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Get Your Antioxidants With This Healthy No Grain Tart and Wild Blueberry Chia Jam

Get Your Antioxidants With This Healthy No Grain Tart and Wild Blueberry Chia Jam


The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Wild Blueberry Association of North America.


Well hello. Hope your Monday treated you well.

After a lengthy day of teaching classes and fitting in a quick treadmill run, I’m doing the night time “office hours” thing.

Not a bad set up if I do say so myself.


He he.


Well, I’ve officially been out of purple sweet potatoes to roast for a couple days now.

I’m okay with it at the moment because I’ve got a freezer full of these little Wild Blueberry gems to experiment with.


Yep, Wild Blueberries lead the chart in antioxidants.


By the way, did you know that not all blueberries are created equal?

I was just made aware of that fact. Who knew, right? There’s an interactive website here that explains the key differences between Wild Blueberries and regular blueberries.


Wild Blueberries have a more intense flavor, double the antioxidants, a deeper blue pigment and are a bit smaller in size.

Check them out.


They’re available in the freezer section year round which is awesome. They have less water so they freeze really well and perform better in baking.

The deep blue pigment of Wild Blueberries contains the flavonoid anthocyanin, which has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The cool Wild Blueberry people call it “The Power of the Wild Blue” and it that may help protect against diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

Not sure about you, but I could sure use some of all of those in my life. Ha ha.

Seriously though. We’ve been using these berries daily around here. Sometimes in smoothies, sometimes just popping a few out of the bag and into our mouths, in paleo scone baking


and most importantly in this single serving, healthy no grain tart with Wild Blueberry chia jam.


I know, right?

It’s fabulous. It’s so easy I’ve already made it multiple times. Obviously the best part is the Wild Blueberry chia jam on top that can also be used to top just about anything.

I not only have the recipe for you for this tart, but I’ve got a little video in the kitchen putting it together also.

It’s your lucky day. Ha ha.

The recipe is gluten free, paleo friendly and uses coconut and almond flour. They are my two favorite flours these days.


You’ve got to get your hands on some and some Wild Blueberries of course. You won’t be sorry.


Here you go.



It’s so easy.

Let me show you.

Makings of the tart.


Makings of the jam.


Take the tart,


top it with Wild Blueberry Chia Jam.




I usually don’t use any sweetener when I make this. The blueberries are sweet enough on their own, but feel free to play with it a bit.


And, just in case you feel like hanging with me a bit in the kitchen, here’s a video on how to throw this little beauty together.



I have a new found love for frozen Wild Blueberries.

To learn more about Wild Blueberries, get additional recipes and find out where to purchase them, check out their website:

Wild Blueberries

You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


Did you know not all blueberries are created equal?

Do you buy fresh or frozen?

What’s you favorite thing to make with blueberries? I think I’m going to have to give those scones another try.

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  1. 1
    Julie says:

    Oh wow, that blueberry chia jam is gorgeous!

  2. 2

    I had no idea about wild vs cultivated blueberries! Thanks for the tip!

  3. 3

    Sounds like an awesome recipe! And of course you know I love it when you make videos!! 😀

  4. 4

    This looks so amazing! Every time I see these recipes I keep telling myself YOU NEED TO LEARN TO COOK!! I am always so overwhelmed on where to start! this looks like a delicious and healthy desert! Thanks for sharing! I will have to look for wild blueberries at the grocery store next time!

  5. 5
    Kathy says:

    Looks yummy! But what I really love are your slippers…..more than once I have been called the “grinch” around here….I so should have those. ha!

  6. 6
    Mari says:

    I only eat wild organic berries. Everything else I am no purist. Hello Cheetos LOL. But, seriously on the berries
    Anyways had an amazing purple potato this afternoon. Thanks to you, I am re-addicted.
    Cant wait to make the tart. I don’t like eggs so I will try w flax seed and let you know!

  7. 7
    Janet says:

    OK- made my mouth water, so I’m going to try these out!! Thanks for sharing and inspiring me daily!!

  8. 8

    I always buy the wild – read about it a few years back! 🙂 I am all over this recipe – so great! Love your video too!!!!!

  9. 9
    Ashleigh says:

    This looks awesome! I’m definitely going to make the wild blueberry chia jam.

  10. 10
    Amanda says:

    Loved the video! Also, love the recipe! Will definitely have to try and make it. I like the single serving recipes especially of desserts.

  11. 11
    Michelle Kim says:

    Whoa, the blueberries and chia seeds thing is genius!
    My mom loves to get both fresh and frozen berries. She’s into eating a lot of foods high in antioxidants. I need to get on that, too!

  12. 12
    elizabeth says:

    Your recipe looks great, have you tried making the tart in the micro?

  13. 13

    Have you tried the blueberry oatmeal smoothie from the Runner’s World Cookbook? Those blueberries would be perfect for that. Such a yummy recipe too!

  14. 14
    Jaynie says:

    I just made this tonight for a little post dinner treat. Yum!

  15. 15
    Sylvia says:

    I just made the jam and it’s delicious. I added 2 tbsp of peanut flour and more water and it made 2-3 servings of jam. So yummy!


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