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A Mizuno #WaveSayonara Stair Challenge

A Mizuno #WaveSayonara Stair Challenge


Hello friends!

Yesterday’s workout:

Took a spin class at the gym followed by a 20 minute interval workout on the stairmill.


The majority of the day yesterday was spending time with my men. Living the whole “Time is Love” way.

IMG_4713.JPG (2)

(instagram pic)

It was fabulous.

I’m going to try to keep on it all week, all month, heck, hopefully the rest of the year. I just need little reminders every now and then (like a laptop that decided to bite the dust).


Some eats from the day yesterday:

Oh, I got to open a new bag of coffee from my fabulous friend Jess. Oh how I love her.


And this coffee. I usually drink the espresso, but I’m a fan of anything that’s a dark roast. This is good. Has anyone tried it?

Oh, and hey, if you look close you can see our darn chickens trying to photo bomb me. They have yet to lay any eggs, but have gone doody so many times on our deck I‘ve lost count.


It’s just not okay. Either is stepping in it multiple times.



Breakfast was a scramble of egg whites, chicken jalapeño sausage and Swiss Chard in coconut oil with Trader Joe’s Everyday Seasoning and whatever else I could find, topped with Cholula. I also had a thinly sliced apple on the side that didn’t make the photo.


Lunch was a meatza pizza with a ginormous salad with balsamic vinegar and a little olive oil as the dressing. I topped off the big mess with fresh basil, crushed red pepper and nutritional yeast.


Then followed it up with this ginormous sweetener free roasted kabocha bowl topped with coconut mush, almond butter and Peanut Free NuttZo.


The best part about it was that it was cold. I made it earlier but ran out of time to eat it so put it in the fridge. Oh, it was so much better chilled for an afternoon snack. Mmm….

I know, I don’t mess around when it comes to eating. Ha ha.

Even when I’m not in marathon training mode. Oops.


Dinner was a little experiment. Not sure if it’s blog worthy yet, but I’m saving it just in case it is.

Dessert was this. Not sure exactly what went in it- coconut flour, almond flour, dark cocoa powder, almond extract, cinnamon and some coconut milk. I stuck it in the freezer for a bit while we ate dinner and it was a nice almost frozen pudding consistency when I ate it.


Still no sweeteners. Still not quite ready.


So, it’s Monday, the amazing Mizuno Wave Sayonaras were officially released Friday. I got mine a couple of weeks ago and have been wearing the heck out them.


Speaking of, if you want to get inspired or motivated about running, read all the comments on this post. Holy smokes. There are some brilliant Mezamashii moments to read.


Last week I took advantage of one of my early mornings with my toddler “alarm clock” while we were doing the family time thing. Instead of waking the other sleeping members who weren’t feeling too hot, we decided to go on a secret mission.

IMG_4543.JPG (2)

Yeah, notice the Starbucks Gold Card. We were supposed to get coffee afterwards, but the Starbucks we had all scoped out wasn’t there anymore. Lame.

And, um, will Botox help that forehead problem? Just wondering. I might need to start saving some money. Kidding.

Our secret mission was for mama to get a little sweat on as quickly as possible while entertaining the pajama wearing little guy at the same time.

IMG_4553.JPG (2)

We knew stairs were the answer.

IMG_4546.JPG (2)

Here’s why- besides not hurting my hip, running stairs has a ton of benefits.

It’s great training for running. It’s intense and strengthens the lower body.

I found this article on Active.com which said this about stair running.

“Stair running is superb training for running. In addition to strengthening the muscles around the knees, stair running builds stamina and overall lower-body strength, works the gluteal muscles and quadriceps more than road running and is a highly efficient workout in terms of the amount of time spent at very high intensity.”


And this article from Men’s Health that said it can even help increase running speed.

“Another benefit of running stairs is that experts believe it could help your overall speed because the workout engages more leg muscle mass—including hamstrings and gluteals—as they have to lift the body repeatedly. “Stronger muscles are more powerful muscles, and running speed is all about power,” says Boreham.”


We even had a brilliant idea to add a few challenges.

The first challenge was a hefty toddler weight.


The second challenge was some burpees once we got to the top of the stairs. (Only after checking out the beautiful view of course.)

IMG_4551.JPG (2)IMG_4552

5 burpees each time we made it to the top. I did the burpees, my little man counted for me. Then we ran down.

IMG_4565.JPG (2)

Sometimes with the toddler weight, sometimes without.

IMG_4557.JPG (2)

Our stairs were a bit long, but we made it through our little circuit at least 6 times. My weight turned into my coach (thank goodness), but he still made me work.

See him up there?

IMG_4562.JPG (2)


So, here’s a Mizuno Wave Sayonara Stair Burpee Challenge. So simple, yet effective. Mix it in once a week with your other running. The longer the stairs, the better. He he.


Wave Sayonara Burpee Challenge


And here’s a quick little video we made just for you. Obviously we had to make a video for you so you could see these shoes in action since you may have missed them in this video if you blinked.

You can do this challenge just about anywhere! Find some stairs!


Some video notes:

Yes, Judah did a great job as camera man for his first time.

Yes, he’s wearing pajamas.

No, I don’t always speak grammatically incorrect, but it was early and I hadn’t had coffee yet.



And, whelp, high fives all around.

IMG_4566.JPG (2)

For new shoes and this family friendly little workout. Yes?


Happy Monday! Enjoy your day!

A new week, some new goals, a new little stair workout to try….

All kinds of fun stuff going on.


Stairs- love them or hate them?

What kind of family friendly workouts do you do?

What’s your favorite kind of coffee? (Just because I’m nosy.)


*I was compensated for this post through a campaign with FitFluential LLC and Mizuno. All opinions, obsessions with all things Mizuno and mediocre video work are my own. 

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  1. 1
    Tess says:

    Fabulous coach ya got there!!!! Good times!!! Lurve the shoes….can’t wait to get my feet on some of those 😉

  2. 2

    This is so stinkin’ cute! Loved that he filmed the video for you. Really shows that you work together as a family, no matter how young they are!!

  3. 3
    Linda says:

    Love the stairs! I ran the Duke Race to the Top in Charlotte this past April. 50 Stories | 672 Vertical Feet | 1,194 Steps. I came in 5th out of 224 women with a time of 9:59! It was amazing. My trainer, who is even more amazing, won it for the 3rd year in a row with a time of 7:52. We are going to Chicago in November to climb the Sears Tower! Check it out….you may want to come join the fun! http://ric.convio.net/site/PageServer?pagename=event_information

  4. 4
    Cassie B says:

    These are the stairs I do. If you are ever in LA you HAVE to do them with me and I’ll even buy you coffee after! 😉


    They are HARD. they are uneven. I’m short and for some it’s a big struggle to get up. BUT it’s a hell of a work out and I love it. I try to go early in the morning on the weekend, before it gets crowded and the view is amazing. I can see downtown LA, the hollywood sign, the beach, it’s amazing and worth it.

  5. 5

    But it IS taping… dude, don’t question the camera man. I would also like the phonetic spelling of his version of Sayonara. So stinkin’ adorable.

    Yeah, them stairs… next time you’re in the hood to run them, let me know and I’ll meet you. You can carry me on your back, too. 🙂

  6. 6
    Angie says:

    Adorable and a great idea! I like any coffee that is strong! Trader Joe’s has a good Organic one.

  7. 7
    Hannah says:

    HAH! So funny you posted this today; yesterday I ran our college stadium steps twice through, and it was the *best* workout. I’m doing some first-hand research about whether it’s better to take every single step, fast-feet /high-knees style, or to skip every-other one. Skipping steps is faster/more of a cardio workout, but I think taking every step makes your legs more tired in the end. And coffee? Any coffee. Americanos.

  8. 8
    Michelle Kim says:

    Oooh, I love stairs!… and hate them at the same time. I love that it makes me sweat from head-to-toe super fast. I usually go on the never-ending-staircase when I’m pressed for time at the gym.
    This workout looks good and effective!

  9. 9
    Patti Smith says:

    I love the fact that he’s still in his pjs 🙂 I try to take advantage of these oft times missed periods of time to get in a workout…even a short one. It’s amazing how much you can actually accomplish that way. I think that’s just the way of a busy mom too…LOVE stairs…no matter how fast I go, I feel like I have kicked butt when I’m done!!

  10. 10

    Thats such a great way to make use of your time! While spending time with my 3 month old nephew last week I definitely did some squats and lunges with him as weights, he was amused.

    My favorite coffee is the Starbucks mocha coffee or their blonde roast is fabulous. Anything starbucks and I am pretty much a happy camper. Although there is a local roaster near me that has a “majestic blend” which totally gets me going in the morning.,

  11. 11
    chrissy says:

    Just curious, does your husband also eat the meatzas and the kabocha squash concoctions? My husband and I always seem to eat different things for dinner because he wants his thing, and I want mine! Just curious if it was the same way at your house. I have a two year old also, who always eats a couple hours before us, so there’s no real family dinners yet.

    • 11.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Too funny. Sometimes. I definitely make him try different things of mine, but he’s usually not a fan. I make the same meals, but different versions for him and the boys.

  12. 12

    Love that Judah filmed! so cute!

    My brother and sister and I did a workout at a park on Saturday. There’s a bike path that wraps around the outside of the park, so we jogged to a bench where we stopped and did 3 sets of two exercises (like push-ups off the bench and crunches), then jogged to the other side of the park where there was a hill to sprint up and walk backwards down, then jogged back around to the bench to do 3 sets of 2 new exercises. It was a ton of fun and such a great workout!

  13. 13

    I have a love/hate relationship iwth stairs. We run stadiums every once in a while and I want to die the whole workout but afterwards I feel like a total badass and can’t wait for our next session.

  14. 14
    Kim says:

    I love your stealthy workout plan!!! I usually love to run stairs but lately they are killing me for some reason -I can’t catch my breath on them – weird!!!
    Your little man is super cute filming you!

  15. 15
    Emily says:

    Stairs: love to hate!
    Favorite everyday coffee is Cafe Britt, hands down, but Starbucks doesn’t the job just fine most days. Peet’s isn’t so bad either…

  16. 16

    Love the stairs..mostly love to hate them…they hurt! 🙂 I love coffee. Im not picky as long as it’s not gross. 😉

    We take hikes, and do body weight exercises at home. My kids are 5 and 9. They both love to run already and we all just love to be active.

    On another note…I was at a Wave Sayanora event tonight. I was able to test them out too. I know what shoe I’m getting soon! Loved it!!

  17. 17

    I’m actually on the hunt for a good set of stairs. I don’t love em when I do stairs but I love how I feel afterwards, I just don’t know where the good stairs are around here!


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