Still Feeling the Heat- Dehydration, Fire Trucks and Spices



Well, yeah, it’s still hot here, but I think yesterday’s 20 mile run in the heat did a number on me. I’m a little out of it today. Super tired, bloated, foggy head, you know, all the fun stuff. Ha.

I don’t know a ton about dehydration as I’ve never suffered from it before. I know all the basics tips and warning signs and what not. I felt okay after my run yesterday until last night when I really didn’t feel well. And now today, man am I having a hard time.


I’ve been doing a little research (Google searches) to see just how long dehydration can stick around. One article I found said it can last 24-36 hours. Did you know that?

Also, dehydration not only negatively affects your running performance during a specific run, it also slows your ability to recover. That’s just not good.

Since I’ve been doing some internet searching on the topic I thought I’d pass a few things along.


Here is what happens when your body gets dehydrated from this article, Defeating Dehydration.

What happens in your body as you become dehydrated? When you sweat, your blood volume decreases, so less blood returns to your heart. As a result, the amount of blood your heart pumps with each beat decreases, consequently less oxygen-rich blood reaches your working muscles. Your rate of aerobic energy production decreases, and you must run at a slower pace.


Here are some of my other findings.


Some dehydration signs:

– Dry mouth.

– Irritability.

– Muscle fatigue.

– Lack of urine.

– Dizziness, lowered blood pressure, headache and feeling lethargic.


Some tips to avoid dehydration:

– Drink BEFORE the thirsty feelings hits. Make sure you are well hydrated before you exercise.

– For every hour of activity in hot conditions, drink 1 extra liter of fluid.

– Your urine should be pale yellow.

– Good choices to rehydrate after exercise are water, juice, milk, coconut water and/or sports drinks.

– After an intense workout or long run it’s best to replace electrolytes and sodium also. (Lately I’ve been drinking the Vega Sport recovery accelerator drink as soon as possible after my long runs or hard workouts.)

– Avoid alcohol, coffee and sodas after an intense workout as they will pull liquid from the body and could fuel dehydration.


There is a ton of information out there. The favorite and most informative articles I found today were these:

Defeating Dehydration

How Do I Know if I’m Dehydrated?

The Dangers of Hot Weather Running



Okay, while we’re talking heat, thought I’d show you our Friday night excitement last night.

It was fire truck night at our little local downtown event.


We suckered Grandma and Papap into meeting us there (and then taking us to dinner afterwards).


They even did this whole raising of the flag with the national anthem and everything. Love that.


The boys were really excited to shoot the cool hose.


He he.


Oh and not that you care, but I got some pretty fun spicy gifts from a few friends that I had to make good use of earlier today.

A new hot sauce from Jaqueline, some home dried chilies from our friend Jenny and some Serrano and ghost chilies from my own little plants outside.


I put all those together to top an egg pizza.

Yep. That’s what I said. A breakfast egg pizza.

I took a cup of my egg whites and cooked them like I do for my STUFT egg-rito. I quickly figured out that it was going to be too big to wrap up STUFT-rito style, so decided to make an egg pizza instead.

I went for all the fixings: one of these chicken sausages


broccoli slaw, guacamole and all the fun spicy stuff.


Oh heck yes. There was some Slap Ya Mama sprinkled on there too along with some Trader Joe’s Everyday Seasoning.

It was good stuff.


Funny side note- on one of the Jillian Michaels podcasts I listened to yesterday, she said making your food spicy makes you eat less.

I’m pretty sure I’m proof that that is NOT true.



Take care. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Have you ever felt really dehydrated during or after a long run or workout?

What was your Friday night excitement?

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  1. 1

    Nice job on the 20 miler! I noticed you mentioned that you feel bloated the day after your long run. I sometimes feel the same way and can never figure out why. I was wondering if you had any insights on why this happens. It’s really discouraging to work so hard only to feel that way the next day! Thanks!

  2. 2
    Kathy says:

    HA! Had to chuckle at the Jillian comment….I agree, I don’t think that’s true in your case. 😉

    However, you need to and get to eat more than the average b/c you work out NON-stop…hmmm, I just may start working out more to get that reward. (Maybe~)

  3. 3

    I have had to really increase my water intake before and after runs lately because I have noticed myself becoming more and more dehydrated. I have noticed that not only does it help me during runs but it helps my body recover better as well!

  4. 4
    Emery says:

    I am always amazed my how much fiber you manage to fit into your meals for so few calories and the intensity and length of your workouts! I would definitely probly need a diaper on at all times!!! Lol

  5. 5
    Laura says:

    I’ve been doing better lately with staying hydrated on long run days. However, today was not one of those days. I’ve had a headache and felt blah all day. Perhaps it was just all the effort it took to make it up the last 3 miles of hills. Ugh. Gotta do some hill work!
    My Friday night involved pillows. blankets, and trashy tv, as the hubby wasn’t home. I really need quiet time after a week of teaching. It’s one thing I kind of miss about my single days….I need recharge time.

  6. 6
    meredith says:

    It took me a lot of practice of figuring out my hydrating amounts this summer to NOT end up dehydrated. But, as I sit here now, I am up super early with a super dry mouth. I am always slightly dehydrated the day after my long run…in the heat and humidity though, if I don’t drink enough the day before a long run and during, I end up super thirsty as well as with the lack of urine and dizzy later in the day if I attempt to sit by the pool (not sure why but it happens every time lol)…I found that I hydrated much better by eating fruits such as watermelon over just water…I also would mix a water bottle with orange juice, rather than drink Gatorade or other sports drinks.

  7. 7

    A few weeks ago I actually had a big issue with over-hydration, which I’ve now learned can have the same (negative) affect on the body as dehydration. I was drinking too much water and basically flushing all of the sodium out of my body – I dealt with the fatigue, stomachaches, dizziness, etc. but I’m being much more careful now!
    I hope you’re feeling better today!

  8. 8
    Jacqueline says:

    I hope you like the hot sauce. I’m too scared to even try it. Haha!
    I tend to get dehydrated easily-it’s one of my biggest challenges while running. I’m finding the key is to stay ahead of it and start drinking a bit more a day or two before a long run. Have a great weekend friend!

  9. 9
    Bridget says:

    You’re lucky to be alive. There was no place this weekend on the entire planet that was a good place to run. Hellllloooooooooo treadmill! Tell Andrew to put the air on!!! Rest up my friend.

  10. 10

    YIKES – in this heat! I got out before sunrise this morn but any running after 9am would not be for me! 🙂 I can barely be nice in this crazy heat & no AC in the house either so I am not a happy camper! 😉 Hope you are feeling better!

    The boys on the fire hose – 🙂

  11. 11
    Francine says:

    I agree with my sis, Bridget. You’re lucky to be alive still. Why are you doing that many miles in the extreme heat? Your body can’t recover fast enough, even with water or other drinks. I thought you learned that from running half that amount a few days ago!? 🙂
    Yes, I’ve known about the spicy foods … CAPSAISIN is the key, cayenne, but anything spicy will work. I know it doesn’t seem to work for you because of your big quantities, but for most it is somewhat true… gives a satisfied feeling.

  12. 12
    Amy says:

    That heat can do a number, not just through dehydration, but it can also increase the amount of glycogen you use. Do you take is extra carbohydrates during your run? Your dinner the night before didn’t seem to have much carbohydrate (other than veggies). Take care of yourself!

    • 12.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Does it Amy? Yes, I totally took in carbohydrates during the run and pretty much all day the day before until dinner. Ha. That explains why I felt so crummy afterwards though.

  13. 13

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