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The Runs Lately- The Hot Ones

The Runs Lately- The Hot Ones


Ha ha. I don’t know why that title makes me laugh. Clearly I’m still recovering at the moment from the longest and hottest run ever this morning. Details to follow.


So it has been brought to my attention that I’m rude and never really told you if the boys liked preschool or not.

Well, they had good reports both days from the teachers, they both ate their sandwiches and most of their lunches, they’ve been pulling up their own pants after going pee pee (I was worried about that one) and they’ve already been singing the songs they’re learning for me.

Judah found my old whistle and has been whistling around the house telling everyone to line up and Joaquin is already planning on wearing goggles to school next week.


No Buzz Lightyear or Woody just yet. We have to suck up to the teachers a bit first before we let our real family freak flags fly. Ha ha.


Okay, so running lately. This week has been a bit challenging. It’s been hard to get motivated. All par for the course though. We all go through it with running or whatever life throws our way.


Let’s see-


With my Runner’s World Challenge training plan I had an 8 mile run with three of those mile at tempo (7:00 pace). Um, yeah, haven’t run that fast in probably 5 months. I didn’t get a chance to get a run in earlier in the day so I left it for the gym right before dinner. Not the best idea.

But, I told myself I was going to do it because it was on my plan. There’s something about having a training plan with tips emailed to you.

I gave it a go on the treadmill. It was tough. Like hard to find my breathing, sweating like a beast tough.

I know I should not be doing tempo work on the treadmill, but it’s the only chance I get a lot of the time and it’s so much easier for me since the treadmill does the pacing. One less thing to think about. If I was really cool I’d do speed work outside, but I’m not. Maybe someday.

I did wear my new Elixir shoes for the occasion.


Oh and yes, when I have new shoes I baby them. You know, carry them into the gym, put them on right by the treadmill and then take them off right away. I like to try to keep them clean for a bit. I forgot how nice and cushiony new shoes are too. Dang I love the Wave Elixir 8 shoes. Seriously they are my favorites.


Oh, and since I had run 2 random miles earlier in the day I only did 6. 2 warm-up miles, 3 at tempo and then 1 cool down one.



Taught a spin class. Got even more sweaty than usual so was very thankful for my handy Halo Headband.  (Oh and I finally added some new music to my playlist so I’ll share later.)


Got on the treadmill for 7 easy miles afterwards at about an 8:20 or so pace (I think). That’s when I first noticed my friend’s cute hair though. Ha ha.


I can’t remember who told me that they heard Kelly wasn’t as nice as she seems. That just can’t be right. I refuse to believe it.



Ran 6 slow, hot sweaty miles outside. Well, almost 6. Isn’t it annoying when you come up just a wee bit short?


Dang it’s been hot here. It was 88 degrees when I finished. I don’t even know how long it took or if I had a dry spot anywhere on my Handful tank top.



Today was my long run. With my training plan this week my long run is 20 miles. The one and only time I’ve run that far since the whole injury thing, was two weeks ago when I ran to the beach. I tried to talk STUFT Daddy into driving and picking me up there so I could do it again, but he didn’t seem to excited about the idea. Shocker.


I really should be smart the night before long runs. You know, rest a little, eat normal stuff, stay away from the spices, get to bed early, hydrate……… the list goes on.

I usually don’t do any of those. It’s almost like a little self sabotage. Non intentional of course, but it happens a lot.

Last night I made anything and everything I could into pizzas. Meatza pizza, zucchini pizzas and even mushroom pizzas.


I thought for a split second about not showing you my unappetizing ginormous dinner plate, but then decided that I haven’t posted any for awhile so it’s time. Ha ha.


Dessert was a no grain STUFT seedy bread with coconut butter (my new favorite thing by the way) and some other nut butters, some unsweetened dark chocolate squares and a mini cherry pie Larabar.


I know right? Pretty smart to do the night before a long run, huh?


This morning we (Judah and I) were up at our new wake up time of 5:30 am.


I’m actually starting to like it. I kind of feel like I’ve been missing out on all the mornings I’ve been too tired to get out of bed and take some time to be thankful for the day that lies ahead. Just a couple of quiet minutes in the morning make such a big difference.


Made a banana cinnamon STUFT-rito and a strong Americano and about an hour later was on my way.


I was not in the running mindset. The first mile or two of a long run are always tough, but they were especially tough today. Decided to try a new route to change it up a bit and listened to my standard Jillian Michaels podcasts.

I started out ridiculously slow and pretty much kept that up the entire time.

It got hot fast. There were a lot of mental games I had to play.

I wanted to quit no less than 10 times. I was not happy with my route choice as there was no shoulder and I had to jump on the side of the two lane road way too many times to avoid oncoming traffic. Just not smart.

I did pass by an ostrich farm though.


I took a couple of lengthy water stops. Thought about calling Andrew to come and get me, but didn’t. I did send a text at my unplanned mile 13 stop where I had to beg for a water and tell them my husband would bring money later. Seriously.

He had only motivational words for me.


Well, somehow I made it to the last 1/2 mile and this was just one heck of a beautiful sight.


When I got home I checked the temp.


Um, no wonder.

But, hey, I made it. 20 miles.


Slowest long run ever. I think my average pace was around 11:11 or so. But I’ll take it.



Seriously, I’m just so glad I didn’t quit.

You know, life isn’t easy. Things you really want are NOT easy. Sometimes you have to dig deep and ask yourself why you want something.

And, just like Heather commented on instagram, we learn so much from those long runs (or those tough times). It’s good to have to work for something. We come out better people afterwards, right?


Okay, enough deep thoughts. Clearly I need a little nap or something.

And you, well, in case you need a little motivation, here you go.



And if you don’t like running or motivational quotes and just want to see the second coolest hairless cat ever, check out this amazing cat.

Seriously, you can thank me later. And I thought Kitty needed Spanx. Ha ha.

Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend!


Have you ever had a mentally tough run? What gets you through?

How’s the weather where you are? Obviously it is darn hot here.

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  1. 1
    Laura says:

    Gah, I don’t even know what to comment on first. Your gym selfie reminds me— I am loving my halo headbands, and probably have to order some more colors ( i got purple, aqua, black) ‘cuz they are so awesome!! Can’t wait to hear your new playlist. Love adding to my playlist!!
    Next…. good for you sticking with the long run. I do NOT do well in heat/humidity. I seriously run on my treadmill more in the summer than in the winter. I’m assuming the one picture is of your street/house at the end of you run….what a gorgeous place to live! 🙂
    Oh, and last comment, about the twins and their same shirts. When I worked at a preschool I remember the one set of twins dressing identically all the time, and I swear even 2 year olds liked to play the “ha ha you don’t know which one i am” game.

  2. 2
    elizabeth says:

    I would be miserable running in 97 degree weather, especially 20 miles. You are tough.
    I tried the seedy bread, but didn’t like it for some reason, maybe too nutty. I’ve been making the micro muffin with nectarine and nutmeg every day though, still very good, will have to try it with apple soon.

  3. 3
    Laura P says:

    I also commend you on the 97 degree run…..I doubt I could even do 5 miles in that temp, let alone 20!!
    It’s hot here too, I need to get up at 5:30 tomorrow to start my run, and I hate getting up that early.

    My husband is an identical twin. Although I don’t think as adults they look exactly alike. The pictures of them as kids are a little tougher to figure out!

  4. 4
    meredith says:

    Very proud of you for not quitting- although I knew you wouldn’t! I struggle some times on those long runs (not that I run as long as some of yours) but I never quite, it isn’t an option (unless something is truly wrong). I am so proud when I am done that I always continue knowing it is short lived agony and I will be happy when it is over. It isn’t hot here now, actually kinda cool and gorgeous but most of my summer runs were in the heavy humidity and early morning heat, not easy!

  5. 5
    Amy says:

    Great job on your long run! Your texts with your husband are hilarious! My husband would send me the exact form of “motivation.” 🙂

  6. 6
    Kathy says:

    OK Kristen….your title totally made me think you were giving a little pun to my last post! hahaha!

    (different kind of runs ….TMI) Great job on yours. Last night my girls had a CC race…I think it was still around 87 when they ran….coach kept saying “It’s not about PR’s” “It’s not about winning” “Today just run to have fun and compete….give it your best but be smart”…..the Varsity, JV and C girls ALL WON their races!!!

    THey were awesome! But even as a spectator parent running to see the girls at certain spots on the course I was a sweaty mess….ugh!

  7. 7

    97 DEGREES?! I don’t envy that at all 😛

  8. 8

    Hot runs are so tough …. I’m about to head out for my long run (14, not as long as yours!) and it’ll be 93 when I’m done (at least we are getting a little cooler than the past few weeks!). You’re good inspiration to just push through, even if I’m much slower than usual!

  9. 9
    MILF Runner says:

    So does your hip feel good and solid now? When you run and when you don’t? I am so curious about the success you’ve had with this treatment! I am still seriously blown away by the volume it can handle given both the diagnosis and treatment. Amazing!

  10. 10
    Natalie says:

    All of last week’s runs were tough on me. This week has been a lot better.

    It’s finally starting to cool off here and the humidity is also dropping, woot!!

  11. 11
    Krystle says:

    Your self will power is awesome. Good job. It’s very inspiring.
    Oh, squash master! I picked this baby up at the farmers market today, but i don’t know what kind of squash it is. Think you can take a whack at it?

  12. 12
    Kristin says:

    Can I just ask, what is your secret to being able to eat that many veggies and spices and then be able to run the next morning? I can’t handle anything with a high fiber content the night before a long run or the run will be more, er, eventful then I hoped. Learned that one the hard way. Do you take Pepto or anything before you run? Or do you just have a really tough stomach?

  13. 13

    It is still darn hot here in Houston, but not as hot as it was in August, so hoping I can start tackling longer runs and increase my speed. The heat and humidity slow you down SO MUCH! As for mental runs, I just try to take it one step at a time, get a good song to rock out to, and just get home in one piece. XOXO

  14. 14

    Have you been to Subway lately? The ones up in Norcal have a delish, spicy ‘CREAMY SRIRACHA’ sauce that coupled with banana peppers, green peppers, vinegar, and mustard as condiments makes the sandiwch super hot and so good!


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