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And It Begins

And It Begins


Mizuno Marathon Mezamashii Week that it.

Oh man, not sure if I’m quite ready for it, but I’m here in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania for the Runner’s World Half and Festival, so ready or not the whirlwind of racing begins.


I’m just not a good traveler. Really.

I wait and pack at the last minute and am very indecisive about what I bring. I contemplate different outfits for awhile and then end up just throwing in a bunch of random stuff. Lovely.

When I got to the airport earlier today I couldn’t even remember what was in these bags.

photo 1

All I knew is that I piled in as much as possible that would be allowed as a carry on since last year at this race my luggage didn’t quite make it back with me.

I was proud that my toenails were finally painted though and that I managed to fit in some traveling snacks for the plane.

photo 3

Turkey, jicama, spinach and an apple. Not sure how the guy sitting next to me felt about it, but hey, healthy snacking is important.

So, yeah, it was about here when I realized wearing flip flops may not have been the best idea.

photo 2

Ha ha.

I also bought my first ever overpriced McCafe coffee.

photo 3

Wasn’t impressed. There is however a Dunkin Donuts a block away from my hotel and rumor has it that they have really great coffee. Might have to hit that place up.


I made it to Allentown just in time to get a shuttle to the hotel, try (key word is “try”) to look presentable and then get a taxi to the BBQ they were having for the staff, editors and bloggers at the Runner’s World headquarters.

The BBQ was very similar to the one we had last year. Only this year they have a brand new group of 20 running bloggers.

photo 4

I got to the party late, just in time to tag along on part of the tour through the offices led by Bart Yasso and David Wiley. I caught the part where they talked about how specific content for certain months of the year is always the same. Did you know October is always the special nutrition issue? 

photo 5

I never knew that.


Oh hey, nothing to see here. Just excited to kind of be part of the group.

photo 1


I found the food pretty quickly and noticed they even had s’mores for everyone just like last year.

photo 3

Then I got to meet up with these lovely ladies (Monica, Brittany and Sarah).

photo 4

I also got to give Janae the biggest hug ever. Love that girl. No picture, but I’m sure there will be many more from the weekend.

And I finally got to meet Tina.

photo 5

She is just as sweet in person as she is on her blog by the way.


I’m not really part of the cool blogger group this year, but Runner’s World was kind enough to let me tag along. I’m just here to, well, you know, crash the party, run, hang with my big time blogging friends, catch up with all my Runner’s World buddies and do a little racing. A HUGE thank you to Mizuno by the way for getting me all the way out here.

Okay, well, it’s a little late and we have an early morning wake up call for a little shake out run with Bart and the group, so time for some shut eye.


Darn it. I already miss my men.

photo 2

They’re in good hands with Daddy this weekend and they got a timely delivery from Chobani yesterday, so I’m sure they could care less that Mama is gone. Sometimes all they need is their cups and tubes.

photo 3


Let the real fun begin bright and early tomorrow.

Mizuno PicMonkey CollageRWChallengelogo

Have you ever had Dunkin Donuts coffee? Is it really that good?

Do you read Runner’s World?

Are you a “fit as much as you can in a carry on” or a “check the bag” kind of a traveler?

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  1. 1
    Bonnie says:

    What a great event! Finally catching up on your blogs and thrilled about this opportunity for you. And, by the way, even if it’s not “official” this year, you ARE one of the cool blogger people! …just so you know. 😀 Enjoy! Glad you’re feeling well enough to run lately and embrace the moment – those men will love having you back once you return and in the meantime you get to have an awesome weekend. Cheers, Kristin! 😀

  2. 2
    Liz says:

    Nope, Dunkin donuts coffee is not that good! Now, if you happen to run into a Caribou coffee, run right in!
    Good luck this weekend and have fun!

  3. 3
    Meagan says:

    That’s awesome you get to be part of the fun weekend of running. I live in Jersey and wish I had signed up to run the half! It would have been great to finally meet all the bloggers! I used to love Dunkin Donuts but not so much anymore (I think there is one within every mile to mile and a half radius of where I live and work). Now if you can get your hands on a WaWa coffee, that’s where it’s at!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. 4
    Bethp262 says:

    Dunkin Donuts coffee is okay–better than McDonalds but not as good as Starbucks. It’s a little weak.
    I am keeping my eye out for you this weekend and hope to meet you at the races! I will definitely say hi if I see you! 🙂

  5. 5
    Laura says:

    Dunkin donuts is okay. Once you switch to Starbucks though, there is no going back to Dunkin. 🙂 It is certainly better than McCafe coffee though! I brought my new copy of RW to read at the hotel when I am relaxing at night. I can not wait to get through work today, check in to my hotel, and head to the expo!!!!!!!! Let the fun begin!

  6. 6
    Tess says:

    Have a BLAST this weekend!!! Love all the people you are sharing this with!! Enjoy this fantastic opportunity and thanks for sharing the highlights!!!

  7. 7

    I always shove everything in a carry on no matter what. Chekcing a bag is just too much work. Have fun in PA! This event looks like a runner’s dream 🙂

  8. 8
    Kathy says:

    What do you mean “You aren’t really part of the cool blogger group this year?” Didn’t you start the cool blogger group? Wouldn’t that make you their CEO/President?

    I see a lot of familiar faces but you definitely must be one of the coolest….how is that for positive thoughts? Have a great one! Recaps….yes! Love the recaps!

  9. 9

    so cool that you got to tour this place AND meet up with other bloggers!! how fun!

  10. 10

    I do love Dunkin’ Doughnuts! I don’t ever get anything fancy but I am a big fan of their coffee! I am not too picky through so not sure if it really is the BEST! Enjoy your time at RW! Looks like an amazing experience!

  11. 11

    You have no idea how bummed I am not to be there. Best running weekend EVER! And so many great people there this year too. I’ll just live vicariously through you.

  12. 12
    Monica C. says:

    I stopped subscribing to Runner’s World when I realized (after 2 or 3 years) LOL that they just repeat the same topics year after year. Now, I just refer to old magazines and it works just fine!

  13. 13
    Michelle Kim says:

    That’s SO COOL how you got to meet all those bloggers (I would be totally starstruck there, haha).
    I definitely try to fit as much as I can into a carry-on, and I need to renew my subscription to Runner’s World again!

  14. 14
    Lynn Pronger says:

    Nothing beats Tim Horton”s Coffee although I do like Caribou in my Keurig. As far as travelling goes, the less I have to carry on the better. I will leave it to the fate to make sure my luggage arrives at the same place as I do.

  15. 15
    Nicole says:

    I am always so excited when I see ALL my favorite bloggers in one place!! (I’m such a running blog nerd/stalker….hahaha!)

    Will you show Bart Yasso your mini version of him? I tried to do my Yassos on Wednesday, but only made it through 3 of the 6 I was supposed to do. My body just didn’t feel right. 🙁

    I’ve never had a Dunkin’s Donut coffee, but I think I need to try. Word on the street is that they’re coming to California in 2014/2015 (right now, I think the only one they have in our neck-of-the-woods is at Camp Pendleton.)

    Have a great time!! 🙂

  16. 16
    Jenny says:

    Dunkin Donuts coffee is yummy….but I also dont mind McDonalds coffee…so…maybe I’ll drink anything called coffee??

    I have had a subscription to Runner’s World since 1996. My mom ordered it for me when I first started running…that was nice of her huh…supporting my new adventure. I was thinking about cancelling it this year though….eek…I d dnt say that or think that. I think I would be in denial for a little bit but I do feel like I am starting to read the same things over and over…idk.

    I start packing, like 3 days before I leave and probably wear the same things for those 3 days so I dont have to do laundry right before…..and now I know why people don’t want to hang out with me! Lol.

  17. 17

    Good luck, have fun, and kick butt on your runs!

  18. 18
    Lora lee says:

    I don’t like Dunkin either. Sorry. It’s no replacement for Starbucks either. I would settle for tea if no bucks.

  19. 19
    MILF Runner says:

    At DD the coffee is no great shakes but the donuts are pretty awesome. I’ll bet the guy next to you on the plane was fine with the snack you brought and unknowingly happy it wasn’t something else

  20. 20
    Diana says:

    You can’t beat s’mores! And dunkin donuts coffee is the best! So much better than mccafe

  21. 21

    Yes DD coffee is that good! I don’t like fancy coffee and their drip coffee ROCKS. I found one here in Houston that is right around the corner from me and I was so excited. They’re not many down here in TX, so I’ll take it as a sign. Have a wonderful time! XOXO

  22. 22

    Have fun!!!!! I love your shacks!

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