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Santa- We Know Him, Shots and a Chia GIVEAWAY

Santa- We Know Him, Shots and a Chia GIVEAWAY


So um, yeah, I took the boys to go see Santa yesterday because the boys finally stayed in their beds all night.

Whelp, lucky for us, it must have ben just a one time thing because last night they were both up countless times complete with tantrums. Lovely.

They couldn’t figure out why I didn’t get up early to run or the treadmill or why I was so grumpy this morning.

Nothing but good times at 6:00 am.

2013-12-19 06.43.542013-12-19 06.44.09

And at 6:30 am.

2013-12-19 07.22.03


I managed to get a little run in on the treadmill later after they went to school.

2013-12-19 10.18.01

Watched a random movie Holiday Engagement. Not great.


Oh and random, I did not have this for dinner last night, but a couple nights ago and it was so good.


Roasted turkey, roasted asparagus, roasted brussel sprouts with fresh basil, goat cheese, turkish figs with fig balsalmic vinegar and coconut oil drizzled all over it.

Oh and I baked again last night.


NuttZo Doughtzel Balls.


So darn done with baking now. For like 3 years. Ha ha.




We know him.

Seriously, we do. Our local Santa is a family friend.


We thought we’d be smart and beat the crowds yesterday and go right after school.

2013-12-18 13.31.48

As lucky would have it Santa was on a break.

We made a new friend in Nordstrom while we waited.

2013-12-18 14.19.142013-12-18 14.19.21

Before Santa even got back the line was LONG.

2013-12-18 13.34.57

Right when we got up close, Judah had to go to the bathroom.

Thank goodness for other understanding moms that held our spot and then graciously took our picture after we got back.

2013-12-18 13.59.06

No cell phone pictures allowed.

We listen well.

2013-12-18 14.10.16

2013-12-18 14.09.43

As usual, I couldn’t decide which picture I liked better so ended up purchasing two packages. Nice.


I only bought the $7 CD for this one though.


What a bargain.


On our way out Judah asked me what I wanted for Christmas. If I wanted a new kitchen or a new door handle.

2013-12-18 14.21.44

Tough call.

Okay, enough chit chat.

Let’s talk shots.

There are two shots I take pretty much every single day.

A shot of this apple cider vinegar


and a chia shot.

2012-07-29 18.52.35

Today’s giveaway is for a 100 pack chia shot dispenser from The Chia Company.


4 winners will each get one of these 100 pack dispensers.

How cool is that?

Just leave me a comment here:

Have you visited Santa yet?

What are you asking for for Christmas?

Do you do chia? If so, how? (Lately I either make a STUFT chia pod or just take a shot straight up. he he.)

*Giveaway open to US residents only and will run until Sunday, December 22st, 8:00 pm PST.

Winner will be randomly chosen and announced Monday.


(If I’m missing for the next 24 hours, it’s because we have house guests coming and I current;y can’t see the floor in our guest room. I’ve got a little work cut out for me.)


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  1. 1
    Ashley L. says:

    Hmmm, never tried chia. Would like to, though! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. 2
    Allie says:

    Love chia! In yogurt and oatmeal 🙂

  3. 3
    Rachel E. says:

    I love chia in oatmeal with egg whites!

  4. 4
    Morgan L says:

    Chia jam is hands down my favorite!

  5. 5
    Stacy E says:

    I mix chia seeds in my smoothies!

  6. 6

    We have not yet visited Santa. We’re going on the Santa Train this weekend so we’ll do it then.

  7. 7

    Another pair of runnin’ shoes is always at the top of my list!

  8. 8
    Allyssa says:

    I like to put chia seeds in my oatmeal or yogurt! Sometimes in my energy balls that I make also! Love em!

  9. 9
    Catherine says:

    Love Chia seed pudding!

  10. 10
    Joy says:

    I put some chia seeds in my smoothle every morning. I also like to add them to my yogurt for the texture.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. 11
    Leila says:

    Yum! I love chia seeds. I’ve been out for a while though so I’d love to win some!

  12. 12

    We had breakfast with Santa. It was funny because the daycare owner told Santa about our oldest being bad and he told my son about being nice to your mom and dad. My son about fell off his lap.

  13. 13

    For Christmas-I like tech gadgets. Either a fitness gadget or an exercise band.

  14. 14

    I have read alot on your blog about Chia and think it would be yummy to try!

  15. 15
    Gina says:

    I love chia! I sprinkle them on everything, make smoothies with them, make chia muffins, etc.

  16. 16
    Pam says:

    I use chia in my oatmeal. I just stir in a tablespoon or so. I like really thick oatmeal, so it does the trick. I’ve never done a shot of chia, but hey, why not!?!

  17. 17
    Mollie K says:

    My mom does so much for me on a daily basis I truly just asked her for peace & love this Christmas. I just spoke with her on the phone and she said she is finally done wrapping all the gifts. I said, I cant wait to see how you wrapped up love for me this Christmas! And she said, It’s the biggest gift she had to wrap 🙂 🙂 Thankful for loved ones this season!

    And love chia 🙂 I use it making mug muffins typically!

  18. 18
    Jenny says:

    I haven’t done chia yet, but I’ve heard so many great things about it! I am going to try it very soon! I have asked for a Garmin 10, and I think my boyfriend is going to let me pick out a new pair of shoes! I’m pretty sure I’m going with the Inspire 10’s!!!

  19. 19
    Allison says:

    I love that the boys seem to love kitty.

  20. 20
    steph says:

    im spending my christmas this year at an MCAT prep course for 5 hours a day! yayy

  21. 21
    Amy S says:

    I love my chia cooked into my steel-cut oatmeal. Little unsweetened applesauce, dried fruits, pinch of brown sugar, and some nuts. Super filling breakfast! Is it sad that I’ve asked for a new ironing board? The $10 one I’ve had for 12+ years is on its last leg!

  22. 22

    I put chia seeds in my smoothies, on my oatmeal and on my peanut butter toast. I hope you can find your floor soon!

  23. 23
    Carah cole says:

    I make chia seed protein pudding-soaked up, blended, perfect treat!

  24. 24
    Whitney W says:

    Chia seeds are awesome!

  25. 25
    Emily says:

    I would love to win these! I’ve been wanting to try the shots- I’ve never had them plain.

  26. 26
    LeeAnn says:

    I would like to try chia/blueberry jam! I’ve asked for new running shoes, socks, etc. and some books…always need more books!

  27. 27
    Leah says:

    I am dying for a new iphone and a new pair of Mizunos!

  28. 28
    Jenna says:

    I have not visited Santa yet 🙁 Maybe I’ll get to take my sweet nieces next week! For Christmas, I’m asking for a new Garmin, Lululemon, and a Tervis bottle! I love chia seeds in my overnight oats!

  29. 29
    bethp262 says:

    I haven’t tried chia yet, but I definitely want to–I will make a stuft chia pod, of course! 🙂

  30. 30
    Meagan Madere says:

    Asking for compression pants, Mizuno ones to be exact 😉 Your Santa pics turned out great!

  31. 31

    I am asking for a Ninja Ultima blender! Sadly I have not seen Santa yet :/

  32. 32
    Colleen says:

    I love Chia! I put it in my oatmeal, overnight oats, yogurt and salads.

  33. 33
    Christy D. says:

    We did visit Santa finally this week, My coworker does it, so he knew the boys names and what “behaviors” they needed to work on 🙂 Very effective!

  34. 34
    Catherine says:

    I love chia seeds but have never tried one of the Chia Shots! They look great and I definitely want to try!

  35. 35
    Lesli says:

    Running clothes are on my Christmas list! 🙂

  36. 36
    Tracy says:

    I love to sprinkle chia over my smoothies!

  37. 37
    Carolyn says:

    Chia in oats and Greek yogurt!

  38. 38
    Amanda Yetter says:

    I’m getting a trip to Connecticut for Christmas to see one of my best friends. So excited!

  39. 39
    Rebekah B says:

    Took the kids to see Santa and they LOVED him this year. They are 2 and 4 so I was shocked they did so well

  40. 40
    Stacy says:

    I love chia in my overnight oats!!

  41. 41
    tara says:

    I’m asking for a new Garmin watch!

  42. 42
    natasha says:

    Never tried anything chia…imagine! I just want/need grocery and gas gift cards…just like every year. No MORE stuff to clutter up everything (:

  43. 43
    Annie B says:

    I love thickening my smoothies and oats with chia seeds! And they make pretty sprinkles 🙂

  44. 44
    Danielle Johnson says:

    i eat chia seeds EVERYDAY! love them!

  45. 45
    Jane says:

    Am asking Santa for anything running related!!

  46. 46
    Irina says:

    I eat chia seeds every day! I make my daily vegan breakfast waffles with them 🙂

  47. 47
    Suzie says:

    Chia puddings, yum!!!

  48. 48

    Chia shots are great when on the go!! Totally want those!!!!

  49. 49
    Katie says:

    I’m asking Santa for safe travels over the holidays. I love chia seeds in my oatmeal! Yum

  50. 50
    lindsay says:

    i;ll come hold your spot in line any day! wish i could come help you not bake any more. hehe. Rest up friend. Those boys are a handful, in the best kind of AWESOME WAY!

  51. 51
    Keri says:

    I use chia seeds in my oatmeal and yogurt!

  52. 52
    Katie says:

    I love your chia pods! I LOVE mixing them on Sweet taters or yogurt!

  53. 53
    amanda says:

    I haven’t tried chia yet but would love to!

  54. 54
    Anne says:

    We have seen Santa at the mall but none of my kids have ever wanted to sit on his lap! Maybe someday…:)

  55. 55
    Stephanie says:

    I’m asking for more running clothes! And I love chia!! I’ve been having it since childhood!

  56. 56

    I LOVE Chia seeds and like to put them in smoothies! I haven’t had any in a long time so haven’t been able to do this as much – great giveaway!

  57. 57

    I usually have chia in smoothies!

  58. 58
    Sheena says:

    No Santa for me this year since the adults aren’t exchanging presents! I’ve never taken chia anything so I’m really interested in trying them!

  59. 59
    Rebecca Payne says:

    Yes, I love chia seeds. I used to put them in my water all the time just because I liked the texture when they expanded haha. Haven’t used them in a while, though, other than the bit that comes mixed in my peanut – free Nuttzo 🙂 Would love to win some!

  60. 60
    Mia L says:

    I’d love to try some chia! I’ve only had it in a smoothie and would love to try sneakin ’em in some other concoctions!

  61. 61
    Kathy says:

    We do not visit Santa….never have actually. My Christmas list is a short one….Fitbit….so I can get a “bit Fit”..ha!

    Your car door handle cracks me up…..

  62. 62
    Kim says:

    Umm…what do you do with a Chia shot?? Is it liquid? (I don’t claim to be a fitness blogger!! I just happen to workout and have a blog!)

  63. 63
    Kristin P. says:

    I put it in my overnight oats and green smoothies. Chia is the best!

  64. 64

    I put chia in my yogurt and oatmeal!…and I also like to take a spoonful and eat it as is! yum!

  65. 65
    kathryn says:

    No Santa yet! The mall around here actually doesn’t even have a Santa. :/

  66. 66
    Kasey says:

    No Santa yet!
    I love Momma Chia, apple cinnamon! Safeway baby

  67. 67
    Emily L. says:

    I asked for a new pair of running shoes and I did actually ask for a bag of chia seeds (not expecting to receive them though).

  68. 68
    Cassie says:

    I asked for a new pair of running sneakers 🙂

  69. 69
    Nicole says:

    I put chia seeds in my oatmeal, cereal, shakes and also tried chia jam!

  70. 70
    Hayley says:

    I love Chia!! I Put it in my oats, pancakes, waffles, yogurt, and cereal!

  71. 71
    Brooke M says:

    Why the vinegar? I put chia in my smoothies.

  72. 72
    Ashley says:

    I’m asking Santa for all my 2014 races to be paid for 😉 I think that’s never going to happen, hah!

  73. 73
    Sarah says:

    Looked at Chia in the store today and would love to try it

  74. 74
    Tracy says:

    I have not visited Santa this year…my boys claim tat they are too old…sniff sniff no mores ants pictures…:(I’ve never tried chia shots but would love to!

  75. 75
    Angie T. says:

    I use Chia as an egg replacer in my baked goods.

  76. 76
    Melissa O says:

    We went to visit Santa today. He was able to get all 3 of my children on his lap. I was impressed.

    The garmin 220 is at the top of my Xmas list along with bridgedale socks, a woof n poof Santa and a pizza cutter.

  77. 77
    Angelee says:

    Chia pudding fo sho! Oh man this is an awesome giveaway! I love those little packets! So convenient!

  78. 78
    Amy C says:

    I have seen Santa 🙂

  79. 79
    Michelle Kim says:

    I let it sit in yogurt for a while before I eat it with some PB and a sweet potato (or with cereal, if I want to be boring).

  80. 80

    I love Chia and pretty much sprinkle it on everything! MY hubby mixes them in our pancakes every weekend!

  81. 81

    I am obsessed with chia pudding right now, but I also like them sprinkled on salads.

  82. 82
    Tess says:

    I’ve been doing your thang with Chia in my frozen fruit, microwave, adding chia and getting delicious fruity jammy goodness!!!

  83. 83
    Michelle says:

    I usually put chia seeds in my oatmeal. Every once in a while I’ll make chia pudding with almond milk, chia seeds, and cocoa powder. Have never tried the shots though, they seem convenient!

  84. 84
    Sarah B. says:

    We have not gone to see Santa yet. We did throw the kids in the car last night when we heard the sirens from our local firehouse’s Santa ride, though. We tracked the big guy down, so I guess that counts. I would love to try those chia shots!

  85. 85
    Sharron Mitchell says:

    I miss the seeing Santa days! My girls are 18 and 14 and we are past that. But I do stand back at the mall and watch other children see him when I am at the mall. I’m a creeper! HaHa! Haven’t tried the chia, but would really love to after reading about how you love to do the shots!

  86. 86
    lexa says:

    We went and saw Santa super early and my 3yo took great pictures. We bought the CD and our Christmas card was done. Too bad our Christmas cards took forever to come in and I finally got them done yesterday. I love putting chia in my granola bars.

  87. 87

    We haven’t made it to see Santa yet…but we wrote him a list 🙂 I’ve never chia’d, but I’m pretty curious to try it!

  88. 88
    Meagan says:

    I love putting chia in my protein shakes! It’s almost like sprinkles!

  89. 89
    Haley E says:

    I do chia on the daily! I love it in smoothies!

  90. 90
    Denise says:

    I know how you feel….. We just bought both our little guys new ” big boy” twin beds with super cool sheet sets and they still DO NOT sleep in their own beds….. I am EXHAUSTED!!
    I really wanted to try Chia pods after reading about them on your blog and finally found them at our local grocery store… ” yum”

  91. 91
    Catherine B says:

    I love chia seeds mixed with yogurt ! 🙂

  92. 92
    Sarah says:

    I love chia seeds sprinkled on Toast with PB and Bananas before I run! I love the crunch it gives!

  93. 93

    I’ve never had this stuff before, but if it’s anything like chia tea, then I would love it!

  94. 94
    Caroline says:

    I would love to be able to try chia in baked goods and granolas (among other things)

  95. 95
    Marcia says:

    I try to put Chia in my food, but these shots would be awesome and so easy to use. I was taking apple cider vinegar, too, but got out of the habit. I better start back up again. For Christmas, I want to learn to be “present” in life. My mind goes 100 miles an hour and I can’t seem to slow it down. I envy those that can just enjoy the present time. Merry Christmas. Marcia.

  96. 96
    stacey says:

    I love chia seeds. I typically add them to smoothies, add them to fruit/water and make a jam (got that from you!), almond milk with cocoa, etc.
    I asked for a heart rate monitor and quest bars for Christmas

  97. 97
    Sarah EM says:

    Chia is so good! I use chia in water, smoothies, oatmeal, over night oats, etc. This year I asked for new running shoes.

  98. 98
    Ashlynd says:

    I have never tried chia but I really want to, I’ve only heard good things about it. For Christmas I’m getting a new pair of Mizuno’s and a Suunto Ambit2s watch with a heart-rate monitor. So excited, though the family time is what makes the holiday so much better.

  99. 99
    Amie says:

    I would love to try chia!

  100. 100
    lauren says:

    I never had chia as a shot, I always mixed it in to stuff. I asked santa for a new phone and he provided early 🙂

  101. 101
    Kristen M. says:

    I’ve recently been adding chia seeds to my green smoothies. I’m curious to make the chia pudding recipe that’s been making its rounds online.

  102. 102
    Wendy says:

    My “baby” is now 11 and for some reason I can’t get him to visit Santa anymore 🙁 I like Chia mixed into smoothies and overnight oats.

  103. 103

    Going to see my family in snowy NH, including my sister and her two boys who live in Hawaii!!!

  104. 104
    april says:

    i love mixing chia seeds into my oatmeal or greek yogurt =)

  105. 105

    I LOVE Chia and I always have 1 T in my breakfast everyday! I especially like it in a warm bowl of oatmeal, it is the perfect fuel for those long runs in the morning. Thanks for another fabulous giveaway!

  106. 106
    Angela says:

    Sans will be joining us at the zoo on Sunday for lunch! We’ll, by us, the hundreds of us;). Why do you take the vinegar? I sprinkle all unassuming food with a bit of chia seeds – mostly veggies.

  107. 107
    Ali says:

    Santa came early to our house this year with all new Kitchen appliances!
    So I am asking for nothing more, except maybe to win some chia seeds. 😉

  108. 108
    Katelyn Rose says:

    I take Chia in my yogurt or in my smoothies!

  109. 109
    Natalie says:

    I like to add chia to my salads, smoothies, oatmeal….pretty much everything.

  110. 110
    Shaunna says:

    we saw santa. stella was scared this year 🙂

  111. 111
    Holly B says:

    I don’t go see Santa anymore but I’m looking forward to the days when we have kids to take to see him. I love chia seeds. I make my own pre-packaged oatmeal to stash at work and include a mix of chia seeds, protein powder and oatmeal.

  112. 112
    Kaci L. says:

    I have been wanting to try those Chia Shots. I scope them out on Amazon frequently!

  113. 113
    Deb E says:

    I always keep chia gel in the frig and add it to everything I can think of. Santa has already been good to me so I don’t ask. Would love more chia though! Thanks.

  114. 114
    Andrea says:

    I love chia! Chia pudding is a family favorite 🙂

  115. 115
    Meredith says:

    I always put chia in my overnight oats! Sometimes in my smoothies.. but I’ve been looking for new ways to incorporate them.. Have to try some of the chia pudding recipes on Pinterest 🙂

  116. 116
    Sarah says:

    Chia pudding for sure!!

    Coconut flour
    Almond milk
    Almond extract

  117. 117

    Chia seeds are a MUST in our household! I mostly include them in my smoothies.

  118. 118
    Kaitlin G says:

    I put chia in my overnight oats every day!

  119. 119
    Diane says:

    Love chia! We haven’t gone to see Santa yet. My 2 year old was scared silly last year. Not sure if we wanna go down that road again this year. Your boys are so cute

  120. 120
    Angie J. says:

    I have not visited Santa yet this year! It doesn’t look like I will either as time is ticking down..Christmas has definitely snuck up on me this year.

  121. 121
    Wendy M says:

    I love chia seeds! I put them in smoothies, sometimes sprinkle like pepper on savory foods.

  122. 122
    Jennifer Richey says:

    Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Pods!!!!! Can’t wait to try these suckers:-). Haven’t made it to Santa yet…,

  123. 123
    Char says:

    I LOVE Chia in anything I can put it in! Would love travel shot packs, so much easier! Love the Santa pictures 🙂

  124. 124
    Rene' says:

    No Santa yet and I would love to win the Chia packs. I don’t really use it.

  125. 125
    R.C. says:

    When our newborn is older, we’ll definitely visit Santa, but not this year.

    I love chia and add the seeds to my smoothies, and really like its gooiness in chia jam. Also add it to pumpkin puree with protein powder, plain greek yogurt, and peanut flour. Pure awesomeness!

  126. 126
    Jenny says:

    Yes I am so into Chia seeds. No, our Santa days are behind us. Our kids are 12, 16, 17, 18 and 19.

  127. 127
    Jen W. says:

    I’ve never tried chia but would love to. Strangely they remind me of the chia tree, heads and pets that our family used to buy as “gag” gifts for each other at Christmas time. Such good memories. If I win I’ll definitely be sending a package of chia to each of my family members for old time sake!

  128. 128
    Julie says:

    love CHIA shots..in pretty much anything!! Oatmeal/yogurt…or just by itself!!

  129. 129
    Angie says:

    I love chia in oatmeal with sunbutter and a mashed banana. Yummy and filling!

  130. 130
    Robin says:

    We sadly did not visit Santa yet and I don’t think we will. We just moved into our new house that is still undergoing extensive renovations and I haven’t had time to breath, much less do anything “holiday”. Since we leave tomorrow to visit family, I don’t think Santa is in our future this year. And due to above said renovations, I didn’t ask for anything this Christmas!!!

  131. 131
    Beth says:

    would love to win the chia!! I use it in my hot buckwheat cereal with peanut butter and blueberries. Also, put it in lactose free yogurt.

  132. 132
    Alexandra says:

    I love adding Chia seeds to oatmeal to thicken it up! Thanks

  133. 133
    Sammi says:

    I love chia in my pudding!

  134. 134
    Katie M says:

    Santa hasn’t been visited, but lists have been crafted! On my list are super warm running tights (for MN winters), a new yoga mat, and a new wallet.

  135. 135

    OMG I love the pics of the boys – course I saw on IG first but so cute!!!!!! YIKES on the car door handle!!!

    I will take a win on the chia & some of those cookies too & nuttzo on top! 😉

    Got to love the chia!!!!!

    I don’t celebrate Xmas but I do see Santa everywhere! 😉 I would love to ask for Santa for a job that met my dreams – today’s post – that is not happening – but to be less selfish, just a job that I would like so my hubby does not have to work so hard…

  136. 136
    Jen A. says:

    Santa came to my school to visit my students yesterday!

    My biggest want was some fun colored/patterned work out capris 🙂

    I do chia in oatmeal but thats about it… want to try these shots for sure!

  137. 137
    Jenny says:

    I LOVE chia seeds and use them on everything…oatmeal, yogurt, in smoothies, on salads, etc…
    The other day at work I made a concoction of yogurt, chia seeds, flax seed, and granola and as it sat it thickened up and my coworkers were baffled as to why I was eating “mush” haha!

  138. 138
    Michelle B says:

    I love chia in my smoothies! Haven’t gone to see Santa this year. Probably won’t have a chance.

  139. 139
    Elizabeth Cheek says:

    LOVE chia/no santa and can’t remember the last question!

  140. 140
    Ashlei S says:

    I have not visited Santa this year – no kids. I’m sure I’d get some crazy looks if it was just me 🙂
    For Christmas I want a crock pot, BOSU ball and running vest. Pretty random but they cover all aspects of my life hah!
    I like my chia seeds in my oatmeal and have wanted to try it in smoothies.

  141. 141
    Jennifer says:

    I put chia in my smoothies. Gotta love them!

  142. 142
    hillary young says:

    I put chia in my oatmeal and yogurt fro breakfast. I also like to add it to cookies so I can pretend they are health food : )

  143. 143
    Brittany says:

    Chia pudding is the best! I also am guilty of throwing them in oatmeal or smoothies 🙂

  144. 144
    Melissa says:

    Chia is so good. I put it in spoon-able smoothies that thicken over night (non-oat meal ones) and in protein no-bake balls instead of oats.

  145. 145
    Lindsay K says:

    I love chia! I like to put it in everything!

  146. 146
    Kristen says:

    I told like 4 different people I want Running socks for Christmas! Can’t wait!

  147. 147
    Lanna says:

    Use chia in my oatmeal everyday! Love chia seeds

  148. 148

    I love chia, though I’ve never had them alone – I mix them into smoothies, oats, and baked goods.

  149. 149
    Emily Q says:

    I haven’t visited Santa in a few years as I am a sophomore in college and the youngest in the family, but I have asked for none other than running gear and protein powder. I go to a military academy so I do get a stipend, but that stuff’s all rather expensive, including the chia shots. I would love to win and read your blog whenever I get the chance (catching up currently)!

  150. 150
    Caroline says:

    Wow! I’d go crazy for those chia pods! I use chia seeds to thicken overnight oatmeal and make chia pudding for an afternoon snack.

  151. 151

    I haven’t tried chia yet. Would like to!

  152. 152
    Kristen KB says:

    I put chia in my smoothie every morning! Would love these packets for travel!

  153. 153
    Laura says:

    Never tried chia but it’s been recommended to me for healthier eating.

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