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A Morning to Myself, Carbs and the Runner’s World Half and Festival

A Morning to Myself, Carbs and the Runner’s World Half and Festival



What is a morning to myself?

Just kidding.

Really, I can’t act like I never have time by myself at home. STUFT Daddy takes the boys with him  a lot when he does his work at Tutus with all the birds and tortoises and stuff.

Which reminds me, check out what they found there just the other day.


Isn’t that lovely?

Dang I hate snakes. Remember when we found those two snakes at our house? Not okay.



Thursday mornings are now the mornings during the week I have to get things done while the boys are in school.

Today I took it upon myself to go to Sprouts at 7:15 am. I’ve decided it’s the best time to shop, barely anyone was there.

I stocked up on some pretty good stuff if I do say so myself.


I know, right?

Among all the other fun produce I got, my favorites were these:

kabocha squash, spaghetti squash, plantains, jicama (for roasted jicama chips), Jazz apples (my favorite, but they are pricy), purple sweet potatoes and I even got a cassava to experiment with.

Some people on instagram just told me it’s toxic though if it’s not cooked all the way. I better be careful. Kind of scary, yes?


I have a little experiment going on at the moment making some cassava “fries”, so hopefully all goes well and I cook them all they way. That’s really not a frequent issue over here though. Ha ha.

I got the chance to go for a quick little therapy session (5 mile run) this morning by myself outside right after my little trip to the store.


I wore my JayBird Bluebuds X which look kind of funny sticking out in the picture, but are so darn cool.

Went for the red Halo visor today to to change things up a bit and I’m really loving the whole RooSport pouch thing.



Had a lot on my mind and some time to think about things during my run.

Still trying to figure out a cause for running. How to do more. Thank you for the emails. I can’t wait to learn more about the organizations.

Oh, and RUNEMZ starts her 24 hour treadmill run TONIGHT!


I’ve been struggling a little lately with the stress of more running/training on my body. I’ve been needing more sleep and more carbs and been craving the not so good for you ones.

Funny how your body wants and needs different things depending on activity levels and lifestyle.

I’ve been doing a little too much of the whole lets add more sugar and stevia in the mix because I’m running more thing. My body does NOT like that, in fact it gives me a major headache. I want to be able to have Quest Bars so bad as I LOVE them, but I have a moderation problem and a few too many a couple days in a row and I just don’t feel well.

Beavis. It chaps my hide too because they are so darn good, especially baked in little pieces like so (picture from my creation yesterday).


Oh well.



Back to carbs. I found this article recently on the dangers of low carbohydrate diets and endurance running.

Do Low-Carb, High-Fat Diets Sap Performance?


Interesting stuff. The whole low-carb, high fat diet versus the high-carb, low fat diet.

I think it’s all about finding what works for you and what helps your performance. I’m still figuring it out over here. I think it’s a very long learning process.

I’ve changed how I eat a bit since the whole injury thing, but have kept quite a few carbs in my diet, because, well, I love carbs. Especially in the form of a roasted kabocha boat. Ha ha.


I’d say I get my fair share of complex carbs and kabocha around here (and NuttZo and coconut butter).



Okay, moving on.

I’ve got to make this quick, but I have some racing news.


I’m going to the Runner’s World Half Marathon and Festival again this year thanks to Mizuno and the Runner’s World Challenge.

Woot woot!

I went last year and it was seriously one of the BEST experiences of my life. You can read the recap here how I got to run with (actually, try to chase) an Olympian. Ha ha.

I chatted about my upcoming Mizuno Marathon Mezamashii Week a couple weeks ago, but had to share again. Hopefully I get to tag a long with some of my speedy running buddies while I’m there (Sarah, Janae, Monica and hopefully Michele) and now hopefully I get to meet some of you too!

Not sure if you live close by or have any friends that do, but the entire weekend is so awesome. From seminars, to meeting the Runner’s World editors, to three different races to choose from (or do all three), it’s just one heck of an amazing event.

I’m already so excited about it.

Here’s the website where you can register for any of the events.


Runner’s World Half and Festival

And HERE are some codes you can use to get 10% off before things sell out.

Half Marathon – StehlyRWHalf

Hat Trick (all three- that’s what I’m doing) – StehlyRWHat




Is anyone going? Let’s meet up if you are!


Oh, and hey, this blog post took me two attempts to actually write, so I can show you that my little cassava experiment worked.


They were delicious. I’ll share exactly what I did in my next post.

Have a great Thursday night!


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  1. 1
    bethp262 says:

    I’m doing the Hat Trick too at the RW weekend! I hope to meet you! 🙂 I did it last year as well. Had a lot of fun–what a fantastic event!

  2. 2
    Laura says:

    You know I am going to be doing the hat trick and we totally have to meet up!! 🙂 I am so excited for the whole weekend….it’s approaching so quickly!!
    Haha on the snake pic…. i just KNEW that your boys would love making those snakes….hope you’ll post pics if you make them (once you save up enough tp rolls to make them!)

  3. 3

    I’ve never had a Quest bar, but they sure look good. I probably SHOULD never have a Quest bar either—-could be dangerous!

  4. 4
    Diana says:

    Fried casava (yuca) is the best! They always come out best when they are boiled first (to make them softer, then fried (or baked). Also try adding a “mojo” sauce–smashed garlic, lemon juice and olive oil, for dipping or drizzle it all over. It’s my favorite. I’m so glad to see you’re trying out all these tropical veggies!

  5. 5

    I won’t be at the Runner’s World races because I am already registered for the Hershey Park Half the same weekend in Pennsylvania – how about the likelihood of that lol…As for carbs, I know my running ability increased when I became a vegetarian and focused more of my diet on complex carbs versus protein. It is all about finding the balance though, some days I have that balance down and some days it is totally off and seems to not work lol. I crave things at different times, usually a few days after long runs and I just give in and go from there.

  6. 6
    Purelytwins says:

    We used to make yucca fries all the time. Just got annoyed with trying to peel it. But like plantains, they just have to be cooked. You should be fine!

    As for carbs, we noticed our bodies do better with more fat and less carbs. Carbs make us bloated and sleepy, not the feeling we want every day, all day long. But like you, we are still learning.

  7. 7

    I’m making kabocha tonight! Finally found it at Randall’s in Houston. They are selling all sorts of squash in BIG bins. I was pretty excited. Making it tonight with eggs, raspberries, and NuttZo. I cannot wait to start cooking and then I’m going to pass out. XOXO

  8. 8

    As hard as it is to have the boys be gone, I think it is great for you to have YOU time! 🙂

    Lots in this post but I do want to say that the food thing – it is all about finding what works for you. Just because low carb, high fat works for some & vice versa does not mean it works for you. I know you know that but I think so many in the social media world get hooked into things they see because the person looks awesome.. maybe they work out like a fiend too.. we really do not know what goes on behind the scenes. I know I can be even leaner if I want to but I am not willing to give up some of my carbs & I already have given up some due to aging & the hormones. Always be true to you & do what works for you. 🙂 It changes over time too! 🙂

    • 8.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Oh Jody I know. It’s different for everyone and finding what works for you (and not taking everyone else’s advice all the time) is so important. 🙂 You are just darn amazing. 🙂

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