Our Fashion and Monday Happenings

  Good morning! Happy Tuesday. Today is really a rest day. Not that you care, but yesterday I powered through teaching a few classes and I’m so ready for just some good old rest and relaxation. Oh heck yes, I had some seriously good fashion going on yesterday. So did Joaquin. Ha ha. Sometimes I’m […]

Marine Corps Marathon With the Runner’s World Challenge

  Epic. Today was epic. The MCM Marathon was the most emotional and toughest race mentally I’ve ever run. As I sit here writing this right now I am overwhelmed with the entirety of the whole experience. So let’s do a little marathon race recap, shall we? I got my last email from my training […]

It’s a Bit Chilly Here in DC and I’m Running on Emotion

  How are you? (I had every intention of getting this up earlier today, but it just didn’t happen.) So, yep, I’m in DC. It’s a bit chilly here friends. Seriously. Right now I have a few minutes and am huddled in my bed with my Mizuno Compression pants on sipping some tea and Beavis, […]

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