How to Properly Start a New Year 2014


Well, this post was originally titled “A Couple Hours Left of 2013” when I started writing it yesterday. Guess that didn’t quite happen.

Either did staying up past 10 pm on New Year’s Eve. Ha ha.


I’m still pondering over personal goals and such for 2014 although I did have a little time to get some things written down last night and have a bit more insight as to what I want to focus on this year. I’m not totally sure just yet, but man you have some good advice. It’s always nice to hear from others who struggle with the same decisions or issues and/or who are trying to juggle being Mom on top of everything else.


So, this isn’t a big recap of the year post. I have no idea how many miles I ran in 2013. (I do want to keep track this year though.)

Man oh man did we have some AMAZING opportunities in 2013 though with Mizuno, the Runner’s World Challenge, FitFluential, Reebok, Run Disney, and others. We have been blessed beyond belief.

A lot of other things have also happened this past year that have taught me quite a few lessons along the way. It’s been one heck of a ride.

I have no doubt 2014 will be one too.

Who knows what the future holds. That’s the thing though, right? No one really knows what exactly the year is going to bring, but I’m ready and willing to take on whatever it might be.

You too?



The past couple of runs have been early morning treadmill runs at home. For the life of me I can’t seem to get up early enough to fit in my run before the boys wake up, but at least we have a new communication system in place while I finished the last little part of my run.

2013-12-31 08.03.22

Ha ha.

I made sure to watch Elf before the holidays were officially over.

This pretty much sums up how I’ve been eating the past week also.

2013-12-31 08.08.58

I wish I was kidding. We’ve got to do a little kicking sugar to the curb action again.



10 miles to finish off the year yesterday.

2013-12-31 08.50.58

(Side note, but really loving the Wave Sayonara shoes as my faster racing and treadmill running shoes since the elixirs are not being made anymore.)

2013-12-31 08.50.29

And I taught a little BOSU class to finish off the year.

2013-12-31 12.50.402013-12-31 12.52.40


This morning I kicked off 2014 with 6 miles at home before heading out to teach a spin class.

I threw a couple Yasso 800s in there for kicks, but stepped off the treadmill quite a few times to get a sip of water. Oopsies.

2014-01-01 07.01.042014-01-01 07.01.18


Total random side note, but I bought this shirt recently at Old Navy for like $7 or something and love it.

2013-12-31 12.55.07


We rang in the New Year a little something like this last night at Tutu’s house with family.

2013-12-31 18.08.29IMG_2098IMG_2102

We were home by 8:30 and most were asleep by 9:00.

After reading our nightly “God’s book” of course.

2013-12-31 20.30.23

Then a few of us stayed up to try to figure out some goals and get them down in writing.

2013-12-31 21.51.01

We were somewhat successful.


So, it’s 2014. A brand new start.

Another chance to make some positive changes and be a better person.


I got a huge promotion over a year ago. It’s been heavy on my mind lately.

In all honesty, I really haven’t been pulling my weight around here with it.

This year is all about impressing my bosses and putting their needs first.

That is my number one.



Today we got an invite to go to the beach with the cousins. That’s exactly what we did.

Things were a little last minute so we took some snacks for the road.

My lunch was a baked purple sweet potato and a sausage, spinach and egg bake. (I just threw it all together and put it in the oven while I took a shower.)


It wasn’t quite the easiest thing to eat in the car, but oh well. At least the potato was easy.

2014-01-01 13.00.01

The boys have been loving these fruit and veggie twist things from Happy Squeeze lately that we found at Costco. They go with us just about everywhere.

2014-01-01 15.09.38

Today was a pretty darn good way to bring in the new year.

2014-01-01 13.16.13


Over here 2014 is about priorities and slowing down.

We’re going to make 2014 just darn fabulous.

2014-01-01 13.21.26

Heck yes there are going to be tumbles and times we fall. Probably lots of them.

2014-01-01 14.35.48

Times we find ourselves flat on our face.

2014-01-01 14.35.50


we’re going to keep on smiling and learning and finding out what the Man above has planned for us.

2014-01-01 14.24.14

It’s our job to listen and be open to whatever we’re called to do.

2014-01-01 14.24.19

He’ll keep helping us get back on our feet and find our way. If it’s the right thing to do, our feet will find sturdy ground (or sand).





What did you do on New Year’s Eve and/or Day?

Did anyone stay up until midnight?

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  1. 1
    Courtney says:

    Great way to start a year! Great workout. I was dragging today after a party last night, but glad I got it done anyway. Onto bigger things this year!

  2. 2
    Jennifer G says:

    Love you post. :) Wishing you all the best in the New Year! Looks like you had a great start.

  3. 3
    RunEatRepeat says:

    Happy New Year! Let’s meet up soon :)

  4. 4

    Happy New Year! I was definitely asleep wayyyy before midnight. Then I had to work all day today, but I did start the year off right by actually cooking dinner and bringing my lunch to work instead of eating out.

  5. 5
    Kathy says:

    I was up until my usual …9:30 but the rest stayed up between 11 and 12 so I guess we know who the party poppers are in this house…no surprise either. ;-)

    Yesterday we took in the movie “Saving Mr. Banks”….oh, it made me laugh, sing, and cry a lot…so good!

  6. 6
    Tess says:

    For the last few years my husband and I have stayed up past midnight. My boys are 21, 20 and 17. We’ve made a pack that my husband and I are the official (and only) taxi service for the boys and their friends. We put parental comments and advise on hold for one night as long as they abide by one rule: They DO NOT get in a car or drive a car that night for any reason. They call us and we shuttle them around. It has turned out to be a great New Years Eve tradition. The boys have a great time and we are more than happy to provide a safe night. And you hear and see alot of funny, interesting and entertaining things. Enjoy your promotion!!!!!!

  7. 7

    Happy New Year, Kristin!! 2014 is going to be a fantastic year!

  8. 8

    We had an pretty low key new years eve and new years day. We spent New years eve at home relaxing while there was a blizzard outside. It was just what we needed after a pretty crazy 2013. I am ready for 2014 – I have a feeling it is going to be an exciting but challenging year, but I am ready for it!

  9. 9

    I spent New Years in San Diego with my dad. Let’s just say the 1 hour time difference between AZ and Cali really messed with me cause I was in bed by a nice 10 on NYE…

  10. 10
    michelle C says:

    We were in bed by 9 with the 18 month old watching disney shows and then out by 10. Such party animals are we!

  11. 11

    LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just love it all & I think you know what is right for you & your family & that is all that matters…

    Me – did not make it past 10pm… as for 2014.. I have no idea beyond things I have to get straightened out first & then I will see how it goes….

  12. 12

    We were at home on our couch, and I barely made it to midnight! lol

    I need to check out that God’s book! We are so excited to get all kinds of kids books.

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