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San Diego Holiday Half Marathon Recap

San Diego Holiday Half Marathon Recap


Well, hello. I guess I picked things up a bit today. It was about time, right?

Had a little race this morning. Seriously didn’t do anything race related until last night at 8:00 pm AFTER I got home from the party to get ready. Getting ready involved a text to my friend Erin asking where we had to be and when in the morning. Oh, and asking what she was wearing. Yeah, that’s what we do.

I set out my outfit, but that was about it.


Mizuno shirt, shorts, gloves and Wave Sayonara shoes.

Pro Compression argyles, Handful bra, Polar RC3 GPS, SpiBelt.

I did not go with the Halo visor, but opted for two Halo hairbands instead.



Luckily the start of the San Diego Holiday Half was relatively close and the race was smaller, so it wasn’t too hectic of a morning.

Pre race was a no grain plantain cupcake. It was the only thing that sounded good when I woke up. Well, that and strong coffee. Ha.


The start was at an Albertson’s parking lot.

2013-12-29 07.19.37

Kind of random, but conveniently located off the freeway and right across from the hotel where STUFT Daddy and I had our wedding reception. Ahhh…… memories.

We parked the car with about 15 minutes before the start. Just enough time to get our numbers on and such, complain about how we both were sick and not feeling that great and laugh at the fact that we were about to run 13 miles. We tossed around the idea of going out to breakfast instead, but decided against it. Then we didn’t leave ourselves enough time to find a bathroom. Oh well.

2013-12-29 07.21.552013-12-29 07.27.30

It was a bit chilly. I had my old school Roxy throw away. Now that I look at this picture though, I’m kind of sad I threw it off at mile 1. Darn it.

2013-12-29 07.28.23

It was kind of funny at the start because they kept telling us to get in our corrals, but there weren’t that many people so there weren’t really any corrals. I mean, we were standing right up front by the 6:00 min per mile sign for goodness sake.

2013-12-29 07.30.50

I didn’t take any pictures along the course. I fumbled around a bit at the beginning getting my phone in my belt and my gloves on and such and once it was in there I just kept it there. My hands were cold.

It was a point to point course. Very flat. A couple minor hills, but the majority of it was at a slight decline. It was pretty, but quiet. Not crowded at all and we ran along a paved bike course.

I liked it. Nothing too exciting, but peaceful for a race. I was really glad I had music going on my iPhone.

My legs were tired, but I just ran pretty comfortably. I wasn’t thinking too much about anything. Somewhere around mile 6 or 7 I realized that my pace was around a 6:54 mile so I decided to try to keep it up until the finish. I slowed down a bit towards the end though. I do that so well. Seriously, if you ever need to work on positive splits- I’m your girl. Ha.

Pretty soon the last mile was there. I tried to push it a bit to get close to my PR, but didn’t quite make it. It may have had something to do with the fact that I started a coughing spell about that time too, so it was a little difficult to breathe.

I was very happy to see the finish line (which was smaller than usual), but when are you not really excited to see that finish line, right?

2013-12-29 09.06.21

See, there’s the little finish line behind me. Here’s a better picture of it.

2013-12-29 09.06.36

And here’s two way better pictures of me.

2013-12-29 09.06.192013-12-29 09.07.35

Ha ha ha. Good stuff.

The finish was at Torrey Pines State Beach in the parking lot.

2013-12-29 09.06.40

I picked up my medal,

2013-12-29 09.20.30

finally looked at my watch to see what my time was (it was not quite accurate),

2013-12-29 09.34.25

then ran into my friend coach Jason.

2013-12-29 09.17.30

He was promoting his training books and plans.

2013-12-29 09.18.30

All good stuff by the way. If I really wanted to be super fast at running I’d make him coach me, but I don’t think it’s the right timing right now. Mommy duties come first, running and racing is just my hobby and my job. Maybe some day…….


For now, I’m happy with how things are (I think).

2013-12-29 10.06.24

Official finish time was 1:31:35.

5th in my age group out of 232.

6:59 pace.

I’ll take it.

2013-12-29 09.08.43


Erin was a rock star and ran through being sick.

2013-12-29 09.41.30

Yep, rock star finish right there. Love this girl.

We ran into another rock star, Melissa, at the finish line too.

2013-12-29 09.47.32

She got a PR today (and got one last week at a local 10K)! She is awesome.


Then we went to check out the post race festivities and goods.

2013-12-29 09.33.08

The festival area was on the smaller side, but it had the basics.

Bananas and water.

2013-12-29 09.21.26

Naked Juice samples, but there was a really long line so we skipped that.

2013-12-29 09.32.43

Some Core Power protein drink samples.

2013-12-29 09.59.412013-12-29 09.58.28

I haven’t tried Core Power yet, but have heard great things about it.

They also had some Zico Coconut water, but I didn’t take a picture and the chocolate box drink I brought home has already been finished off by Joaquin. He always asks me if I brought him a “coco drink” when I come home from races. Smart kid.

Seeing this guy may have been one of my favorite things.

2013-12-29 09.22.57

Why didn’t I dress up? Dang it.


This was an inaugural race. You never know how well a race is going to be run for the first time, but everything went really well. We were impressed and everyone seemed pretty happy. Even the shuttle system back to the start was nice and there weren’t any long lines to deal with or anything.

2013-12-29 10.14.20

And heck, parking close to Albertsons that has a Starbucks inside was pretty awesome.

2013-12-29 11.18.34

Best venti iced café Americano I’ve ever had. (Erin got one too and she felt the same way.)

2013-12-29 11.18.59


And, that’s how the morning went.

I had fun and would definitely do this race again (maybe just not the day after throwing a party).




the rest of the day was spent with my men.


We had some serious Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle “battles” (I do not “battle” well by the way).

And, well, we decided to keep their birthday going for another day.


You better believe we had that Charger game on too! Woot!


It’s been a great day.

Now I’m pooped.


I’m counting down until it’s time for my favorite wine which will also be accompanied by leftover pizza and birthday cake from the party last night.

I can’t wait!


Have a great night!

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  1. 1
    Tara says:

    Dang, girl! You are so speedy! Congrats on a fun race.

  2. 2

    Awesome time! Nothing like a post-Christmas race! Looks like a fun and beautiful day for a race!

  3. 3
    Kim says:

    I would say you definitely picked it up! Great job!!!
    And, I hope it’s time for wine and pizza now!!!

  4. 4
    Laura P says:

    Great job on your race! Looks like a fun one! Love the medal.

  5. 5
    Jessica T. says:

    I had no idea last night that you had a race today- you are AMAZING!!!!! I recognize those packages 🙂 I hope the boys liked them. William picked them out! Congrats on a great race today!!!!!

  6. 6
    Erica says:

    You’re amazing! Please come run my next race for me 🙂 :). Congrats on an awesome time. Enjoy the treats!

  7. 7
    Emmeline says:

    Great time! And I love that medal 🙂 have a wonderful recovery day with your boys!

  8. 8

    Congrats on another awesome time!!! Way to go, girl!
    (and I can’t help but feel a little jealous that you’re out there running in shorts and a t-shirt when it’s 30 below here today!)

  9. 9
    Natalie says:

    Congrats on an awesome race!!

  10. 10

    1:31 just like that! Wow. No preparation, no warm up, just get out and go? GOOD JOB!!

  11. 11
    Michelle C says:

    I’m coming to san deigo next week for a business meeting. Can’t wait to run there! Do you have any good recommendations for places to run?

  12. 12

    I am not sure I could run one mile that fast! WOW!

  13. 13

    You have the funnest pics of your races & you rock lady!!!!! Man oh man, at my best I was not there! 🙂

  14. 14

    Congratulations on the race!! I could have met you today! I just came into the San Diego area today…

  15. 15

    You truly do amaze me … just a few days after 27 miles, right? You’re an amazing mom, woman, and runner! Congrats!


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