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How I Scramble My Jugs, What I’m Reading and My Fall Running Gear Wish List

How I Scramble My Jugs, What I’m Reading and My Fall Running Gear Wish List


Workout this morning:

Taught a spin class. Best sprinting song today was “Holding Out for a Hero” from Footloose. I was totally picturing that scene with the tractor races in my head. Please tell me you know what I’m talking about.

Then hopped on the treadmill for a little over 7 miles. You know, the whole watching Live With Kelly and Michael thing and the start of The View to pass the time. Kelly Clarkson was on today. I really like her.

photo 4

Oh, talking celebrities- did you hear the news? Oh Kris and Bruce.


Moving on.

It’s our first kind of rainy day here this season.

photo 3

I’m loving it. I’m also wearing the most pathetic cozy outfit that I’m sure is at least 8 years old.

Oh, and I may have misled you in the last post. I didn’t do anything new with the hair. I cut two inches off. Whoa.

photo 2

I’m going for the whole “my hair is too long to style so it looks messy all the time and I’ll just go with it” look.

Seriously, can’t remember the last time I used a hair drier.


So, we got some huge jugs back in the house.

Hey ya!


I’m a frequent customer.

Just in case you want to get your hands on some egg whites yourself, Egg Whites International is having a sale. Here are the details.


I buy the jugs because they’re easy, can pretty much go in anything and they’re a great source of protein. I don’t do protein powders that much anymore, so when I Need extra protein I just add some of this. Just pump, dump and go.

Not to mention I have some kind of scramble pretty much every single day.

Like this morning.

I ate this chicken sausage, kale and spinach STUFT egg-rito in the car on the way to the gym. Before the fold.

photo 1

After the fold.

photo 2

Along with my GNC vitapak. (Gotta love the easy to go packs.)

It wasn’t the easiest to eat in the car and I’m sure I got some weird looks when taking the picture at a stop light, but hey, a girls got to have her egg-rito. Ha.


When I’m making eggs I always use coconut oil as my base in the pan. I used to use cooking spray, but now I go for the oil.

Here are some other scrambles I’ve been munching on lately.

Egg whites, turkey, asparagus and spinach with roasted sweet dumpling squash and roasted plantains on the side.


With Scotty B’s hot sauce of course.

I did the same thing with Trader Joe’s turkey bacon, roasted chicken and roasted delicata squash.


I’ve also put some egg white scrambles in a plain roasted kabocha boat.


That was awesome.


I use real eggs too if I’m not in a hurry. I’m not a fan of yolks though. Never have been so it gets a bit messy. Even as a kid I would eat around the yolks. I wish I liked them, but I only like them sometimes and they have to be runny. And goodness gracious I can’t make them runny like I want when I try to. I somehow always mess them up. Shocker. So, I just stick with the whites and add lots of coconut oil for fat.


Oh hey, which reminds me. We found a few eggs just the other day that were NOT in the nest box.


Yeah, right outside out bedroom window in the planter. Lovely.


So, not that I have a lot of time to read, I’m more of a skim the pages and stick a Post-It on the important ones kind of gal. There are two books I’m particularly excited about at the moment though.

This one from Runner’s World.


Paleo Diet for Athletes

It has some really great information about fueling paleo style for endurance training. I don’t eat strictly paleo all the time, but I try to for the most part. I know I feel a lot better when I do.

Oh my, and this book that I’ve been patiently waiting for just arrived yesterday to review.


I used the 21 Day Sugar Detox program a lot when I did the STUFT detox awhile back. The author, Diane, really knows her stuff. This book has specific, easy to follow guidelines and three different program levels depending on what kind of sugar detox you want to try for 21 days. There are also some really great recipes that I can’t wait to try.

I know I said it before (here), but if I can give up sugar and artificial sugar for 21 days, ANYONE can.

Seriously, it was like Christmas came early when I got this book in the mail. And…. rumor has it I’ll be able to give one away here on the bloggy blog.

I have to find out the details, but exciting stuff friends.

The book isn’t out yet, it will be released later this month, but you can pre-order it on Amazon here:

The 21 Day Sugar Detox Book


Speaking of new things coming, Mizuno is coming out with another new shoe later this month. It seems like they’re always coming out with a new shoe (probably because they are and because they’re awesome), but here’s a sneak peak of the Wave Prophecy 3 that will come out October 25th.

Mizuno also has some really fun new running apparel out for the fall that I’m adding to my wish list.

Like this Breathe Thermo Crew Shirt

Women's Breath Thermo® DynaMotion® Crew

and this Graphic Long Sleeve Tee

Women's DryLite Inspire LS Graphic Tee

and these BioGear BG3000 capris (that I know Sarah loves)

Women's BioGear BG3000 3/4

and this Impermalite Flex Jacket jacket.

Women's Impermalite Flex Jacket

Dang their stuff just keeps getting better and better.

Oh, and they also have my favorite shorts in purple now. Awesome.

Women's DryLite Maverick Split Short

Oops. I guess my running gear wish list is a little long. Ha ha.

When the weather changes, so do running outfits, right?


Okay. We’re off to snuggle in the gloomy weather, play with trains and get a few Halloween decorations out.

photo 3

Clearly everyone is excited. This should be fun.


Have a great rest of your day!

How do you like eggs? Scrambled? Hard boiled? Do you like yolks?

Have you ever used liquid egg whites?

Do you have any books you’re really excited about at the moment?

What’s on your fall running gear wish list?

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  1. 1
    elena says:

    Hi Kristin- I just wanted to make a comment about yesterday’s post. When you had posted the question from a reader if you ever eat desserts or not. I think tht it is nice for a change to see a healthy living blogger that doesn’t have tons of desserts on their. How are they a healthy living blog when they eat all that junk? It does not help my diet by looking at their desserts, so I just delete their blog subscription. I love the way you actually eat healthily.

    • 1.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Thanks so much for saying that Elena. I feel the same way. I don’t like seeing a bunch of dessert since I have a bit of an issue with sugar, so I tend to try to pass over them as well. I like to focus the blog on the healthy concoctions I come up with anyway (even though they aren’t pretty most of the time). Ha. Hugs!

  2. 2
    kim says:

    Love that flex jacket! It would look great on you too!

  3. 3

    Great gear options! I just posted my fall/Birthday wish list on my blog yesterday. Makes it easy for my mom to shop from! I need to look into that jacket on your list. Looks like just what I need!

  4. 4

    I totally know that song from Footloose! I loved that movie and listen to Let’s Here It For The Boy when I run! So sad about Kris and Bruce and even sadder that it is big news in my world lol.

  5. 5
    Kim says:

    I think that if I spent a day or 2 shadowing you and eating the same thing you do I would really broaden my eating horizons – I haven’t tried many of the great things you eat regularly. I’m not sure I could keep up with your activity level – all those classes in addition to running might do me in but I would give it my best shot.

  6. 6

    That photo is amazing! And I need that jug of egg whites. Pronto! 🙂

  7. 7
    Laura says:

    Love the list..my running wishlist is always endless 🙂 Top thing for fall/winter I want though are a good pair of tights that fit well (my legs are so darn short and finding petite sizes is apparently difficult) I am loving Mark Remy’s Runner’s rule book. It always cracks me up. He was there tonight at the session and he is just like his book in real life. Hilarious. (oh and p.s. Yasso was sporting newton’s tonight…no sayonaras!)
    Mmmm eggs…love that I have 3.5 dozen wonderful fresh from the backyard eggs in my refrigerator! Scrambled eggs are what I usually go for. I’m ok with yolk when eggs are scrambled, but hard boiled yolks….

  8. 8
    Kathy says:

    Seriously lets talk about what is important…….Your HAIR!!! IT LOOKS GORGEOUS!! (I can relate to the messy look I guess) Love the color too!


  9. 9

    I just got the book “The Runner’s Body” and I am really excited to start reading it! I want to learn so much so that I come back a better runner!

    I LOVE your hair!! I cut mine and now I am already thinking about growing it back out again 🙂

  10. 10
    Michelle Kim says:

    OMG, I totally need to look into this Egg White business. I’m beginning to eat egg whites everyday, so this stuff sounds great! I’ve seen it in your blog before, but now seems like a good time to actually buy some to try 🙂

  11. 11

    I’m really excited that there *may* be a giveaway for that book 😉 I’m really intrigued by it – sugar is my diet struggle, and I’ve love to read any and all tips about how to cut back on it/eliminate it all together.

  12. 12
    Kristen says:

    OMG THAT SONG! “Holding Out for a Hero” was on my running mix back in High School. I’m seriously going to have to go buy it now. Hmm….. what else was on that mix? I think Joan Jett’s “Hate Myself for Lovin’ You” and a couple Pat Benetar tunes…. I predict an Old School Running Mix in my future!

  13. 13
    Allyssa says:

    I love egg whites!!! I hard boil my eggs a lot and don’t eat the yolk because I’m not a huge fan either. Once in awhile I will eat them though! I only have one pair of running capri’s, so that is something I could definitely use another pair of!! I’m glad you posted all of your scramble creations, I will definitely be trying those out this weekend!

  14. 14

    Okay that kabocha squash stuffed perfectly with the eggs looks AMAZING! Guess who is eating her other half of kabocha squash tonight? ME! Serving it with salmon, tomatoes, and fresh basil. And hot sauce of course! I love my eggs sunny side up and or scrambled. I always eat the whole egg…I love the yolk. 🙂

  15. 15
    Tricia says:

    Hi! I love your blog! I am a spin instructor and runner and I love that song! In fact I have it on one of my playlists for sprints. Most people love it.

  16. 16
    Krystle says:

    How did you do that STUFT detox? It’s amazing. I would love to try it, but what really motivated you to stay on track?
    Also, what’s great about the international egg whites? I’ve been buying my 100% liquid egg whites from costco and they’re about half the price.

  17. 17
    SkinnyRunner says:

    thanks for the shoutout, mama. love the shorts!


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