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“I was compensated by Puritan’s Pride for this post.  All opinions expressed here are my own.”


It’s 10:00 pm. I’m finally sitting down to stuff my face with a little dinner I’m also currently washing just a few necessities for the weekend. Lovely.


Kind of ironic.


It’s been 60 days since I committed to Puritan’s Pride ”One Small Change” challenge. 


My main change for the challenge from my original post was to focus on was getting more sleep and stressing less. 


To be honest, when i first thought about it and writing this I thought, “Oh great. I haven’t really changed that much and 60 days later I really should have a great report and here I am busier than ever.”


Then I realized something. 


Heck yes, things are crazy right now and heck yes, we have way too many things going on.




Somehow I seem to be tackling them a bit differently. I’m not as stressed or worried. 


Sure, I’m up late right now to write this before I fly across the country tomorrow, but I’ll be going to bed shortly without getting everything done and I’m okay with that.


Last night instead of staying up and working, I took some quiet time to myself to just relax, read and go to bed early.



Yep, that was my night and it was fabulous.


This morning when I woke up, I knew the day was going to be crazy with our schedule and with the fact that I hadn’t even begun to pack yet, but I still just took some time to mentally get a grasp on the day.



Yeah, my little man was in bed with me. He’s supposed to stay in his own bed until there’s a 6 on my clock, but that doesn’t always turn out that way.


So I guess I didn’t totally make a huge change, but I think I’ve made small steps to having a healthier outlook and mindset in the past 60 days. I definitely know my body and my mind are thanking me lately.


Sure, I may have given up my shower time tonight to put a plantain loaf in the oven to take on the road, but oh well, that’s the choice I made. I couldn’t do them both so I went for the bread. Ha. 


I even have plans to get on the treadmill early in the morning tomorrow, but I’m not going to stress over it if it doesn’t happen. Rest is more important for the big weekend ahead at this point.


Before I go……. 


Puritan’s Pride just opened the third and FINAL round to re-enter the One Small Change Sweepstakes. You can re-affirm your pledge or small change or pick a new one for a chance to win $2,000, an elite yoga kit, Puritan’s Pride products and more.


More information and the page to enter on their Facebook page HERE.





They really do have a lot of great products you could get your hands on. Here are some of the ones I was sent recently.



I’ve actually been taking this women’s multivitamin since taking the other supplements as part of the Grain Brain Challenge.



Their prices are awesome and Puritan’s Pride always seems to have some kind of special discount or deal going on. Right now they have a really great buy 1, get 2 free offer until November 28th. Um, how cool is that?


Okay, and with that, I’m out. 


Big day tomorrow. I will try to get a post up early with some updates, but if it doesn’t happen, well, it doesn’t happen. I’ll be on instagram, twitter and Facebook as I travel yet again across the country. He he. 



Go ahead, make a small change. It’s not THAT hard, right? It can be something really simple. Just a little something to lead a healthier, happier life.


The conversation below is about what the reward is for making small changes in your life. I kind of think the rewards are endless, yes? 

They start small, but then keep on coming. Unfortunately I’ve found the same thing to be true when I make changes for the worse with consequences, but let’s not focus on that. Ha.


One small positive change, one small step.





And…good night!


(Tinker Bell outfit is packed. Not sure if it’s going to be worn, but it’s in the bag. Thanks for your advice.)


Making one small change in your health habits can reap big rewards. Pledge to make one small change today. This your final chance to enter to win $2,000 plus prizes from Puritan’s Pride to help you stick to your pledge.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Puritan’s Pride. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. 1
    lindsay says:

    love this! the perfect small change that can do SO MUCH!

  2. 2
    Michelle Kim says:

    I’ve had a couple nights of sleep and it has done so much for my mood. It would be hard to keep it up for 60 days (especially when there are races), but I’ll definitely try to keep it up for at least 5 days per week.

  3. 3

    For the year of 2013 one of my goals was to read the entire Bible (the chronological version)…yes, there have certainly been days where I didn’t spend my 15(ish) minutes reading it and praying, but for the most part, I’ve stayed caught up and am still on track to finish it by the end of the year…I’ve noticed such a huge change in my outlook on life when I spend that short time each day in the Word. Especially, like you mentioned, on those days when there’s *so* much to do – taking some time to breath, read, pray, and reflect make an insanely positive impact on the rest of the day!
    Oh, and I’ve decided that next year I’m reading Jesus Calling :)

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