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Our Fashion and Monday Happenings

Our Fashion and Monday Happenings


Good morning!

Happy Tuesday.

Today is really a rest day. Not that you care, but yesterday I powered through teaching a few classes and I’m so ready for just some good old rest and relaxation.

2013-10-28 12.54.10

Oh heck yes, I had some seriously good fashion going on yesterday.

So did Joaquin.

2013-10-28 11.53.232013-10-28 13.01.11

Ha ha. Sometimes I’m surprised I still have a job at that gym.

For the record though, it was drizzling outside.


Oh and check out this nice neck chafe I have going on.

2013-10-28 13.06.35

It’s okay to be jealous. Did you know you could get one by running a marathon in a long sleeve shirt with a high neck? Yeah, me either.

Oh, since we’re kind of talking fashion, I totally forgot to show you my new favorite traveling across country outfit.

2013-10-27 17.30.37

Ha ha. Yeah, I got a few weird looks, but man those Mizuno compression pants were a lifesaver and pretty much my favorite thing I own at the moment.

2013-10-27 15.47.44

Just wanted to share some random things that have happened in the short time I’ve been home.

Sunday night I celebrated the marathon by my lonesome since everyone was in bed. I did it up right with some cheap Trader Joe’s wine,


a roasted kabocha boat complete with chocolate chips


and a baked Quest Bar with cashew butter.


Yesterday we made sure to give ourselves a lot of extra snuggle time. I love it when Judah says, “Mommy, I’m so glad you’re home.” Yep, only Judah. Joaquin only cares where Daddy is at all times. Ha.

2013-10-28 07.32.16


Besides snuggling, just trying to regroup and teaching a few classes,

I also finished off a jar of Peanut Free NuttZo.

2013-10-28 15.24.18

Pretty much filled that thing with a bunch of random goodness. It’s so fun to fill up a jar sometimes, isn’t it?

This morning, well, I’m not going to lie, we’re off to a bit of a rough start.

2013-10-29 08.14.332013-10-29 08.19.06

We’re washing not just sheets from one bed because of a little accident, but sheets for three beds.

Yep, all three.

2013-10-29 08.21.06

These guys sure know how to welcome me home, right?

At least someone looks like he’s in a good mood today.

2013-10-29 08.39.35

Ha ha.


Okay, gotta run.

Hopefully we’ll dress ourselves a little better today for our outings. How fitting was our reading last night in “God’s book” though?

2013-10-28 20.15.54

We’ll be wearing the “right outfit” at least.


Have a wonderful day! It’s a gorgeous one!

2013-10-29 08.40.14


There’s still time to enter the Wave Sayonara shoe giveaway!

Enter here.

Is it National Cat Day? I thought I just read that somewhere.

What are you wearing today?

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  1. 1
    Erica says:

    Yayyyy for some rest! I love those pants- need to get me a pair. And your little boys never fail to make me giggle 😉 Glad you’re enjoying time at home with them

  2. 2

    Did you see Ellen’s Cat Week? It’s totally up your alley. Haha.
    I’m wearing lulu shorts and shirt- basically my life “uniform” 😉

  3. 3

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one with neck chafing. I used the same shirt that I ran my marathon in (with no chafing) to run 18 miles and it was horrible. I don’t get why sometimes you chafe and sometimes you don’t. You definitely did it up right to celebrate your marathon!! Love the pic of you and the boys snuggling…. too cute!

  4. 4

    My youngest used to HAVE to wear work goggles like that in the shower to keep the water away from his eyes…HOWEVER, there was no lens in the goggles only the frame!!!

  5. 5

    I am actually extremely envious and jealous of your Mizuno compression pants! They sound like just the ticket after running a marathon!

  6. 6
    Lauren says:

    I just had identical twin boys and love that “God book” tradition that you have with your little guys. Would you mind letting me know the title / author? Thanks!

  7. 7
    Kathy says:

    Just had to smile at the guy behind you in the photo of you wearing your purple, pants, and slippers….I think he is wondering about your fashion statement….but, hey you rocked it! I always tell my girls if you are going to do some thing or say some thing out of the ordinary ~ do it ~ own it ~ be proud of it ~ and don’t look back….

    I have two cats I would like to be rid of….with lots of hair….kitty need a friend? 😉

  8. 8
    Michelle Kim says:

    Comfortable pants with a big hoodie. I’ll be in class all day, so I don’t give a hoot what I look like.

  9. 9
    Kristen says:

    For the second day in a row I got dressed in a nice work outfit then said “nah!” and changed into jeans and a hoodie. Fortunately I work in a very flexible environment 🙂

  10. 10
    Ashley L. says:

    Your cat makes my day. Every. Time. 🙂

  11. 11

    Your cat is funny!!!!! Congrats again on your race. I was sporting some UA pants and a Nike shirt today. GASP non matching brands. 🙂

  12. 12
    lacey says:

    OMG! I love your cat. What kind is it? Congrats on the race!

  13. 13
    Kim says:

    Love the picture of you and the boys snuggling!!
    And, I wondered if you would still have your crazy Monday line-up of classes – i can’t believe you taught the day after running such a great marathon!! You are amazing!

  14. 14

    I have heard such great things about the Mizuno compression pants… might have to get me a pair!

  15. 15
    Nicole says:

    “What are you wearing today?”…..Umm, we haven’t met yet, Kristin. I think you’re being a little forward………….. 🙂 Hahahaha! (totally just kidding!)
    Right now, I’m wearing boring work clothes (teal top, black trousers, black patent leather shoes….hair in a pony. SNOOZE ALERT!) Later at the gym, I’ll be sporting nike shorts, a nike tanktop, and asics gel-kayano 20’s. (I’m trying these out after being in Mizouno Wave Inspire 9’s……I used to be an Asics girl and now I’m wondering if I should have stayed with Mizounos. Hmm….thank goodness for Road Runner’s 90-day guarantee! Heeehee!)
    Hope you don’t have to wash any more bedding this week!

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