Someone Else Really Wants a Comeback- Flat Kitty Friday Adventures


Why hello.

Someone’s trying to steal my thunder with the whole comeback thing. I’m not sure how I feel about it.

But, hey, he’s flatter than me, pretty darn quite and took a little bit of a beating today so I guess I’ll let him have the spotlight.

It’s more entertaining than my jibber jabber anyway.

Welcome back to Flat Kitty Friday.


We’ve been trying to make Fridays family days lately. It’s been so much fun and to be honest, our weekends for the most part have been pretty low key since I haven’t had any big races since being injured. We’ve gotten the little gift of time.

We had a big day today. Obviously we were running late right off the bat so we had to bypass Starbucks and do a little healthy snacking on the road with Healthy Green STUFT CHO Muffins.

IMG_4912.JPG (2)

Shockingly, we made it to my prolotherapy appointment on time.

IMG_4914.JPG (2)

(Side note- I am aware Flat Kitty is very dirty. That is some kind of food on his chest. He was the only one I could find while we were running out the door. What can I say, the guy has been through a lot.)

Remember when I talked about the injections and not knowing the size of the needle? Well, this little flat friend of mine had to see it.


My doctor was more surprised that I actually wanted to see how big the needle was than he was about me whipping out Flat Kitty for a picture. Pretty funny.

I asked if the needle goes all the way in. He said “yes”. No wonder it hurts.He also said most people don’t really want to see the size of the needle. Obviously we are not most people and now I know why.


I’m supposed to rest for 24 hours after treatment. I really am learning to love that part. Healing ,resting, it all goes together. And it gives us more time to do family fun like we did today.

Oh hey, look who else likes to take chia shots by the way.

IMG_4916.JPG (2)

The family Starbucks still happened, just a little later than planned.

IMG_4919.JPG (2)

We did a quick little bathing suit pad change out in the bathroom. Out with the barely there ones in my top, in with the Handful ones.

IMG_4918.JPG (2)

I didn’t want to be flatter than Kitty all day you know. Ha.

Then the boys showed us their secret path they discovered during a different trip when I dragged them to one of my appointments.

IMG_4920.JPG (2)IMG_4921.JPG (2)

We found the coolest looking cactus ever. Can you find Flat Kitty? He he.

IMG_4925.JPG (2)

We were all smiles.

IMG_4927.JPG (2)

Well, most of us.

IMG_4929.JPG (2)

And yes, I too think STUFT Daddy’s shirt is the coolest thing ever.

IMG_4932.JPG (2)

Next stop was the beach.

IMG_4935.JPG (2)IMG_4937.JPG (2)

I thought for a split second about trying to look nice for our day and actually shave and do something with my face and hair, but then decided I was too lazy, so just threw on Halo Hairband and called it good enough.

IMG_4945.JPG (2)

I was really wishing I had a nail file though. Don’t you hate that?


These guys love the beach.

IMG_4941.JPG (2)IMG_4942.JPG (2)

This guy loves being buried.

IMG_4947.JPG (2)

Ha ha ha.

We ended up at Pizza Port afterwards. We all had been wanting to go back there ever since this trip. Overpriced video games were key entertainment while we waited for our food.

IMG_4955.JPG (2)

Ha ha.

So yeah, we stocked up on a few Tapatio packets again. I wish every restaurant had these.


Now, I haven’t had grains or bread since the whole STUFT Detox started over a month ago. Grains are the one thing I don’t mind adding back in my diet at the moment to see how things go and how my body reacts. I ordered the whole grain crust with veggie pizza, minus the cheese, add chicken and jalapeños.

Yes. I’m totally high maintenance, but it’s so worth it to get exactly what you want.

IMG_4958.JPG (2)

Didn’t want to go too crazy with the bread thing my first time having it in over 40 days, so I did this little trick. I picked just a few of the best slices to eat, then scraped off all the yummy toppings from the other slices and piled all the protein veggie goodness on my three slices. (Only went for three, I usually would eat the whole thing, but after my little reintroduction fail last week, I’m trying to be smart.)

IMG_4961.JPG (2)

I left the others looking like this little naked piece.

IMG_4960.JPG (2)

This guy helped me add just a little crushed red pepper of course.

IMG_4963.JPG (2)

Ha ha.

Then he begged for the leftovers.

IMG_4964.JPG (2)

Obviously I couldn’t drive home. I wanted to get up to date with my Runner’s World Challenge besties.

IMG_4966.JPG (2)

He he.


Whelp, that’s all. Until our next Friday adventure……


One quick random though. One benefit of not having my laptop is that I can’t be on it random times during the day. My work is confined to the office after everyone is asleep or before anyone wakes up. Although inconvenient, I think it makes me a bit more productive with work and with house stuff. Things actually might get done around here this weekend.


Dinner tonight was a huge salad since STUFT Daddy had his fair share of family time and decided to use a “hall pass”. He he.

IMG_4982.JPG (2)

Butter lettuce bag from Trader Joe’s, Tutu’s Garlic Green Beans, baked turkey burger (yes, I bake everything- less dishes, less time) seasoned with Italian seasoning, tomato, fresh basil, balsamic vinegar, Cholula, crushed red pepper and nutritional yeast.

I really wanted to add a little Scotty B’s Ghostly Garlic, but there wasn’t any left.

IMG_4984.JPG (2)

Who the heck puts empty bottles back in the fridge? (Oops. It was me.)

Obviously I ended the night with a huge bowl of sweetener free roasted kabocha (chilled in the freezer for a bit) and that new tea once the boys were in bed.



And now, I’m going to bed.

Good night!

Have a wonderful weekend!


*Don’t forget to enter the Albion Fit giveaway, order some discount Pro Compression gear (details and code here for 40% off) and join the RW Challenge with me. He he.


Do you have regular “family days”? If so, what do you do?

What’s your favorite pizza topping?

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  1. 1
    Kathy says:

    Right now I am kind of craving pizza and kind of feeling sick from all the hot toppings, extra sauce, and spices I am seeing on your pics today. ha! How do you eat that stuff?

    Favorite toppings…..too many choices. I like Canadian bacon and pineapple. Mahgerita pizza. And chicken alfredo with spinach and mushrooms. All a little different and all good.

  2. 2
    Kim says:

    I love mushroom pizza!!! I’m a total spice wimp and couldn’t handle any of you extra toppings. (Jordan makes fun of me since he still wants to try a ghost pepper!)
    Your flat kitty kind of cracks me up!!!

  3. 3
    Nicole says:

    Pizza topping=chicken & mushroom! Simple, yet sososo good!

  4. 4

    you say three slices like that’s a lot? when we get pizza out if i don’t demolish the whole individual pizza i order, i get pretty dang close! i think any normal person eats more than 3 slices haha. or maybe i’m just a pizza pig :x

    i love adding sun dried tomatoes and caramelized onions to my pizza. weird combo? yes. delicious? yes!

    • 4.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Oh no, 3 is not a lot. I usually eat the whole thing and don’t think anything is wrong with that. But…. after not having any grains for almost 45 days I decided that might not be the best choice. LOL.

  5. 5
    Stephanie says:

    I love that photo of Flat Kitty buried in the sand – HA! I have a flat kitty that you sent, and I will have to remember to bring him out for an adventure.

  6. 6

    I am laughing my ass off with all these pics!! I did not know you when Flat Kitty was around before so loving it!!!! Loving your down time too! I am on my way to major balance soon! May b=not be good for the peeps I read but need to do for me.. :)

    Honestly, if I looked as great as you did in that pic with no makeup at the beach, I would never ever put on makeup again!

  7. 7

    Pizza is honestly my absolutely favorite meal to make! I make the crust from scratch and add a ton of sauteed veggies to the top (and I pass on the cheese, too) – my favorites are onion, bell peppers, zucchini, black beans, lentils, and fresh tomatoes! Garlic powder and oregano on the top is a must too…Yep, it’s okay to be picky to get exactly what you want ;)

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