Random Things That Made My Day and When All Else Fails, Just Go to Bed


Let’s see, this is going to be quick because I’m about to hit the sack. I have a ton of work to do, but I’m just not sure what to try to tackle first, so I guess it’s my pillow. That’s smart, yes?

The same thing happened last night.

2013-12-03 20.55.59

Oops. Maybe I should add dusting to my long list too. Nice.



I ran 7 miles early this morning on the treadmill at about an 8:00/mile pace.

2013-12-04 06.35.05

Millionaire Matchmaker is on at 6 am on Bravo by the way. I caught the first few minutes while I finished my run.

I taught a spin class later on and didn’t take any selfies.

Actually, I didn’t take any pictures of my meals all day either. Maybe that’s a good thing for you all though. I know my family appreciates it. They are not fans of all my sweaty mug or squash pictures. Go figure.


I do have some random pictures of things that happened and that I particularly loved today though so here you go.


I was too lazy to do the whole brewing Starbucks espresso thing in my stovetop espresso maker so I was particularly loving my Tassimo this morning.


I got to have my first new unsweetened mocha in a cute holiday mug.

2013-12-04 10.49.57

Why is it so much fun to drink out of Christmas mugs? I mean, really, anything is better in a festive mug.


I tried out this Applegate Naturals turkey bacon this morning for the first time. I microwaved it and it was delicious.


This candle was a bit of a disappointment.


Pretty and it smells good, but I think Yankee Candles are way better. Just my opinion.


We went to go check our mailbox. It’s always such a big deal. We never cause a scene or anything.

2013-12-04 13.02.13

If you must know, we made a special trip there to pick up a little package from Mizuno.

Yep. Definitely the packages we look forward to the most.

And friends, LOTS more to come on these, but if you saw on instagram, Christmas came early.


Oh my goodness, yes!

The brand new 10th anniversary Mizuno Wave Inspire 10s. They come out tomorrow (12/5) at stores and online. How cool are they?

I’m so darn excited! There will definitely be more Mizuno talk coming up in the next day or so. I can’t wait to take them out for a run.


Oh and speaking of Christmas, we finally got our few decorations out around here.

When I thought I might be able to get a little work done earlier this afternoon, I had this guy who had been asking me for an hour to come play Mary and Joseph  in the “barn” with him.

2013-12-04 17.29.24

There’s no way I was going to leave him hanging. So we played.


Then Daddy got home and the men put up our Christmas tree.

2013-12-04 18.16.53 

This picture just makes me smile, you too?


Oh, and finally this guy decided to show up. He’s no dummy, he went right for the wine cabinet for his first appearance.


HIs name is Harvey by the way and we got him last year. He caused a bit of trouble, but we’ll see if he can help ups out this year.

Oh and I saw this article on BuzzFeed yesterday I thought I’d share.

33 Genius Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Funny stuff.


And that, my friends, is it.

There’s still an hour to enter the custom shoe giveaway, another day for the Cooking Up a Business giveaway and two days left for the Xfinity Fitness Band giveaway.

And…… the whole Holiday 12 Days of Giveaways of my favorite things hasn’t even started yet. I better get on that soon though, huh?


Have a great night!


Who else is going to bed at 9:15?

What are your favorite candles for the holidays?

Do you have a favorite holiday mug?

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf? If so, what’s his name?

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  1. 1
    Kathy says:

    That is my regular bedtime around here…

    We have Holiday mugs but I don’t have a favorite yet….I just want to drink. ha!

    My kids missed the Elf on the Shelf buzz…or maybe I just missed it while they were growing up but, any way, we don’t own one and now its too late ~ cute idea though.

    I prefer pine scented ones for the holidays….just brings back that fresh cut Christmas tree smell…ahhhh!

    It’s crazy cold and windy around here to day ~ might be a cookie baking day later ~ now thats a smell I enjoy too!

  2. 2

    those anniversary mizuno kicks are HOT!!! and i love all the funny pictures of elf on the shelf… yesterday at school my coworker was saying how there needs to be a mench on the bench for us jews!! haha

  3. 3
    lexa says:

    Definitely in bed last night at 9. We just got Eddie yesterday. My 3yo keeps asking why she can’t touch him. He will be in lots of high places for a few days….

  4. 4

    I went to bed way late last night because I had a ton of work to catch up on – Thankfully I knew this morning allowed me to sleep in a bit so it worked out perfectly!

  5. 5

    I get up at 4:15am most days. I’m in bed reading or watching tv by 8:30pm. Yeah, I’m the crazy morning person!

  6. 6
    Angela says:

    Where did you get that nativity set? I LOVE it! The shoes are pretty fantastic, too!!!

  7. 7
    Cassie B says:

    I LOVE going to bed early. I’m in school as well as work FT so it doesn’t really happen, but when it does I’m in HEAVEN!

    I love your tree…we still need to get one!

  8. 8

    Yankee candles!!!! :) I use the tarts so I have lots of scents!

    Love the mug!!!

    I am behind so on to your next post! :)

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