Monday Motivation- Cool Socks, Sleep, No More Waiting and Follow Your Heart


Just stopping by really quick in my crazy day for a little motivation.

Sometimes Mondays we all could use a little extra, yes?


Workout so far today:

Taught a HIIT class at the new gym. My camera man forced me to take a few pictures afterwards.

IMG_4742.JPG (2)

Don’t neglect your core friends. A plank a day can do wonders.

Um, and yeah, if you look closely you’ll notice I am indeed about to be kicked it the stomach. That did not end well.

Either did my sweetener free roasted kabocha earlier today.

IMG_4723.JPG (2)

It’s sitting in the fridge right now. Hopefully a little chill will make it not taste as burnt. We shall see.

Hmm… not only did Judah tell me he wanted “poop” for lunch as his fruit, but he also decided to have Joaquin do some leg tasting this morning.

IMG_4724.JPG (2)

Isn’t that nice.


Moving on.

It’s always nice to start your day in the right mindset. I got this cute little mug from The Universe Knows last week.

IMG_4718.JPG (2)

Such a great reminder how to live each day. I think it even made my plain coffee taste better a little bit.

I got a few other inspirational goodies from them too that I can’t wait to put to use.


I have to wait until it cools down a bit to wear this hoodie though.


And I need to figure out exactly what I want to use this cute little notebook for. I want to make sure it’s something important.


Inspirational ware (and wear) makes me so darn happy.

Such a great message- follow your heart.


I also saw this earlier today on the Runner’s World Instagram feed.


Love it. Good thing I’m not very smart and have really big dreams. Maybe there’s some really great things coming in my future. You too, yes?


Oh, and you need to see this month’s Pro Compression Sock of the Month.


Find it here and use code TUBE for 40% off and FREE shipping.

I’m about to order some myself.


Lunch today was this.

IMG_4752.JPG (2)

Lunch is totally becoming my favorite meal of the day.

Okay, so I have to run and hopefully by the time I get home tonight I can just eat and finally get to bed early for a good night’s sleep.

Main articles motivation me to get to bed at a decent hour tonight are these from Runner’s World:

7 Ways Runners Can Get Better Sleep

Sleep Deprivation May Lead to Weight Gain


I need to walk the talk on that one- sleep is so darn important and I don’t get enough.


And, in the whole “Time is Love” theme….

Don’t wait any more. Do what you want right now. No more excuses.

Work and chores can wait.

Spend time with family.

If you wait too long just searching for a sign or an answer in life, you might miss out on some really important things.

IMG_4678.JPG (2)_thumbIMG_4679.JPG (2)_thumb

I’m guilty of that myself.


Stop waiting.

Stop searching.

IMG_4680.JPG (2)_thumb

Follow your heart.



Well, that was pretty darn deep for a Monday afternoon. Oopsies.


Have a great night!


Oh, and there’s still a little time left to enter the Halo Headband giveaway here.


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  1. 1
    Kim Perry says:

    Ahhhh! I need new ProCompression socks but I cant decide what color!!! I love the retro ones but I was thinking pink or orange!! decisions, decisions!!

  2. 2
    purelytwins says:

    love it! you’re right! we try to live it and stop waiting 🙂 amen to that!
    oh yay for planks – they are the best!

  3. 3

    I love this post 🙂 And I’m pretty sure I need to get my hands on some of those The Universe Knows goodies.

  4. 4
    morgan says:

    last week when you first talked about that song I went to itunes & downloaded it 🙂 since we have icloud my hubs got it too & he declared it our summer 2013 song! thanks for making me stop & think- I started taking bikram yoga last week in an effort to slow down from teaching cardio classes & I am in love! also with those socks 😉

  5. 5
    Erica says:

    Your kiddos! The cutest…even if they want poop with their lunch ;). Great messages throughout this whole post. I totally need to focus on sleep too

  6. 6

    I miss you friend! I hope you’re doing well! Love this message. Definitely follow your heart! Also, get more sleep! 😉 Love you! xoxox

  7. 7
    Kim says:

    I’m surprised by how much I like those retro compression socks!!!
    And, your boys crack me up every time – a kick to the stomach during a plank might not be very fun!!!

  8. 8
    Michelle Kim says:

    Thanks for the articles about sleep! I know that as many people try to juggle everything, the first thing go is sleep… and our health seems to suffer for it. I hope to go to bed at a decent hour, too!

  9. 9

    We’re in the middle of night time potty training. I was up every hour on the hour. I could really use some of that sleep you mention 🙂

    LOVE those retro compression socks! I’m so tempted!

    • 9.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      I think you need the socks. I’m up about 4 times a night now too with a certain someone who has to pee all the time. Not fun. Good luck with potty training.

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