Treadmill Incline, STUFT Romaine and Royal Socks


Wednesday Workout:

Taught a spin class.

Ran 6 miles on the fancy shmancy treadmill.

IMG_5541.JPG (2)IMG_5544.JPG (2)IMG_5547.JPG (2)

Mizuno Elixirs were the shoes for the day. My training plan had a 6 mile run with 2 warm-up miles, 2 miles at MP (marathon pace) 7:27 pace and then 2 cool down miles. I was a little nervous about the speed factor. I’ve only run a little bit under an 8 minute mile once since being back to running, so I figured I’d try it out and see what happened. If it was uncomfortable, I’d stop.

Unfortunately, despite these treadmills being super amazing, they don’t have TVs on them at the new gym. If I was cool I would have had my iPad all ready with a Gossil Girl episode or something to hook up, but I’m not cool and I don’t have an iPad. So, my regular old playlist did the job. Ha ha.

I warmed up with 2 miles, couldn’t figure out what speed to set the treadmill on to get to a 7:30 pace so did a quick little search on my phone to find this chart. (Yep, while running the warm up. A little dangerous.)



I quickly saw that 8.0 MPH was 7:30 pace so went with that.

I did 3 miles at that pace and then a cool down mile. Then I read the fine print and saw that at 0% incline that was actually a 7:49 pace. What the? I usually have a 1% incline, but totally forgot today. I didn’t even think about it affecting mile pace.


Maybe I’ll do a little test next time and do 7.7 MPH on a 3% incline and see how tough that is. According to the chart that would be a 7:30 pace. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Actually, it was probably a blessing in disguise today because everything felt fine and I have the tendency to want to do more than I should sometimes. I’m so darn grateful for 6 miles I can hardly stand it.


Since I had treadmills on the brain today (particularly wanting this one), I did a little treadmill workout internet search and found some fun articles I thought I’d pass along from Runner’s World.

How Real Runners Train on Treadmills

Elite runners share their favorite treadmill workouts and the purpose of them.

Treadmill Workouts

4 fun workouts to try to spice things up on the treadmill.

Runs of the Mill

A few different workouts to try depending on what running goals you have.


(Total side note, but as I writing this in my office right now I’m sweating like crazy. I totally have a sweat moustache. Isn’t that lovely? Oh summer and trying to safe a buck or two by not turning on the AC.)



kabocha boat picture of the day.


Side note- my kabochas lately have not been that great. A little mushy and tougher skin than normal. I’m not a big fan of the ones I’m finding this time of year. It might be time to wait it out until the good season comes in a couple of months. I wonder if I could do that. Ha.



The past couple of mornings a certain someone has been requesting the STUFT tots chocolate “milkshake”.

IMG_5513.JPG (2)

That makes me very happy.

I’ve mentioned these before, but we’ve been eating a lot of these Costco grass fed beef patties. They are so awesome and great for easy lunches (and for a quick mini meatza pizza).

IMG_5522.JPG (2)

We found these Kidz Zone bars the other day at Target. I like the kid’s Clif ZBars better, but we couldn’t pass up the yellow cupcake flavor.

IMG_5559.JPG (2)

The boys, oops, I mean, Buzz, dug them.

IMG_5550.JPG (2)

Watch out. Our house was a dangerous place today. I was “pewed” many, many times. And there is definitely a “right” and “wrong” way to do it. Apparently I do not do it the “right” way.

IMG_5554.JPG (2)

THIS is how you “pew”.


Judah has been a little camera shy lately. Not sure what’s going on with that. Maybe he just likes to be the camera man. Ha ha.


Lately for lunch I’ve been doing the whole stuff as much as possible in a head of romaine while keeping the butt end on thing like I first did last week.

You can pretty much stuff it with whatever you want. My favorites have been those burgers above, chicken breasts or turkey meat with tomatoes, onions, Serranos, Trader Joe’s Everyday Seasoning and some kind of hot sauce.


Not the easiest to eat, but it gets the job done.

Oh and if you’re too hungry to wait for roasted jicama chips, raw jicama gets the job done too.


Note- all the guacamole and salsa didn’t make it in the picture. It got a little messy looking.


After our whole grilled romaine experiment the other weekend, of course I had to test out trying to roast it tonight.

I just sprayed it with a little olive oil spray and seasoned it with that grinder from Trader Joe’s that has garlic, parsley, salt, etc. and threw it in with my other roasting veggies at 425 convection for about 7 minutes or so (I think).


It wasn’t too shabby. I think it was better when we Andrew made it on the grill, but roasted romaine with a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar (and the other usual spicy things) was pretty tasty.



One last thing before I go. Obviously you heard about this royal news, yes?

Well, my good friends over at Pro Compression have some darn good timing and just released a royal blue sock.


Pretty cool, huh?


So yeah, if you want to feel like royalty, order any royal blue socks or sleeves and get 40% off, plus free US shipping when you enter coupon code BLUE at checkout. 



Okay, that’s all friends. Hopefully my next post will be all things running, upcoming races, information on the Runner’s World Challenge, etc.

*There’s still time to enter the JayBird Sport BlueBuds X headphones giveaway.


Do you run on an incline when running on the treadmill?

Have you stuffed a romaine head with the butt on?

Royal baby name- thoughts?

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  1. 1
    meredith says:

    I hate the treadmill. Totally hate. Although I must admit, this past winter I adjusted to being on civil terms with the machine and was running well on it, usually at 1 % incline or slightly more. Only when I did hill-like intervals did I run much higher than that (4-6%). I realized yesterday that I haven’t run on the mill in easily 2 months which isn’t good because it takes time for me to adjust back to semi-liking the machine again. I am a sucker for the warm weather outdoor running…I tried roasting the romaine the other day when you mentioned it – not bad!

  2. 2
    Jillian C. says:

    I need those socks. I’m always told I look nice in blue, though I don’t have too many blue things. Plus, the dark blue color is just so pretty, yet strong!

  3. 3
    Jenn says:

    So this a random thought, but I run a much faster pace outside than I can on a treadmill (not anywhere even in the ballpark of your pace). I have to set the treadmill slower than I run outdoors. I’m not sure why, but it’s the only way I can run on a treadmill.

  4. 4
    Natalie says:

    I dread the treadmill and use it as a last resort. That chart is really interesting. I will have to run at an incline from now on.

  5. 5

    That chart about the treadmill paces is really interesting! I love running on the treadmill actually, especially when there’s a tv attached and I distract myself easily 🙂

    Thoughts on the royal baby name….predictable. I’m indifferent about it, but I did LOVE that Catherine came out dressed like she did, not trying to hide her figure right after having a baby. She looked gorgeous and I think it was great for the world (literally) to see that she didn’t just magically slim back down to her pre-pregnancy figure like we’re taught to think celebrities often do.

  6. 6

    That chart, genius. I’ve had to knock out more runs at the gym than I would like, but it keeps Mr Running It going and it’ll be nice to have a point of reference!

    Royal who? Yep, over it. I feel like I should care because one day long after I’m gone that little person has the potential to make a world wide impact, but until then, he’s just another baby needing some lovin, burpin’ and a diaper changin 🙂

  7. 7

    I normally run with the TM @ 1% or higher. I don’t do TM a lot until winter but I want to simulate road running as best as possible and I know that NO road is 0%! Love the Buzz lightyear outfits!

  8. 8
    Kim says:

    I always use at least 1.5% incline on the treadmill. And, I think that the treadmill you ran on is mine!!! I have the FreeMotion (don’t know the #) but it is a commercial grade one because I’ve already burned up 2 treadmills – 1 decent one and then another great commercial quality one.

  9. 9
    Anne says:

    We totally got those kidzone bars at target a couple of weeks ago, and my girls love the cupcake flavor too! On my treadmill at home I don’t do any incline because it’s a sweatfest anyway, but at the gym I do usually 1.0 incline to make the effort “comparable” to the roads:)

  10. 10

    Pew! Pew! I hear that often in my house too 🙂

    i made Lincoln some *ice cream* last night, I think the sprinkles on top helped fool him into thinking it was the real thing!

  11. 11

    You crack me up!! OMG – the kiddo pics & the cute comments you make!!!

    I so want that fancy treadmill! I use the 30 incline treadmill at my gym but doing HIIT & intervals I do always put it at a 1% incline. I mix it up with hill jogging & high hill walking….

    OK: Have you stuffed a romaine head with the butt on? 😀

  12. 12

    If I’m on the treadmill, I’ll sometimes run at a 1% incline and other times I’ll at 0% and run at a faster pace than I would outside (i.e. if I’m doing a workout where I would want to hit 6:45 pace outside, I’ll look at the chart and see that the equivalent treadmill pace at 0% is 9.3 MPH or 6:27 pace). I find that doing this helps work on increasing leg turnover, making it easier to eventually hit faster paces outside!

  13. 13
    Jessica Kempainen says:

    The screen on those treadmills works like an ipad so you can use your finger and slide the screen to the left or right to get different screens other that the track. One of them tells you different stats like miles, pace, incline, etc.


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