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Shoe Shopping, a New Move, Cross Trainers and a Cool Jacket

Shoe Shopping, a New Move, Cross Trainers and a Cool Jacket


Why hello.

My dinner last night was a mess of a stir fry.

Pork, cabbage, broccoli slaw, a zucchini cooked in coconut oil and a little sesame oil with a whole mix of garlic, Chinese five spice blend (not a huge fan), ginger, crushed red pepper and a few random sugar free sauces thrown together.


There’s no soy in the Whole 30 plan so these Coconut Aminos come in very handy when you want a little soy sauce type taste.


I’ve also seen them used in a whole bunch of different Paleo based recipes.

Um, and not that I’m counting or anything, but today is DAY 26 of the whole 27 Day STUFT Detox. Not quite sure what I’m going to do when it’s done. I better figure that out, yes?


So yesterday the boys and I went to Nordstrom Rack to buy shoes to go with their tuxes for my sister-in-law’s wedding this weekend.


I’m fairly certain they don’t want us back in their store anytime soon. I’m also fairly certain that I will have to go back there within the next week to make some returns because instead of taking our mayhem to the dressing room, I bought a couple dress choices for myself to choose from.

And no. we did not buy those high tops. We did get those “special black wedding boots” though for less than $10 a pair. Not too shabby.


So I’ve been teaching this cycle and turf class at the new gym. We spin for about half an hour and then we do a little boot campy style circuit workout on the turf.

It’s pretty darn awesome.


(Got this picture from Facebook.)

My favorite moves we did on the turf Wednesday were these:

BOSU burpees/bear crawls

BOSU push-up/medicine ball bridge (in picture above).

Mmm hmm…

This ball bridge just might be my new favorite move. It can be done on a stability ball too, but is harder much more fun on a medicine ball.

Keep your legs together and hold it for a minute with both feet on the medicine ball. It you need more stability put your arms straight out to the side. If you want to challenge yourself a little more, put your arms up to the ceiling.


It’s darn fabulous. Your hamstrings and glutes will definitely let you know just how fabulous it is.


So, I‘ve said this before, but I think it’s really important to wear the right shoes when you’re training inside. Depending on the class or workout you’re doing you should really be wearing cross training specific shoes. I know a lot of people just use their old running shoes or wear the same shoes for all the different activities they do (to run in, take classes in, etc.).

Friends, it really is best to have cross training shoes when in the gym. They will give you the lateral support that you need for side to side and plyometric type movements. Running specific shoes do not provide the same thing- they are made for running.


My usual gym shoes for classes have been my custom Reebok Nanos, my RealFlex TRs or my RealFlex Scream shoes.

Just the other day I got these RealFlex Strength TR shoes to try out from Reebok.


I actually requested these specific shoes from them because I love the RealFlex ones I have and wanted the extra support these were supposed to provide for agility movements in my classes.

Some specifics on these shoes (besides the fact they come in 6 different really cool colors):

A training shoe designed to move and flex with you as you train, with additional support and stability elements to meet the rigors of agility movements. RealFlex Strength TR– is natural movement, perfected.

  • Synthetic, lightweight mesh upper provides comfort, fit and durability
  • Independent, multi-directional outsole flex nodes promote flexibility and natural movement
  • IMEVA midsole delivers extraordinary cushioning
  • Removable PU sock liner, accommodates orthotics
  • Carbon rubber heel strike for durable traction



I really like the snug fit frame that seems to keep the shoe in place. I didn’t realize they had this when I was looking at them online.


The flex nodes on the bottom provide quite a bit of cushion and support for plyometric moves without being too heavy.


I wore them last night to teach my HIIT class and strength training class.

I actually liked them more than I thought I would. They stayed in place and felt pretty supportive without being heavy.


I always know right away if I like a shoe with my Y50X class because there is so much jumping around. I’m pretty picky about the cross trainers I wear. I guess I’m a gym shoe snob.

The heel cushioning is also key and the toe box is pretty wide to give your foot a little extra room (great for those of us that have really flat feet).

I kept them on for my strength training class too.


It’s not as important to wear specific cross training shoes if you’re strength training, doing more static type moves and not doing a lot of side to side plyometrics, but I would still recommend wearing good cross trainers whenever you can.

Running shoes are made specifically for running. Cross trainers are made for training.


After a couple of classes breaking these in, my feet were still happy, but my darn body was tired.


Oh hey. Good thing you can’t smell through the picture. Ha ha ha.


I threw on my cool Reebok Strength Train Jacket I bought awhile back with some good intentions to stop to get cat food and an oil misto bottle on the way home.


Well, I did not get cat food or a misto bottle, but I did drive home in the dark in style.


The jacket:

I got it with my ReebokONE discount.

(If you’re a fitness professional you can apply here and get a bunch of great perks including a 25% discount on Reebok workout gear.)

It’s pretty cool.


Motivational words (to match my leggings and capris) and thumb holes,


a nice medium weight


and a slim fit so it doesn’t look like you’re trying to hide a kabocha in there.


The black color helps a bit with that too.


And, well, I’m off to a little more prolotherapy. Not looking forward to getting stabbed a couple times with the big needle, but am looking forward to having to take it easy for 24 hours afterwards.


Happy Friday!


Do you wear different shoes for different types of workouts?

Have you ever been shopping at Nordstrom Rack with two toddlers? (If you haven’t I wouldn’t recommend doing so.)

*I was compensated by FitFluential LLC for this post. All opinions are my own.

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  1. 1
    Amy Zirkle says:

    Hey Kristin – love your new shoes – you know I have challenges trying to find good workout shoes. With PT going so well, I’m going to “attempt” to do a bit more today – maybe finally break a sweat – perhaps I will have to try those Reebok shoes…I think shoe shopping will go on the list this weekend. I hope you post pics of your cutie boys in their wedding finest! Hope you are doing well –

  2. 2
    Tess says:

    T.G.I.F. Best wishes with therapy!

  3. 3
    Kori says:

    I workout barefoot…. how bad is that?? LOL

  4. 4
    Kelli says:

    It’s Friday!! Woo Hoo. I hope your therapy goes well. I can’t say enough about Reebok…in fact… I should probably let them know how much they have helped me! I have a pair of running shoes that I went to a running store and paid a hefty price for. I have a bunion on my left foot and these “running” shoes never made it feel good. I even taped my bunion and it would ache so badly after a run. For my birthday this year all I wanted were the Reebok Flex trainers…I got two pair…just to make sure I covered all my bases 🙂 Well, I run in them and do HIIT workouts without pain at all. I don’t even remember I have a bunion most of the time!! The “Flex” lets my foot move so naturally. These shoes have really made a huge difference in my life. Have a great weekend!

  5. 5
    Nicole O says:

    Oh, thumb holes are amazing! I’m guilty of using my running shoes for cross training and I always regret it. Terrible for lateral movement. Some day I’ll learn?? Enjoy your 24 hours of rest! The needle part only lasts a little while

  6. 6
    Jennifer says:

    I want to see a picture of all your shoes! You get so many workout shoes I can’t imagine how many you have! My husband thinks I have too many and I just have maybe 5 pair total for running, training, and cross training. Jealous of all the cool shoes! I need a new cross trainer.

  7. 7

    Maybe it is the pregnancy hormones, but….that asian stir fry looks AMAZING! You should provide explicit details. I really need to try something like that soon. Wow, mouth.watering!

  8. 8

    Seriously. Another pair of amazing shoes. I would like to see your shoe closet mam 😉

    I hate jackets that make you look all big and puffy so one that actually makes you look slimmer is awesome!

  9. 9
    Bridget says:

    NO KABOCHA TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 10
    Bridget says:

    If u decide on a black and white striped dress from Nord Rack to wear tonite, let me know – I got my dress from there & we can be twinsies!!!!

  11. 11

    I have to wonder how many pairs of tennis shoes you have! 😉 These are super cute!

  12. 12
    Kathy says:

    I need to buy me some cross trainers soon!! I have been taking Jillian Michael’s Shred and Boot Camp lately at my Y and I want the proper shoes….I too think it can make a world of difference. 😉

  13. 13

    I have done that medicine ball bridge & it is a good one!! Your classes look like tons of fun! 🙂

    The boys in the store – OMG – YIKES!!!!! What a handful! 🙂

    I need shoes – I have so so so few,.. that is all… 🙂

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