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Altheta Iron Girl Del Mar 10K Recap

Altheta Iron Girl Del Mar 10K Recap


I’ll talk runs, workouts, random eats and STUFT shenanigans later (consider yourself warned). Since it’s been a good three days already though since the race Sunday I wanted to recap the fun.

First of all, after I ruined my nice Lorna Jane tank top I bought at the IDEA Fitness expo, the fabulous people I’ve worked with there before sent me a replacement tank along with a pair of Gravitas Core Stability 7/8 Tights.

Um……. stability in activewear? Yes please.


I’ve totally been known to hike up my pants super high and wear SPANX to do a few workouts with my buddy Bob Harper. If only I’d had these pants back then.


They are super cute, comfortable, help suck things in a bit (you know, the whole diastasis thing) and have a little pocket in the back.

Here’s a picture from the website. This is not my tush.




In case you’re on twitter, there’s a special FabFitFun and Lorna Jane Twitter Party tomorrow night, Thursday, Dec. 12 at 5 p.m. PST/8 p.m. EST.

You can RSVP here and they’re giving away a $250 gift card. Pretty cool.



So, yeah. I wore my new pants for the Athleta Iron Girl Del Mar 10K on Sunday.

They went well with the Pro Compression sock of the month and new Mizuno Wave Inspire 10 shoes. (Giveaway is still open to win a pair of these fabulous shoes by the way. Check it out here.)

2013-12-08 06.55.10

I was a little worried about wearing the new shoes because it had rained the night before and they’re white and all. But we were planning on just taking it really slow and running for fun so I figured I could dodge the puddles.


It was chilly and beautiful when we got to the Del Mar Fairground.

2013-12-08 06.54.56

After taking our time getting all dolled up in the car, we made our way to the start.

2013-12-08 07.19.31

It was a nice little walk. Not crowded at all. They even had this coffee stand open.

2013-12-08 07.22.07

We didn’t make it too far before my friend Erin and I had to take our first picture in our outfits that we were pretty darn proud of.

2013-12-08 07.22.40

Erin got us tank tops at Old Navy and I found the antlers in an old box of random Christmas gear. We had red Halo headbands, Mizuno and Pro Compression arm sleeves, Mizuno gloves and I even had my green Handful bra to try to really be festive.

We ran into Melissa and her friend Karen who was running her first 5K ever.

2013-12-08 07.25.05

Karen rocked it by the way and expected to finish in an hour, but finished in 41:43.

And she recently lost her father so was running in honor of him.

And her 37th birthday was Monday.

Karen- you are amazing!

The shoes and socks always make it easy to spot each other at events. Ha ha.

2013-12-08 07.25.28

They had a pretty cool post race set up

2013-12-08 07.23.47

along with some goodies for after the finish.

2013-12-08 07.26.13

The start line wasn’t crowded. The 10K and 5K had separate start times. I’m used to bigger races with corrals and everything. It was a nice change.

2013-12-08 07.27.18

We took time to check out the cute medals and take a few more pictures.

2013-12-08 07.30.46

Worst photo of the day.

2013-12-08 07.27.57

You’re welcome.

2013-12-08 07.28.05

It was a pretty laid back start.

2013-12-08 07.31.012013-12-08 07.31.14

Erin and I just ran slow and chatted along the course. We didn’t look at our watches once.

2013-12-08 07.37.282013-12-08 07.48.00

It was an out and back course. We stopped to use the bathroom

2013-12-08 08.20.01

and take a picture with less than 1/4 of a mile to go. You know, going for that PR. Ha.

2013-12-08 08.20.38


The finish line came up quick.

2013-12-08 08.26.192013-12-08 08.26.46

So did getting our medals.

2013-12-08 08.27.49

And some huge bottles of water.

2013-12-08 08.31.59

Those were awesome.

2013-12-08 08.32.19

I met the wonderful Lauren. We met out on the course, but got to chat at the finish line.

2013-12-08 08.28.37

Not only does this gal have some fabulous style, but she just started running 6 months ago and just signed up for her first half marathon. That’s not all, she’s lost 100 pounds in the past 9 months too.

Yeah, she’s pretty inspiring.

Oh and hey, the antlers stayed in place. Score.

2013-12-08 08.28.20

The race wasn’t that long, but they didn’t mess around with goodies or the after party.

2013-12-08 08.34.082013-12-08 08.43.37

Thank you Yelp for having bags there for us to fill. That was key.

2013-12-08 08.37.59

Some post race highlights.

The Attune Foods booth.

2013-12-08 08.39.39

Zico coconut water. They had chocolate. I got a few extras for Joaquin. He loves the stuff.

2013-12-08 08.41.232013-12-08 08.42.16

Luna Bar samples.

2013-12-08 08.45.082013-12-08 08.45.00

Caveman Foods Bars

2013-12-08 08.49.332013-12-08 08.49.16

I was super excited about these since they’re gluten free and some of the flavors say they’re paleo. They do have soy though, so if I’m not mistaken that’s not paleo, but they’re still tasty.

2013-12-08 08.51.00

I had the dark chocolate almond one later that day.


The Polar booth.

2013-12-08 08.57.32

Love my Polar RC3 GPS 

2013-12-08 09.00.15

Do not love my extra long arm hairs. Ha.

They had some more photo opportunities.

2013-12-08 08.55.10

No idea who these ladies are. We were too cold to wait in line to get a picture here.

Luckily there was no line for this one.

2013-12-08 08.54.412013-12-08 08.54.55

Ha ha.

There was even cookies to decorate.

2013-12-08 08.44.11

All the tables were set up with frosting and extra waters.

2013-12-08 08.53.522013-12-08 09.01.12

We found a nice table to set down the few things we picked up

2013-12-08 09.15.50

and do a little decorating.

2013-12-08 09.16.012013-12-08 09.10.30

We met the nice Smitha there too.

2013-12-08 09.03.16

She’s a local running mom of two. Seriously, I love meeting blog readers at events even though it means flying my freak flag high in real life.

We also chatted with Julie at our table.

2013-12-08 09.06.58

She ran the 5K with Team Courage. It was her second 5K after beating leukemia twice. She’s a rock star and the whole Team Courage thing that Iron Girl does is pretty awesome.

Iron Girl is proud to offer the Team Courage program, which provides complimentary race entries for those that have overcome obstacles, such as a cancer, life threatening illness and other challenges in life that inspire others to live their life to the fullest.

We were freezing so we headed out to find our way to the warm car. We ran into Meghann who works for Iron Girl Events and who I met at the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon on our way out.

2013-12-08 08.53.29

And, whelp, that’s a wrap.

2013-12-08 09.28.21

The Athleta Iron Girl Events are for inspiring others, sharing stories of success and meeting new friends. You can totally feel that at this event.

The “Iron Girl” is described as heroic, limitless and charming.

Gotta love that.

I’m on a mission to make Mom do the 5K with me next year. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Get ready Mom!

2013-12-08 09.28.33

Thank you Athleta Iron Girl for the fun race and the inspiration. Can’t wait for next year!



Have a great night friends!


Have you ever done a women’s only event?

Are you doing any holiday themed events this year? A parade, a luncheon, a party, etc.? This was it for me. No parties or anything. That’s what I get for being my own boss and I guess we don’t have many friends. Ha ha.

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  1. 1
    Laura P says:

    Great recap, looks like a fun race! I love your tank ops and antlers!!

    I once did an all female race – the She Is Beautiful 10k in Santa Cruz. I think they have one in Santa Barbara as well. I’m also planning to do one of the mermaid races next year – women races are so fun!

  2. 2
    Kathy says:

    I have never done a women’s only event but this seemed really cute….all the fun with decorating cookies, goodies, and dress up….you know how to recap a race girl!

  3. 3

    No I have never done a women’s only event but would LOVE LOVE LOVE to! I’ve said some time in my life I want to do the Nike Women’s Marathon! Hopefully one of these days!

  4. 4

    Lots of good food there! I’m so surprised the antlers stayed on. Meeting people at races like that – fun!

  5. 5

    I’ve never done a ladies only race but it looks like a blast.

    We went to a Christmas movie themed party the other night where everyone dressed up like their favorite Christmas movie couple. My husband and I dressed as Harry and Marv, “the wet bandits” from Home Alone. It was a blast.

  6. 6

    Looks fun! I didn’t even notice the antlers until you pointed them out. Think I need that second cup of coffee today…

  7. 7

    I always like an excuse to dress up for a race.

  8. 8

    Lol your worst photo of the day is adorably awkward! So cute! I did my first holiday themed event this year (5K ugly sweater dash). So much fun!

  9. 9
    Jessica says:

    My favorite race ever was the Iron Girl half marathon in Columbia, MD a few years ago! Small, inspirational and a PR for me! I’m planning on going back next year for some more fun!

  10. 10
    Michelle Kim says:

    Awesome recap, and super cute matching costume! The expo post-race looks quite amazing. I’d sign up just for that!
    And I do an 18-miler women’s race on Mother’s day weekend.
    I’ll be doing a team relay this Sunday (each person runs a lap around Lake Merced, SF). We’re going to wear some kind of costume, too 😉

  11. 11
    Deb E says:

    Very impressed the antlers stayed in place! Just adorable. I have run girl’s races before but it’s been a while. I don’t remember them being this fun. I had fun though, just looking at all the pics and reading so thanks.


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