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I Have Good Ears, Good Ideas (Sometimes) and a Mini STUFT Meatza Pizza

I Have Good Ears, Good Ideas (Sometimes) and a Mini STUFT Meatza Pizza


Monday’s Workout:

AM- Taught a condensed version of a new Sweat Interval class


I was sporting my Evo Cursoris because Mizuno has this whole special Dendoshi event going on right now in Atlanta. In my little dreamland I’m there too and the shoes helped me pretend a bit all day.

Also taught spin earlier.

Best new song was a new song by Justin Timberlake- Let the Groove Get In.

7 minute song- We did sprints on the minute- 40 seconds on, 20 recover. Good stuff.

PM- Taught Y50X and step

Best move of the night- frog jumps forward and back with a burpee in between. Try it.



I was a little bit of mess tonight. Couldn’t think straight and had to really concentrate on calling my combos out in step. Yikes. Thought about explaining myself with the STUFT Detox and the whole “I’m detoxing from sugar and artificial sweetener thing so my brain and body are a little funky at the moment”, but decided against it.

I survived, but did overhear a very nice lady who come to my classes all the time say “She must not be feeling that well” after class. I’m pretty sure she was talking about me. Beavis. Oh well.

I’m only telling you all that because we’re friends AND because it’s best to just laugh at yourself sometimes. Yes?


And heck, the smart one that I am took my tired, sorry bootie to Costco after that.


I closed that place down like nobody’s business. I stuck to the list, but somehow managed to spend over $300. Why does that always happen?


I don’t eat meat very often, but my impulse buy of the evening was this package of grass fed organic beef patties. You know, just trying to follow the Whole 30 guidelines and such. (Not to mention anything that looks like it would be a quick, healthy lunch fix for the boys is a winner in my book).


Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I bought meat or burgers. Weird. Things are changing around here.

On the way home I had one heck of a good idea.

Since everything is better with marinara and done up Italian style (brussel sprouts and roasted zucchini to say a few), I decided to make one of those grass fed gems into a little pizza.

Hmm… let’s call it the

Mini STUFT Meatza Pizza


Brilliant. I know.

I topped one of those cooked burger patties with a little pizza sauce, Italian seasoning, garlic, nutritional yeast and crushed red pepper and baked it with my ginormous pan of roasted broccoli slaw and a few other cheese less zucchini pizzas I whipped together.


I baked them at 400 convection oven for let’s say about 20 minutes or so. I’m not sure. It was just enough time to unload groceries and take a quick shower.

Freaking fabulous though. Who knew?


They got a little buried, but hey, pretty cool that it could all fit on one plate.



And with 10 minutes to spare until my curfew………

good night.


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  1. 1

    Detoxing is rough! I can’t complete a sentence to save my life right now due to being mentally exhausted and not being able to focus! I never wish weeks away, but I really am looking forward to being home next weekend! It’s the first weekend in 5 weeks that I get to spend at home.

    I wish I was at the Mizuno event too…

  2. 2

    You cracked me up with your post about closing down costco last night. I can definitely see myself doing that- especially once we start having kids. 🙂

  3. 3
    Chels R. says:

    ‘Let the Groove Get In’ – yes ma’am!! Love that song for spin!

  4. 4
    Kim says:

    Love the idea of using a hamburger patty as the pizza crust – my boys would really like it!
    Love all of your innovative food ideas!!!
    Gonna try the meatza pizza soon!!

  5. 5
    Karlie says:

    I have ordered my first pair of Mizunos. Should be here in 3-10 days according to the dispatch email i just got. Yay!

    I also had my first Sydney Costco experience last week, felt like a kid at Christmas time. Loved it and was grateful i went in a friends car so i couldn’t buy all that much to take home.

    Have a great day

  6. 6

    Costco is always dangerous for me! I don’t have one near me so whenever I go home I always go crazy at the one near my parents place. I kinda like the idea of this little ‘pizza’.

  7. 7

    $300!!! Thank goodness for just the 2 of us & I only buy a few things at Costco cause we can’t get thru them! 😉 PLUS I eat different than hubby! 😉

    Hang in there!!!

  8. 8
    Mari says:

    I used to be addicted to Okinawan potatoes- ie purple sweet potatoes. I became a connoisseur of them and knew how to pick em. I would buy pounds of them and cook many every Sunday night and eat them all week. Need a snack, I’d go in fridge and get them. I would bake them. Microwaving one isnt the same as a reg potato. I can send U the way I baked and prepared them if you like…….
    The best ones r at Asian markets, Mitsuwa and Ranch 99 when I lived in LA. Smaller ones best.

    Then I went through kabocha and am picky about those too.

    • 8.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Mari- yes please send me the information on how you cook them and how to find the right ones. If you have info on how to make sure you have good kabochas I’ll take that too. 🙂


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