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Sweetener Free Dark Chocolate Cups, Jerky Winner and Run-Fit Boston Training Program

Sweetener Free Dark Chocolate Cups, Jerky Winner and Run-Fit Boston Training Program


Hello! Hope you had a fabulous Father’s Day!

Sunday Workout:

Hopped on the home elliptical first thing in the morning for the duration of Catch & Release. Didn’t really keep track of how long it took, but made myself do 2 minute intervals at a higher level every 10 minutes or so to keep things interesting.


Super cute movie by the way.


In honor of Father’s Day and all (and STUFT Daddy’s dislike for all things social media related) I stayed far away from the phone all day. It was the least I could do and to be honest, it was glorious.

Our main man. He’s a keeper. (A lead bird keeper actually. Funny, huh?)


Papap’s pretty awesome too.


And he sure is styling now. He got his Mizuno Golf glove and his Pro Compression Golf socks. Obviously he was excited.

And yes, even though I was far away from my phone the majority of the day, I did have to post those two pictures on instagram. I mean, that was necessary wasn’t it?


I spent quite a bit of time in the kitchen yesterday prepping some food for the week because It’s going to be a busy one. The most important prep being these modified version 21-Day Sugar Detox no sugar added dark chocolate cups.



These, unlike black coffee, are starting to grow on me a bit. Ha ha.

I’ve been making a big batch of them on the weekend so they last me through the week. It makes it a no brainer when I’m craving something sweet after dinner which still happens even though it’s supposed to change a bit at some point during this Whole 30 journey.

So, here’s the recipe I used to make these little gems yesterday.


They are also not too shabby when added on sweetener free roasted kabocha squash with a little coconut crumble type thing and some almond butter.


I figured no one else would want any since they are not sweet and definitely not like good old regular dark chocolate. I was wrong.


Ha ha.


Random, but I also made bone broth for the first time ever yesterday and made a pretty mean hash brown side dish for our Father’s Day dinner. No, the hash brown dish was not STUFT Detox approved, but everyone loved it and it was made with the men in mind. I’ll share it later, but right now since I’m playing catch up as usual, I’ll move it along.


The winner of the Stehly Buffalo Jerky giveaway is #2 Jared.

Email me your mailing address and I’ll get your jerky shipped out to you.


Also, my coach I worked with a little bit at the end of the year last year before I ran the Carlsbad Marathon 2013 has put together a really great training program for runners who are either training to qualify for Boston 2014 or have already qualified and planning on racing.

It’s a 10 month training program to improve performance for experienced runners. If you’re a local San Diego runner he’s even going to hold weekly coached workouts. Registration was suppose to close yesterday, but the cool doctor that he is will accept registrations through tonight (Monday, June 17th).

Here’s all the details.


Here’s a cool little feature on the local news about Dr. Jason Karp and this Run-Fit Boston training program.

Running Coach Recruits for Boston Marathon


To say that I’m anxious to start running would be an understatement. Although I’m finally starting to learn to slow down a bit and my family has really enjoyed the race free weekends for a change, I’m getting a little giddy about the fact that I’ll be able to start back running in the next week or so.

STUFT Daddy and I were actually supposed to be in San Francisco this weekend so I could run the San Francisco Marathon again. I had to keep busy all weekend to try to block it out. That would be my 5th marathon I’ve had to pull out of in the past few months. My 5th and my last, gosh darn it.

I’m pretty sure I’m signing up for the program even though I’ll really have to modify the first couple of months to ease back into training.


Benefits of having a coach (just my own thoughts)-

It’s nice having a professional who understands everything behind systematic training telling you what to do, giving you specific workouts and also telling you when to rest. I really liked it when I had a program to follow from my coach for a bit. He really knows his stuff. And heck, if I would’ve listened to him and rested when I should have, etc. I probably wouldn’t have gotten myself in this little injury predicament. He’s a doctor for goodness sake. Why do I always have to learn my lessons the hard way?

Actually, wait, that might not totally be true. I’m not sure how preventable hip dysplasia is. LOL.


Anyone can sign up (the program is for experienced runners/marathoners though). Here is the link. You can email him here jason@runcoachjason.com with any questions about the program also. Hurry though because it officially starts today.

Email me (kristin@stuftfitness.com) if you’re signing up or have questions too. Maybe a few of us can do it together. That would be fun, yes?


Don’t forget to enter the Pro Compression GIVEAWAY. It ends tonight. They have a new sock debuting today. Keep on the lookout.


Have a good one!

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  1. 1

    The chocolate sounds amazing! I need to try something like that here. More for the boys (I’m not a huge chocolate fan). Sounds like a great day with all your men! I hope you have an incredible week my friend!

  2. 2
    Kim Perry says:

    Mmmmm chocolate!!

  3. 3

    I’m glad you guys had a great Father’s Day! This sugar detox approved chocolate sounds good, does it taste like coconut at all? I love coconut!

  4. 4

    OMG those cups look amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The cat is hilarious!!! Cracks me up every time!

    I know the runners are going to appreciate that coaching program!

  5. 5
    Stefanie says:

    I made the sweetener free dark chocolate cups because I was intrigued and had coconut oil in the house. My mom is following this special diet by Jorge Cruise and isn’t doing any sugar or dairy and so I made them for her specifically, but also myself because I’m a chocolate addict and always need something sweet after dinner like yourself, hah. They came out marvelous but I have to admit…they were too bitter for my sweet tooth. I couldn’t finish even one, but my mom loved the consistency of them and she’s going to enjoy them! Thanks for the recipe, and I think I will try making these again but add some form of replacement sweetener.

    • 5.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Stefanie- yes, they are a little bitter without anything. Try making them with coconut milk. It makes a big difference. Or you can add a little honey. That would help too. I’m going to experiment with adding a little real sweetener once this little detox is over.


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