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Weekend Snapshots, Snacks, Salads and Scores

Weekend Snapshots, Snacks, Salads and Scores


Why hello. I feel like it’s been forever.

Can’t totally remember my workouts since I’ve been on here last. I have NOT been running, but have been on the elliptical everyday.

If I’m at the gym I always go for the random program that looks a little like this.


I taught a boot camp class Saturday morning too.

I won’t bore you with workout talk though.

I also had a few doctor appointments Friday that I’m still kind of taking in. I’ll have to do a little update on my injury soon.

I won’t bore you with those either at the moment.

I’ll just show you a bunch of random pictures instead.


I’ve spent a lot of time in the car over the past couple of days, which is rare actually.

Some random car snacks that were consumed Friday were these: Seapoint Farms dry roasted edamame, Granny Smith apple (not my favorite- Fuji are way better)


chocolate chip cookie dough Quest Bar.


Did the whole let it sit in the warm car instead of microwaving it thing again. Worked like a charm.


I could not for the life of me find a Starbucks on Friday afternoon when I desperately needed one. Really, they are everywhere, but when you get that “I need coffee right now or some is going to get hurt” thing going on you can’t find one anywhere around. That’s just silly.

This was the closest thing I could find.


No, I did not go in.

I finally found a Starbucks and got a plain iced black tea and kicked it up a notch with a CocoaVia summer citrus packet. I’ve been digging these packets lately. Hoping the cocoa flavanols will miraculously cure my hip (and take years of my face and skin). Ha.


Friday night we did the whole Bud Light Lime lime-a-rita in a can thing.


It wasn’t too bad. We even tried mixing one with a beer and it was pretty good.

It went really well with my chicken burrito and spicy carrots STUFT Daddy picked up for our date night.


Our date night also included The Office and wearing pajamas.


We took a little family trip up north Saturday.

Obviously the car ride started with a little Starbucks stop.



We also stopped at Subway on the way even though my last experience there was not a good one.

But, this time we were all happy.


And why yes, they both went straight for the chips with their kid’s meal. Nice. I probably should’ve had them choose healthier options, but they were pretty darn sure what chips they wanted, we still had over 2 hours to go in the car so I had to pick my battles and it’s not like they eat them everyday, right?

My chopped chicken salad was pretty impressive this time.


So were all my toppings that just happen to be in my purse.


Ha ha.

Feeding a family of 4 for $20? Subway did well.



On our little trip we to hang with all my bestest college lady friends and their families.


It was a little party for our good friends that are moving to London with their 4 kids.


I know, right? Cutest family ever.


Um yeah, the only place I could force STUFT Daddy to take a picture with me was in the bathroom.


With the toilet seat up. We’re so classy.


The drive home was a busy one.

I was put to work writing texts for the driver.


You don’t even want to know.

Luckily the boys had some movies to watch while


I had some good books to read.


Okay, so I’m loving the It Starts With Food Book. Like, loving it and all the scientific information it has behind our bodies and the food we eat.

I’m rethinking a lot of the not so great choices I’ve made lately and also thinking it’s really time to watch the amount of sugar (real and artificial) that I eat. Oh man.

I’m not sure I’m cut out to do the Whole 30 thing, but I’m definitely learning a lot of great information. If any of you have done the Whole 30 or has any insight/thoughts on this book, send them my way. I’m so intrigued and pretty much want to chat about everything I’ve read so far and hear about anyone’s experiences.


Oh, and we did the whole sandwich/salad thing for lunch on the way home too. We actually tried to find a Subway (probably not Whole 30 approved), but came up short so found this little gem instead.

The Pointed Roof Delicatessen


It was a little pricier, but darn delicious.


We made a little deal,

STUFT Daddy got to make a special stop to make a purchase and then so did I.



I left one in the box, but bought the rest.


And, once we were home I may or may not have made a special trip to the street fair just to stock up on my favorite Scotty B’s.


I bought 5 bottles (Ghostly Garlic, Sweet Bacon Jalapeño and Sweet Habanero).  .

Score again!



What did you do this weekend?

Any thoughts on “It Starts With Food”? Has anyone done the Whole 30?

What’s you must have snack for a road trip?

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  1. 1
    Kathy says:

    I think I need to kick my sugar addiction to the road so I may have to do the Whole 30 …… I have been wanting to read “It Starts with Food”…b/c I know for me it REALLY DOES! If I could get a handle on THAT I would be way way more in control of my life. (for real HA!)

    Road trips…..we tend to stop at DQ’s …..chocolate covered pretzel blizzard is my new fav….UGH! I am pretty positive that would be devil’s food according to both of those books! ;-(

    • 1.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Oh Kathy- me too. My sugar cravings have gotten seriously out of control lately. It’s not good. That Blizzard sounds amazing though. Ha ha. Hope you had a great weekend.

  2. 2
    meredith says:

    I love my granny smith apples (Fuji are good too lol) and always bring them with me in the car for road trips or any time I will be out of the house for more than 4 or 5 hours…How do you feel about the CocoaVia? I received a sample and have yet to try it because I am skeptical of the benefits lol…I too always choose the random workout plan on the elliptical and then I play around with the resistance levels.

  3. 3

    This weekend I went blueberry picking with my mom! So fun!

    I am interested to hear what others say about the Whole 30 thing and will have to pick up that book! I love the science behind our bodies as well! I am right there along with you about reducing my sugar intake, it’s my downfall for sure 🙁

    My road trip must is popcorn. That Scotty B’s Sweet Bacon Jalapeno sounds like the bomb! I’m interested to hear about your injury update… not to sound creepy but I’ve been thinking about how your holding up. I know the feeling and that it can be REALLY tough. At least you still look rockin!

    • 3.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Blueberry picking? That sounds sooooooo fun. I’m jealous. Ha and not creepy at all about the injury, I’ve been avoiding talking about it because I’m blocking it out. Oops.

  4. 4

    I saw the picture of the boys at Subway on instagram and it was cracking me up! They’re so cute!

  5. 5
    suzi says:

    I’m on day 26 of the Whole 30. It really is a pretty amazing how things change. I was a sugar junkie 27 days ago. The first few days were tough but I was determined to stick it out. I would dream of sugar- cookies- peanut M&Ms the first few days and now I do not. I’m sure I will eat sugar again but it will not consume me. I will not wake up and want, more like NEED sugar NOW to function.
    For months I said I could not do it but finally after all my sugar crashes, weight gain and daily wine drinking, I said enough is enough. I think everyone who can should really give it a shot. I do not have children so maybe that made it much easier.

    • 5.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Oh man, you’re convincing me to try it. I was telling Andrew that we could do a modified version of it. My darn sugar cravigns have gotten a bit out of control. Yikes. Thanks for commenting Suzi!

  6. 6
    Cassie B says:

    I went on a 7 mile trail run. It was SO hard, and I was so slow & I loved every minute! I hope your injury heals soon.

    Oh, and then last night I got talked in to doing the LA Triathlon. Yeah. Still trying to process that one.

    How did you like the lime-a-rita? they have strawberry ones too. Ralphs had it on sale so I bought it. I’m on the fence with them, they aren’t that good, but they aren’t bad either.

    Random – I thought of you this weekend when I have gone though almost half a carton of eggs for breakfast/lunch and thought “wow, if I buy a big jug of egg whites I wouldn’t have to go to the store this week and get more eggs” Now if i can only convince my hubby its a good deal.

  7. 7
    Chelsea says:

    Aw, it looks like you guys had such a sweet/amazing weekend! Hopefully all is going well, mentally, with the injury and what not – looking forward to an update on how everything is progressing. Your boys are just too cute! I know I say that every time, but it’s worth saying 😉

  8. 8
    Samantha says:

    I have been thinking about you with your injury. I am guessing if you processing you still have a ways to go in recovery and your comeback, but you are keeping strong and look wonderful!

    No experience with the Whole 30 thing, although I have heard of it, but I hear you on the sugar. 🙂

  9. 9

    It was marathon weekend for me so it was crazy as always. But since it was also a road trip to get to marathon, I can say my road trip snacks are cheese puffs (my guilty pleasure), beef jerky, and lots of bananas, like 5 larbars (each way) and Caffeine in any form possible

  10. 10

    Looks like you had a really fun weekend! I did my first Color Me Rad race and it was super fun. I’m with you on the apples…Fujis are the best.

  11. 11

    Go to snack on the road is always and apple and nuts! It’s easy and not messy. Although on my road trip this past weekend I had a protein bar and apple and it was just as good and glad it didn’t melt because that would have been really messy…LOL Photo in the bathroom with the seat up? HAHAHA! Totally classy… 🙂

  12. 12
    Kim says:

    I’m pretty sure that I would fail on the Whole 30 within about 30 minutes!!
    We tend to eat way to much junk when we travel!!! I’m usually craving a salad by the 2nd day of any trip.
    I admire your dedication by getting in the time on the elliptical – I hate that machine (and only do it when I’m injured, too).
    And – I love that y’all’s picture is in the bathroom with the seat up and all!!! Keeping it real!!

  13. 13
    Elizabeth says:

    I’m going to download that book and read it on vacation!

    I was wondering if I could email you about a boot camp class that I am starting this summer? I know you teach one on Saturdays and didn’t know if you could share any suggestions with me. I know you are crazy busy, so I totally get it if you just don’t have time.

    My go to snack for road trips is roasted almonds with a few dark chocolate chips thrown in there!

  14. 14
    Kristin says:

    I ran my 4th marathon this weekend and PR’d! I cant’ walk today, but that’s ok. It was worth it.

    I’m curious about those books after you finish reading them…I’m currently reading Thrive….

    As for car snacks, I always have some type of protein bar in the car or my addiction…Way Better Sweet Chili Chips…super healthy if you eat just a few…NOT the whole bag.

  15. 15

    I always love your snapshots of life!!!! Got to love the bathroom pic & that test too! 🙂

    I saw Star Trek this weekend & enjoyed the weather – really nice here!

    I don’t do too many road trips – the traffic is bad weekday & weekend! I hate traffic! 😉

  16. 16

    i have heard a lot about whole 30, but it just sounds way to restrictive for my brain. I tend to do very poorly on those kinds of things. I like the no processed foods part 🙂

    I definitely pre-packed all kinds of goodies for my flights to Utah this weekend…I’m sure the guy on the plain loved my steamed veggies and hummus smell HAA

  17. 17

    I read It Starts With Food earlier this year, and though I’m not interested in going “full out” with the Whole30 program, I definitely agreed with a lot of the concepts in the book and thought most of it was very well researched (some just got a little too biased, if you know what I mean 😉 Anything that promotes ultimately eating WHOLE, REAL foods is good with me though 🙂


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