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Monday Magnificence and a Grain Free Apple Muffin

Monday Magnificence and a Grain Free Apple Muffin


Why hello!

Hope your Monday treated you well.

Despite our hectic schedule, ours went surprisingly well. It makes the world of difference when you start your day the right way. Yes?


And when it’s ends a little something like this.


Isn’t that just gorgeous? And to think, I almost hopped on the treadmill for a short run tonight instead. At the last minute I decided to just run from the gym to the beach. I’m so glad I did. How could I have missed this? Silly.

Just ran 4 miles today. Taught a few classes throughout the day (spin, Y50X and step), so my body wasn’t really feeling it. But, I’m trying to follow my training plan as closely as possible and had to give my Wave Sayonara shoes some Monday night love.

Dang we are blessed.



Let’s see. Not that you care, but I finally roasted this little squash I got last week from the farmer’s market.


I just prepared it like I do roasted kabocha squash.

We’ve been digging these chicken apple sausages from Trader Joe’s lately too, although Judah always complains that they “have brown stuff on them”. He’s already not a fan of my little over cooking problem.


The end result was a mix of that sausage, scrambled with egg whites and an apple in coconut oil with some pink sea salt and it was magnificent. So was the roasted kabocha and whatever other squash that is topped with Peanut Free Nuttzo mixed with more coconut oil on the side.


We do not mess around here. Dang I love breakfast. Anyone else?

Oh and one random tip before I give you a little muffin recipe. It might not be the best idea to wear a shirt telling everyone who you are if you’re going to the same store you frequently visit late on Monday nights after the gym for squash and cat food.


Oh man, they have really got to be talking about me now. Ha ha.


Okay, so the muffin.


This muffin.


I know, it’s just darn cute.

And awesome.

And easy.

And healthy.

And without any added sugars or artificial sugars.

And filled with apple chunks.


It’s just magnificent.

I’ve been dabbling a bit with different bread making and am still working on sample the seedy bread before I have that recipe ready, but this is pretty much just a fruity version of Easiest No Sugar, No Grain Microwave Muffin Ever.

Here you go.



So darn easy.


I’ve made it with both Granny Smith apples and Fuji ones. Both work well.



These muffins can be frozen and they also travel well. I took a couple of them that I had baked in the oven to the IDEA Fitness Convention the other week.


Why yes, a muffin goes fabulously with a Venti Americano and GNC vitapak.


A muffin also goes well with a huge breakfast scramble and is even better when topped with coconut butter and peanut free Nuttzo.





Oh, and because I know there are a few of you that only come to the blog to see pictures of the boys, well, here you go.


This was from open gym last week. Who the heck knows what’s under all those blocks, right?

Have a good one!


What’s your favorite kind of muffin?

Tell me something magnificent about your Monday.

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  1. 1
    Laura says:

    Favorite muffin: either lemon poppy or pumpkin (depending on the season!) Although right now apple muffins are looking pretty darn tasty! I am definitely going to try making them soon!
    Magnificent Monday moment: I had a great run, in the sense that I did something I thought I couldn’t do!

    I so love your Monday night beach runs! They look awesome. Oh, and your shoes remind me that Bart Yasso was wearing Sayonaras to run on Sat. I thought you would be happy to hear that 🙂 Hah.

  2. 2

    I’m a pumpkin muffin girl all the way! It’s just about that time too!

    I will definitely give the apple a go though. Sounds amazing!

  3. 3
    Kori says:

    Run to the beach every chance you get! Take me with you when you do, I live in Omaha Ne…..I wonder exactly how far from the ocean I am??? BTW Thanks for coming “clean” on the whole sugar/eating thing! I’m the same way, once I have one bite, I NEED more! It’s frustrating & I think it’s harder now having kids…

  4. 4
    kait says:

    OK, first off, love the shirt. Secondly, I have that devotional – my day always seems to go a little more smoothly when I start my day with it! Can’t wait to try that mug recipe out.

    Lastly – how are you liking those Sayonaras? Do you feel like you could go longer distances in them? (12+ miles?) I’m trying to find my race shoes for MCM….

  5. 5
    Kelli says:

    My favorite mug muffins are chocolate, but made with healthy ingredients. I also enjoy any mug muffin with pumpkin as a base. Something magnificent about my Monday…….I was able to accomplish my Monday to-do list! 🙂 Can you share the name of your devotional? Or direct me to the post where you have before…pretty sure I saw it somewhere, but don’t remember which post. Thanks

  6. 6
    Erica says:

    Beautiful view! I taught Step twice yesterday and I’m cooked! That muffin sounds so yum. Easy peasy too. The best. Hope you have a great Tuesday

  7. 7
    elizabeth says:

    Your muffin looks good, I’m going to try it, I like anything with coconut flour. Are you going to post the seedy bread recipe from the other day?

    • 7.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Oh yes I am. 🙂 I’m going to make it one more time. And… I keep meaning to get back to your other question about missing my almond milk ice cream- yes I do. I need to recreate one that is a combo of almond milk and a frozen banana. I’ve just been too lazy at night to try anything. 🙂

      • elizabeth says:

        Maybe you could get some egg whites, chia and coconut oil in there with the frozen banana! 😉 I can’t eat egg whites, without thinking of your blog. I had a sandwich the other day with micro egg whites, coconut oil on the toast, a little smashed avocado, tomato and salt, really good. There are so many good things to eat and so much to eat in the garden right now.

  8. 8

    Love that apple muffin recipe! Thanks for sharing. Looks delicious.

  9. 9
    elizabeth says:

    Made the muffin for breakfast with nectarine and nutmeg, so good!

  10. 10
    Elle says:

    I make similar fruity muffins in the mike. Love them so much.

    Thanks for the reference to the kabocha vid today, as I have searched KABOCHA on your blog and you can well imagine how many different posts it finds! hahahahaa

    Will look forward to experimenting with mine a bit more. And that seedy bread recipe…. soon? 🙂

  11. 11

    I really love the look of that muffin. My favorite muffin is blueberry and I bet this recipe would be equally delicious subbing in blueberries for the apples and with a little nutbutter slathered on! Yum!

  12. 12
    lindsay says:

    i’ll take a muffin and a stuftmama tank! and i love that devo. Keep LIVING It woman!

  13. 13

    The muffin looks great! I’m going to have to try that soon. I generally go for choc chip mug muffins. mmmmmm

  14. 14
    Michelle Kim says:

    This apple muffin recipe is very timely. My school “house” only has a kitchenette with a microwave… so I’ll be sure to make this pretty often! I love that there are chunks of apples in there 😀

  15. 15
    CMama says:

    I just have to say how much I enjoy your posts. Especially, when you have the Jesus Calling pages up. I cannot tell you how many times they have been perfect for my day.

  16. 16
    Allison says:

    My kids went to a gym that had a block pit with blocks like that! That place smelled awful and the block pit was was like the bermuda triangle of socks. I also come to your blog for pictures of your cat .

  17. 17

    LOVE the sunset! How lucky that you went – perfect end to the day!!!!

    LOVE that recipe too!!!! Got it printed out! 🙂 So does the fav muffin have to be healthy? If not – cinnamon crumb! 🙂 If healthy – my protein ones! 🙂

    The boys are crazy cute!

    Monday – I had the most awesome all weight workout!!! 🙂

  18. 18
    Sherry says:

    I’m reading that devotional also! Monday really resonated with me deeply. It’s been a trying year but He continues to confirm me and bring me peace. I start each morning with that book and I feel much better!

  19. 19
    Bridget says:

    What’s under those blue blocks? Are you kidding me – MONEY!! You should be training the boys to look for money. Make sure their immunizations are up to date first though!!!!!!

  20. 20

    Those muffins are cute and I was waiting for one to be topped with NuttZo! 🙂 I LOVE muffins of all flavors, sizes, and sometimes the ones that are really not good for you either. I feel like you can never go wrong with a banana muffin. Top it with honey, butter, jam, or nut butter and it really is a win win. XOXO

  21. 21
    Amanda says:

    That muffin looks so good! I love anything apple and anything in the microwave (this girl does not like to cook lol) so this is perfect for me! 🙂

  22. 22
    Annie says:

    Just made this … DELICIOUS!!!


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