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Egg-Cellent Mocha Smoothie, I’ve Been Doing it All Wrong and SWYPO

Egg-Cellent Mocha Smoothie, I’ve Been Doing it All Wrong and SWYPO


Another post so soon after that amazing People Pleasing Hash Brown Dish recipe?


I’ve got some serious things to discuss.


I’ve been doing it all wrong.

Me not doing something right? Shocking, I know.


One thing I HAVE been doing right recently is starting my day the right way though.


The boys have been starting their day the right way too.


I’ve got this little thing baking in the oven at the moment. I’ve made it a few times the past couple of days for breakfast.


It’s a bigger version of the apple spinach egg bake.

It’s such a fun combo-  1-2 eggs, 1/3-3/4 cup egg whites, an apple and spinach with cinnamon and coconut oil. Mmm….

I bake it at 400 convection for about 20 minutes or so. Good stuff.

I’ve got some kabocha squash roasting too. Haven’t had it in over three days .We’ll see how my tummy does. A little experiment with the whole bloating issue…..


Oh hey, wait, forgot to mention that I decided to get some new huge jugs as a little something special for Andrew for Father’s Day. Ha ha.

Seriously though, I did just order some more.

I eat them like crazy and have been using them in smoothies too for a little extra protein.


This is the same as the STUFT Detox “Juggling” Morning Smoothie, but for some reason this morning’s tastes better and the pictures are better, so I thought I’d repost.


So darn good. I’ve been making it when I’m super hungry first thing in the morning and need something to hold me over until my real breakfast.

Oh, and that new NutriBullet is my favorite for smoothies lately. Better than the Magic Bullet and a little easier clean up than my vita (Vitamix).


So, um yeah, turns out my sweetener free dark chocolate cups I was so proud of are not Whole 30 approved.


I got a little tough love from twitter and instagram the other day.


Oopsies. They really want the Whole 30 to be an awareness and behavior change rather than finding other SWYPO “dessert” options (which I’ve totally been doing).

They probably really would like that I had this the other day when I was craving something sweet.


Cooked sweet potato topped with almond butter and coconut flakes and then some banana “soft serve” (frozen banana and a little unsweetened almond milk).

Oopsies yet again.

They say to give sugar tantrums a rest and that you should not give in and feed them during the Whole 30 program. Here’s a little article about the whole sugar tantrum deal and what not to do.

Good advice. I guess I’m not good at taking it though. I really should do this the right way, but it’s taking a lot more energy to think about it all than I had originally thought. Yikes.

Oh, you want to know what SWYPO is? Here you go.



Funny, huh?

I get it, I do, but it’s a lot to take in and change in 30 days and I’m just not sure how I totally feel about all of it.

Definitely something to think about………

Will it really be a lifestyle change I wonder? Has it been for anyone else? The whole behavior change thing?

Anyone have any experience with it?

.Thoughts? Advice?


Oh and really quick, I found this on the whole nonstick cooking spray issue.


Thanks to your suggestions I bought myself this little brush from Target and have been using it to put olive oil and coconut oil on veggies before roasting.


Works like a charm.

Too bad Judah keeps begging to paint with it. I guess we’re going shopping for paint brushes sometime today.

Ha. Have a good one!

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  1. 1

    Still great to give people alternatives to sugary treats, even if it didn’t fit your intended purpose! Hysterical they called you out on Twitter. =)

  2. 2
    kathleen says:

    dumb question ahead: is it ok to eat raw egg whites? I don’t think my stomach could handle that!

  3. 3

    Kabocha squash really makes me bloated too, but sometimes it’s just worth it!

  4. 4

    Oh breakfast looks great! I wish I could find kabocha squash closer to me. Driving an hour to get squash isn’t the best idea. I have switche up my afternoon snack to fruit but I miss the squash.

  5. 5
    Kelly says:

    I think it’s important to highlight the fact that you’e kicked your artificial sugar consumption in the rear! You have also inspired me to do the same and I feel SO much better! I hope you’re feeling great!

  6. 6
    Yaara Leve says:

    I wouldn’t be too harsh with yourself. Personally I couldn’t do this challenge. I already eat absolutely no grains or fruit and just veggies and lean proteins–so I NEED MY STEVIA. I don’t think a challenge like this is worth it if you’re just going to be miserable. You already restrict yourself so much already!! I frankly think its utterly ridiculous that you can’t use cooking spray. I use nonstick olive oil spray. I think a challenge like this just feeds into people’s obsessions about food restriction. I’m all about giving up starchy carbs, sugar, etc.. But when you can’t even have unsweetened cocoa powder with nothing else and no cooking spray that’s just too much. I’d tell this Whole 30 people to shove it!! And they shouldn’t shame you like that on Instagram. That’s just obnoxious! And they’re not doctors!! They’re freaking nutritionists. My mother is a doctor and would never have me follow quacks like this!

  7. 7
    Janine says:

    Why do we crave sweet foods? Because they’re our body’s preferred source of quick energy for intense exercise. For some people, sweet cravings could be a sign they need more carbs in general, rather than signs of an “addiction.” in fact, my triathlon club coach in college ( a pro triathlete himself) actually advised us to eat “junk” sugary foods (his preferred choice was donuts or chocolate milk) right after workouts since your muscles need to quickly replace spent glycogen. As long as you get all the nutrients you need from an otherwise balanced diet, I’d say eating more sugar than the average person isn’t a big deal for people who also work out much more than “average.” Anyhow, the punch line here is don’t be hard on yourself!

  8. 8
    Becky says:

    Don’t be hard on yourself. I have attempted a 100% complaint Whole 30 and it was HARD. (and I certainly didn’t make it through without any cheating). But I felt amazing after the first week and found that I didn’t need to snack after meals when I followed the Whole 30 meal requirements. If I was more active than usual or truely hungry I just ate another meal of mostly veggies and some sort of protein. It really did help to stop me from craving sweets so much. Whenever I get back into the habit of “needing” dessert daily I know it’s time to follow the rules for a couple weeks and get back on track.. Just remember that it’s only 30 days. Thanks for all the amazing recipes! Whole 30 complaint or not they are full of healthy ingredients and great alternatives to traditional desserts.

  9. 9
    Kate says:

    I personally believe in lasting lifestyle changes, not challenges or extreme restrictions. If it’s something you can’t see yourself living with 10 years down the road, why torment you system now? Food is a cultural piece, as well as a nutritional. Think of how many social gatherings and holidays revolve around food. To make so many foods off limits is to limit your enjoyment and participation in social and cultural society. It’s not to say you can’t choose healthier options, and that these challenges don’t jump-start some people’s lifestyle changes, but to believe these as a way of life forever is not ideal. There is something to be learned, but there is also more to life than nutrition. Read Michael Pollan.

  10. 10

    As a paleo person who has done the Whole30 multiple times, I totally understand the whole SWYPO idea and how the bigger picture is to change your sweet treat habits. But after awhile I realized, I don’t want to change those habits! I enjoy having those treats, and I don’t want to have to completely restrict myself from them for the rest of my life. Therefore I turned myself into the ultimate SWYPO treat creator. Totally frowned upon. But why not? If you enjoy your sweet treats, why should you be looked down on for making yourself healthier versions of them? I say eating a paleo cookie made from natural, real ingredients is a win over eating processed cookies from a bag any day. Sweet tooths unite!

    • 10.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Um, First of all I would just like to say that I love you. 🙂 I’m realizing the same things. I’ve made so many great changes and feel good, but sometimes a girl just needs a sweet treat. I understand the whole behavior change thing, but I don’t think I’m committed to live my life that way forever. Um, I would like to join you in the SWYPO creation mission. Cna I hop on after my initial Whole 30 is done? 🙂

  11. 11
    Elizabeth says:

    What about a Misto or something similar? It sprays olive oil just like the old aerosol cans but there is no propellant. No other ingredients. You pour the oil from the oil bottle into the Misto. Have you seen that? Surely that is “approved.”


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