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Soldier of Steel™ Transformational Workout

Soldier of Steel™ Transformational Workout


*The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Soldier of Steel™.


Before we get to the good stuff, let me start with a few confessions.

I didn’t take any pictures of my food all day yesterday. Shocking and weird. Although maybe you’ll appreciate not having to see kabocha squash or burnt vegetables for once.

When I asked Judah what we needed on the way to Trader Joe’s his response was “toots and corn”. I thought to myself, well, we’ve got that covered already. We still managed to fill up all our carts though and cause a little mayhem in the store.


(instagram: stuftmama)

And yeah people, “Give Peas a Chance”. Ha ha.

Last confession:

Before I started looking at this Soldier of Steel™ Transformational Workout Plan developed by the MAN OF STEEL™ Trainer, I didn’t know who the “Man of Steel” was.


Please tell me I’m not the only one who had to do a little research to find out that the “Man of Steel” is indeed Superman (a quick little shout out to Fandango for getting me all caught up to date with the release of the new movie and all).



Obviously I do a lot of working out and teaching all kinds of fitness classes. I don’t have time to really add much else in my schedule, but I’m also never one to pass up an opportunity to try a new workout that will test my limits a bit. So when I got the opportunity to be a part of this campaign it was a no brainer.


The Soldier of Steel™ Transformational Workout Plan was developed by the MAN OF
STEEL™ Trainer, Mark Twight.

The basic concept behind the program is functional fitness and the idea that physical fitness is an essential trait for every Soldier.

Just as Clark Kent (you know, Superman) transforms into the MAN OF
STEEL™ (in theaters now- thank you again Fandango) when needed, National Guard Citizen-
Soldiers transform when their communities call.


Our National Guard Soldiers are trained to be ready for anything. They continually have to test themselves to see if they have what it takes to do a particular task or give back to society in a huge way.

Hollywood fitness trainer Mark Twight pushed Soldiers and many different movie casts with his unique
workout plan. He not only helped them to transform for their respective roles, but taught them they were capable of so much more in the process.

Check out this video that explains a little more about how this training works. It’s not just physical,  there’s a whole psychological component that’s just awesome.


Motivated to begin your transformation and train like a Soldier of Steel™?


This program is all about functional training and letting your mind break through physical boundaries.

Pushing through barriers and testing your limits is all a process of self discovery.

Doesn’t that make you kind of get all fiery inside?


You know I’m a big fan of workout programs you can do at home on your own. They are key when it comes to being a busy parent, trying to get a workout in and just making things convenient.

I really like the background behind this whole workout program. The individual workouts are focused on functional fitness, character and pushing your limits.


Use physical effort as a means for self discovery, train for life, find out that you’re capable of so much more than you think and get stronger mentally and physically.

Um, okay.


With this free program there’s a whole progressive workout already planned out.

Yep. Free. Doesn’t cost anything. It’s just there on the internet waiting to be downloaded. Pretty cool.


There is minimal equipment required, even though at first look it might seem otherwise. Most of the workouts remind me a lot of CrossFit style, but they can be modified however you need to do be able to do them at home.

Side note- I will also be modifying them to use in my boot camp and interval classes and am a little giddy with excitement about using some of these new workouts.

The whole program is a one-month training routine that also has tutorials on exercises, training webisodes and great explanations of the different exercises.


I know I don’t have time to follow this plan with my hectic schedule, but from a trainer perspective, I am very impressed with how it’s put together and the workouts are awesome.

Here’s an example of a week’s worth of workouts.


Yesterday I figured I’d try out a workout so I could give a legitimate report.

I went for Day 8.

Three reasons why-

I spilled salsa from my lunch on that day. I took it as a sign.


The only equipment I needed to take outside were these two 10 lb. weights.


The weighted bear crawl intrigued me.


Not just me I guess.



My head trainer and I went for the workout.


He was all business once the timer was started.



The workout was tough. It didn’t look too bad on paper, but once I was doing it I realized these workouts are no joke.

It was fast paced, easy to do at home, kept the kids somewhat entertained and even held it’s own while STUFT Daddy got home from work in the middle of it.

Here’s a little clip of the different moves in the workout. You’ll see everyone ditch me when the man comes home and you’ll also see that I can barely talk at the end because I’m trying to catch my breath.

Good stuff.

Well that’s an unfortunate still shot. Lovely.


Whelp, that’s it.


Motivated to begin your transformation and train like a Soldier of Steel™?

Go to
SOLDIEROFSTEEL.com where you can:
• Download a one-month training routine developed by celebrity trainer
Mark Twight
• Learn how Mark transformed Henry Cavill into the MAN OF STEEL™
• Watch fitness training webisodes
• Receive training tutorials on 23 different exercises

Got a fitness question for Mark Twight? On Thursday, June 20, Mark Twight will
answer fan questions on the @NationalGuard Twitter handle. Follow the
conversation from 3PM EST – 4PM EST at #TwightTakeover.


Just curious, do you follow a particular workout plan or do you make up your own workout schedule?

Do you go daily, weekly or monthly when planning your workouts?

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  1. 1

    I love that the boys get involved and try the moves like you, and play coach with the whistle, too cute!

    I’ve read about this workout a few times recently and looks interesting something might be worth a shot!

  2. 2
    Linda says:

    Love this workout! I’m on his website and have already watched some videos. I work out with an amazing personal trainer who incorporates these same kinds of moves into our workouts. I love the intensity of it. This is fun because I can print these up and have more variations/combinations. Thank you!!!

    And on a side note, I just ordered my first Handful Sports Bra and I love it!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t think it would work for me based on the fact that I am a 32DD, but it’s beyond perfect!!! So thanks again! Just ordered a second one…both via Amazon Prime so no tax and free shipping!

    • 2.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Linda- YAY on both accounts. The workouts and the Handful bra!!! So glad it worked for you! And isn’t intense functional training just the best?

  3. 3

    i did the first workout yesterday and my legs are seriously killing me today. like OUCH. bad.

  4. 4

    This is so awesome! I love the looks of this program and really enjoyed your video watching you do it – I was hoping you would do one. I think I’ll be taking this on the road with me with all the travel I have coming up!

  5. 5
    meredith says:

    I don’t really plan out my workouts – the only thing that is set in stone is a long run on Saturday mornings and my favorite spin class on Tuesday. The rest of the week I go by how I feel. Some weeks I feel great to run more days and some weeks my workouts involve more cross training. I throw weights in the mix somewhere although not enough. I need to work on that.

  6. 6
    Rachel says:

    You are SO cute! I love watching (and listening) to your interaction with your boys. You can just tell you love them to pieces! 🙂

    I will check out the workout. YOUR arms look amazing… if THIS workout will help MY arms look half as strong as yours… I am game 😉

    • 6.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Rachel- I keep meaning to write a post about arm workout stuff. You just reminded me. Oh man, we’re a mess here at all times. I cut out the interactions that are not camera approved. ha.

  7. 7
    enny says:

    Hi Stuft mama, this is probably coming late but i just found your blog and i’m really interested in the Soldier of Steel™ workout,would love to do it with my sisters.
    So i Went on the website you posted and it has been removed (no surprise there and a few months late). is there any way you could send them to me?i would really appreciate it.

    do you also have workout plans for abs?

    Thanks :))

  8. 8
    John says:

    Hello, their website no longer has the file. is there another place i could get a copy or perhaps i could get emailed a copy? thanks in advance!

  9. 9
    Richard De Nieuwe says:

    I just recently heard about this program and want to try it unfortunately it’s no longer posted through the link do you by chance still have the PDF you used to download it or can send it to me


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