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My New Favorite Snack- Jicama Chips and a Giveaway

My New Favorite Snack- Jicama Chips and a Giveaway



Who the heck needs Tostitos? Not us.

I’ll make this quick because I don’t want to waste your time and you pretty much just have to make these as soon as possible.

Oh, first though, it’s been way too long since the last Flat Kitty Friday post, thought I’d show you who tried to steal some dessert from me last night.


Silly guy. He should know I don’t share chocolate, even if it’s unsweetened. Oops. I better give you that recipe for those no sugar added dark chocolate cups, huh?

Coming up soon.


We had a lazy family morning around here. It was marvelous. Made some Coach’s Oats pancakes for the boys.

Can you guess what this is supposed to be?


Ha ha.




Let’s get right to it, yes?


Um, so I tried the whole kohlrabi thing after all your suggestions. I have to be honest. Not a big fan of the stuff raw.

I’m not a big fan of jicama raw either, but roasting it is a whole different story. Shocker.

I’ve posted about roasted jicama before. If you haven’t done it you need to.

This is pretty much the exact same recipe, but I’ve sliced them a little thinner and made them without any spray.

Look at this beauty.


Don’t you want to eat it up?

Me too.


Here you go:

Roasted Jicama Chips

(STUFT Detox approved)

1 jicama (or more if you’re feeling like living dangerously)

a little olive oil (optional)

seasoning ideas: Trader Joe’s Everyday Seasoning, Pink Sea Salt, Garlic Salt, Garlic, Cayenne, Paprika, Mixed Peppercorns, or this Chef Marla’s Super Hot “Stuff”.



Peel and slice the jicama.

Place sliced jicama on either nonstick aluminum foil or parchment paper on a cookie sheet.

Season as desired. (I used all the ones listed above.)

Bake at 400 convection for about 20-25 minutes. (Not sure of the exact time. I tend to burn things.)

And voila.


Yep, I’ve added them to salads


, and also used them as “chips” on the side with some chicken lettuce wraps.


Obviously my favorite way to eat them is with guacamole. I’m biased and love them with date night guacamole, but when I’m in a pinch (or just lazy) this Chunky Spicy guacamole from Trader Joe’s is pretty darn good.


Yep, dug that out of the trash to show you a picture. So classy. It looks like this though.



These are also great with salsa and whatever else you can find to dip them in.


Try it.

One more picture just because.



I totally forgot to mention in my last post about Father’s Day Gift ideas that Stehly Buffalo Jerky would be a great one.

I guess I forgot how “manly” jerky is.


So, to make it up to you, I want to give some away.

Let’s say three packs to one winner.

To enter: Leave me a comment here with your favorite “chip” (or chip type thing, homemade or other) and dip (same thing- homemade or other) combo.

I’ll randomly pick a winner Saturday night and announce on Sunday. Giveaway will be open until 8 PM PST Saturday, June 15th.


Happy Friday!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. 1
    Katie Rossi says:

    I loooooooooooooooove butternut squash chips bake at 450 for 40 mins on both sides with olive oil and sea salt

  2. 2
    jared says:

    Pita Chips and Tzaziki!

  3. 3
    alex says:

    I like any kind of guacamole or salsa so I’m definitely going to give the roasted jicama a try! Would love to have another healthier option

  4. 4
    Andrea S says:

    I love any sort of veggie with a spicy hummus…Yum!

  5. 5
    Keri says:

    veggies and salsa or guac!

  6. 6
    Erin Stover says:

    I like homemade wonton chips sprinkled with salt and pepper and guacamole 🙂

  7. 7
    Lindsay says:

    loooove carrot “chips” and chunky guac or salsa

  8. 8
    Nicole says:

    OOh, jicama chips? I never would have thought! I am digging Private Selection Cinnamon crisps (available at Kroger). They also have a Simple Truth sweet potato chip variety. Sososo yum-may!

  9. 9
    Emily says:

    I love Kale chips!! I absolutely hate kale raw, but make some chips out of it and it’s delicious!

  10. 10
    nicole says:

    Kale chips and homemade pita chips with pico, yum!

  11. 11
    jill says:

    I gotta say it…Fritos scoops. Such an indulgence, but so yum!!

  12. 12

    tortilla chips and guacamole!

  13. 13
    Janet says:

    I love pita chips and hummus! I had the cinnamon ones a month ago and almost ate the whole bag!
    Your pancake is supposed to be a snapping turtle right? Or a hippo.
    Have a great day- loved the pics of your cute fam at the Fair, too! MUST have cotton candy at the Fair!! (unless you are a no-sugar detox….only exception!)

  14. 14

    parsnip chips dipped in ketchup is my newest obsession!! but seriously good ole chips and salsa are also a favorite.

  15. 15
    Pam says:

    If I want to eat a lot of crunchy stuff with dip, I’ll go for carrots (as a mock chip) and salsa as my go to dip. Or, the tomoto and basil TJ’s hummus is awesome as well

  16. 16
    Angelina says:

    I’m a sucker for the basket of chips at Mexican restaurants. I probably asked the waiter two or three times to refill my chips and salsa. How embarrassing. Lol! That being said I have to stick the the original— tortilla chips (salted of course) and a good chunky guacamole and/or roasted tomato salsa. Oh man. Who’s down for some Mexican food?

  17. 17

    oh man, I can go to town with tortilla chips and salsa….I honestly rarely buy them because I know it’s a weakness! 😉 I love the brand “beanitos” and also the saltless organic tortilla chips from TJ’s though the best – I also make my own salsa most of the time. Yum!

  18. 18
    Mona says:

    Favorite chips – sweet potato chips roasted with smoked paprika! Favorite dip – different kids of salsas thrown together:)

  19. 19
    Billie Jean says:

    I love plantain chips and hummus or guacamole!

  20. 20
    SarahRuth says:

    I would love to win some jerky!!! I’m pretty into kale chips and plantain chips, but I really want to experiment with making yuca chips!

  21. 21
    michelle kim says:

    I love anything with guacamole… I guess corn tortilla chips would be the best for that. Totally going to try these jicama ones!

  22. 22
    kolya says:

    Just started trying sunchokes (full of prebiotics for my digestion…ugh!). Salsa or ketchup/mustard is my go to dip with a bit o’ tabasco

  23. 23
    Nelly says:

    Sweet potatoe chips…slightly burnt…oh my delicious!

  24. 24
    Sherry says:

    I love roasted seaweed as “chips” and I dip them into hummus.

  25. 25
    Anne says:

    cucumber “chips”/baby carrots dipped in fat free ranch veggie dip is my fav:)

  26. 26
    april says:

    chips & salsa/guacamole all the way!

  27. 27
    Blair says:

    Chips and guacamole!

  28. 28
    Stephanie says:

    I love jerky and I’d love to try yours!

    I love lentil chips, or sweet potatoe chips!!

  29. 29
    Lacey says:

    It’s a tie for me! I really enjoy banana chips dipped in almond butter as a snack but sweet potato chips with fresh guacamole are my weakness! I just love the beautiful color combo (orange topped with a vibrant lime green). Eat the rainbow as they say! 😉

  30. 30
    Kathy says:

    Chip, Chip Hooray!!!

    I enjoy Fritos *yes, they are bad but I only have them with chili or salsa and sour cream* so that makes them ok right?

    Otherwise, Iove a major plate of macho nachos….chips under a heavenly cloud of good flavors….sheesh I better go to bed b/c I am making myself hungry! HA!

  31. 31
    Emily says:

    Favorite chip: the scoop shaped tortilla chips. They’re the perfect shape to fit my favorite dip: extra chunky spicy mango salsa!

  32. 32
    Alicia says:

    I love making apple chips sprinkled with cinnamon and I like dipping them in this strawberry cool whip recipe my mom and I make! But I absolutely love eating them by themselves!

  33. 33
    Erica says:

    mmmmm- I love chips and guacamole is any form. That TJs version looks great. We do a good cheaters version around here (http://www.self.com/fooddiet/recipes/2013/05/guilt-free-guacamole) with vegetables and tortilla chips

  34. 34

    Zucchini chips with unsweetened ketchup is heavenly! Trying jicama chips next though!

  35. 35
    Kristin Wallace says:

    My weakness is definitely sweet potato chips with onion dip! It might sound like a strange combination but it is DELICIOUS!

  36. 36
    Katie M says:

    Raw carrots are my favorite “chip”. Seriously, I could eat pounds of carrots everyday because they are so tasty! (But when I eat more than 1.5 pounds, my stomach hurts…so I try NOT to do that too often 🙂 )

  37. 37
    Tess says:

    Homemade beet chips with Wholly Guacamole dip (they just make it better than I can!)

  38. 38

    My honest favorite chip is original wavy lays. But since I only eat those at cookouts when other people bring them (and then they are mine! All mine!) I’d have to say my usual favorite chip is tortilla chips with guacamole and salsa.

  39. 39

    I wish I had some wonderfully healthy and brilliant answer here but I LOVE corn chips and guac or salsa. They are a treat and when I get to indulge it’s sooooo yummy. But I’m hosting father’s day tomorrow and am going to give the jicama chips a try…..hubby’s family will think I’m crazy but it won’t be the first time!

  40. 40

    As lame as it sounds, I like celery for “chips” because I like dip way more than chips, so I can eat twice as much of that and not feel as bad, haha! As for my fave dip… either guac or mango salsa… depends on my mood. And Jerky is definitely a MANLY snack, haha!

  41. 41
    Terrie says:

    Pita chips and hummus 🙂

  42. 42
    Aleesha says:

    hum….that’s a tough one! i love them all.
    -crunchy sea salt pita chips with hummus
    -kale chips roasted in the oven with salt
    -blue corn tortilla chips with salsa
    -yellow corn tortilla chips with guacamole
    -even crunchy chick peas roasted in the oven with spices.
    these are all of my favorites!!

  43. 43
    Natalie says:

    I love Tostitos cantina chips with guacamole. So good. I could eat the whole bag.

  44. 44

    i just made another batch of my dessert hummus and another new favorite dip is chocolate avocado!! i love avocado, but adding chocolate? ah-mazing!!

  45. 45
    Cathy says:

    Green apples, sliced with Trader Joes eggplant hummus. I know it sounds strange, but seriously, it’s wonderful!
    My hubby loves jerky, so this would be a great ‘gift’ for him having to put up with my weirdness. I could tell him it came from one of my favorite foodie sites I follow online!

  46. 46
    Lindsay says:

    Love pita chips and guac!

  47. 47
    Angie says:

    Chips and guac!!! 🙂

  48. 48
    Kelly says:

    I absolutely LOVE lettuce chips with some cilantro salsa or cheese dip! Love this blog!! Im diabetic and have been looking for a good one along with Chocolate Covered Katie!

  49. 49

    Love that cat pic again – can’t wait for recipe!

    OK – the jicama looks amazing – must try!!! I buy the everyday seasoning – no salt large from Costco 🙂 I saw a pic somewhere that they have Mrs. Dash – I must check!!!!

  50. 50
    carri arrieta says:

    Pita chips and humus

  51. 51
    Linda says:

    Would love to try that jerky!! Oh my, TJ’s edamame crackers with TJ’s Chipotle Pepper Hummus and Tatziki is probably my favorite, along with baby carrots. Oh and I love their Chunky Spicy Guacamole!

  52. 52
    Christine says:

    Chips and salsa!

  53. 53
    Teresa M. says:

    SunChips are my favorite.

  54. 54
  55. 55
    Tracy says:

    Have you ever tried making eggplant chips? Delicious!

  56. 56

    Sweet potato chips and homemade guacamole! I don’t usually eat the two together but it would probably be good.

  57. 57

    Favorite bad chip cool ranch Doritos . Good chips pita chips and dip

  58. 58
    Christy says:

    Chips and salsa and fresh guacamole. It’s 4:50 here in AZ…so I have no idea if I even made the giveaway. lol. Worth a shot. :]

  59. 59
    Deb E says:

    I love any dip with avocado in it. Heck, just whip up an avocado and I’m good! Also I’m loving the Beanitos I won from Fit Bottomed Girls. Yep a whole dare case (6 bags)! At 6 oz each though, they didn’t hang around my place long, lol. Would love the jerky, manly or not. Hope your hubby has a Happy Father’s Day tomorrow too.

  60. 60
    Kate says:

    I would love to try your Beef Jerky. How cool is that, that you make it?!

  61. 61
    Laurel C says:

    I can’t even choose a favorite chip, I’d eat them all!

  62. 62
    Angelee says:

    I just got back from the farm store with a small jicama in tow! Can’t wait to roast it up tomorrow! I’m not a chip person, but HOLY DIPS! I love hummus but that TJs spicy black bean dip is a close second! I wonder if buffalo jerky and the SBB dip would work together? Hmmmmmmmm….

  63. 63
    Elena says:

    Carrots are great of chips and I live trader joes guilt free guacamole!!

  64. 64
    Traci says:

    Have never tried making my own chips but I sure do love blue corn tortilla chips and guacamole!

  65. 65

    Pumpernickel pretzel rods with hummus

  66. 66
    Candice says:

    My favorite chip and dip is any authentic Mexican restaurant that makes their own chips and guacamole. Yum!! I only do it occasionally though because they are just too good!!

  67. 67
    Tyler says:

    I tried making these last night, but continually failed to make them crispy enough for dipping. I do not know if I either applied too much olive oil, or if I cut my slices too large. Any thoughts?

    • 67.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      I don’t ad olive oil so that might have something to do with it. 🙂 Try them dry and try microwaving them before you bake them. It helps dry them out a bit. 🙂 Let me know how it goes.

  68. 68
    Linda says:

    I couldn’t make mine crispy in the center. I tried microwaving the 2nd batch first, and it was better but still chewy in the middle. I’ll try one more time, but cut them in strips (mine were the oval shape of the jicama).


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