J and J Guest Post- Our Special Venture Flex Shoes


Happy Saturday.

Mama wanted to write about her running today, but we figured you’d rather hear from us instead. She’s kind of boring and she eats way too much squash. Ha ha. We’ll give you a day off. She says she’s going to be back tomorrow though with all kinds of running talk. Blah blah blah.


We still want to talk running and shoes today, but we’re more fun than her. We’re trying to teach Mama a thing or two about running anyway and let’s be honest, she just can’t keep up with us. We think it’s our new shoes.

Right before all our big travels earlier in November we were lucky enough to get some very special Reebok Toddler VentureFlex Running Shoes.


Mama said she had a surprise for us and man did she ever.

We had been wanting new shoes for our races for a long time. These were perfect!


Obviously Mama had to take a million pictures before we were allowed to wear them. She was afraid we’d get them all dirty or something.


We were all so impressed with them we wanted to make sure to get enough pictures. They come in this color for boys and either a pink or purple and light gray option for girls. You can see the girl ones here. We’re pretty darn happy with our gray ones and the bright green laces. Green is Joaquin’s favorite color you know.


One of Mama’s favorite things is that the shoe laces are a little stretchy and stay tied. One of our favorite things besides comfort, is that there are letters and happy faces on the bottom.


Cool huh?

The really great thing about these shoes besides just being fashionable, is that they are specifically designed for toddlers (even though we’re big boys now, not toddlers anymore).

Reebok’s Ventureflex shoes have a flexible outsole, a sock liner tool that helps quickly size our feet and a wide toe box. One of needs that wide toe box a little more than the other, but we won’t name names.


They are very comfortable and we’ve been known to wear them for hours and hours without complaining.


Oh, Mama was sent some pretty cool shoes for herself too with this campaign with Finish Line and Reebok.


The ones she got were the YourFlex Trainette 3.0. She’s been wearing them a lot to teach her classes, especially BOSU classes.

2013-11-12 12.51.502013-11-12 12.53.25


Back to us. We’ve been wearing our shoes everywhere. We especially like to wear them to the gym so we can impress people there.

2013-11-12 13.01.58

And yes, they go really well with the Batman cape.

We also really put them to the test in our two races.

We too them to the track first when we ran our first ever race at Disney World. You can read the whole recap of it here, but we’ll just show you a couple pictures.

2013-11-09 10.08.032013-11-09 10.08.122013-11-09 10.11.11

And yeah, if you remember, the shoes made us so fast, Mama couldn’t even keep up with us.

2013-11-09 10.16.03

We also wore them for our first family race.

2013-11-16 08.03.42

They are so comfortable. We just love them. We even wore them to Thanksgiving dinner the other night.


Yeah, they go well with jeans too and are good for golfing.


We love our VentureFlex shoes.


You want to know what’s really great?

These shoes are on sale right now on the Finish Line website for only $19.98. They actually have A LOT of cool shoes on sale right now. We might have to do some more shopping. Pretty cool!



Okay, well, we’re off to work outside with Daddy. We have a special project we’re working on. We’re building a tool bench.


Have a wonderful Saturday!


*We were gifted these shoes as part of a campaign with Reebok and FitFluential. We were not compensated for this post. all opinions are our own and Mama’s.

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  1. 1
    Robin Senne says:

    Hey Stuft mama! I have been following your blog for a while now and it is always heart warming to see your Boys loving fitness. I recently began teaching a GYMIES fitness class, kids ages 2-5 & 6-10, here in New York and was curious if you or the Boys had any advice on fun fitness activities with groups of 5-10 kids. I know stretching is important for that age, but any relay games that they enjoy? The class is also taught inside. Thank you for your time and happy holidays!! I look forward to seeing more squash photos 😉

    • 1.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Hey Robin- Yes! Lots of ideas as Mama teaches a PE class for kids right now. Sharks and Minnows, freeze dance, toilet tag, four corners, red light/green light, etc. FUN!!!!!!

  2. 2

    OMG – just love Kristin!!!! So adorable & cute!!!!!!


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