We Hit Double Digits and Unsweetened Dark Chocolate Sauce



We did it.


I woke up this morning super nervous. With my training plan I’m supposed to do a long run Sunday, but because of my schedule Fridays are usually the only days I can go for a long run.

If I was nice, I’d wake up at the crack of dawn and get out of the house so I don’t disturb my men.

I’m not nice. I slept in a bit, made myself an Americano, STUFT Daddy a mocha, the boys their special “hot cocoa” and even took my time making a little banana cinnamon STUFT-rito.

IMG_5250.JPG (2)

I told you that STUFT egg-rito will be back. Since Brooke suggested nectarines and almond butter on my original post, I knew I had to do it up sweet style. Plus, bananas are one of my go to foods before longer runs so it just had to happen.

This little banana cinnamon STUFT-rito gem was cooked liquid egg whites with coconut oil. I attempted to wrap the banana and sprinkle some cinnamon on there, but it didn’t go quite as well as I had hoped. It wasn’t pretty, but it was delicious. I even saw STUFT Daddy eyeing it. Ha ha.

A couple of others were eyeing it too.

IMG_5252.JPG (2)

And how do you feel about cats (real or Flat Kitty type) on the counter?



I finally got all set to get out the door.

Had my new Wave Inspire 9s for the journey. Also had my favorite Mizuno shorts, Pro Compression low trainers, Handful tank top, Halo visor, etc.

IMG_5253.JPG (2)

Oh and I had these amazing new JayBird Bluetooth headphones.

IMG_5254.JPG (2)

There is more to come on these and a GIVEAWAY coming up very soon, so stay tuned.


Obviously I got the proper send off for my first attempt at double digits since April.

IMG_5257.JPG (2)

I took it really slow. I kept an open mind to do anywhere between 9-11 miles depending on how I felt. I also told myself if at any point during the run things started hurting I would stop.

The only reason I think I could take this run on was because of all the cross training I’ve been doing while I’ve been hurt. Spin classes, etc. They are no joke and they help a lot. That in combination with the prolotherapy, resting properly and the PT. My PT did say way back when that when my hip finally got better training shouldn’t be that hard to get back into. Still though, I’m taking things one day at a time.


Anyway…… back to running.

It’s funny how great it feels to just be able to be outside running again. It made me think a bit. I wasn’t really in a good place when the whole injury thing happened. I wasn’t treating my body well. I was overtraining, fueling the wrong way with processed foods and way too much artificial sugar, stressed out, etc.

I’m in such a different place now. I’m trying not to worry about time or what I “have” to do to prepare for my upcoming races, but for what I “get” to do.

I’m really just so thankful for the ability to be able to run again.

If my speedy days are behind me, well, that’s the way it goes. I don’t think they are, I think I might just have a long way to go and quite a bit or work to do to get there, but I’m on it.

I was also thinking about how darn lucky I am to have such a supportive husband and family. They put up with a lot of my nonsense along with my training and running (Mom likes to call it my “hobby”). I it really inconveniences quite a few people. For them and their support, I am thankful.



I ran part of my usual long run. I got to see my little buddy who I’m sure has missed me over the past few months (even though he couldn’t see me with those blinders on).

IMG_5258.JPG (2)

I had to stop once to text Andrew and tell him I didn’t have house keys. Not that you care, but it was then that the GPS on my Polar GPS stopped working. Annoying. It never started up again so who knows what happened.


IMG_5259.JPG (2)

And, well, while my mind wandered, the time seemed to go by pretty quickly. Before I knew it I was home. Pretty much pain free. Things were a little uncomfortable, but not painful. It was pretty consistent the entire run. My hip didn’t start to hurt more or anything the further I went.


Check out that pace. Dang, I was fast huh? LOL.

That was NOT my average pace. The GPS never started back up so it said I only did 5 miles. It’s a liar.


Luckily I had my Nike+ app on my phone too so it was a bit more accurate.


First double digit run in the books. I could not be happier.


Hopefully many more to come.


The true test will be how I feel in the morning. I feel fine right now. No pain or anything. Hopefully tomorrow will be the same.


When I got home I had to feed my face as soon as possible. I stuffed a romaine heart with one of those Costco burgers, a tomato, Trader Joe’s Everyday seasoning and some Tapatio.


It was like a little romaine wrap. A little messy to eat, but it stayed together well because I left the butt end on while I ate all the good stuff.


That held me over while I did my PT exercises and stretched a bit.

Oh and while my sweetener free roasted kabocha was cooking of course.

I went the kabocha boat route and Good Earth tea with some apple cider vinegar in it to wash it down.


Oh, what? You want to have a closer look?



Inside the boat was coconut butter, Peanut Free NuttZo and that dark chocolate sauce.


What? You want to know what that unsweetened dark chocolate sauce is?




It is not sweet, but I’ve fallen in love with it. It can go on anything really, but the best is obviously squash.


He he.


Okay, gotta go.

Happy Friday! It’s date night tonight! Yippee! We’re going to drink some wine. That’s the only thing we know for sure and I feel like I’ve been waiting all week for it.

And hey, I’m all dressed up with my 110% Play Harder compression knickers complete with ice packs for the occasion.


Looks like they’re complete with a little dog or cat hair too. Lovely.


Anyone else have a date night planned tonight?

What kind of random things do you think about when you run?

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  1. 1
    erin says:

    Nice! Congrats on your pain free run-I know from experience how hard it is to sit on the sidelines and not run! Hope you feel great in the am:)!

  2. 2
    Cinnamon says:

    Awesome job with the run. So glad to read this post! Happy for you!!

  3. 3
    Kim says:

    Wow – way to go!!! So happy that you are back into the running groove!!!

  4. 4
    Erica says:

    Food. I always think about food when I run ahha. That and usually choreography for the teaching. SO glad the run went well. I want a new polar now that I see that one. I love mine, but the GPS would be nice to have (so I wouldn’t have to use my run keeper). Congrats on the double digits!

  5. 5
    Apryle says:

    Congrats on your double digit run! What a huge, huge deal! I couldn’t help but notice one of your little guys is wearing a shirt in one of the pics that says, “Are we there yet?” That is kind of ironic, but fitting for your first long run venture back.
    I think about all kinds of stuff when I run, it is when I get my best ideas and inspiration. But, when the going gets really tough, I always think about winning the lottery and what I would do.
    I LOVE the idea of stuffing all kinds of good stuff into romain lettuce and leaving the “butt end” on to hold it together! Genius!

  6. 6

    Congrats on the first double digit run, I agree that all your cross training is going to make is easier to get your running endurance back!

    I make lists in my head while I run. What I need to do. what I want to do. thoughts about possible upcoming races. And I also count things, A LOT. I count my steps up hills, when i get really tired and later stages of longer runs I count sidewalk cracks… it keeps me and my numbers brain occupied!

  7. 7
    Jill C. says:

    I don’t listen to music when I run, or ever really. I only like about 5 different artists, and none of them are particularly run-friendly. Plus, I like to be able to hear the outside when I’m on a run. Is that normal? I do think quite a bit when I’m out. If my dogs are with me, I think about dog-related stuff: do I have enough dog food for the week, do I feel like taking them to PetSmart for new outfits, why do they have to act like they’ve never seen another dog before when we run by others? When I’m solo: what do I want to do today, anything I need to buy, gosh I have no money, why didn’t I bring the dogs so I could think about dog stuff? I am kind of all over the place. When runs are real hard I mostly think about not dying. You know, the usual.

  8. 8

    Congratulations!!!! So so happy for you! I don’t consciously think of anything while I run (I usually listen to running podcasts or nutrition podcasts), but when I’m finished running, if I had any “issues” they are usually resolved. Amazing!

    • 8.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      I’m a big podcast fan too for longer runs. Do you ever listen to Jillian Michaels? That’s one of my favorites!

      • Yes! I love Jillian Michaels – she’s so relatable and funny! I also love the Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast, Marathon Training Academy, the Nutrition Diva, Endurance Planet, and Slate Political Gabfest (OK, that one’s not running/ nutrition related but it keeps me at least a little bit up to speed on important current events). Let me know if you try any of these and like them :).

  9. 9

    You are awesome. Love all those food pics..I’ve been making zucchini pizza like crazy!

  10. 10
    meredith says:

    I am so happy for you! You did awesome! My gps app is always off these days. Yesterday when I completed 5 miles, the app was first chiming in at 1 mile. So annoying! I hope you are waking up today feeling great. I really am happy for you to be getting back to running. It’s been a bit of a road but I think you have come through the worst and I bet even stronger than before.

  11. 11

    So glad to see your road to recovery being paved! 🙂 Sending you healthy thoughts!

  12. 12
    Natalie says:

    Yay!! I love this! I am glad you are able to run again! My thoughts today were so random. I plan on including some in a blog post!

  13. 13
    Hayley says:

    I gotta try that chocolate sauce! Looks good! And Congrats on the run!

  14. 14
    Tracy says:

    Congrats on a successful double digit run!! Here’s to feeling good in the a.m.!

    We’re having date night tonight, too, but we’ll be drinking margaritas and watching Downton Abbey. We’re pretty crazy over here! lol

  15. 15
    Carly says:

    Totally nitpicking but the horse could see you – that’s just a fly mask to keep flies off his face. Has a million tiny holes so they can see.

  16. 16

    I am so happy for you that you got to run with minimal pain – very cool! You have a nice place to run too!!! Me, I think about getting back home to my coffee! 🙂 You look amazing as always!!

    Like you, I am very lucky to have a supportive hubby that puts up with my absolute craziness! 🙂

  17. 17
    Chels says:

    Yay! So happy to hear about this run. Nice work…glad you are easing back into things.


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