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So Yeah, Cassava “Fries”

So Yeah, Cassava “Fries”


Today’s a rest day. Taught a little boot camp earlier this morning, but other than that have just been attempting to catch up on laundry, making a new version of the Better STUFT Nut Butter Ball and baking a new version of no grain STUFT seedy bread. You know, baking the rest day away. Ha ha.

I also had pretty much the most amazing breakfast ever after boot camp. Check it out friends.


Egg whites scrambled in coconut oil with a Trader Joe’s chicken apple sausage, spinach and some Everyday Seasoning and crushed red pepper. Roasted plantains and a roasted purple sweet potato with coconut butter and Peanut Free NuttZo on the side. 


It was heavenly. Oh hey, check out the photo bombing chickens that have yet to lay a single egg for us.



So, cassava “fries” really quick.

The only time I’d ever heard of or tasted cassava was when we went to Belize back in 2009 with the family.

Here’s a flashback picture. Like the shirts?


When we were there they served us cassava fries one day for lunch. They were darn good if I remember correctly.

Lately I’ve been seeing cassava on lists in a lot of Paleo books as a good source of carbs.

First I bought one.


Then decided to find out a little more about it.

Wikipedia explained that it is a manioc root and is cultivated for its edible starchy tuberous root which is a major source of carbohydrates.





I had to double check the nutritional information of course.




Dang, why yes, 650 calories and 155 grams of carbohydrates. I would say that is a very good source of carbs.


I got a little nervous after I posted a picture on instagram and people started telling me it was poisonous.

So, I checked out this article about the whole cassava cyanide poisoning thing. I guess all is good as long as it’s cooked properly. I ate it. I ate a whole root in one sitting actually and was fine. I think I’m safe, but I was definitely sitting there wondering if I could feel my chest getting tighter and if I was okay.


So here’s what I did just really quick because these were delicious and I plan on making them again very soon.



Cassava “Fries”

I took one whole cassava root and cut off the skin with a knife. Cut it in little fry-like sticks.

Then I boiled them in plain water for 10 minutes.


Dried them on a paper towel and soaked up the water. They were a little soft so I managed to smash a couple on accident.

Then I put them on parchment paper and sprinkled with Himalayan sea salt. I didn’t even put any oil or spray on them because they were already a little wet.


Then I baked them at 425 convection for 20 minutes.




Seriously, they came out so great with nothing but a little sea salt. The flavor was very similar to a French fry and I actually ended up just eating all of them as is because I couldn’t decided what I wanted to dip them in before they were gone. Ha.

I’m kind of sad I don’t have another cassava in the house so I can make these like right now. Totally a fun finger food.


STUFT Daddy did mention something about me not being allowed to buy them anymore because of the poisons and he didn’t want them in the house, but if they’re readily available at Sprouts and I cook them properly, they have to be safe, right?

Wait, I just found this.

Two Types of Cassava:

There are two varieties of cassava – sweet and bitter. Both contain Prussic acid (hydrocyanic acid), which can cause cyanide poisoning. Cooking or pressing the root thoroughly removes the poison. Cassava can never be eaten raw. Bitter, or wild, cassava contains enough acid so that it can be fatally poisonous if eaten raw or undercooked. To escape the Conquistadors, the oppressed natives were known to commit suicide by eating raw cassava.

Don’t be intimidated. You won’t come into contact with bitter cassava in U.S. stores. Sweet cassava is sold in American markets fresh or frozen. Bitter cassava is processed into safe edible flours and starches, which in turn are made into breads, pastries and cakes.



I ate these the day before my long run with coach. Definitely a good day before a long run carbing up type of thing.


Okay, I’m off.


Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. Enjoy your Saturday night!



Have you ever had cassava before?

Any information about them I should know before I go stock up on a few more?

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  1. 1

    Now saute cassava in lots of garlic and lemon… yum. yummy cuban dish.

  2. 2
    Kathy says:

    I don’t know about those fries but I have been baking Bok Choy lately and making a salad out of it with chicken or beef strips, avocados, and what ever else I want to toss in there and I love the taste.

    Tried Bok Choy…just curious?

    I want to be on ISLAND TIME!!! (Although, I did just glance at my calendar and smiled when I read …..4 months until Disney!! WooHoo let the countdown begin!!)

  3. 3
    Paula says:

    I’ve been eating cassava since i was a baby and i’m still alive lol
    They’re delicious! We braziliand eat it with lots of butter and we can sub it for potatoes to make them mashed or ad as a base to soups or stews (taking the middle part out of course).
    I love them fried too but never tried to do it baked.
    Good idea, thanks!
    Oh, and i think poisonous is the sticky liquid that revolves it as ssin as i peel the skin off, just wash it real good and you’re ok. The same thing with “name root”.

  4. 4
    Laura says:

    Never had cassava. Looks interesting…..
    Darn those chickens! We are loving our fresh chicken eggs! Are they out in your yard (free range) all the time? If so, you should check around to make sure they haven’t made a nest somewhere…there could be a bunch of eggs somewhere hiding…. 🙂

  5. 5
    Michelle Kim says:

    Interesting! I’ve never heard of them or eaten them before. Looks like it’s good for carbo-loading, considering all the carbs… and all the potassium!?
    Sounds yummy, but I’d be too scared to prep them, haha.


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