A Few Costco Finds, a Scam and a Scare


Hey! Happy Wednesday!

Just stopping by really quick this morning. My little early morning “helpers” are off to school

2013-11-20 07.20.46

and I’m on a “race” of my own to see what I can get done around the house before I have to pick them up.

I’m treating this week as a bit of a recovery week. Lots of sleep, resting, etc. Not too much working out or running since I’ll be starting to focus on the Carlsbad Marathon (and possibly a few other races) soon.

Right now I’m just busy spending a fortune at Costco and Trader Joe’s because I’m overly excited to be home for awhile and cook our own meals, etc. I’ve been stocking up of all the goods.

Speaking of, I found some fun new things at Costco yesterday.

Unsweetened Silk Pure Almond vanilla almond milk. Awesome.

2013-11-19 13.14.37

Organic kale. Awesome.

2013-11-19 13.18.09

A new wine that was on sale for less than $10. Fine. Twist my arm.

2013-11-19 13.34.05

I mean it pretty much called my name with the whole “twins”, right? Ha.


Oh and even though I’m resting and not really in need to be carbing up, I sure did yesterday with a massive amount of cassava “fries” along with some spicy chicken lettuce wraps I threw together.

2013-11-19 15.41.18

We’ve been digging Trader Joe’s guacamole and this Serrano Salsa lately. Good stuff.

2013-11-19 15.41.30


Okay, so really quick.

I totally forgot to tell you about this phone scam that happened to me a couple weeks ago.

I got a phone call on the landline. They guy told me that my computer was sending messages over the server that there was a virus or something. He wanted me to press a few buttons (control, Windows, R) to get a pop up window so we could “run a safety scan”.

I was very confused. I just kept asking who he was and telling him I didn’t understand.

Luckily I was smart and after a couple minutes I told him I had to go. I got off the phone and texted my brother-in-law who knows everything about computers and he told me that it was 100% a scam.

Crazy. I bet those scammers get a lot of people. The guy on the phone was pretty pushy and kept telling me that it wasn’t going to take very long to check the status on my computer.

 Here’s an article that goes into a little more detail about the scam.

Do NOT fall for it. They will steal all your information and can copy all your files once you press a couple buttons and give them remote access.

Here is also a little video that explains it in more detail that my brother-in-law sent me. It’s pretty much exactly what happened.


Moving on.

Last night, we had a little scare of our own here.

I’m going to blame the Costco rotisserie chicken. I used to buy them all the time, but haven’t for awhile since I’ve been trying to buy only organic chicken. I gave in yesterday.

Long story short, Joaquin started choking on a chicken wing bone.

It was freaky.

I heard him coughing and saw the panic in his face.

Then he stopped coughing (huge red flag), couldn’t breathe and started running away.

It was just the boys and I at home. I grabbed him, did exactly what you’re not supposed to do and put my finger down his throat. I felt the bone, but couldn’t get it out.

Then I turned him over and gave him a huge swat to the back with the heal of my hand and got that darn bone out. It totally flew on the floor like in the movies.

We were all a bit shaken up about it. Poor guy. It took awhile for him to catch his breath and he got mad at me for scratching his throat. I couldn’t stop hugging him and I’m pretty sure he’s not going to be eating chicken anytime soon.

I’m first aid certified and have been through multiple classes on how to do the Heimlich maneuver, etc. but when it actually happened it was hard to think straight.

I found a few things that might be helpful to review in case you have anything similar happen. Just passing it along.

Here’s a short little article on what to do.

CPR For Children

And here’s a short video. He shows the back blows which is what I ended up doing and what worked.



scary stuff friends.


Okay, I’m off. I’ll be back later with a race recap from this past weekend.


Have you ever seen anyone choking or had to do the Heimlich?

Any new favorite Costco finds?

Have you heard of the computer phone scam before or know anyone it’s happened to?

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  1. 1
    Kim says:

    Yikes!!! Super scary about the chicken bone – I’m glad you knew what to do and got it out.
    Hunter choked on a piece of hard candy when he was 2ish – with that I told him he could swallow it (and he did). A couple of hours later when he was supposed to be napping, I heard him making all kinds of noise. I went to check and he was so proud of himself – he had gagged himself, thrown-up in his bed and could see the candy – NICE!!!

  2. 2
    Amy says:

    choking is sooo scary!! my daughter choked on banana (of all things) and there was just no noise coming from her…silence is scary ha..like zero air. i threw her over my knee and beat it out of her haha. it was not fun but shes okay!! glad your man is okay too. those two boys are so cute they crack me up!

  3. 3
    Kim Hodges says:

    When my third daughter was six months old, she choked on a bead off of a doll that her sister had taken apart. My husband was/is Red Cross certified (he’s a medic in the army and a registered nurse civilian) but no matter what he did, that darn bead just wouldn’t come up! We called 911 and a total of SIX emergency vehicles came to our small home! They said when someone calls and says their baby isn’t breathing, they all come out! Right before they get to our home, he was able to dislodge the bead, doing the heimlich on the front and back pushes while holding her nearly upside down. Finger sweep wouldn’t work. They checked her out when they got there and other than some bleeding in her throat from the bead, she was none the worse for wear. It was Thanksgiving Day, 1993. Praise The Lord for that beautiful scream when it came up!!

  4. 4
    Michelle Kim says:

    Never heard of the computer/phone scam, but that’s for the heads-up! I’m sure that kind of scam can work on some people who don’t know how to say “No” or are too scared to be rude.
    Glad you dislodged the bone! That sounds scary, but it’s great that everyone is okay.

  5. 5
    Ashley says:

    Oh my! Choking is so scary! I’m glad he is alright. I had a scare, and it was awful. Thanks for the video; I’ll definitely be watching that and taking notes.

    On a lighter note, are you running the Full marathon in Carlsbad? I’m running the half!

  6. 6
    Kathy says:

    Yea..thanks for the heads up on the scam….scammers are every where ugh!!!

    Scary bone situation…..glad it all ended up on a positive note….shaken but OK..

  7. 7

    OMG! Poor Joaquin! I choked twice as a child – once on a piece of hard candy and once on a mozzarella stick. I needed the Heimlich maneuver both times. My Mom did it once and my summer camp counselor did it once. They were (luckily) both CPR/First Aid certified. It was absolutely terrifying and to this day I eat mozz sticks in very, very tiny bites. Glad he’s okay, though! :)

  8. 8

    HOLY CRAP!!! So scary!!!! Good thing you are who you are & certified – help your cool – I doubt I would be as cool! Thank goodness he is OK!!!!!! Thank you for posting important info!!

    My hubby’s uncle did the dang phone scam.. we had to explain to him why never to do this again – UGH!

  9. 9

    Wow crazy!! I used to work in a bank and we saw so so so many scams and it was so sad to see all the people they targeted.

  10. 10
    Anita says:

    Wow! So happy to here your little guy is OK. I’m CPR/FA qualified and used if almost weekly when I was working, We had a staff member who suffered from seizures and I was the go-to person when it happened and it happened a lot. When my oldest was 2 he choked on a cracker and I had to perform the back blows, that was almost 19 years ago and I still shudder when I think about it.

    I had one of those calls a few years ago and when i asked the guy which computer it was (we had 3) that had the virus he couldn’t tell me. I asked him for the IP address of the computer he wanted to check and he hung up on me.

  11. 11
    Erica says:

    YIKES! SO glad you didn’t get scammed but even more glad that little man is OK!!!!

  12. 12

    oh my gosh! so scary!! thank goodness you could take care of it quickly enough – though I’m sure it was a terrifying little while :(

  13. 13

    Glad everything is okay!

    Curious, where do you find your Jicama and Cassava? Is it at a specialty store, or have you ever seen it at the regular grocery store? I am on the hunt now. Always looking for new carby-vegetable alternatives as I try to clean up the diet and steer clear of refined carbs!

  14. 14
    Joy says:

    Holy moly–that must have been terrifying to have your child choking in front of you. I’m so glad you were able to get the bone out of his throat! Good, fast thinking on your part.

    And thanks for the heads up to the phone scam.

  15. 15
    Ashley says:

    I’m just curious is there a reason you never eat bread or regular potatoes? And why dairy is never featured on your page? I don’t think it seems to reflect a balanced diet and since you train so hard it seems irresponsible to advertise… just my two cents.

  16. 16

    Ahhh scary!! I don’t have children, but I actually felt stressed even reading your description. I am happy your son is OK! I also think you’ve convinced me to stop at Sam Club tonight, hopefully they have some of your killer Costco finds.

    -Ashley :)

  17. 17
    Nicole says:

    Hug your little guys extra! Sending YOU a hug, too! Not fun! ….at all!

  18. 18
    Emily K says:

    I feel like you are kind of misleading us by referring to Jicama and Cassava as being a carby veggie. A FitDay analysis reveals that a cup of jicama contains a relatively paltry 11.5 g carbohydrates (with 6.4 g being fiber), about equal to a carrot. For comparison’s sake, a cup of white potato contains 31.2 g of carbs. The other stats (49 calories, 0.12 g fat, 0.94 g protein) are inconsequential, and, except for vitamin C (44% of the daily allotment in a cup of jicama), it has only trace amounts of vitamins.
    Read more: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/low-carb-jicama/#ixzz2lJ5tdjuB

    Its fine to love your Cassava but to tell people that you are carbing it up shoes you might want to know more about the food you eat before you talk about it on your blog. Just saying…

    • 18.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      He Emily!!! Jicama and cassava are pretty different. Cassava is a starchy root vegetable and has almost 80 grams of carbs for one serving. That’s a heck of a lot more than jicama and I don’t think jicama is too starchy of a carb anyway. :) Didn’t mean to mislead anyone. I’ve never referred to eating jicama as “carbing up”, just when I’m eating very dense carb sources like sweet potatoes, cassava and plantains, etc. :) Thanks for the links and the info!

      • Emily K says:

        thanks for the reply and clearing that up for me! Its good to hear that Cassava actually is carb dense! have you had any more experimenting on cooking the perfect egg yolk yet? Or is it back to %100 egg whites:(

  19. 19
    Amie says:

    Omg I really really hope the Costco near me gets silk unsweetened almond milk soon!!!! The brand they carry right now is just not the same. And I’m so glad your boys are ok! So scary.

  20. 20
    Jacqueline says:

    I’m so happy everything is fine with your little guy & not falling for that darn scam. I’m proud of you for using your training to get that chicken bone out. I’m sure that experience deserves some ice cream. ;) I bet you guys were so scared.

  21. 21
    Amie K says:

    I have received 2 phone calls on my work cell from people with strong accents telling me my PC is sending a message that it has is a problem. My work cell! I have hung up both times. In the background I can hear many other voices talking. Very intrusive and creepy.
    My boys are grown, and we did have a couple choking episodes while they were growing. It can happen so quick when you are least expecting it.

  22. 22

    Oh my goodness – just reading about Joaquin choking on the chicken bone got ME all panicked feeling! So glad that he (and you!!) are both okay, but that is SO scary!! I choked on a doughnut once when I was a teenager and it was the scariest thing ever outside of helping my own kids during their choking moments…because I swear they all choke at least once.

    And thanks for the info on the scam! I had NO CLUE about that one!

  23. 23
    Amy C. says:

    OMG!!! Such a great Costco find! I have been waiting for them to bring the unsweetened almond milk out! I prefer the original, but would settle for the vanilla if I could get it at Costco! LOL!

    My husband got a call like that as well a few months ago. He was just like you and didn’t fall for it, thank God! That is why I love my Mac computer! ;)

    I am so sorry to hear about Joaquin!!! That must have been so scary!! Glad he is ok now though. I wouldn’t be able to stop hugging him either!

  24. 24

    Hey Thanks so much for this heads up. I just read your post last week on this and tonight I came home and received the same call!!! I remembered your post right away and knew it was a scam!! In case anyone else is reading this my caller id showed 212-056-3561.

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