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Things I’m Doing Differently and Some Homework

Things I’m Doing Differently and Some Homework


Good morning.

Hope your day is off to a great start!

I shouldn’t be surprised that after we got the timing all right yesterday, it couldn’t have been more off this morning. Doesn’t it always work like that?

Everyone was up and in the bestest of moods by 5 am. It was lovely. Our whole waiting for the numbers on the clock plan hasn’t really been working lately. Ugh. Time to make some changes that will keep these guys in their beds all night. I mean, really, is it too much to ask to? Kidding, but seriously, something needs to change. I have to go back and find one of those clocks that light up when it’s time to get up that some of you suggested way back when. That will be easier for them I think.

At least we went to bed early last night and on a good note.

2014-01-08 20.10.46

Good thing too because we needed this reminder and were all doing a little talking to the Man early this morning for a little help.



I managed to get on the treadmill for 11 miles. Nothing fast or exciting. Just a couple Gossip Girl episodes.

2014-01-09 07.20.18


So, I’m changing a few things around here.

As you probably have noticed I’ve been logging more mileage lately. I’ll tell you why tomorrow with a little announcement because I’m going to need your help.

My focus with running right now though is not so much on speed and being the fastest or best I can be, but just being able to run races, have amazing opportunities and balance that with being a better mama. I want to be open and ready for whatever adventures come my way. My boys don’t really care if I run a marathon in 5 hours or 3, they just want to be taken care of. I also want to give more with running instead of just doing it for myself all the time for my “therapy”. You know?


2014 is going to be a big year. I already have a few races on the schedule that seem pretty close together and some that are still in the works. Justover the past week I’ve registered for 2 marathons. Eeekk..


Here’s what’s on the schedule so far the first part of this year:

Carlsbad Marathon 1/19/14

Virtual Run 60 Feet Charity run- 1/31/14

Mermaid Half Marathon San Diego 2/8/14

(Use code stuftmama10 for 10% discount to register here)

ASICS LA Marathon 3/9/14

Boston Marathon 4/21/14

Big Sur Marathon 4/28/14

(I’m doing the Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge)


With all these (and possibly a few more), I really want to be smarter with my recovery. That has never been one of my strengths, I’ve just been really lucky. More resting, listening to my body, fueling with the right foods and taking unplanned rest days when I need them, etc.


Speaking of, this morning I went for a little Vega recovery accelerator after my run.

2014-01-09 07.27.30

Apple berry Vega Sport recovery accelerator with a little apple cider vinegar for kicks. It did the trick, but made me rather cold. Ha.


On the home front, I’m devoting more time to being mama and being in the moment. Less work, more family play.


Yesterday we played at the pool with some swim lessons.

2014-01-08 13.26.02

Okay, so I watched while they swam.

Proud mama moment number one.

2014-01-08 13.31.08

Proud mama moment number 2.

2014-01-08 13.31.27

We love Connor! (Seriously, he’s a gem for handling these two in the water. Not an easy task.)

2014-01-08 13.39.15


I’m also going to keep the house stocked with easy prep, good for you food for the whole family. Quick meals are key. We like to find them and yummy food at Trader Joe’s.

2014-01-08 14.21.37

Well, most of us.

Word of warning, DO NOT go to Trader Joe’s hungry without a list and with two hungry, tired four year olds. Dangerous.

2014-01-08 15.07.21

For the wallet and for well, everyone involved (including other customers).

Also with some changes, my top priority this year is time is love.

I got an invite from STUFT Daddy and the boys to go to the park last night. There were a bazillion things I needed to get done, but left them all and heck yes I took them up on it.

2014-01-08 17.42.352014-01-08 17.42.532014-01-08 17.54.58

Good times.

It was only a short time, but it was awesome. There will never be a time when I tell myself, “I wish I would’ve have stayed and worked instead of spent time with family.” Right? There have been times though when I have stayed home and worked and I have thought, “Darn it, I wish I would’ve gone with them.”

Not any more. Not this year.


I also will not waste time taking a million pictures of randomness I eat. That really takes up more time than I realize. I’ll just show you the good stuff, yes? Yes.

Like dinner last night.


Fish taco salad (baked cod with taco seasoning on shredded cabbage) with cassava “fries”, roasted carrots and guacamole. I’m on this guacamole kick lately.

Speaking of, here’s today’s breakfast egg white scramble.


Oh and that’s a new no grain flat bread I’ve been making. It’s pretty awesome. Let me know if you want the recipe.

I’ve also been frothing my unsweetened almond milk a new way. Check this baby out.

2014-01-05 12.27.08

A pretty cool Nespresso frother I forgot I had bought about 5 months ago. I’m in love and it makes the best froth.

2014-01-06 11.29.48


Oh, I almost forgot the homework. Yep, you and me both.

For the ASICS LA Marathon, there’s a group of running bloggers who are working with Coach Andrew Kastor. I’m so excited to be one of them. We’ve been getting emails and training advice in the past couple of weeks from Coach Kastor and the other day he passed on a little homework assignment for us that his wife, Deena Kastor, gave to the elite team members of the Mammoth Track Club. It details an exercise that will help them get the most out of 2014 and since I’m going to do it for myself, I wanted to share it with you too.

Here’s her email:

Sit down today or tonight and imagine it’s already the end of 2014. Write your future self a letter, congratulating yourself for all that you’ve accomplished over the past year. And don’t hold back!

This can include anything from running and racing to relationships, or jobs and financial wellbeing… the possibilities are endless!

Imagine you’re writing about your best friend (because we often gush more freely on our friends than we do on ourselves) and shower “her” with kudos.  The more fun you have with this, the more you’ll enjoy reading your words at the end of 2014.

Once the letter is written, put it in an envelope, fully addressed to yourself, and stash it somewhere sacred, perhaps where you’ll see it regularly.

Create a reminder in your calendar for 12/31/14, telling yourself to find your letter and read it. (Be sure to make a note about where it’s hidden!)


Isn’t that awesome?

I’m so going to do it. If you want, you can send it to me in an envelope with your address (sealed of course, I won’t be nosey) and then I’ll send it back to you at the end of the year. It would be even cooler if you got it back in the mailbox, right?

Email me (kristin@stuftfitness.com) if you’re interested and I’ll send you my mailing address. So fun.


And today’s inspiration from my friend Shalane

2012-10-21 10.04.54

courtesy of Runner’s World yet again:



Have a good one!


Are you going to do the homework and write yourself a letter?

What are some changes you have for the new year? (Family, running, priorities, etc.)

Have you ever shopped at Trader Joe’s hungry?

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  1. 1
    elizabeth says:

    You forgot you bought a frother? That Nespresso looks like a good one, how did you pick it?
    We have a Capresso, but it stopped working and just got our replacement back yesterday, missed it!
    Do you have one of these on your list yet? http://www.amazon.com/Silvia-Version-3-Espresso-Machine/dp/B00076SCVG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1389299837&sr=8-1&keywords=sylvia+espresso
    I don’t have one, but have heard they are great. We use the bialetti pots.

  2. 2
    Kathy says:

    I need to go to Trader Joe’s….its been too long!!!

    GOALS to be a better ~ healthier ~ none roller coaster eater/exerciser….keeping it even steven and cool as can be. 😉

  3. 3
    Bailey Wheeler says:

    Very cool idea. I just wrote mine and put it into my 2014 Fitness Binder! Thanks for the idea!

  4. 4
    Kim says:

    I love the changes you are making – something I try to remind myself to do frequently because my time with my boys is shrinking quickly!!!
    That letter writing idea is awesome – I might do it – although it will probably end up being fairly short because…

  5. 5
    Ashlei S says:

    That is such a cool idea to write the future letter! I’m definitely going to do that. I hope I don’t let myself down hah! Your race line up looks exciting so far. I need to start registering for some to get this booty moving!

  6. 6
    Purelytwins says:

    Love that idea!!! We need to do that.
    This year we are trying to focus more making sure to take some time out of each day for us. To do something for ourselves.

  7. 7
    natasha says:

    You inspire me so much…plus our meals look way too similar (: In content and just throwing a mish mash of veggies, protein and spicy spices on a plate to create a lovely masterpiece! Method-to-my madness style….

    Plus your philosophy is right on point with mine…might need to get my hands on that Inspiration Book. I love it…who’s it by and title?

    Yep…so in on the homework thing. I never know where I’ll be living in a year but I’ll wing it and hope that I”m still in the same place. Look for my e-mail soon so I can get your address and if you want vice versa. You can even read mine…as long as you can be non-judgmental…hee, hee!

    Idea for your boys in the morning…maybe the night before give them a “chore/task” or activity to do if they wake up? That way they will hopefully get distracted for long enough. Maybe they could even help you plan what that will be. Sounds like you might just need to put your foot down and say….is it that time? no? Well then go back and wait (:

    Anyhooo…too long of a comment so have a great Friday!

    • 7.1
      STUFT Mama says:

      Book is Jesus Calling. 🙂 It’s in my Amazon store. I LOVE IT!!! Good idea to use for the boys too. I might have to try that. And yes ,email me if you want to send me your letter! Happy Friday (it only took me a week to get back to you). Eeekk…

  8. 8

    My changes for this year are to focus on my body as a WHOLE for running. Not just running itself. Increase my strength training and core work, do some cross training, and enable my body to be ready to get my big goals one day. It’s baby steps but i’m excited!

  9. 9
    Karen Atwood says:

    I would love your no grain flatbread recipe!
    Thank you.

  10. 10
    Rebecca Payne says:

    SOOOO excited about your 60 Feet virtual race, as I have partnered/am partnering with them too! Such an awesome group of people and cause! LOVE! And yes, I would absolutely love that flatbread recipe 🙂

  11. 11
    Pam says:

    Oooh, please do share the recipe for the flatbread. Also.. I tried frothing my almond milk in my coworkers nespresso thing and it didn’t froth. Is there a trick!? I’ll have to try it again

  12. 12
    Jennifer mykytiuk says:

    I am so exacts you are doing Big Sur again! I will be there at relay point 5 to cheer you on! Yea!

  13. 13
    Jennifer mykytiuk says:

    And…. I can not stress how much you will love big sur marathon! I know you did 0 miles last year but the whole thing is just amazing! My favorite marathon for sure!!

  14. 14
    Kourtney says:

    I love the homework assignment! What a cool idea. I am definitely on board with this…good way to get some clarity and motivation in a unique way. Also, I am running Big Sur too, and I cannot wait! How exciting I might get to meet you! 🙂

  15. 15
    Ashleigh says:

    I’ll be doing the Carlsbad half and I’m looking to run the Mermaid Half in SD too.

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