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I Ran to the Beach

I Ran to the Beach


Yep. Yesterday.

On the schedule for the weekend with my MCM training plan was this.


I was nervous as all heck to run 20 miles since the furthest I’ve run since being back was 15.5 last weekend at the race.

We had a family day planned for Friday and wanted to go to the beach at least one more time this summer. I decided to find out just how many miles it was from our house to the beach. Turns out according to my phone it was 20.8 miles.


I’ve always wanted to run from our house to the beach, but was never really silly enough to try it. The route is not the best. There are a few big hills and some sketchy traffic spots.

Well, yesterday I decided to go for it. It was a mixture of having a silly idea and being too darn lazy to get up early enough to fit in a long run before our family outing.

When I proposed the idea to STUFT Daddy I thought he would think it was great.

I was wrong. He really wasn’t excited about it, but hey, who can blame him.


I set out with some water, GU, Vega sport electrolyte enhancer and gel, chia, my iPhone, and well, a smile.

It was hot.

The first two miles of a long run are always tough. It’s hard mentally thinking that you’re going to be running for the next three hours or so. I hadn’t experienced that for over 5 months.


Listened to some Jillian Michaels podcasts. Nothing too exciting that stood out except that she was really big on addressing that bad things happen to people and we shouldn’t always be so positive. Instead of being positive we should focus on what we can learn from the experience. Not to sure how I feel about that outlook.


I took this picture at mile 10 just because I thought it was pretty.

IMG_6703 - Copy

I stopped to use a hose to fill up my water at a random fruit stand at mile 11.

Then got passed by these hoodlums trying to harass me about mile 11.5.

IMG_6704 - Copy

It was so fun to see them. They asked if I was ready for a ride, I was seriously tempted to climb in, but didn’t do it.

Did a quick wave and told them I’d see them at the beach.

IMG_6705 - Copy

It was about mile 16.5 that I really wanted to call Andrew to see if he could come and pick me up. I didn’t though.


I stopped at a random 7-11 to try to fill up with water and they didn’t have any free water. What? That was a bummer, but luckily there was another one about a mile away.

Once I finally got more water and realized just how close I was it was fine. The last 2 miles went by relatively quickly.

Maybe because I knew this was waiting for me.

IMG_6706 - Copy

What a beautiful sight, yes?

I made it.

IMG_6710 - CopyIMG_6707 - Copy

(Side note- Polar is having a special right now and you can get 25% off any of their RC3 GPS watches when you use the code “fitfluential”.)


Oh, obviously I asked a stranger to take my picture before finding the family who was there with my sister-in-law and her cute kiddos.

IMG_6713 - Copy

According to the pace calculator I ran an average of 10:36/mile.


That’s with a few stops and such. I usually don’t pay attention to my time on long runs. I’m usually just trying to focus on getting through the miles.


Oh man, the beach was just the perfect spot to end the run though.

IMG_6714 - Copy

Longest run for these little Wave Inspires.

As much as I love them, I was pretty excited to get them off my feet and do this.


And this chia shot and Vega Sport recovery drink were consumed in record time within 2 minutes of finishing my run. It was just enough to hold me over for a little while until I got to really cow down. He he.


One heck of a silly idea turned out to be quite fabulous if I do say so myself.

That’s the thing about running or walking. It’s free and you can do it just about anywhere.


Not to mention I’m pretty sure I had the best view on the beach.


Sad smile

Judah asked me if I was going to run back home while they drove. Funny kid.


For some reason my long runs always seem to tire everyone out.



I also met this girl on our way to the car, but the genius I am gave her the wrong email address to send me the picture so I have no proof. I’m so smart sometimes. Oh well, I was not at my finest as I was in my bathing suit with a Halo hat forehead line and chia in my teeth. Lovely.


Just one more reason to take up running or walking. It’s free and you can do it just about anywhere. Pretty darn awesome.


Not that you care, but this just went down over here.


Scrambled egg whites in coconut oil with chicken apple sausage and an apple with sweetener free roasted kabocha topped with PB free NuttZo, SunButter and coconut butter.

And it went down a little like this. 



Hope your weekend is off to a good start.


Do you ever do destination runs from your house?

What’s your favorite place you’ve ever ended a run or walk?

What did you eat for breakfast?

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  1. 1
    elizabeth says:

    What a great day and a great run for you! I really need to step it up and do a 20 miler, all I have to do is run out the door, up the beautiful highway, with no traffic. I’ll try next week, as soon as I get rid of this huge kink in my neck, I’m still running, but my neck hurts! I think I pulled it doing a Jillian Micheals tape with 8lb weights, I’m such a wuss.
    Thanks for a pic of your “best view on the beach”, cracked me up! How are you feeling today after your long run yesterday? Do you like that Polar watch better than your Garmin?

  2. 2

    I always do destination runs, but no where as exciting at the beach. I run to Whole Paycheck. LOL!

  3. 3
    Kathy says:

    So HAPPY for you….you must be feeling so much better. YEA!

    Looks like the best reward after a long run….ah, sun and beach! 😉

  4. 4

    You’re amazing!!! Aside from destination runs on vacation, the closest I’ve coming is running to a big lake we have in Dallas (White Rock) to run around it.

  5. 5
    Laura says:

    What a great way to end your run! I wish I could run to the beach, but we’re about 30 miles away and you have to go over some mountains to get there! Have a good weekend.

  6. 6
    Kristin U says:

    I’ve thought about doing a training walk to the beach! Now that I know it’s 20+ miles I’ll wait a little longer, hah. Great recovery, keep taking good care of yourself.

  7. 7
    marti says:

    i love destination runs! a friend and i are training for the twin cities marathon in october and were just chatting today about heading out to a local lake to get in a 20+ miler just for some fun scenery! we did a half marathon relay this morning! the prerun breakfast: 2 egg white omelet, toast with sunbutter peanut butter and banana. post run: a celebration SPICY ceasar!

  8. 8
    Erica says:

    GREAT work! I love combining running with other tasks. I try to run Kaylin to daycare once a week (weather permitting). Way to rock 20 miles. That distance seems just whoa to me. Maybe some day I’ll try for a full…

  9. 9
    Jill C. says:

    I wish I had a beach to run to! Talk about motivation! However, I’m in MS, and I’d have to run a LOOOOONG way to end up with sand in my toes. I do love running at a local park and pond. It’s only 1.5-miles around, but I am only running 5-miles right now. Plus, it’s so pretty and breezy that I really don’t mind running in circles. My dogs also like when I bring them because they get to swim with the fishies and turtles 🙂

  10. 10

    What a great idea and there is no better place to end a run than at the beach! Looks beautiful! 🙂 Glad you got your 20 miler in AND enjoyed some family time!

  11. 11
    Tess says:

    Lurve the beach bum shot…Priceless!!!

  12. 12
    stephanie says:

    youre so inspiring! love the idea of running to the beach.

    question– do you still get super bloated whenever you eat the squash? i’ve been eating it a lot lately and hate the super inflated stomach i get affter. I feel so worthless slash embarrassed when i walk around looking prego. any way to get rid of it?

  13. 13
    Natalie says:

    I would love to be able to run to the beach. Great job getting it done!!

  14. 14

    You are amazing!!!!!!!! How does the bod feel today? I loved the butt crack on IG yesterday – love that you took us with you – really, you are fun to read!!!!!! NOW REST!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  15. 15

    Running to the beach seems like a great idea! I would have been really tempted to hop in that car though 😉

  16. 16

    YEAH for your run and ending it at the beach….Breakfast this morning was Chobani, blueberries, raspberries, and Chocolate NuttZo! Pretty pumped because tomorrow morning I am making it again, but stuffing it all into the jar. HA! High-Fives!

  17. 17
    janetha says:

    haha my wrist! it’s in your post! i dont know how you run so far.. i can’t make it a mile without being bored to tears. you’re a machine!

  18. 18
    MILF Runner says:

    Wow! I am pretty blown away that your body has responded so amazingly to the prolotherapy to handle 20 miles at all let alone already! That is pretty encouraging 🙂 How many injections have you had all together? It looks like you were getting one every 2 weeks for a while. Are you still getting them? Does your practitioner have you doing specific exercises? Forgive me if you’ve already posted this info!

  19. 19

    What a great idea! Talk about motivation to keep on going.


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