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Well, “Orange” You Trying to Be Smart

Well, “Orange” You Trying to Be Smart


Yep. me. For a change. Trying. Learning.


Tuesday Workout- I rested. Like a champ. I taught a quick BOSU class, but other than that I didn’t do much. And oh man, did my body need some resting time.

I got to watch the boys do a little bit better following directions during their swim lessons this time, even though I did overhear some other young swimmers at the pool refer to my guys as “trouble”. Lovely.

IMG_5529.JPG (2)IMG_5531.JPG (2)IMG_5530.JPG (2)


I keep thinking about the color orange lately. Not my favorite color, but my mom commented the other day about my hands being orange.

I have no idea why, it’s not like I eat a lot of orange food, like a sweetener free roasted kabocha a day or anything. Ha ha.

Seriously though, I do have a bit of an orange tint, It’s like a free natural self tanner. I’ve heard of that happening when people drink too much carrot juice and such, but I guess you can get it from squash too.


Here are a couple things you can eat to get one for yourself.

A massive chilled kabocha boat.

IMG_5415.JPG (2)

Lately I’ve been filling it with a mix of Peanut Free NuttZo, almond butter and coconut butter.

IMG_5421.JPG (2)


Nectarines. They are so good right now.

They are also really good topped with the same fixings as above plus a little coconut and sunflower seeds.

IMG_5437.JPG (2)

Oh, and obviously better when eaten with a teeny tiny fork. He he.



Random, but speaking of orange, my ghost chilies are looking pretty darn good these days.


I’m a little scared of them actually. Andrew said these orange ghost chilies are different than the normal red ones.

Does anyone know anything about that? Are they hotter or something?


Here’s a flashback picture of my chilies from last year (because I’m sure you’re just dying to see them).




Okay, well, last night I was so darn tired. It was just one of those days where I was mentally and physically tired. We are on the go ALL THE TIME around here and by 6:30 pm I was so done. If you follow me on instagram you saw this little post.

IMG_5537.JPG (2)

I thought about trying to stay up and do my usual late night “office hours” thing, but for once, I was smart and just decided everything could wait. I left the house messy, didn’t do any work and just snuggled with my boys and then went to bed at about 9:30 pm.

Best decision ever.

Time is love.


It was nice to actually take my own advice for a change. Ha ha. I’m trying to keep the bigger picture in mind and approach not just my training plan, but training for life top priority. I want to keep on a good path of recovery and be smart for a change.


Okay, and now, rather than making my spin class suffer through one more week of the same songs, I need to get my act together and plan an exciting class.

I need to somehow transfer and sync my iPod music with my music on my computer and such and have no idea how to do that. Isn’t that just fabulous.


Oh, and since I’m currently sipping on this egg-cellent mocha smoothie (I even upped the egg whites in it and did 3/4 cup egg whites and 3/4 cup almond milk)


I better share the sale on my favorite egg whites in case you want to order some yourself.

Here’s the link:

Egg Whites International

Here are the coupon codes.


* 4 gallon case normally $144 now $112 Enter Code: ESACLAG

* 2 gallon case normally $72 now $56 Enter Code: SNOLLAG

* 6 half-gallon case normally $126 now $96 Enter Code: ESACFLAH


Catch ya later today!


Anything “orange” to share? Favorite food?

Anyone else go to bed extra early last night?

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  1. 1

    they aren’t necessarily orange, but i’ve been loving snacking on my big bag of pumpkin seeds from costco!

  2. 2
    Christian says:

    I’ve been eating a lot of orange kabocha too! Unfortunately the local grocery stores don’t carry it (I know – blasphemy!) and my mom and I have to drive to Atlanta to stock up at the Asian market. We usually buy 10 at a time haha.

  3. 3
    morgan says:

    lately we have been out of my favorite Kabocha squash here so I have been cubing & roasting sweet potatoes, then tossing them with cinnamon, ginger & lime juice & eating them cold at lunch with a big green salad- some good carbs fuel me through the afternoon but cold carbs are even better when it it so hot 🙂

  4. 4
    Kim says:

    I bet those orange ghost chilies are HOT!!!
    I love orange – as in burnt orange like the Texas Longhorns!!
    No early bed-time around here – we are on vacation in Florida and have had a great time staying up at night and catching up with friends – the problem is my body refuses to let me sleep in!!!

  5. 5
    Erin says:

    I eat lots of orange food and my sister is always telling me how orange my hands are! (And yet here I am right now eating another bowl of pumpkin….)

  6. 6

    Glad you took some rest when you needed it! I don’t know how you survive those crazy busy Mondays you do 😉

  7. 7

    The food pics look amazing & your garden!!! You are multi- talented!!!

    I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad you said screw the other stuff last night! You really are so friggin on the go non-stop! You do need to let some of this other stuff just go more often & take time for you – you deserve it!!!

    On the boys – TROUBLE – cracked me up! 😉 More reason why you need to take care of yourself more often.. that other crap will be there when you get to it. 🙂

  8. 8
    meredith says:

    I always go to bed early! Early to bed, early to rise – that’s me. My son may be 9 but strict bed time for him is 8 pm. I don’t care if he goes to sleep or not but that is the time I am finished and he is to be finished too and in his room for the night. Last night I was especially tired and fast asleep before 9. I totally hear you on being done at 630 pm. Totally hear you!

  9. 9
    Erica says:

    I eat a TON of carrots and I sometimes look a little orange as well ;). Glad you took some time for yourself and enjoyed your rest day. Just perfect. We all need downtime. Hope you had a great Wednesday

  10. 10
    Angelee says:

    Omg Kristin I am so happy to hear I’m not the Lone Ranger. My boss grabbed my hands the other day, stared at my palms and screamed, “You’re orange!” I was so embarrassed!!! I don’t notice it at all…. By hey, can’t deny we’re getting enough beta keratine!

    Angelee (IG feedmeclean)

  11. 11

    You and me both my friend. The bottoms of my feet are definitely orange. I call it my natural tanner. Delicious and I have a nice “glow”. 😉

    I’m so glad you’re taking the time to rest these days. School is starting back here in a week and a half. Life is about to get crazy again!!!

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