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In Case You’re Doing the Shopping Thing

In Case You’re Doing the Shopping Thing


How was Thanksgiving?

The boys and I had our little parade watching picnic.

2013-11-28 10.19.28

Heck yes I’ve been eating sweetener free roasted kabocha and roasted purple sweet potatoes ever since I stocked up last week.

He he.

We did the usual Thanksgiving thing. I took my salad I slaved over and we went to Grandma and Papap’s house.

We enjoyed laid back family time which always includes one of Papap’s famous cosmos.


Mmmm hmm…

Good times.

Any guesses how many takes it took to get a decent picture?


I lost count.

It’s a good thing it’s far away too because Joaquin decided to draw on his face earlier in the day with a marker and it did not want to come off.

We ate an abundance of food. I helped myself to not one, but two desserts. May not have been the best choice as I had a long run this morning, but hey, I’m not one to make the best decisions when it comes to things like that.


We were in bed at 9 PM. If we were smart we would have gone to the Black Friday sales. I’ve never done that though as I’m not one who likes to fight crowds.

I wasn’t even brave enough to go shopping this morning. It was a beautiful morning. I hopped in the car and drove to the coast.

2013-11-29 07.01.06

I went for a long run in my Mizuno Inspires instead.

2013-11-29 10.57.00

Less crowds and a little rain. Awesome.

This was my first long run since the MCM Marathon. I wasn’t sure quite how it would go, but it wasn’t too shabby even after the huge feast last night.

I’ll do a post later this weekend with all my runs from the week. I keep forgetting to post them and this week is a little bit different as I don’t have a specific training plan like I did with the Runner’s World Challenge for my upcoming marathon. I’m actually trying to add a few more miles in for a special charity run later in January so I’m still figuring out my plan of action for that.

It’s so much easier when I got those daily emails and tips right in inbox from my training plan.

Speaking of the Runner’s World Challenge,  they are currently offering their plans at 50% off! Pretty freaking fantastic.


You also get a FREE book and a FREE watch.


So yeah, I went for a run instead of shopping, but I can still pass along some deals that are going on.

First of all, huge jugs. Specifically egg white jugs.

They have a really great deal going on.


Technically I’m not supposed to be ordering my egg whites anymore since we have chickens that are finally stepping up to the plate, but there’s something about the ease of pumping egg whites into a big egg scramble or into a smoothie for a little extra protein. I love these things.

2013-05-16 08.42.57

I already posted the big Reebok sale that’s going on until the 1st, but here’s a little reminder.

2013-11-29 07.35.16

You can get the details here (shoe sale code and buy one get one 50% off code).

Oh hey, there’s my buddy Bob. I always tried to impress him with my custom Nano 2.0s (the shoes that are on sale).

Oh and just because I stumbled on it just now from last year, here’s our Thanksgiving Day family workout video.

Oh how time flies. The post that goes wit the video is here.

Pretty funny and a good 5 minute workout.


Nuun has a special holiday offer going on for FREE SHIPPING and $20 4-packs.


Handful has a “Give Tanks” special.



In addition to getting tank tops for $25, you can also get 10% off if you spend $100 by using my ambassador code discount.



You know, in case you feel like giving some lucky ladies a Handful. He he.


Lorna Jane has 20% off today only.



Pro-Form has some pretty sweet specials including my dream treadmill.


How cool would it be if Santa would deliver one of these to your house?


Oh and two last race discount codes.


Use code STUFTMAMA for 10% off any of the races.


Use code SDBLOGGER20 for $20 off The San Diego Holiday Half Marathon. (*Code expires 11/30!)

(I just signed up for this one.)


Whelp, that’s all the deals I can think of at the moment.

You know what deal I wish was happening? Buy on get one free kabocha or purple sweet potatoes. Now THAT would be really awesome.

Then I can do this every single day.


Um yeah. Post long run treat. After I had my usual egg white scramble I had this roasted kabocha boat filled with mashed purple sweet potato mixed with coconut butter and cinnamon. There’s some Peanut Free NuttZo under there too. Delightful.


Have a good one!


The boys want to do another guest post tomorrow. I might let them. Ha.

Stay tuned for a couple giveaways coming up too! Yay!


Did anyone else go for two desserts last night?

Do you do the Black Friday shopping thing? Or Cyber Monday?

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  1. 1
    Kathy says:

    We usually are not Black Friday shoppers but since we were up north we decided to check out 3 (yes, only 3) different stores….we bought one $20 Christmas present for my dad and it wasn’t even on sale.

    Being up north and avoiding Walmart meant…..NO crazy lines, shoppers, or sales…ha! Then, we spent the rest of the day driving home for 4 hours. And desserts??? Mom had two kinds…pumpkin pie or apple pie ….and I figured it would be un-American if I didn’t have a piece of each. 😉

  2. 2

    I am more of a cyber monday girl myself BUT my husband and I were out driving around last night and decided to stop by Target right before 8 when the opened and watch the madness happen. We just people watched but had fun!

  3. 3

    Yay another video I can do! Too cute AND a great quick workout! Thanks Kristin!

  4. 4
    Mona says:

    Hey Kristin, I was wondering if you had a coupon code for pro compression?

  5. 5

    No shopping on black Friday here & actually just no shopping in general this year due to $$ but will try to get small things for the grandkids…. lots of deals here though if I had the money! 🙂

    LOVE that video!!!!!

  6. 6
    Deb E says:

    I’m also being a frugalista this year and so far just used gift cards. My Black Friday purchase came out to $3.30 for a styling black pair of galoshes (PYSIS overboots). Who says it doesn’t rain in Southern California? It just did yesterday. I spent a peaceful day at home and happier for it.

  7. 7
    Lisa says:

    Thanks for the Handful info and code, got a tank for 22.50. Been dying to try one and this was the perfect opportunity. You rock!


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