Mama’s Homecoming Rules


I’ve got a couple.

No workout chat today since my workouts have been pretty scattered and random over the past 4 days. I took about 4 class/sessions a day at the IDEA World Fitness Convention, some of them tough workouts, some of them not. I fit in a couple short runs, but didn’t get a long run in or any good quality training runs, etc.

So, I’m really ready to start a new week and get back on track with my MCM training plan. I have 11 weeks until that race. It gives my butterflies a bit.

I do love getting the nightly emails though from the Runner’s World Challenge training program that gives me my workouts for the next two days.


They have my workouts and they always have some extra tips or advice too. I love that.


Over the past weekend, not only were my workouts all over the place, but so was my eating. Most of the days at the convention I barely had time to sit down, so I basically was just shoveling in anything I could to keep my energy up. There were lots of snacks: almonds, bananas, apples, chia shots,


countless Starbucks Americanos,


 Quest Bars, Larabars, etc.


A lot of snacking which I’m not used to. I’m generally a three big meal with an afternoon snack kind of gal.

Obviously, when I got home yesterday I was ready for a ginormous roasted kabocha boat. And although my kabocha was not good (it was soggy and the texture was off darn it),  I sure did it up the right way after not having any for 5 days.


In the “boat”- coconut butter, Peanut Free NuttZo, vanilla flavored Chobani, and two Quest Nutrition Cravings peanut butter cups.

Um, yeah. It was good minus the less than average squash, but I consumed quite a bit of dairy yesterday after that boat as well that took a toll on my tummy. I’m hurting a bit today.


Okay, well, I’ll be recapping all the fun from the IDEA World Fitness Convention throughout the week, but not today.

Oh, and don’t worry, I won’t bore you with all the details from the convention, just the fun ones having to do with eats, fashion and workouts.

Oh, but just in case you’re wondering, this is how to properly leave the convention expo on the last day.


And yes, I had to walk a mile back to the hotel with all those bags. It was a very long mile.



For now I have 3 main rules I’m sticking to.

Want to hear about them?



Be the best hands on mama to my cute, cute men.

I could not wait to hug these guys last night.


I also couldn’t wait to have one of Papap’s cosmos since he and Grandma so graciously not only watched the boys, but then had us over for dinner.


After being gone for 4 days all I want to do is give my guys all my attention and love. I will not be distracted with computer work, etc. “Time is love” in the biggest way for the next few days.


Rule 2-

Priorities, training, slowing down and sleep.

That’s kind of a long rule I guess. Ha. I don’t have any travel coming up until October, so I’m ready to just get things together on the home front.

I’m really needing to settle in and be smart about my MCM training plan and the whole big picture of balancing mama tasks and life with training. That means taking care of myself and the family and saying “no” a little more often. I’m lightening my class teaching load and working on giving up a few other things too (including any “office hours” that are after midnight).

And, well, if that means some work will have to wait, well, then, some work will have to wait. We’re slowing down around here and getting a grip on things.


Rule 3-

Get back on track with meal planning, fueling my body the right way, etc. I’m ready to get back to a modified version of the whole STUFT Detox. Not as strict, but I definitely feel better when I eat that way and stay far away from both artificial and real sugar and dairy. My body just can’t hack those things. And, seriously, if I go a couple days and have it, well, then I just crave it more and more. It’s a slippery slope and I’m just not ready to go down that path again. Time to get smart.

I really like using this Whole 30 Meal Map as a general guide.

It’s also time to start sneaking in a few more paleo type meals for the family and using that guide for them too a bit. It definitely takes more time and money and planning, but I want us all to start eating more of a paleo type diet so I’m going to sneak in a few meals here and there as baby steps.



And, whelp, those are my rules for now.

Maybe you don’t care, but it feels good to get them written down, especially on a Monday.


Now I gotta go give my guys the attention they need!


Happy Monday!



Anyone else have any “rules” they’re working on this week?

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  1. 1

    I think these are great rules! I’ve been following you at the conference via instagram so I can’t wait to hear more about it all 🙂

  2. 2
    Michelle Kim says:

    These are all great rules!
    I need to do a little detox, too. I’ve been eating like how my boyfriend eats and my FACE has been breaking out like crazy (as well as adding some fluffy bits to my body, hehe). I don’t want to just do it for the looks, but like you said, to fuel the body right 🙂

  3. 3

    For some reason your new posts are only coming up on my phone, not my computer?
    Anyways….looks like a great way to leave an expo!

  4. 4
    Kim says:

    I think your rules are awesome!!! Enjoy your extra time with those cute boys today!!!

  5. 5
    Laura says:

    Enjoy a whole bunch of time with your boys…I am sure they missed you 🙂 Ohmigoodness….1 mile walking with all those bags?? Yikes. I bet you were so relieved when your hotel was in sight!!! Haha. Although….if it were me, I would probably have been reliving all the awesome-ness of the convention in my head, and the mile would fly by!

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