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Size Doesn’t Matter and Freak Flag Five

Size Doesn’t Matter and Freak Flag Five


Happy Friday! I pretty much want to shout that out with a little dance right now. yep. This week has been long, but the weekend is here. Well, almost.


Went for my long run this morning. The boys saw me off as usual.

photo 1

Side note- Joaquin would like you to know that he got his “army shirt” from Costco. (He didn’t. It’s from Grandma.)

Had 16 miles to do with my training plan. Got a little off course and actually went a tad over 17. And Beavis, I can not keep a steady pace for the life of me.


(This is from my Polar RC3 GPS upload on Polar Personal Trainer.)

Average pace was around 8:42. I’m going to blame Jillian’s podcast for slowing me down at the beginning. Ha. I’m not loving the podcasts as much as I used to. I don’t know why. Has she changed? Or is it just me? I still love her, it just seems like something is different.

Next week I have one last 22 miler before the craziness of Mizuno Marathon Mezamashii Week starts. Eeekkk….. I’m already nervous.

Three weeks from now I’ll be at the Runner’s World Half and Festival. I heard that Summer Sanders is going to be there and run this year. Pretty cool.

Can’t wait to reunite with the Runner’s World/belVita relay racing crew, the Runner’s World Challenge team and hang out with the editors. (You can still register and get 10% off either the half marathon or the hat trick. Details are here.)

Oops. Got a little side tracked there. I got a little shocked when I saw it was just three weeks away.


I tried Coach Jason’s advice on the run this morning and didn’t take any gels or anything. I had some with me just in case, but didn’t need them. Those last few miles were tough without them.

I made it home just barely before I peed my pants. Ha ha. Seriously, it was dangerously close. Hate it when it sneaks up on you like that. It took a lot to hold it in. Moms- you know what I’m talking about.

I was hoping the family would be home and great me with an iced mocha or something. I was wrong.

photo 2

I got a few whistles from our parrot Pat though. Gotta love him. (Or her. We don’t really know, hence the name Pat.)

photo 3

If I’m feeling a bit down I just go stand by Pat for a couple minutes, get a few whistles and then I feel better. Ha ha.

photo 4

I really need to start keeping track of the miles I put on a pair of shoes. I always say I’m going to, but then I don’t.

Darn it. I’ve put quite a few on these Wave Inspires though.

Random and not that you care, but the first thing I do after I get home is stretch, do my PT exercises,  sometimes foam roll, grad a quick snack and then shower. Then I slather my legs in BioFreeze, put on Pro Compression socks or sleeves and take my GNC vitapak.

photo 5

Then I eat A LOT.


Moving on.

Last night when I got home I found that Andrew had brought me our one and only kabocha squash that grew from our little plants.

photo 1

Yep. That’s it. He said there are no more. Our little (and I mean little) kabocha. I wonder how many seeds that thing has. I’m guess like three. Ha.


Oh well, size doesn’t matter right? What matters is that we grew our own little squash. We should be proud.

And, while I am indeed proud, I will also admit that it was not a difficult decision which squash I was going to roast up for my post long run feast.


This little guy would just not do.


But his ginormous friend was turned into a roasted kabocha boat that did just the trick.


And this huge unsweetened iced tea (Good Earth is my favorite) with some apple cider vinegar added in hit the spot too.



Five Friday freak flag items for you just because.

1- I have different coffee mugs to use for different seasons. (Along with different candles, plug ins, soaps, perfumes, etc.) It’s a bit of a problem.

photo 4

2- I only like eating squash with this teeny tiny fork. I’ve talked about it before, but whatever. I just ate with it again.


3- I only shave once a week. Usually on Friday or Saturday. Today was the lucky day.

Speaking of shaving, some of you asked about the little shaver I bought the other week. Well, I already have one that I’ve had for about 10 years that I love, so it was time to buy a new one.

It’s called Finishing Touch and you can get it on Amazon or at Bed Bath and Beyond for about $10-$12.


I use it to shave my moustache.


That is one heck of a scary picture. Sorry. Sometimes I shave my eyebrows too, but I have to be very careful. I’ve done a little damage a couple times.

Dang I love that thing though.


4- I’ve been taking Action Wipes “showers” more than I’d like to admit lately.

5- We are down to our last roll of toilet paper yet again. I’ve been avoiding going to Costco like the plague, but I better giddy up and get there today before we have a serious problem around here.

You better believe I’m going to sport my calf sleeves there. I will shave my lip first though. Ha ha.



let’s leave on a good note.

I read this from my Jesus Calling devotional last night and LOVE the message.

photo 3


Have a great weekend!


I just saw on Facebook that Pro Compression is having a weekend sale. Get 30% off and free shipping on all low socks! Use the code LOW at checkout!


What are you up to tonight? We’re doing “date night”. I have to think of something fun to make for dinner and we’re going to eat on the couch and watch the Modern Family premiere. Did anyone watch it?

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  1. 1
    Laura says:

    YES. I can’t believe (but am so excited!) that Runner’s world is only 3 weeks away. We ran the course last week and I loved it. I think it’s going to be such a great weekend. I can’t wait to hang out with you 🙂
    Not sure what’s up for tonight…most likely dinner and a movie….and spending some time with the chicks when I let them out (there’s my freak flag moment for ya!)….I feel like I don’t get to see them at all during the week due to work. At least they still lay me eggs! Hah! Modern Family was awesome and hilarious….as usual!!!

  2. 2
    Becky Przy says:

    Sounds like an awesome date night! Love the squash;-) We only got 3 this year, must have been a tough year for them:-( I agree w/Jillians podcasts, something is different about them–it seems like there is a lot more ‘fluff’ and nonsence talk than acutal content (maybe?)

  3. 3
    elizabeth says:

    No way! You only shave once a week? I’m always impressed how hairless your armpits are in your selfies. My pits are impossible to shave and I always miss some spots, so I have to shave some spots by looking in the mirror and shaving them dry.

  4. 4
    Amie says:

    You are too funny. I really enjoy your blog, your boys are adorable. You are very inspirational. I am not a runner but I have the desire. Thanks for all the honesty, squash, and cat pictures. I have that shaver thingy, I use it on my hubby’s unruly eyebrows that have been known to scare children if left unattended.

  5. 5
    Kathy says:

    I just got home from working at the Y……

    I pluck my eyebrows and the hair”s” on my chiny chin chin…..they say the older you get the more your hair grows in weird places…oh, fun!

  6. 6
    MILF Runner says:

    Wait…so is Pat an African Grey? It’s hard to tell from that pic. I used to have one named Rosie. He was a boy but I didn’t know that when I named him 🙂 I love parrots. Even loud and obnoxious ones.

  7. 7

    Sounds like a perfect date night to me! 🙂 You are so creative with your recipes – hopefully I can get that good in the kitchen one day!

  8. 8

    I definitely think Jillian Michaels’ podcast has changed, too. She really doesn’t talk about fitnees, food, etc. -like topics much anymore. I don’t know exactly what it is that’s different – I still like it now, but you’re right, it’s just not quite the same as it used to be.

  9. 9

    I am so looking for the Finishing touch but at my age – well, let’s just say hair is pretty much everywhere you don’t want it – it is BAD!

    Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

  10. 10

    You are freaking hilarious! Here is to a new week and a new month, so let us both have a better week. I feel like the 2 of us were going through a rough long one, but hoping tomorrow will be better. XOXO

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