lego (it worked when she was yelling too!). This looks like so much fun! I don’t have kids yet but I would love to go, my Fiance would love this too! Maybe when my nephew gets a little older we will fly out as a family and go! My sister and her hubby went to Legoland while touring CA on their honeymoon, so maybe it could be an anniversary thing!

  15. 15

    What a fun place to hang out! I’m sure my girls would love it, too, even though they are a bit older. I would love it, too!

  16. 16
    skinnyrunner says:

    i LOVE themed stuff so i want to go there, just me, not even any kids.


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